tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy VideoChat Error Ch 19

My VideoChat Error Ch 19


'Nothing's going to change and everything's going to change'

That was what Naughty ended his/her text to me with after the party.

Even though I was totally spent and in a bed that was better than one in a five-star hotel, I found it hard to sleep well. Denise had cuddled into my arms and we both had drifted off to sleep fairly quickly but after a couple of hours I awoke. I was full of stress. Images and events from the party kept running through my mind.

I felt disturbed by what had happened.

Seeing my former secretary and being ass fucked by her. Seeing Mitch, er Michelle and being rimmed by her. Being fucked by my former client. Seeing Emma's boss, secretary and brother in law there and being forced to suck their cocks.

And Emma.

My wife Emma.

Watching other men, men with big, thick cocks fuck her and deposit load after load into her.

I was back on my leather bench watching her wrap her red stocking covered legs around them, scrape her nails over their backs, and scream as she came. Over and over again. Watching her act more slutty than she ever had with me.

I could feel Emma's inner thighs press against my cheeks, then clamp down on my head as I was forced to eat her well fucked pussy 'till she came. Something she has never let me do. The taste of her pussy juice loaded with other mens' seed still lingered in my mouth.

My thoughts drifted to being in front of my wife. Dressed in lingerie, dolled up as a woman and sporting an erect penis. Being ass fucked. Wrapping my lipsticked lips around big cocks and swallowing their loads. Being forced into an anal orgasm. Being with Denise.

In front of my wife.

What about our marriage now? Do I still have a wife?

My mind ran through the events of the past five weeks. I thought about all the things I had done so that Emma would not find out, so that she would still be my wife. I wore lingerie and masturbated, I learned to suck cock, I got all dolled up like a woman and let men fuck me. I even got myself a boyfriend. I was forced and blackmailed into doing all this, forced and blackmailed to go deeper and deeper to keep it all from Emma.

And now I found out that Emma has been sleeping around behind my back all this time. She may have been a part of it all along. If Naughty wasn't threatening to reveal it all to my parents, my friends and my family, then I could finally stop.

But even though Emma knows now, if not before, I still can't stop. I am still trapped and have to continue wearing lingerie, fulfilling the carnal desires of my new, well hung boyfriend, servicing the needs of other men, and now it looks like being Emma's cuckold as well.

Was Emma in on the plan from the start? Was this her goal? To get me to this place to force me to be her cuckold? To be able to enjoy fucking men with big cocks openly while still staying married to me?

Was Emma behind this all?

Was she in fact Naughty?

'I don't know. I don't understand. What role does she play in this? I need to talk to Emma.' I kept thinking to myself.

I tossed and turned after I awoke in the early morning. Too tired to open my eyes. Too disturbed and stressed to go back to sleep right away. I kept going over the events of the party and Emma. Again and again. Eventually I did drift back off into sleep.

I awoke to find that Denise had already showered and had dressed herself in clean pink lingerie, a white blouse, a pink skirt, topped off with pink heels. I felt sore all over but sat up. She immediately stopped brushing her hair and came over to me. She sat beside me, took me in her arms and planted a luscious, wet kiss on my lips after I sat up in bed.

"Good morning sleepyhead. How are you feeling?" she inquired with a concerned smile.

"Not sure. It is always great to sleep cuddled up with you but I did not sleep well. All the people I knew at the party kept coming back to my mind. All the things I had to do for them or they did to me I relived."

Denise put her arm around my shoulders. Cocked her head and truly looked concerned.

"And Emma. My wife. Why was she here? How is she connected to all this? It makes my brain hurt thinking about it," I added. My stress level was rising again.

"Lay back. Let me ease your stress a little," Denise said as she placed her hand on my chest and pushed me back so that my head was back on the pillow. She planted a few light but wet kisses on my lips. She pushed my camisole up a little so that she could caress my sides and stomach at the same time.

Then, she hooked her fingers into my panties and pulled the cum stained material down. They had been clean, but my ass had leaked as I slept. She planted light kisses around my groin as she slowly pulled my panties past my growing penis.

"What are you doing?" I asked a bit fearful of us going rogue, especially here, in Naughty's domain.

"Shhh, its ok. You need this. Just relax and enjoy whatever I do to you," Denise said with a naughty grin.

