tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy VideoChat Error Ch 07

My VideoChat Error Ch 07


What have I got myself into?

Not only do I have to wear lacy lingerie for Naughty because he/she caught me visiting deviant porn sites, but he/she also forced me to take on a male lover. I am also now having a forced affair with my secretary, who has been instructed to keep fucking my ass with her strapon, but now it also appears that I have to give regular blowjobs to one of the janitors.

Why do I do it? I love my wife, I love my family. That is why I have to keep this going for now.

Wednesday morning came and I had been mulling these thoughts over in my head since we left the office the night before.

Wednesday was a blur of activity in the office. I had lots to do. Lots to do on my regular accounts and lots to do to prep for our trip. In the morning I had put on my lingerie and Denise and I had put each others vibrators in - a bullet in her pussy, and a vibrating butt plug in my ass.

Then I literally forgot about all the sex stuff, till the end of the day came and it was key on our agenda.

At 4:30 I felt the increased vibration as my butt plug was turned up to setting two. I did likewise for Denise.

At 4:55 Denise came into my office, obviously tired from the long day. We logged into the video chat and at 4:59 Naughty greeted us as usual.

"Good, you can continue Shauna's training tonight Denise," typed Naughty.

Great. More anal sex. And I am beat too. It was awkward enough to be in lingerie around my hot secretary Denise, but now that she was playing with my ass like it was a pussy, it was much more awkward, and I felt humiliated.

"You know the drill girls. Lets get the show on the road."

I took the enema bulb and went to clean myself out. I came back with my butt plug back in place, my ass clean.

Denise was sitting at the computer when I closed the door. She looked up at me and smiled with a twinkle in her eye. I wondered what was up so I cocked my head at a slight angle and raised my eyebrows inquisitively. Her response was just a more knowing grin.

"Get your man clothes off Shauna," said Denise firmly.

I was still getting used to her taking control. I began to unbutton my shirt. Rather than help me as she usually did, she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. Man is she ever a knockout today.

This hot brunette was wearing a light blue blouse with ruffled very short sleeves. It is translucent enough that I could see the outline of a dark bra underneath. Her skirt today was navy blue and pleated. She had matching navy blue stockings and heals on.

All of this was in stark contrast to the pink blush on her cheeks, her red lipstick and her red painted nails. Physically she is a dream come true.

I have a wife though, whom I love deeply. I am being forced to have an affair with Denise I reminded myself.

After my last button was undone, Denise reached out her hand for my shirt. I give it to her and she folded it neatly and placed it on the side of desk.

I removed my shoes, then I unbuckled and dropped my pants, which she also took and folded neatly and added to the pile.

I was now standing before her in my pink lingerie set. Lacy pink bra, garter belt, pink stockings with pink panties overtop. She handed me my pink heels to put on.

"We are going to have to pick you up some more lingerie my dear," Denise began.

More lingerie? Don't I have enough? I think to myself as I hesitate to reply.

"More lingerie?" I finally ask.

"Yes, Naughty wants you to have more looks. Naughty is thinking red, violet and baby blue perhaps. Along with matching elbow length lace gloves to complete the look," added Denise.

"Naughty wants this all picked up before we go on the business trip so that we can take them with us," Denise continued.

I looked at her with a slight hint of despair. More lingerie. More looks. Take them with us on trip. Why? Because Naughty must have lots planned for us on the trip. Damn. I had hoped to have most of the evenings just to relax with Denise. To get to know her better. I am feeling closer to her now than I ever did before and would like this relationship to become more than just sexual or business. When Naughty allows us to end the affair, I want to have developed a friendship with Denise.

I don't want to imagine the worst, but the thought of several well endowed men for both Denise and I come to my mind unbidden. Being fucked on a bed in a hotel room by large cocks, sucking big cocks and swallowing their seed. Seeing Denise do the same and then eating her messy cunt out. A chill runs down my spine.

At least I have not had to eat out her ass yet. A cum filled pussy is nasty enough. I hope that Naughty does not get me eating out a well fucked ass too.

My cock stirred at these thoughts. It grew and grew. That scared me. What was happening to me?

"Now for me. Come over here and help me out of my clothes," Denise stated firmly.

