My Vietnamese Granddaughter


"Look! His cocks hard," Kim answered. "No, don't stare you fool."

"It's huge," little Han said, unable to tear her eyes from the bulge below my waist. "He has enough for both of us," she added, trying to stifle her giggle with her hand which fluttered in front of her mouth.

"Why are you here anyway?" Kim finally demanded imperiously in English.

"I've been sent by the President to find the two beautiful virgins who've been causing so much unrest in the north," I answered in Vietnamese.

"You speak Vietnamese?" Han asked as a blush spread across her face.

"You should have told us. You're very rude," Kim chastised, also blushing.

"Hah, I'm rude! Here I thought you were ladies, but I find you're just crude peasant girls, talking about a mans private parts in public. No education or refinement at all. The two of you should be spanked and sent home."

"Crude!" Kim sputtered. "We went to a French lycee in the capital. You Americans are the boors."

"Run along home girls," I said, shooing them off as if they were twelve year olds and not alluring women.

"Why should we?" Han asked belligerently.

"Because I, Joseph Coursey, here in your country to help you poor Vietnamese move into the twentieth century, would like to have a swim without being bothered by two young children."

"Children!" Han almost yelled as I started to unbutton my shirt.

"We've had an advanced civilization here for a thousand years country bumpkin," Kim protested as I let my shirt slip from my shoulders and moved my fingers to my belt. "What are you doing?"

"Going for a swim. Is that okay with you my little peasant princess?" I asked as I let my pants slip down my thighs.

"This is our pool. My families. Truong family land. Not just anyone can swim here, you're trespassing," she protested as I pulled my green tank top over my head.

"Go on, shoo," I ordered as I hooked my thumbs into my shorts.

"No," Kim answered but then watched stunned as I pushed my shorts down and exposed my fully engorged penis. "That's disgusting," she muttered as I turned away from her and started to walk toward the pool.

"We could shoot you," she yelled at my retreating back, "with your own rifle."

Knee deep in the warm water I turned and said, "Or you two could come swimming with me."

"Maybe I will," she answered, and then after a moment's hesitation, pulled her thin tunic over her head and started to walk towards me.

"Kimmmmmmmm!" her sister objected.

"Somebody has to watch this foreign devil. Maybe you better return to the village though," her sister answered.

"Oh no you don't," Han protested as she slipped the straps from her shoulders and moved to join her sister.

The two were perfect, the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen. It would've been impossible to choose between them. I didn't have to.


I gave a start, awoken from my reverie, when I heard the door of the girl's apartment suddenly slam shut. I'd left their sound on when they'd gone out around ten that first night. It was obvious to me that they were drunk, or high, when I turned on the video feed and watched them stumbling and giggling in the main hallway.

Fuck, it's already three in the morning I saw when I checked the clock. I clicked on the feed from Miss Woo's room and the bathroom. The blonds can wait I thought as I watched sexy Samantha teeter into her room. Little pleated blue miniskirt that hardly covered her pubes was topped by a shiny, off white, spaghetti strapped low cut blouse that displays her firm, braless tits perfectly.

She kicked off her heels and then leisurely pulled her top over her head. They're perfect! Somehow it just seems that every Asian girl's breasts are just right, that they've been designed for a man's hands, his hungry mouth. No huge excesses, just enough to fill a hand. Firm but velvety soft. Golden.

They rode high and firm on her tall frame, a round perfection that beckons without trying. Small, dark areolas that sprout fat nubs at their centers, suckable little beauties that I yearned to taste. Then I watched as she sauntered topless and barefoot to the bathroom, watched as she lowered a lacy blue thong, exposing a thick but trimmed dark triangle of jet black pubic hair.

I stared at the TV screen as she spread herself and started to piss out a stream of yellow liquid, a stream that seemed endless as she discharged the beer she'd been consuming all night. Her pink insides glistened.

I watched knowing she'd soon be mine. Split and turning on my long hard pole. Of course the bitch was in my dreams the rest of the night. Nightmares I hadn't had in ten years intermixed with erotic memories. I woke at dawn, my body bathed in sweat as my prick pulsed out my creamy seed. Visions of Miss Woo naked were intermixed with the Han and Kim I'd known forty years before.


In the days and weeks that followed I became obsessed. A near lunatic as I followed the young coed's daily rituals. With my little hi tech gadgets I bugged her phone, her cell, heard all her conversations and intercepted her e-mail.

