My VideoChat Error Ch 10


The videos made my cock hard even though I was experiencing it through the eyes of the women being fucked not the men. I didn't like realizing that.

When the first video ended we spent several minutes exploring each others bodies. We kissed, licked and gently sucked. They were tender moments.

The second video had a lot of anal sex and women eating the cum directly out of well fucked asses.

A well hung stud was giving it to a hot looking lingerie clad brunette in her ass. He was pounding his large member in and out of her. Then he dug his fingers into her hips and held her steady as he buried himself balls deep. He thrust powerfully several times then his whole body stiffened. He thrust a few times more, then pulled out. Judging by the size of his balls, he must have deposited quite the load.

He moved to the girl's mouth so that she could clean him off. Another girl, a redhead, got in behind her and lapped up the cum that was running out of her ass. More and more kept coming out of the brunettes ass; all of it consumed by the redhead. It was such a hot scene.

We were still playing with each others bodies, especially our nipples. It felt so right, I felt so turned on.

"Time for setting two," declared Denise. We both gasped as the other person turned our vibrator to the second setting.

In next scene the two girls were in a 69, with the redhead below. Then a muscular man with a big black cock got in behind the brunette and raised her hips up so that he could fuck her. The redhead stayed below and moaned through several orgasms as she was still being eaten. The black man made the brunette beg to be ass fucked. Then when she convinced him that she was eager to take on his massive manhood, he plunged into her behind.

Denise was lightly stroking my manhood as this went on, bringing me to the brink of orgasm, but never giving me that release. There still were lots of intimate kisses and lots of body caresses. She had my plug back at setting one for this.

After the black man had royally pounded her ass, he drained his horse balls into her and them made her clean his tool with her tongue. She acted like it was nasty. What seemed nastier was that she shifted so that her ass was directly over the redheads mouth and whitish brown goop ran out in streams, then dripped out into her mouth.

"I think it's time we moved to the bedroom," Denise said lustily. She shut off the tv, disentangled herself from me and got up. Then she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Her hips swayed sexily as she walked. I tried to match her as we both were walking in heels.

She led me to the bed where she drew me into an embrace and we fell back onto the bed together. She kicked her heels off then used her stockinged feet to work mine off as well, all while we made out on the bed.

"I need your tongue," she said lustily and I knew what she wanted. as i moved down to her crotch she spread her legs and began pulling her panties down. I finished the task and then dove in on her snatch.

I held my mouth over her pussy and drew the musty smell of her womanhood into my nostrils and exhaled a warm breath onto her private area. This caused her to moan.

I breathed in again and as I was exhaling she pushed my head down, and cried out"I need your tongue!"

Man was this one woman horny. Just the opposite of my wife Emma.

I allowed my face to be mushed into her pussy. She ground her hips with wanton lust into my face. I opened my mouth and tongued what I could. I then took hold of her hips to settle her a bit and went about eating her pussy and licking her clit. After a few minutes she was bucking her hips and heading into an intense orgasm. Her body spasmed and shook as I kept tonguing her clit.

She had only climaxed a few hours ago on my tongue. it was as if that had not happened. Man did she have the capacity to climax.

As she came down from her orgasm, she pulled me up to her. She licked her juices off my lips and kissed me passionately for several minutes. Then she tugged on my butt plug and worked it in and out of my ass a little.

"Your turn," she whispered huskily after playfully biting my ear. "Go give yourself an enema and then come back." She shut off the vibrator as I left the room.

When I returned she was standing there sporting a larger strap on than last week. This was more Mikes size.

"On your knees Shauna, show me that you want my cock. Show me you want your ass fucked. Prove to me that you should be allowed to cum, she commanded," her hands on her hips, and her cock jutting out from her crotch.

I got in front of her and sank to my knees. Here was the hottest woman I knew. A goddess more or less. Decked out in lacy lingerie, ready to have sex with me. And rather than wanting my penis, she wants to give me hers. A cook that is muck bigger than mine. I am being forced to take it. And I have to beg for it by servicing it orally.

'Snap out of it told myself. She is only doing what naughty tells her to. She probably wouldn't even touch me if naughty went away. You are only doing what Naughty wants.' My inner emotions were in conflict, how much of this was Naughty and how much was Denise.

I took that big cock in my mouth and slobbered all over it. I was in a trance almost. She had gotten me so horny. She had gotten me so worked up. I had to cum. I needed to cum.

I licked all around the head of that silicon or plastic or whatever it was strapon, just like it was the real thing. I stroked it and bobbed up and down in it as best I could. I wanted to cum.

"That's so hot Shauna, that's so hot," Denise said. "You have learned well. Now onto the bed and on your back."

I took the saliva coated cock out of my mouth and climbed up on the bed. I had mixed feelings inside. I wanted to cum, either by her hand, mouth or pussy. I was excited that I was going to finally get my release. I did not want a cock up my ass while cuming. I wanted to orgasm like a man. But I had not choice in the matter. I would cum if and how Naughty allowed it tonight.

I lay on my back as she said.

Denise slowly strode over to the foot of the bed. As she did the strapon cock bounced up and down a little. Then she stopped and put her hands on her hips.

"Put a big pillow below your ass."

I grabbed one and wiggled it under me.

My penis was standing at full attention as it tented my panties.

"Take you panties off," she said firmly, staring me right in the eyes.