Again taking control. Likely at Naughty's insistence. I hope.

I took a few steps towards her, still not fully stable on the heels but better than before.

"We will have to practice your walk when we get out of town. You need to get better in those," commented Denise.

Better? I need to be better in heels? Why? I don't think I want to know.

As if she read my mind, or read it from the look on my face, she added "We will discuss that more later. Now undress me."

I reached out and began to undo her buttons. The entire time she looked into my eyes. The entire time she had a naughty twinkle in hers and a slight grin on her face.

She moved her arms as needed so that I could remove her blouse. Underneath it was a lacy dark blue bra that matched her skirt, stockings and shoes. She had a wonderful lingerie collection I mused to myself.

I then unbuttoned the side of her skirt, took hold of it and pulled it down over her hot looking stockinged legs. I saw that she had a matching dark blue garter belt to complete the look. Lacy dark blue bra, lacy dark blue garter belt, dark blue stockings and dark blue panties.

"Now take off my panties," Denise said with a firm tone.

I bent down, reached for them and began to pull them down. There was a stain right where her vaginal entrance would have been in touch with them. I breathed in her sex deeply as I continued tugging her panties lower. I love the smell and taste of a pungent pussy. Most men don't but I definitely do. It turns me on immensely.

My cock was now getting very hard.

As they passed down over her gartered stockings they revealed her dark bush. She has an unshaven pussy, just how I like it. Well not entirely unshaven, as she obviously shaves stray hairs that would be outside of her panties when she shaves her legs. But her pussy is hairy nonetheless. And the hairs around the entrance hold her sex smell and taste like her pussy juices.

How I like it.

I get the urge to show her my feelings for her and I lightly kiss her pussy as I pause in lowering her panties.

"Mmmm. That's a good Shauna. You know your place," came her reply.

How much is how she feels inside and how much is show for Naughty's camera? I ask myself again.

When the panties got to her ankles she had to help and lift her feet a bit and take them past her heels.

She then reached over to the couch and picked up her harness and dildo.

"Put these on me. Put them on so that I can fuck your ass Shauna," firmly stated Denise.

With some help from Denise I got the harness on her and nice and snug. She then handed me the dildo. It was bigger than my penis but not as large as Mike's. It was veiny and flesh coloured. Still, it made my penis feel small.

After I attached it, she picked up my butt plug controller and handed me the egg controller.

"Now we turn both to setting three," said Denise with a smile.

Three? That will be very arousing. And why? Isn't she going to butt fuck me?

I did as I was told and immediately we both let out gasps.

Setting three.

My cock was rock hard and straining inside my panties.

Then she drew me in to her and began passionately kissing me. Her luscious lips pressed lightly against mine. Then more forcefully as she pushed her tongue in between my lips.

Denise reached her right hand into my panties and began lightly stroking my cock. Man that felt good.

She also pressed her chest into me. I could feel her nipples, straining to be erect, through her tight bra as they rubbed back and forth against my own bra covered chest.

This was hot.

Even though I was clad in lingerie, this was definitely hot and turning me on.

Her cock also brushed up against me. Being shorter than me, her cock was just below and rubbing up against my balls through my panties. She also fondled my balls in between stroking my cock.

That cock she had shoved between my legs. It was going to be in my ass. It was going to fuck me like a woman. Knowing how it felt to be fucked by her, I felt a twinge of excitement at that thought. Feeling the cock pressing into my own balls, it reminded me of what was to come.

I did not want these feelings of anticipation of being ass fucked, but they were there nonetheless.

She continued kissing me and caressed my ass cheeks with her free hand. Even tugging lightly at my butt plug which brought me more feelings of arousal. I had never imagined I would feel what I am feeling from my own ass.

We kept kissing and playing with each other's tongues. This felt great. I have never felt so aroused kissing a woman as I am feeling right now. That was hard to admit. Thoughts of my wife tried to come into my head. I pushed them aside and tried to stay focussed on making out with Denise. My Denise.

The entire time my hands had been holding firmly onto Denise's back. I did not need to do anything more as there already was lots happening between our bodies.

This was so tender. So intimate.

After a few more minutes of this, she lustily and loudly whispered "This is so hot, this is quite the turn on. My boyfriend would never do anything like this."