Watched her naked and dressed. Showering. Masturbating. She was a hymen-less virgin who'd insert a vibrating plastic penis in herself late at night, groaning in need until the phallic substitute brought her to a gasping orgasm. I'd stroke myself as I watched, my hand in perfect rhythm with the urgently manipulated dildo.

Her best friend turned out to be her 18 yer old sister far away in L.A. and it was from intercepting their correspondence, both by phone and e-mail, that I learned Samantha's secrets. Both girls were still virgins and endlessly recounted back and forth their desires, their needs, their sexual cravings.

'He was let him touch my felt...oh wow, you know...he wanted to...I was scared...he wasn't the one...' one would write.

Sam wrote after a late date, e-mailed her sister even as she ran her tongue over the dildo she'd just had inside herself, 'We kissed...his tongue penetrated, filled my will a penis fit...I was so tempted...'

Cynthia, Cyn, her sister, would write back, 'We were dancing so close...I felt his penis against my stomach...pushing...he grabbed my ass...I wanted to touch him, I was scared...I miss you so much Sam...'

Sam wrote her sister about me. 'He's an animal...he hates Vietnamese...he scares me. His cock is huge,' she wrote, 'sometimes I dream of it. In me. He's full of cum. In my dream I like it...I do whatever he asks. He makes me his slave.'

She couldn't know that I'd fallen for her, that I found her irresistible, that I watched her every movement with both lust and love.


And night after night I remembered my short time with my two beautiful sisters. Remembered that first day at the pool. The days that followed. How a simple country boy from Pennsylvania became a slave to two foreign girls while thousands of miles from home.

Virgins! The two of them. Somehow their status, their family power, had saved the thin membranes that protected their virtue for Joe Coursey. I bloodied them both. The elder, Kim, first. Then her sister. We'd splashed and giggled in the pool that first day, the girl's nervousness, their surprise at their own audacity, quickly pushed aside by a hunger they'd been suppressing for years. Two girls who'd been declared off limits to every male within fifty miles for the last three years suddenly had me.

Our splashing that first day soon gave way to a feigned roughhousing that simply allowed us a chance to touch each other. The two girls seemed to be competing with each other, continually pushing their ripe bodies up against me.

Kim was the first to actually grasp me; I was splashing water at her sister even as I felt her trace my length with her little hand. "It's too big," she cried.

"What is?" Han demanded, then I felt her hand as it met her sisters around my cockhead.

I circled their shoulders with my arms, then pulled them tight against me, moved them so I felt four soft breasts against my skin.

"I'm a virgin," Kim said, inviting, "We both are."

"I'll be gentle," I promised as I led them to shore and the soft grass on the bank.

"I'm older, me first," Kim ordered.

"That's not fair. You're always first," Han complained. "What if he can only do it once?"

I smiled at Han's fear as I lay Kim on her back. "You're beautiful," I whispered as I knelt between the virgin's legs. Leaning forward I captured Kim's lips in mine as my hands moved to her heaving breast. Then I felt Han's finger slip between my stomach and Kim's and grab my cock.

"Christ honey," I finally groaned as Han continued to pump me.

"Leave Joe alone," Kim ordered her sister as my lips moved to her straining nipples. I found her wet, fully lubricated when I slid a finger down her puffy slit.

I quickly sat back up; she was ready, there was no need now for further stimulation. "Put it in," I ordered Han who still held my throbbing penis. Kim just whimpered as her sister slid my cock up and down her slit before aligning it perfectly, then she cried once, a deep wail, as I punched through her hymen, then simply spread her legs wider to welcome more of me into her. I could smell her blood as it slid down her thighs.

"Ohhhh yesssssss," echoed across the pond when one final hard thrust split her completely. As I thrust again and again into Kim's moist centre I suddenly felt little Han on my back. As I filled her sister with my fat, hard cock, she rode atop of me, her breasts rubbing my back, the moist juncture of her legs wet against my bum.

I filled Kim with an explosive outpouring of sperm, a flood that simply pushed my cum relentlessly towards her womb. Even as I continued to jerk spasmodically inside her I somehow knew I was putting my baby inside her.

Kim cried, "No, don't go," when I finally rolled off her but I'd already grabbed her sister.

