tagIncest/TabooMy Virgin Nephew

My Virgin Nephew


"Hey! How's my favorite nephew?" I ask, bending at the waist to make sure he gets a good look at my tits as I lean over the chaise lounge and give him a big kiss on the cheek. My white, flower-print bikini can barely contain my well-developed breasts, which is why I chose to wear it this afternoon.

"Aunt S-S-S-Sara," Jeremy stutters as his eyes bulge out towards my tanned globes, hanging just inches from his face. As I stand up, I can't help but notice that his eyes aren't the only things that are bulging at the moment. I guess that answers the question!

"Your mother thinks your gay," I tell him matter-of-factly as his eyes roam from my tits down to the tiny triangle of material disappearing between my legs.

"G-G-Gay?" he looks at me incredulously. "W-w-w-why w-w-would she think th-th-that?" he stutters some more and sits up, trying to hide his erection. Damn! He's pretty good size for an eighteen year old. I can't believe this is the same little boy I used to baby-sit. He's certainly not little now. Swinging his legs over the side of the chaise lounge he looks like he's trying to decide if he should risk standing up and exposing himself even more.

"Well," I tell him, ignoring the stuttering which I haven't heard him do since he was about twelve. "You're an incredibly smart, good looking guy who never dates and your mom never hears you talk about girls. You're about to graduate, prom is coming up and you don't even have a date." I sit down beside him and his eyes drop to my chest again. "You're obviously not gay," I laugh. "So tell auntie what the problem is," I say, putting my arm around his bare shoulder.

"I c-c-can't," he says, slipping out from under my arm and moving away from me.

"Why not?" I ask, trying to sound non-threatening.

"Bec-c-c-cause of th-th-this!" he says as he stands up. I'm not sure if he means the stuttering or the tent his cock is making of his swimsuit. "Every t-t-t-time this happens," he says, glancing down at the front of his swimsuit. "I st-t-t-tutter!" he says angrily. "How c-c-can I ask anyone out?" he asks, turning away from me, embarrassed.

"Did I do that?" I ask teasingly, knowing full well the affect my body has on men. I workout regularly and, in this skimpy bikini, every toned muscle in my body is on display. I only came out here to convince myself that my nephew isn't gay. The bulge in his swimsuit is exactly what I was expecting but I didn't expect the stuttering or my own reaction to his erection. My pussy is telegraphing distress signals to my brain and I'm doing my best to ignore them. Forget it, he's my nephew, I telegraph back.

"Yes!" he yells." When you're d-d-d-dressed l-l-like th-th-that!" he stammers, pointing to my tits.

"Tell you what," I say, moving closer to him. "I'll go get dressed, you do whatever you need to do to take care of that and we'll meet upstairs, okay?" I smile. "Maybe I can help."

"W-w-what c-c-can you d-d-do?" he stutters, his face completely crimson, probably from my reference to him taking care of his hard-on.

"Well... I'm not just your aunt," I laugh. "I'm also a registered nurse with a degree in psychology. Maybe I can help you overcome your... um... issues." I smile. "I'll meet you upstairs in half an hour." I take one last look at the large bulge in his swimsuit before turning to go. When I said his bulge was exactly what I was expecting, I lied. I wasn't expecting it to be that large or so enticing. I might need that half hour myself.

As I walk up the stairs to my apartment, I see Jeremy almost running into his house. A couple of months ago I moved into the apartment over my sister's garage. It's a comfortable apartment over a three-car detached garage that sits on the back of the property next to the pool. It's inexpensive and I get along well with my sister and her husband, John.

Stripping off my swimsuit, I stand in front of the full-length mirror, turning left and right, admiring the body that I work so hard to maintain. "Hey!" I say to my reflection. "You look good!" I laugh at my boastfulness but I am proud of myself. When I think about turning 30 next year, it makes me wonder how long I can maintain it.

Hefting my breasts, I look at my large areolas and tweak my thick nipples with my fingertips. No wonder Jeremy had such a reaction, my nipples are fully erect and would have been clearly visible through my white bikini top. Touching my nipples reminds me that Jeremy wasn't the only one with a reaction. I let my fingers glide over my flat stomach and brush across the strip of blonde hair, about two inches wide which runs neatly down towards my pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh!" I involuntarily moan, surprised by how sensitive I am when my fingers touch my pussy lips. Now that I'm touching myself, I realize how turned on I was by my nephew's large bulge. Checking the clock, I move over to my bed. I still have about twenty minutes before he gets here.

Lying back and spreading my legs, I imagine Jeremy, up in his room, stroking his hard-on as he thinks about my tits. I wonder if he's on his bed or in the bathroom. Don't young boys always jack off in the bathroom? Sliding two fingers inside my wet pussy, I wonder if he's as large as his daddy. God it's been so long since I've thought about that night. I close my eyes and pump my fingers in and out as I recall every detail.