My heart began to beat faster. This was truly naughty on our part. That made it more exciting. Still I was afraid of getting caught being sexually pleasured.

"Maybe we-" I started with a hesitant tone to my voice.

"Shhh, we're doing this. Now just enjoy," Denise stated in a commanding yet erotic voice.

I looked down at this gorgeous brunette crouched on the bed beside me. She looked up at me with a naughty grin on her luscious red lips. The look in her blue eyes told me that she was in control.

I liked her taking the lead and tried to relax. My heart was still racing. I felt like a kid preparing to sneak cookies out of the cookie jar while my mom was momentarily preoccupied.

As she pulled my panties down further, her lips lightly kissed where my panties had just been. Several warm kisses were planted at the top of each thigh, then then more further down my legs as she pulled them down to my ankles. She left them there.

I tried to slide my feet out of my panties.

"Uh, Uh. Those stay there," Denise admonished me.

I tried to spread my legs a little. The pink panties around my ankles stopped me and made me feel a bit trapped. Denise then crouched over my legs further confining me. Her hair draped past her face as she hovered over my groin.

I caught a wicked grin on her face when she glanced up at me briefly.

My heart was still beating fast.

This felt so taboo.

I felt so turned on.

Denise began by kissing my mostly erect penis lightly while stroking from the base. This definitely made me stir. Then she licked the head of my penis several times from below. Slowly. Erotically. It felt so good. Each lick left me wanting more.

Then Denise went further below my penis. She licked my ball sac then took each of my balls in her mouth and sucked lightly on them.

"I want all your seed," Denise whispered huskily between lip smacks.

"I always love how you taste," she uttered in that sexy voice before continuing to pleasure my balls orally.

"Your balls are so nice," she breathed out as she slowly licked and sucked on them more.

My penis was rock hard.

It wanted more attention.

I wanted more attention!

She kept stroking from the base to the head.


It felt so teasingly good. She giggled a bit while she played.

"I like your penis," she said with a light voice as she shifted her oral attentions to my stiff member.

"Why? Its not as big as most of these men. Its like six inches long or less, its -"

"Shhhhh. None of that now," Denise breathed out, her lips still at my member. "It is a nice size and it's so tasty. I like your penis just as it is," she remarked between licks. "It is the only one I actually want. I have had my fill of big cocks."

Her continued ministrations made me moan lightly.

Her desire for me made me moan.

Denise paused and looked me straight in the eye. "Your penis is just what I want. I don't want any others anymore," she asserted with the most sincere yet still naughty look.

I felt so happy, so warm, so aroused inside.

I felt so wanted.

So desired.

My penis was throbbing. I needed her to take me in her warm, wet, inviting mouth. To wrap her luscious, red lips around me.

And to suck.

This she had proven to be the best at, better than anyone I had ever known. Not that I had received many blowjobs in my life. But she had amazing oral skills.

Thoughts of my wife Emma tried to break into my thought stream. I pushed them away and focussed about the absolute hottie who was taking care of my throbbing member.

When she suddenly took the head of my penis in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, I gasped and moaned loudly. She looked into my eyes and smiled wickedly. She continued sucking on my erect member.

I was in heaven.

This gorgeous creature, Denise, a hot looking brunette, a true 10, was willingly and expertly sucking on my penis.

I closed my eyes and pushed my head back into the pillow. I focused all my attention on the how amazing it felt to have my member in her warm, wet mouth while her luscious lips and tongue slid up and down over it.

I knew I needed to stop her but I just couldn't. The pleasure was so intense that I felt my orgasm welling up after only a couple of minutes.

"Uhhhhnn! Uhhhhhn! I moaned out as I began ejaculating into Denise's mouth. My penis spasmed. My whole body stiffened then relaxed into the bed. It was an incredible orgasm.

"Well done but don't swallow yet," commanded a female voice.

Immediately I opened my eyes. We were caught.

Standing near the bed and taking in our lewd sexual act was Miranda. I was so into the blowjob that I had not heard her slip into the room.

Miranda wore a red dress that ended above her knees, had black stockings on and red heels. Large red bracelets encircled her wrists and her fingers ended in bright red nails. Her lipstick and blush were even red. All this in stark contrast to her white blonde hair.

The hot blonde smiled when I looked up at her.