Han was tighter than Kim, screamed when I tried to force my sticky, blood coated cockhead between the engorged lips of her labia. "No, it's too big," she protested as she struggled under my strong body. I could feel her hymen now, an insubstantial barrier that had no chance of stopping my rude penetration.

"Nooooooooooo," she moaned as her blood streamed warmly over my invading prick, mixing with her sisters. She groaned as I inexorably stretched her molten cave. It only took seconds before her protesting groans turned to shrieking joy, signaling her ecstatic acceptance of my cock. I splashed my seed inside her virgin sheath. Then still hard, I turned the younger sister over and filled her doggie style.

Kim protested that it had been her turn. She needed have worried.

The three of us met at the pool every day for the next week. And in the weeks that followed I returned again and again to see them, unable to resist my lust, my growing love.

Soon they both had my babies growing inside themselves.


"You don't like me do you?"

There she was, just standing five feet from where I sat on the stairs leading up to my front door. One of those girls who just couldn't back off and leave it alone. It was mid October; she'd been inhabiting my dreams for six weeks. There had been a wariness to our infrequent meetings. It had been impossible not to meet from time to time. On the street, at the corner store, when they needed something repaired...

When words had been needed between us they were issued as nothing more than grunted, hostile monosyllables. Yet I wanted to lick her from head to toe.

"You're a pretty little thing."

"But you don't like me do you?"

"Love and hate Miss Woo. Have you ever noticed how close they are?" I asked.

"No," she said with disdain dripping from her voice.

"Too bad," I said as I lecherously ran my eyes up and down her body. Then asked as I rubbed my crotch, "Did you like watching? Did you like looking at it?"

"God, you're so fucking sick. Amy and Cathy wouldn't believe me when I told them," she said as her eyes stared at my hand as it rubbed the obvious hard-on in my pants.

"My first woman was a Viet whore. Probably your mother," I laughed.

"Pig," she spat back. "Christ it was you bloody people who invaded Vietnam, not the other way around."


"You're the bastards that raped our women and killed our men," she yelled. "Made them whores," she accused.

"Fuck you. It was someone just like you, a thousand someone's like you who'd always beg, 'fuckee, suckee, two dollah, two dollah'. Took our money and then sold us out to Charley," I yelled back.

"You're disgusting. My grandmother, my daddy...everyone...they were on a raft for forty days...hungry...thirsty...where were the great Americans then? You ran home with your tails between your legs. And left my family to the communists."

"Why'd granny run," I sneered back, "she wanted to suck some more American cock?"


I slowly lowered my zipper, and after looking up and down the block to see that it was all clear, pulled him out into the fresh fall air. "Yes, I'm a prick...take a good look," I offered.

She watched mesmerized for seconds before finally tearing her eyes away and backing up. "Samantha," I called.

"What?" she demanded but then wouldn't look into my eyes, instead kept them downcast.

"He wants you...he'll feel so good...soon baby," I promised, my hand now holding and stroking my freed snake.

"I hate you," she hissed, then ran.

Late that night she jammed her fake prick into herself with an urgency she'd never had before, and each time she lifted her hips to meet her thrusting hand and plastic penis she cursed. 'Bastard', 'prick', 'fucking ugly American', were spat from her lips as she came. She called her sister afterwards, told her crying, 'he's ugly...but I want his big prick...I hate him...'


"Amy's not here," Miss Woo said after opening the door and finding me on her doorstep ten days later.

I knew of course. I'd heard Amy and Cathy as they'd made plans to go to New Haven for the weekend, had seen them leave two hours earlier with bags in hand. Had watched as Amy's car had disappeared down the road. Then later I had watched as Samantha had soaped her nubile body under the hot shower. Had heard her on the cell phone telling a friend she was going to stay in even though it was Friday night, that she had reading to catch up on.

"I know," I answered as I watched her.

"What do you want?" She wasn't nervous yet. Just another visit from the crazy landlord. She was wearing tight blue silk shorts; if they'd been orange she'd have been named Miss Hooters. White tank top. You could easily see the dark circles through the thin cloth. Barefoot. Her long hair was still damp from the shower.


I'd made no threatening move, just leaned my shoulder against the door frame and watched her.

"My dreams are finally answered," she mocked as she stared provocatively up into my eyes.