It was about 10 years ago, while I was in college, when my sister called and said that her flight was cancelled and she was stuck out of town overnight. John has his monthly business club meeting, she said and wouldn't be home until nearly midnight. Could I possibly pick up Jeremy from school and baby-sit until John gets home? Sure, no problem sis. I'd been babysitting my nephew since I was 13 (he was three at the time). He's always been a great kid and never gave me any problems. Well, no more than any intellectually gifted child.

Jeremy quickly finished his homework, we ate dinner and then played games until it was his bedtime. I watched TV until I was sure he was asleep and then went to check out my brother-in-law's porn collection. I had found them when I was nosing around in their closet a couple of years ago and they've provided me with many enjoyable evenings after I put Jeremy to bed. Now, I always look to see if he's gotten any new videos

He had one new video and it was about a babysitter, how appropriate! I've had a crush on my sister's husband since they first got married, even though I was only ten at the time. I flirt with him shamelessly but he's as devoted as any husband can be. I popped the video into the VCR and sat back on the couch.

The girl in the video was made up to look young, wearing pigtails and cotton panties but she still looked like she was in her mid twenties. The storyline was lame but when the guy started eating her pussy, I couldn't help but rub mine while imagining what that would feel like if John did it to me. I'd had a few boyfriends but they were really inept at getting me off, only worrying about themselves and whether I would swallow their cum.

I was so caught up in pleasuring myself that I never heard him drive up or the back door open. Before I knew it, he was standing in the entranceway to the living room, staring at me. My shorts and panties were around one ankle, my blouse was wide open and I had two fingers shoved deep inside my pussy.

Shit! I was scrambling to pull my shorts up and close my blouse, when something in the way he was looking at me with his lustful eyes made me stop. God, he was so handsome. John stands 6'4" with a trim muscular body. I watched him swallow hard while his deep brown eyes were staring right at my drenched pussy.

"Damn, Sara," he breathes as I watch his adam's apple move with his swallowing.

"Yeah," I sigh, leaning back and making no further effort to cover myself. My pussy is on fire, willing him to do more than stare at it. My eyes lock on his as I ease my legs open, imagining that he can see the steam rising from my overheated pussy. Fuck! What am I doing? This is my sister's husband?

"Jeremy's asleep, I take it?" he asks, his eyes never leaving my fur-lined pussy lips. My blonde hair was natural and untrimmed back then.

"Uh huh," I nod as I notice for the first time the huge bulge in his slacks. Damn! It's like we're acting out the fucking babysitting video!

"Jenny won't be home until tomorrow," he says quietly, to himself as much as to me.

"I know," I whisper, knowing this is wrong but unable to stop myself. I kick my shorts aside and slip my blouse off my shoulders.

"Damn, Sara!" he says again, taking a step towards me. "You can never say a word to your sister about this, ever!" he says as he pulls his shirt off and kneels on the floor between my outstretched legs.

"I won't," I sigh as his hands touch my inner thighs and his face moves towards its target. "Ever!" I moan as his tongue touches my wet pussy lips. "Ohhhhhh God!" I grab his hair and pull him into my enflamed pussy.

"Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!" I groan as my juices flood my pussy and run down my hand. Relaxing my legs, I leave my fingers in my pussy but pull my other hand away from my clit. Jesus! Just thinking about how John ate my pussy that one night, ten years ago is enough to make me explode. Ten years later, I still remember the way his tongue snaked its way into my pussy and his lips wrapped around my clit.

Shit! Jeremy will be here in about five minutes.

Thankfully, he's a few minutes late and I'm cleaned up and dressed when he knocks on the door. Glancing at his non-bulging crotch, I wonder how well it went for him. Stop it! He's your fucking nephew! Now start acting like a decent aunt and help with his problem. First step is to find out what it is.

"You want a coke or something?" I ask as he follows me into the apartment. I intentionally put on a baggy sweatshirt over loose fitting jeans so I won't cause any serious reaction from my nephew.

"Sure, that'd be great, Aunt Sara," he says, taking a seat on the couch. "I'm sorry about earlier," he adds without a hint of stutter.

"So tell me about this problem," I say, handing him his coke and sitting next to him on the couch.

"Well," he says. "There's not much to tell." He's looking at the floor and almost mumbling. "I'm just a big zero with girls," he says. "When I meet someone I'm attracted to, my libido overreacts and all I can do is stand there stuttering, with an obvious bulge in my pants." He shrugs.

"What do you do?" I ask, seriously curious about his answer.

"Well..." he looks at me sheepishly. "I go to the boys bathroom a lot." He looks at me to see if I get his meaning. I do.

"How much is a lot?" I ask, not sure why it matters but I really want to know.

"Five or six times a day," he says, not looking at me. Damn! This kid jacks off five or six times a day. What a waste of good cock. Down girl... stay focused.

"Does that help?" I ask. "I mean, can you then go back and talk to the girl?"

"No!" he says, pounding his fist on his thigh. "Then I just, you know, get hard again and the stuttering starts all over." He buries his face in his hands. "I'm hopeless!" Hopeless my ass! Not if he recovers that quickly!