My heart began to race again. What would she do? What would Naughty do?

"Now Denise, remember, anytime Shauna is granted a release, you must share her ejaculate with her. Do it now," Miranda commanded.

'Huh?' Miranda was not mad? My heart was still racing.

Denise smiled but kept her mouth closed as she crawled over top of me, only stopping when her mouth was pressed up against mine. I knew what to do. Reluctantly I parted my lips and Denise pushed my cum along with her tongue into my mouth. I swallowed several times as we french kissed intimately.

My head was still spinning.

"Great job. Now Shauna, you need to shower and clean yourself up. You were busy last night and serviced a lot of men. Denise and I have things to talk about while you are showering. Do it now," commanded Miranda.

I looked from Miranda to Denise obviously still a bit spooked. Denise smiled, shrugged a bit and then got off of me.

Miranda cocked her head to one side. "Denise didn't tell you? Earlier this morning she asked Naughty if you had done a good enough job to deserve that treat. She convinced Naughty that you had."

A wave of relief came over me. Hearing Miranda actually say that it was okayed reassured me. Still part of me was thrilled at doing something I thought was taboo, part of me still felt jittery, and part of me was a bit choked that Denise had not told me. I looked at her and she just grinned apologetically back.

"Now it is time that you go and shower," Miranda reminded me.

I stretched my stiff limbs and made my way over to the bathroom. My ass was sore from the night before. It felt strange again to be only in a camisole and panties in front of another woman like Miranda.

Soon I was in a nice warm shower and cleaning the cum off of my body and from my anus. It felt amazing to have hot water wash over my body. I pondered what they might be talking about but had my thoughts interrupted as images of last night once again flooded my brain.

Especially of Emma.

When I got out of the shower I put my used panties and camisole back on. I found Denise and Miranda still sitting on the bed.

Denise had tears on her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I immediately felt deeply concerned for my Denise. My anxiety level climbed once again.

Denise looked down at the floor and sniffled.

I glanced over at Miranda, who just looked wore a professional smile on her face. She held a tablet in her hand.

"Its not that bad, you can tell her," Miranda stated firmly.

"Tell me what?" I asked nervously.

Was my Denise pregnant with another man's seed? Was she no longer going to be my girlfriend? No, wait, had I somehow earned her another gang bang? My heart leaped into my throat as these fears came over me.

Denise remained silent as I approached her. I was so concerned. I dropped to my knees in front of my Denise and looked up at her. Miranda smiled and her eyes twinkled.

"Tell me what?" I repeated. "It can't be that bad Denise, we are in this together, remember?" I hoped that it would not be.

"Ok," she began, between sniffles. "Miranda told me that the next stage of your training," she hesitated, "involves this," she finished meekly.

Denise reached into a bag that I had not noticed was sitting between her and Miranda. She pulled out something clear plastic. My eyes widened as I realized what it was.

A chastity cage.

"You have to wear this chastity device 24/7," continued Denise. "And I have to be the one to put it on you and then hand the keys over to Miranda. I am not allowed to play with your penis anymore."

"What?" I blurted out looking directly at Miranda.

"Denise is correct. This is the next part of your training. You will be in chastity from now on," Miranda stated calmly.

"Why? I have done everything Naughty has told me to do. I have sucked cock with enthusiasm and moaned and bucked my hips when men have fucked me. I did everything I was told to do even though I did not want to," I stated emphatically.

"So why?"

"Orgasm control," Miranda stated with a smile.


"Naughty decides when and if your penis gets to have an orgasm," Miranda replied firmly.

Miranda looked down at me with a smile as she sat there in her red dress with her black stockinged legs crossed. Her red heels added a professional look to her attire and shaped her legs so erotically. She sat so straight and proper. She was in control and she looked the part.

"Be happy that Naughty does not have you tattooed with 'Property of Naughty' in a conspicuous place or two. That may come later, if need be," continued Miranda.

She looked me directly in the eye as if she owned me.

"Don't worry, you will have lots of orgasms still. Just not with your penis," Miranda added after a hesitation.

The magnitude of it hit me. My penis was going to be locked up. I wouldn't have to stroke while looking at pictures of hot men or videos of me being fucked.

Correction, I wouldn't get to anymore.

I would not get to be teased by Denise playing with and sucking on my penis. Even when I did not get to cum, it still felt awesome.