"What do I get for twenty bucks?" I asked as I pulled my hand from my pocket and threw the twenty at her feet.

She was as excited as I. Even as she sneered back at me I could see her nipples hardening under her thin top. "Get out, I don't have time for this shit," she ordered but her eyes flashed, welcoming, inviting..

I didn't answer, just ran my eyes over her young body as I slowly lowered the zipper on my jeans. I wasn't wearing underwear. "You're disgusting," she hissed as I pulled my hardening shaft out.

"Kiss it," I lured as I shook my big headed python at her.

Her eyes followed every movement of my hand, locked on the one eyed monster that seemed to be staring back at her. "It's ugly...big and ugly," she complained even as she moved towards me. I reached out and put a hand on top of her head. Then pushed her relentlessly down towards my throbbing thickness. " don't," she protested, so close now I could feel her hot breath on me, could see her long dark mane of silky hair draped over my length.

"Chrrrrist," I groaned when her small, moist tongue darted out and licked the drop of precum that stickily hung on my cockhead. She engulfed him in her small, wet mouth, closed her perfect white teeth behind the thick ridge, licked me as her hand closed over my balls.

I wanted to bury my prick deep in her throat. Wanted to hurt her. But couldn't stop shaking. Trembled as her tongue licked tentatively up and down my shaft. Remembered a bar in Saigon.

"Jesus Samantha," I swore as she swallowed me.

I finally grabbed her hair and pulled her off me. Pulled her up my body and then hungrily found her mouth and filled her with a slippery tongue. Then lifted her and started to carry her toward her room. Found her moist when I pushed a finger deep inside of her.

"You want it, don't you?"

"No...I don't," she cried as I dropped her onto the bed. "Pleasssse...I can't, I'm a virgin...I'm..."

She was open, wet, lubricated as I split her, gasped out a long moaning 'nooooooo', as I pushed deeper and deeper into her pink cave. Felt her stretch to accept more of me.

"You love it," I laughed in triumph as her long legs locked behind my back, knowing at the same time she couldn't love it more than I did.

"I hate it. You're a monster...a horrible monster," she cried as the first urgent pulses of her orgasm squeezed my pistoning cock. "Unh...unhh...unhhh," Again and again she groaned as her virgin need demanded my seed. "Hurry...please sir, hurrrry," she moaned as her body arched upward to take every inch of my long prick.

I slowed down, using long, deep unhurried strokes, trying to prolong the onset of my explosion until she was again throbbing in need under me. And then that almost painful tightening in my balls, followed almost immediately by the rushing spurt of creamy cum up my shaft, then the bucking expulsion of my seed deep into Samantha's womb as she writhed under me.

There was no thinking then, just a primal, unstoppable male emptying of myself as I groaned in concert with every spurt of sperm. Flooded her with my maleness. I wanted to put my baby inside her.


We fell apart and for minutes simply lay panting on our backs on her small bed.

"I didn't want're old...I was a virgin," she whispered, her hand lightly caressing the hair at the bottom of my belly.

"You're beautiful," I said as my dripping penis sprang upward against her hand.

"Not again?" she asked wonderingly as her fingers grasped me.

"Turn over," I ordered as I put a hand on her shoulder and started to flip her onto her stomach.

"But sir," she protested.

"I'm Joe, call me Joe," I instructed as I knelt between her legs, then grabbed her hips and lifted her so she was kneeling, her pussy glistening invitingly, open and dripping cum, waiting to be penetrated. Her nipples were rock hard when I grasped her breasts from behind and pulled her body back towards my waiting lance. Rammed in hard and deep into her now lubricated and widened channel. She was still tight but her groans were now ones of pleasure, not despair.

My seed streamed out from between her legs when I finally pulled my pole from her center.


"Clean it. Lick it."

"No, I don't want to."

She did. Then I ate her. Had her first begging, them screaming under my caressing tongue. Woke up the next morning to find her curled warmly against my chest.

"You better go now," were her first words when we both woke and found ourselves staring into the others eyes.

"Not yet," I said as I pushed her onto her back. Fucked her until I thought the walls would collapse under the assault of her ecstatic screams.

Then we showered together. Soapily caressed each other until I simply lifted her up and dropped her on my aching cock. Pushed her up against the wall and made love to her as the water cascaded over our bodies.

"I have to study now," she complained about four in the afternoon.

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