tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy VideoChat Error Ch 01

My VideoChat Error Ch 01


It all started off innocently enough. After a busy week for my wife and I we were planning an evening of intimate us time, something we only got once a month. Babysitter was booked, reservations at a good restaurant and some spare time at work on the Friday afternoon leading up to it.

I was so excited that I checked out some xxx websites to whet my whistle so to speak. I started out with some tame ones then followed some curious looking links that led me to a website where men were dominated by their women -- feminized and fucked. Out of curiosity I watched a couple of videos which had very hot looking women in charge and then read a story or two.

I am a 40 year old, very straight man, named Shaun, with a wife and three children. Our sex life has diminished over the years, but has always been "normal". My wife Emma is very traditional in the bedroom and thinks that kinkier things than the missionary position are for sexual deviants. I accepted that because she was a very hot blonde and we had a lot in common. At 5 pm I left the office feeling rather horny and excited that it was Friday.

The weekend went well -- we had a great tasting dinner and followed it up with good sex. We both climaxed for the first time in 3 weeks. Thats how busy we had been and how tired it kept us feeling. Running the children to sporting events, band rehearsals etc. Because of that, our dinner conversation kept drifting back to the hum-drumness of our life -- kids, things that needed doing, upcoming events etc. If I had not already been horny, I would not have become very much so. Monday morning came as usual -- we got up, I headed to the office and my wife dealt with the kids and headed to her job.

My secretary Denise was dressed very hot, as usual -- she is a 30 year old, petite brunette with straight, shoulder length hair, ample cleavage and a face that could launch a 1000 ships. I had been overjoyed when I hired her 6 months ago to replace my secretary of 10 years (who had been hitting on me enough that my wife knew). She was wearing a white blouse with a black pleated skirt, black stockings and heals. Her makeup was light enough but accented her features well -- bright red lipstick and some pink blush. Her hands and fingers are always a turn on -- wicked looking fingers with red nail polish her on pointy nails.

As I greeted Denise, her smile seemed a little naughty and caused a rise in my member. We exchanged pleasantries about our weekends, then I entered my office to begin work. Thats when things changed.

With my new emails was one titled "I Know What You Did Last Friday". What was this about? My heart leapt into my throat. I hesitated with anxiety, then I opened it. It read as follows: "After your video chat with your clients, the last one of the day, where you were screen sharing expected results with them, you left it on. All afternoon..." Fear seized me. Holy shit. Who saw the websites I went to? What if my wife found out? Thoughts of divorce, alimony and child support payments and selling my car flooded my brain.

I looked at the email address, it was "naughty" something at something.com. I looked carefully in my inbox for another message from this person, hoping to find a quick fix. None. I called my secretary and asked her to hold all my phone calls. She replied "sure" in a rather cheery voice.

I looked at my actual work emails and tried to bury myself in getting stuff done, hoping to get another email from the mystery person, hoping that there really was no evidence. Then at 10:59 am I got another email from the same sender. The message was simple: "Part I". I clicked on the attachment and found that it was a video screen capture that covered the "normal" porn websites I went to. I relived what I saw Friday afternoon. I began to be petrified.

At 11:59 am I received another, it only said "Part II". Sure enough it was a recording of the next set of "kinkier" websites I went to. Every detail of my screen captured, including my inbox as I checked some messages as they rolled in on Friday afternoon. My name was there. It was clear that it was my computer that had done the "porn surfing". This was bad but I hoped that this was the last of what they recorded.

Denise popped in the doorway, leaning on the frame more seductively than I thought she should, and with a smile on her perfect lips asked where I was going to eat lunch, in case my boss needed me. I told her that I did not feel hungry and would stay in the office for lunch. "You feeling sick or something?" She queried. I replied yes and then as she left for her lunch said "Suit yourself, I hope you get over it soon".

This was not something I was going to get over soon. I started to think and planned over the next hour how much it would cost me to have the video evidence made gone, and where the money would come from. I would have to finance it in such a way that my wife would not find out. If she did, that would be bad. Very bad.