I was floored. I just kept kneeling there and stared at the chastity device in Denise's hand. It was made of clear plastic, shaped like a small penis with a slit at the front end, a ring and a lock at the other.

Just like John Harding and Mitch, er, Michelle, I too would have my manhood locked up. I would be just like them.

And like Janine.

I was in shock. I continued kneeling, still staring at the chastity cage.

Thoughts of Janine flooded into my head. Was the next part of my training to have my body feminized like Janine's? She truly seemed like a woman. 'Till I saw her penis. Would I become more a woman than a man? Was that Naughty's plan?

When I could finally speak my thoughts came out in a torrent. "How long will I have to wear it? When can I take it off? What will Emma say? How will I have sex with my wife?"

That's a lot of questions!" Miranda laughed lightly. "I can't speak for Emma, so I can't tell you what she will say. But I can tell you that yes, you will still have sex with Emma, in fact more than your once a month, even more than ever before."

"Huh?" how will we have sex if my penis is locked up, in this, this thing?" I queried.

"You will see. You two will have more sex than ever before. Guaranteed. As to when it will come off? It will temporarily for enough acts of good behaviour."

"What do you mean, good behaviour?" Denise chimed in.

Miranda hesitated as she looked like she was thinking of the best answer. Then she replied before rising to go. "For now I will leave that to your imagination," Miranda stated before starting to walk away.

"You still have not told us how long she needs to wear it for," reminded Denise.

Miranda spun back on her right heel to face us.

"Hmmm, let me put it this way. Naughty believes that small penises should be locked up. Now, no more questions or the cage won't be coming off any time soon. Now get your boyfriend caged, plugged and dressed. I will be back shortly for the keys. I have others to check on."

Miranda still had not said how long my penis would be caged up.

That seemed foreboding.

Miranda then turned and left. The clacking of her heels on the hardwood floor reverberated in my head as the sound seemed magnified by my new situation. By my new realization. It was now really sinking in.

No more touching my penis. No more Denise touching my penis. No more Emma touching my penis.

But she said I would have more sex with Emma? Will Emma have a key?

My thought stream was broken when I heard fresh sobs from Denise. I realized I was still staring at where Miranda had been. I turned back to Denise.

"Hey Denise," I said as I scooched forward and reached up to stroke her cheek and wipe away her tears.

"It's my fault again," Denise stammered out.


"Miranda told me that this was also part of the deal. Remember the deal you struck with Naughty to protect me from, from," she hesitated, then finished the her statement with a sob," from Gang Bangs?"

"Shhhhhh, shhhhh. Don't you worry," I tried to console her, even though I was still in shock and in need of consoling myself.

"But if you had not made the deal, maybe it would not have been part of your training," Denise sobbed out.

"Hey, you don't know that. This was likely in the plan all along. Miranda probably just wanted to make you feel guilty." Part of me did not believe what I was saying, but I could not let Denise bear any guilt.

Why did Naughty wait so long to cage me when Mitch was caged within the first two weeks? Was I ever going to be forced to wear a chastity device?

"Remember. We will get through this together," I told Denise trying to sound confident. "Like we have been since this began."

She continued to sob lightly. I got up on my knees and took her head in my hands. I looked into her eyes and pulled her lips to mine. After a few light kisses, I pulled back just enough to be able to talk.

"I love you Denise, don't you ever forget that," I said quietly.

Denise looked into my eyes. She then pulled my face back to hers and kissed me passionately and deeply.

After a few minutes we broke the embrace.

"I think you need to do the deed before Miranda returns," I suggested painfully aware of what that meant.

Denise nodded her head. She got up and pulled me to my feet. "First I am supposed to shave your manhood bare. Come lets go to the bathroom," she said with a sniffle.

After she led me to the bathroom, she had me sit on a towel on the edge of the toilet seat. She made my pubic hairs wet then applied some feminine shaving cream to them and my balls. Its strawberry scent wafted up to my nose.

Denise then reached out to my manhood with a pink razor.

"Denise -" I began.

"Shhhh, I need to concentrate so that I do not cut you," she said as she began scraping it over the area above my penis. She took great care as she removed all of the hair from my pubic region. In between strokes, she cleaned the pink tool off in a little bowl of warm water.

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