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My Views On Writing Erotica


I know there are several stories in the "How To" section of Literotica.com regarding the topic of writing erotic stories. To tell you the truth, I've never read them and I really don't plan to. So why am I writing my own dissertation on this topic? Because everyone has their own point of view. Not everyone is correct, not everyone is wrong. I just want my voice to be heard.

So why write erotica?

First, in order to write erotica, you have to love sex. If you don't like sex, you can't go far with this topic. I enjoy sex. I like reading about sex, whether it be passionate love making or hard core fucking.

Second, the reason I write about sex is because I simply enjoy writing. It is just another genre that I choose to tackle. I also put my all into writing, whether it be news, sports, fiction or erotica. You have to become your writing, make it a part of you. The reason why people say I'm such a good writer is because I put my heart and soul into what I'm writing.

There are other reasons for writing erotica. One of the more popular reasons is for their own enjoyment. People enjoy writing erotica simply because they want to amuse themselves. It's a time killer. Some people write a story and are tickled pink that they did, because it is something they would usually never do. And sometimes people masturbate to their own stories because this is their fantasy world. I personally cannot get hard over what I write. I'm too into the telling of the tale to be bothered with whipping it out and beating off. I write my stories for others, either for a segue into the bedroom or just for their own enjoyment. I get pleasure knowing that someone is pleasing themselves with my writing. I like knowing that somewhere someone is reading my stories and is masturbating to them.

Whether its because they don't have a lot of experience in the bedroom or because they are shy and people would be shocked to discover this side of them, some people write erotica to shock the hell out of people. Some of my friends were stunned to find out I have a devious side underneath my All-American Goodie-Two Shoes Male image. A majority of my writing is from my own imagination, only bits and pieces are true. And to be honest, I'm not screwing every female in sight, so when people see that I'm writing about graphic sex, it makes them wonder who the real Sean is.

You have to write what you know, which is the first rule of any type of writing. I like to know what others are writing, then I adapt my stories to what is popular. I want to know what my "competition" is. I want to know how others write, I study their methods, yet I don't copy their styles. As soon as I know how others are telling their stories, I can begin my work. I try to write Group Sex or Lesbian Sex stories because from what I've seen, a lot of people click those stories than others. I use my own writing style, and I want to be sure when I am writing erotica my story fits into three general categories: 1. is what I'm writing arousing? 2. is what I'm writing capable of making a person masturbate? and 3. is what I'm writing believable? The second rule is to make sure your writing is clean, concise and makes sense. I have seen a number of stories on this website which have turned me off completely because their writing style is so unpolished. Not everyone is a perfect writer, I understand that, but having an understanding of the English language is fairly imperative. Having someone read your writing before submitting it is also a good idea. A second -- or third, or fourth -- pair of eyes is very helpful. They can catch the mistakes you make. And I always ask my proofreaders the three above questions. And of course, since my "editors" are girls, it always helps to wonder if their fingers were busy. Told you, I'm devious.

The most important thing I can tell you about writing erotica is that you're not going to please everyone. I've been a professional writer for nearly a decade, since I was in high school. I've learned to accept criticism without letting it get to me. That is another thing one must do in order to survive as a writer: not letting one's feelings about your work get you down. I've known writers who receive a bad review or have been openly criticized for poor writing, and before you know it, they are not writing anymore. I enjoy receiving feedback from my readers, especially feedback from readers who put their e-mail addresses with their feedback. That shows me they are not afraid of hiding behind their computers and their screen names if they are criticizing me. As you learn to accept criticism, you will forget the negative, yet embrace the positive.

That is the end of my tome. I hope I've inspired some of you to take up a pen -- or a pencil, or a quill, a magic marker, a crayon, or some other writing tool -- and write erotica. I've enjoyed what I've written and I've enjoyed reading your feedback. Good luck and thank you for reading.

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