As 12:59 approached, I became more and more nervous. I was expected the next email and anticipated it would have the most "deviant" of the porn I visited in it. Sure enough an email arrived and said "Part III". Even though I was waiting for it, it still hit me hard. Who was this person and would my money be enough?

On que at 1:59 I received another email. No attachment. It read "So now that you see I am telling the truth, are we going to work out a deal, or does this go to your boss and your wife? No reply in 10 minutes I will take as meaning no and will begin forwarding the videos." I replied right away and asked how much they wanted. I then waited and waited. I did not want to get any work done. It did not matter.

No reply came till 2:59. It said that something was couriered to my office this afternoon, I was to retrieve the box, not open it and come back to my computer. I opened my office door and leaned towards Denise. "Did any packages come for me?" I asked quietly and hesitantly. Denise smiled her usual pert smile as she took her time answering, then she said yes one did. She got out of her chair, walked around her desk and slowly bent over to pick it up. She looked so hot, I found myself staring at her perfect legs, more than I should have.

As she handed me the small box my gaze turned from her luscious lips to her perfect fingers. Her skin so white, her nails so shapely and nice and red. "It just arrived 5 minutes ago" she said. She stood there looking directly at me after I took it. I saw on the label it came from one of our usual couriers, no return address on it. I thanked her and told her I was not to be disturbed. I then closed my office door and returned to my computer.

There was an email waiting for me. "Join me in this chat under your own name". I clicked the link. One of my usual work chat windows opened up and I was in a room with one other person. Their name was "Naughty".

"Now you do want to make a deal, yes?" Naughty asked.

"Yes, how much do you want" I replied.

"I don't want your money. You will have to do exactly as I say or the chat ends and I begin forwarding emails, got it?"

I hesitated, then typed "Yes." No money? What did this person want then? What was more valuable than money?

"Turn your camera on and undress in front of it. Do it now."

What? Take my clothes off? I was taken aback. How does this benefit Naughty? I quickly recovered my wits and turned on the camera. I took my suit jacket, shirt and tie off and placed them neatly on my desk.

On the screen I read "And the pants, they go too". At least I was not told to take my underwear off I mulled as I undid my belt and my pants, and stepped out of them. I carefully laid them on top of my other clothes. This was oddly beginning to turn me on. My penis began to grow.

"And the shorts and socks as well." I knew it could not be true, the person could not have missed that detail. I continued to be aroused and thickened more as I took my socks off. Then I removed my shorts. My penis was semi-flacid and I felt so naked in front of that camera. And also a bit turned on.

"Turn around. Turn around slowly" read the screen. I did as I was bid and slowly turned to my side, then showed my backside, then my other and finally faced the camera again full on.

"Lift your penis up, I want to see your sac." This turned me on even more which bewildered me. Showing myself to an unknown person, naked in my own office. I reached down with my right hand and wrapped my fingers around my penis and lifted it up. Now it was at its full 6". This was definitely exciting me.

"Small but useable. Lets see that ass again. Turn and bend over, cheeks spread." Me, small? Average yes, but small? I deflated a bit, then more as I turned around. I placed both my hands on my ass cheeks and spread them as I bent over. This was definitely weird, but caused a stirring in my dick nonetheless. I stood there like that for a minute, then I figured it was enough.

"I see that made you hard again. Good. Now open the box. Be careful." With that I moved sort of out of camera range as it was pointed dead centre and the box was on the side of the desk. I had been curious about this box for some time. Now I got to find out what was in it. After I opened it I found a lot of light paper filling. Then as I dug through this I felt something lacy. I froze. In the back of my mind I feared this would be the case.

As a kid I had tried on my sister's underwear once and liked it. I tried on my wife's once, while she was away at her mother's with the kids, but never dared to do that again. It was kind of a kinky turn on and I knew it was taboo in my house that made it all the more risque and exciting. Now it might happen with someone watching. A stranger watching. In the box I found that the lace belonged to a white garter belt, and that there was also a pair of white cotton panties with lace trim and a pair of white stockings. These must be for me.