"Uh huh, you definitely know how to turn me on Denise."

"Tell me what you want next Shauna," asked Denise.

I knew what I was supposed to reply with. What Naughty wanted. What did I want?

"I want you to fuck my ass with your big cock Denise. I want you inside me. I want you to pound my ass with your cock," I replied.

"Then you will have to show me that you want my cock. You will have to show me that you want my cock in your ass," Denise stated firmly.

We released from our embrace.

I knelt down before her.

I knew what how I was supposed to show that I wanted her cock. I needed to worship it orally and if I did that well enough, then and only then would she fuck me. I needed to do this as Naughty was ultimately in control.

I looked up into her eyes. She smiled and half squinted back.

I took her cock in my hand as I began to lick the underside of it. I then licked up and down the side of the shaft.

As I was licking underneath her cock, I noticed that a lot of pussy juice had come out of her and was on her inner thighs. She was very turned on.

I kept licking her cock like a lollipop, hoping that soon she would move on to the next part. Also wishing we would not get there.

I finally took the head of her cock in my mouth and began to lick around the head when the door opened.

I stopped.

"Keep sucking Shauna," commanded Denise.

I did as I was told.

The door closed.

"Come over here David. I assume you are here to be serviced again?"

"Yes, yes I am Denise," came his reply.

"I think we fulfilled our end of the bargain last night, but Shauna liked sucking your cock and taking all of your seed, maybe she will do that again," stated Denise firmly.

"I don't know if one blowjob is enough to keep me from talking," began David. "This is a rather unusual and likely un-business like activity that you are doing here."

"Ok, one more blowjob, then any others are just because Shauna wants your cock. Agreed?"

"Two more and I won't say a word," countered David.

I was still sucking on Denise's cock. I began bobbing up and down on it, coating it with plenty of saliva. I had no say in this. Denise was in control, not me. In control via Naughty that is.

I had to do what I was told.

I had to do whatever Naughty wanted sexually. He/she did not want my money.

Denise hesitated.

"Ok, two more, then we are good. Yes?"

"Ok, two more," agreed David.

He moved over to her side and in full view of the camera.

"Shauna, service David's cock. Give him an outstanding blowjob. Take all of his seed in your mouth. Taste it. Swallow it. Understood?" stated Denise.

Being told by Denise to do this clad in lingerie and with her cock in my mouth and David standing there, was very humiliating. My face must have turned 3 shades of red.

I pulled my mouth off of her cock.

"Yes, I will service David's big cock."

I turned to David. I did not look up at him. I reached up and unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. I then pulled them down to his ankles.

He had a large bulge in his briefs. Yes a large bulge for me. Why not for Denise?

It was for me. His seed was for me.

I kissed his cock through the underwear several times. This made the bulge bigger.

Then I reached in for his cock with one hand while tugging down on his briefs with the other.

I managed to get them past his mostly erect cock. It popped free.

I was staring right at a large cock. A cock much bigger than mine. My cock was still semi-hard and was now stirring. That bothered me.

I worked his underwear down to his ankles.

Then I got to work on his big cock. Not as big as Mike's but fairly big.

I began by stroking his cock with one hand while I ducked underneath it to suck on his balls.

His big hairy balls that contained his seed. His seed that was intended for me to taste and swallow. I had to worship his cock to coax that seed out of his big hairy balls. I needed to make him cum in my mouth. For Denise. For Naughty. For me? A chill went down my spine.

I stroked his cock lightly while I took one ball in my mouth. I sucked on it gently while licking around it with my tongue. I tugged back on it with my lips and let it pop out of my mouth.

I then did the same with the other ball. I went back to the first then.

"I can tell you want my seed Shauna," David said with a light moan, "It is only for you Shauna. Make me give you my seed."

"I want your seed," I moaned lustily in response.

My cock was now rock hard. Thankfully he could not see that. That made it less embarrassing.

I continued working on his balls for a few more minutes, with a bit more gusto to show that I really wanted his seed. Did I?

Then I turned my attention to his large cock. I began by licking underneath the head, that brought some precum for me to taste. It was salty. It was man-juice. It did not taste bad. I shuddered a bit.

I continued licking under the head of his cock, then along the bottom of his shaft to its base. Then back to his head, staying underneath.