I tugged on my panties while raising my legs up and worked my panties past my garters, down and off my legs.

Denise had some lube in her hand and was adding that to my saliva on her shaft. It was going to be well lubed up for me.

"Lift your legs up and spread them wide, like a woman would."

As I did that Denise climbed onto the bed and grabbed a leg with each hand.

"Put my cock at the entrance to your ass," she commanded.

I grabbed the slimy thing and put the head up against the rosebud of my ass.

"Now ask me to fuck you," Denise said with a naughty grin.

"Fuck me Denise," I started, "I need release."

"If you want me to fuck you, tell me that you really want it," she said, her grin deepening.

I need that big cock of yours inside me, I need you to fuck me real hard! Fuck me with your cock!" I exclaimed. I really did want to cum. Just not like this.

She smiled and pressed the head of that monster in. My sphincter let it in without much resistance, but still I felt the anal penetration and gasped.

She held it there for a few moments, then she began to work her large cock in and out of me.

I gasped again as it really stimulated my sphincter but was also so filling.

She slowly pulled it back and then thrust it in again. Slowly. And again. Each time I gasped. My butt plug had opened me up, but not this much.

Soon she was fully in me. I felt so full. All bad feelings began to subside.

Denise then turned a switch and it began to vibrate.

That made me gasp.

She kept fucking me slowly. All the way in and all the way out except for the head. That she pulled into my anal opening so that it caressed my sphincter.

I moaned.

Then she slowly thrust in and out again.

It began to feel good to be anally fucked. I did not want to admit to that, but it did.

I looked into her eyes and they sparkled. She smiled immediately.

"This is so hot, this is so fucking hot," she said.

I moaned, then replied almost in a whisper, "Yes."

My cock was so hard. Everything had made it hard. That I could not deny. Looking at this fucking hot brunette before me, feeling her dainty fingers with nails on my ankles, made it more so.

"Play with your nipples," she said seductively.

She began to go a little but faster, but still was going slow. It still felt good.

"I going to fuck you all night long if I have to, you are going to cum," Denise said.

She kept fucking my ass.

My nipples were feeling a bit sore and sensitive, they had been played with so much.

She increased the tempo, but just a bit.

If the roles were reversed, this would be a slow intimate love making session. Or was it already? I asked myself.

"Do you like me fucking your ass? Do you like taking my big cock deep inside you?" She asked seductively.

I tried to stifle a moan, it was feeling too good.

"Yes, I like you fucking my ass," I said sheepishly. I felt turned on and humiliated at the same time.

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?" She said huskily.

I hesitated, then gave in to the moment. I needed release.

"Yes, fuck me harder. Fuck me harder with that big cock of yours Denise!" I exclaimed.

She picked up the pace a little. The bed began to creak in rhythm with her thrusts.

I began to tweak my own nipples.

She went a bit faster.

My moans became more frequent and I quit trying to stop them.

She let go of my legs and rolled a condom onto my penis.

This was really going to happen. I was really going to cum.

I turned her egg up to setting three while I had the chance.

I felt her nails dig into my ankles a bit as she was holding my ankles again. She moaned lightly.

She picked up the pace again.

Her breath quickened.

"This is so fucking hot, I wish my boyfriend would let me fuck his ass like this" she moaned loudly.

Soon she was climaxing. Powerfully again.

She stopped fucking me as it took control of her body.

"Thank you, that was great. This sex is fantastic," she said with a smile.

I turned her back to two at her request.

Then She reached under and grabbed my ass with both hands to raise my ass up a bit. Then she began to fuck me again.

At this new angle each thrust caused me to moan louder as she was stimulating a different part of my ass.

"I found your prostate again," she said with a grin.

With Each thrust the strap-on stroked over this spot.

That felt --

And I was moaning again in pleasure.

She picked up the pace slowly. Each thrust still finding my prostate.

I was rock hard. I so wanted to stroke my penis. I don't know how I held back.

My breathing was faster and I kept moaning. Suddenly my toes curled and I gripped the sheets with my fingers.

I then had an orgasmic feeling in my groin.

"AHHHHHH," I moaned. I began to spurt into my condom. But my orgasm did not peak and then stop. It continued on and on. No big ejaculation, just spurts came out. It felt intense. My breathing picked up and my body was covered in sweat. And she kept thrusting. Nothing had touched my penis. except the condom.

After what seemed like a long time, Denise stopped thrusting.

"Don't stop," I pleaded. I surprised both Denise and myself.

She began thrusting again at a good pace and the pleasure returned.

When she did stop, my body went limp.

She let go of my ass and carefully removed my condom from my penis. She then resumed fucking me slowly but was no longer on my prostate.

"Drink up!" She said saucily as she handed it to me.

I was spent. It was a great release. I did not want cum in my mouth.

I put it to my lips and drained it.

Then she withdrew from my ass, took off her strapon and lay down with me. We cuddled for what seemed like a long while then finally got out of bed to clean up and put things away.

She had me get down to my panties, my slip and then added my camisole to it.

I noticed that I had a text on my phone.


"Great job tonight. Both of you. I will send you a copy of the video in the morning. Sweet dreams."

Denise smiled at me when I showed it to her then she set the alarm. we fell asleep cuddling in each others arms.

I had a great orgasm today, from my ass, while wearing lingerie. Why was Naughty doing this to me?

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