"Ok now put the garter on first and roll a stocking up each leg." I breathed deeply. I looked down at my mostly hairless legs and my uncontrollably rock hard penis. I breathed again. "Do it now," the screen read. I sat at my desk and did as I was bid. I reached the garter belt around my back and after some effort, I managed to hook it together. I then gathered up the one stocking and put my left foot in it. It felt silky smooth and cool to the touch as I rolled it up my leg. The right one felt the same. I attached the four garters with only a little difficulty.

As I stood up my penis stood at attention. I felt humiliated by my attire and betrayed by my penis. How could dressing up in women's lingerie for an unknown person make me this hard? I am not gay?

"Now for the panties. They go on too." I bent over and and opened them up. I put my right leg in first, then the left. They stretched nicely and slid up my legs with ease. I pulled them over my penis. It looked odd, penis trying to push through a pair of panties, from the inside!

I looked up at the screen and read "I am glad you seem interested in your new undergarments. They suit you well. I expect you back in the same chat at 4:45 pm. Use the same link if need be. Until then, put your clothes back on overtop of your lingerie." My lingerie? "You will wear these till then. Don't be late logging back in." With that Naughty logged off. I dressed and tried to get some work done.

I drank so much water that afternoon that I had to go and take a leak. The feel of the lingerie on my body kept me energized. I felt embarrassed. What if someone saw my undergarments? I would have a bigger problem on my hands. I considered taking them off, but wondered if Naughty would know. I unzipped and pulled down my pants. I was going to take them off. I was a man.

Seeing them, I hesitated. My legs looked hot. They actually looked hot. My penis swelled a bit more than it already was. As it did, I hesitated more. The panties they felt wonderful and honestly better than my shorts. No they couldn't. I am a man! But they did feel nice. I decided to risk the bathroom and not risk making a mistake with Naughty. I pulled my pants back up and left my office.

"Nice to see you again today!" chirped Denise through her cute girlish smile. "Are you feeling better? You do look a little flushed." You bet I did, I was wearing stockings as nice as hers. It felt weird to be dressed in silky smooth lingerie, talking to the hottest girl I know.

"A bit", I replied. "Well nature calls, I gotta go." Every time I moved I felt the silky smoothness of the stockings against my pants. It sent a tingle through me and made my member grow a bit.

"Can I refill your water for you? You must be thirsty!" suggested Denis as she got up swiftly from her chair. Her black pleated skirt and her shapely legs caught my attention as she moved from behind her desk.

"No, no, I can do it myself," I replied as I began to move towards my office door.

Too late, she was already in. "Don't be silly, its part of my job, not yours! Besides you seem not yourself today and slightly ill. You likely need some more water." I was glad I had some forethought and had put the box under my desk.

"Ok, ok," I said as I saw her pick up my glass from my desk. I turned and went to the bathroom. All the way feeling the smoothness of the stockings on my legs. It was turning me on and I felt as though everyone's eyes were on my crotch. I was semi-hard. It felt great. No one said anything other than the usual niceties and I made my way to the bathroom.

I took the furthest stall and decided to sit down. I lowered my pants, only as far as need be, then I sat and peed. This was not how a man peed. It seemed to take forever. then I heard voices. Two men, Jim and Sam, came in. I froze. What if they came to the stall next to mine. What if they tried the door to my stall and peered in? I was petrified. Every nerve in my body was alive. Every breath of mine sounded loud, really loud. To my relief, they used the urinals and left shortly thereafter. I finished up and hurried back to my office.

"The water is on your desk Mr Jacobs." said Denise in her forever cheerful voice. My eyes lingered a bit on her luscious lips. I then looked at her blue eyes and thanked her. Once again I asked not to be disturbed. I then closed the door behind me and sat at my desk and took a good drink of that cold water she had brought me. I tried to get some work done.

Both my anxiety level and my penis grew as 4:45 drew near. Right on time at 4:45 I logged back into the same chat. Naughty was there waiting for me.