"Uhhhnnn, that is so good," he moaned in response.

Then, while stroking him lightly, I unexpectedly engulfed the head of his big cock in my mouth.

He gasped.

I swirled my tongue around the head of this cock. It seemed to grow stiffer than it already was. I kept stroking it. I also began fondling his balls with my other.

"I want your seed David, I want to taste your cum," I moaned around his cock.

"Ahhh, uhhhnnn," he moaned in response.

I continued licking his head and then began sucking on it. Focussing my attention solely on the head of his circumcised cock.

He was building up to an orgasm.

Suddenly I felt my butt plug vibrate more.

I gasped on the cock in my mouth.

I began to squirm in place.

Fourth setting.

Very arousing.

This had an obvious effect on me. And I in turn on David.

Both of my hands were now on his cock stroking him hard.

The vibrator silently buzzing away in my ass was pushing me to the edge.

I bobbed up and down on his cock like I needed his seed. Like I needed it now.

"Uhhhnnn, this is so awesome, this is -"

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" he interrupted himself, spewing hot jism into my mouth.

I kept stroking, swallowing and sucking.

He kept cumming. Today's load was bigger than yesterday's.

Finally he finished. Cum was seeping from the corners of my mouth.

I was on edge.

Then suddenly the vibrator must have gone back to first setting.

I did not come.

I kept licking his cock till he pulled it out of my cum coated mouth. It did not taste bad I had to admit.

"That was the best blowjob ever Shauna. Ever," he exclaimed joyfully.

"Denise here is lucky to have you."

Best ever? What have I become? I felt horrified. I felt embarrassed.

I looked up into his eyes as I knew I was supposed to and smiled with some cum still on my lips and on my tongue.

"Thank you for your seed David, I loved every drop of it," I said more emphatically than I expected to.

"Don't lick the rest of his cum off of your lips, not yet," said Denise firmly as David dressed himself.

David then excused himself and closed the door behind him.

"You did great Shauna," Denise said to me with a smile as soon as I looked up at her.

"That was an awesome blowjob. The vibrator helped I think, but you still did the work. You made him cum fast and explosively, that was hot."

"Now where were we? Oh yes, you were worshiping my cock and showing that you wanted me to fuck you. Continue."

I was still looking into her eyes. She was firmly in control here. I was hers today. I turned my attention to her cock and began to lather my saliva and tongue all over it. I stroked it too.

After a few minutes Denise was satisfied, raised me up and led me to the couch.

"Rest your head on the far pillow while I place this one under your ass," she told me.

I put my head on the leather pillow and raised my hips so that she could put the other under my ass. Denise turned the camera so that the couch took centre stage.

"Now take off those panties and spread those legs for me. Show me that you are ready for my cock Shauna."

I got the panties off of my left leg, but they were caught on my right with the heels still on. I left it there and spread my legs - the right one up on the back of the sofa the left in the air.

Denise then got in between my legs. She shut off the vibrating butt plug and lightly tugged on it. She pulled it past the sphincter but then thrust it back in again. It was well lubed and my anal opening was well, open, so it popped in and out with relative ease. I felt it go past the sphincter, but there was no pain or much resistance.

After about 10 thrusts, she pulled it out and wrapped it in some tissue. Then Denise put more lube on her cock. She leaned forward and pointed her cock at my ass.

"Take my cock and guide it to your hole Shauna. Show me that you want me to fuck you with my cock," said Denise as she took my left leg and put my ankle on her shoulder.

I leaned forward and reached out with my left hand and grabbed her slimy cock. I positioned it at the entrance to my ass.

"Tell me you want it Shauna, tell me to fuck you."

Did I have a choice? No. Did I want her to fuck me?

"Fuck me with your big cock Denise. I need you to fuck me with your big cock," I said in response.

Without waiting Denise pressed the head of her cock into my open ass. There was some resistance but with only a little pressure it got past my anal sphincter.

I gasped at the feeling of it. It was wider than the butt plug.

I felt a burning sensation and wanted to take a shit.

"Uhhhhhh," my gasp turned into a quiet cry of pain.

She held it there.

"The feeling will pass, I felt that too my first few anal fuckings," advised Denise soothingly.

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