"Remove the clothes, keep the lingerie on. Do it now.," was her reply to my saying that I was back. I carefully removed my shirt and tie and placed them on my desk. As I pulled my pants down over my stockings, once again I felt that smooth feeling and it sent a tingling straight to my penis. I began to grow. Socks came off and once again I was just in my white garter belt, stockings and white lace trim panties. I felt exposed and thrilled at the same time. What was to come next? Was this to be the end?

"Drink some water. Leave an inch height of water in the glass," came next. Odd request, but ok. One swallow did it. "Caress your dick through your panties," was the next command. I had been wanting to do this all day, but had held back for some reason. Did I know this was coming all along?

"Do it now." I slowly rubbed my penis through the soft panties. I cupped my fingers, started from below the head and moved my hand forward and up. Slowly at first then I picked up the pace. It felt so good and the fact that it was through a pair of panties turned me on even more. If my penis was hard before it was even harder now.

My hand now slid up and down the shaft of my penis and under the head. I felt humiliated to do this for another person, dressed in lacy lingerie, but at the same time oddly enough it enhanced the excitement I felt in my penis. The feel of the silky smooth, yet cool feeling stockings on my legs sent a shiver down my spine. I looked down and saw a hot looking pair of legs.

"Stroke it more." I now wrapped my hand around my penis and went faster. I was getting near. I would cum soon with white stockings, a lacy garter belt and white panties on, with an unknown person watching to boot. I was excited yet felt very awkward.

"Pull your dick out the side of the panties, keep them on and keep stroking," came next. I did as I was bid. It was obvious I was ready to come soon. "Get the water glass and cum in it, all of your cum. Don't spill a drop." I grabbed the water glass with my other hand. All I could think of was the orgasm building inside of me. It felt awesome. I was going to cum. I hadn't gotten off in three days, I was ready.

Images of my secretary, Denise, popped into my head. Her luscious red lips, beautiful blue eyes, hot face, ample cleavage in her pushup bra and seemingly always stockinged legs that brought me to life every time I saw her. I gripped my penis and stroked forward into the cup. My mind exploded. I shot my load. Thick streams of goo came out of me. More and more it seemed. Then I shivered. And it was done.

I noticed I was breathing fast, like I had just ran up the stairs. I remembered then that Naughty was there. Not in person, but on the screen. I looked up at it again. "Good, you are following directions well. Now swirl the cup around." Odd request it seemed. I swirled it a few times and mixed my semen with the water. Naughty is not going to make me drink it, is she/he? That I won't do. I am a man.

I looked back at the screen. "Now take some into your mouth, don't swallow,"came next.

I typed back "Sorry, I am not gay. This is going too far. I have done all you asked."

Immediately Naughty replied "I guess I hit send on the email to your wife and boss. It was fun but..."

Naughty quit mid-sentence as I raised the glass to my mouth and poured half of the watery goop into my mouth. I was beat. I had to do what Naughty wanted. I had to comply and get this over with. I needed it to end. "Good boy. You know you do not want your wife seeing those videos from your computer. Now swish it around. Use your tongue."

It felt slippery and seemed to coat my tongue. It was salty and reviled me. I wanted to spit it out and puke. I kept moving it around in my mouth. "Now swallow." I hesitated then I did as I was bid. The taste in my mouth did not go away. My tongue still felt coated.

"Now put the glass with the rest into your bar fridge." Naughty knew I had a bar fridge? Why would I do that? "You will save it for tomorrow morning." Tomorrow? We are not done? "As you can assume, I have been recording today's events. If you don't comply I will send these video clips to your wife with the others. What do you think she would say?". If it could go any further, my heart sank that far. This was worse than paying money. I had money, money should make this all go away.

"I can pay you." I typed.

"I know you can. As I said before, I don't want money. I want this. Now do we continue or do the videos get sent. Decide now."

This was humiliating. Naughty had me over a barrel and then some. I began to think about it. It was a no brainer. I was hooped. I had to go along with this and hope that it would end soon. I had no other choice. I love my wife, my kids and our life. Not perfect but I don't want it ruined. "Yes, I will do as you ask".

"Good. Then take off the lingerie, put it in your desk drawer. You will log in tomorrow at 9 am and we will proceed from there. Sweet dreams."

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