"You are not hopeless!" I reassure him. "In fact, once we solve this stuttering thing, you're going to make some girl very happy, getting it up five or six times a day!" I smile. "Is there someone at school that you're attracted to?" I ask while digesting what he's just told me.

"Yeah," he laughs. "There's a girl in my calculus class but every time I try to talk to her..." His voice trails off.

"I get the picture," I answer, glancing at his crotch as I feel the moisture building in my pussy. "That must be frustrating." I'm starting to formulate a solution but I want to keep him talking.

"What's really frustrating is that I think she likes me, too!" he exclaims. "Aunt Sara, you know that I tested like in the 120th percentile for my age, I can do calculus problems in my head but I can't talk to a fucking girl without stuttering!" He stands up and paces around the room. "I don't see how you can help me. I've read everything I could find on the subject but nothing seems to work." He plops back down on the couch. "I've never even kissed a girl," he says under his breath.

"Hey!" I punch his arm. "Cheer up! Aunt Sara's on the case. You're going to be dazzling this girl in no time. What's her name?"

"Megan," he says, looking at me. "Are you sure? Do you think you can actually help me?" The way he's looking at me with those big brown eyes, he looks just like his father. My heart starts fluttering and I take a deep breath.

"No guarantees," I answer, trying to control my breathing. "But I'm going to give it my best shot. We'll start tomorrow right after school. Bring your homework up here and I'll have a plan ready for us," I tell him, hoping I'm doing the right thing. "But right now, I've got to get ready for work." I work the night shift at the local hospital.

"Okay," he says, standing up. "Thanks, Aunt Sara. You're the best," he says, giving me a big hug.

"See you tomorrow." I spend my entire shift at the hospital thinking about Jeremy's problem. During my break, I talk to our resident speech therapist about how to overcome stuttering problems. By the time my shift is over, I've got a strategy for Jeremy that just might work but I figure I better run it by my sister. I e-mail her from the hospital computer and arrange to meet her for breakfast when I get off.

"Well, the good news is, he's not gay," I tell my sister over coffee in the hospital coffee shop. My shift just ended and Jenny came by after dropping Jeremy off at school.

"Thank heaven," she says with a sigh of relief. "Not that we wouldn't have been supportive but it's a cruel world out there when you're different," she smiles. "You said that was the good news, does that mean there's bad news?" I tell her about Jeremy's stuttering problem as delicately as I can but she just cuts to the chase.

"So whenever he has a hard-on, he can't talk?" she laughs. "How is he different than other men?" she laughs louder. I laugh with her but try to explain the extent of Jeremy's problem.

"There's an approach that utilizes total immersion to overcome these kinds of disorders," I tell her, trying to sound as clinical as possible.

"Total immersion?" she asks.

"Yes," I take a breath and give her the one-two punch. "If we can help desensitize him to the stimulus that causes the erection, then the stuttering should stop," I explain.

"Desensitize him to girls?" she laughs. "Is that possible or even desirable?" she asks. I'm starting to realize that all the laughing is nerves. I try to set her at ease while I explain.

"Not girls," I correct her. "Scantily clad girls. He didn't have a problem when I wasn't in my bikini."

"So what, take him to the beach?" she asks, raising her eyebrows. "I don't understand how this works, Sara."

"What I propose is that I act as the stimulus," I tell her cautiously. "I will invite Jeremy to do his homework at my apartment everyday after school. I will wear my bikini while I help him with his homework. According to the speech therapist, if he concentrates on something completely unrelated to the stimulus he will eventually get desensitized and stop stuttering."

"Do you think it will work?" Jenny asks, apparently unconcerned that I'll be exposing most of my body to my teenage nephew.

"We can only try," I shrug.

"Thank you, Sara." Jenny says. "I suppose this is more than you bargained for when you volunteered to find out if Jeremy was gay," she says, looking at her watch. I don't dare tell her how much I'm looking forward to helping my nephew or how wet I got looking at the bulge in his pants.

"No need to thank me," I tell her, meaning it differently than she thinks. "You need to get to work and I need to go home and get some sleep." We hug briefly in the parking lot before heading to our individual cars.

I'm awake and showered by the time Jeremy knocks on my door after school. Once again I'm in my baggy sweatshirt and loose fitting jeans but this time I have a surprise for him.

"Hi Aunt Sara," Jeremy says, setting his backpack on one of the kitchen chairs. "Did you still want to get together today?" he asks.

"Yes!" I say, maybe a little too enthusiastically. "I've got your program all mapped out, I just need to discuss it with you," I tell him. "Have a seat," I say, pulling out the chair to the right of his.

"I did some research and I think we can conquer this arousal based stuttering problem of yours," I smile at his anxiousness. "Are you familiar with the concept of behavior modification?" I ask.

"B.F. Skinner?" he asks and I nod. "Sure, we learned about him last summer during that course I took at the university." Sometimes I forget I'm dealing with a genius level IQ. Okay, here goes. I take a deep breath.

"Okay, so you're familiar with cause and effect and stimulus and response?" I ask.

"Sure but Aunt Sara, we already know what the cause and effect is... I don't see..." I cut him off before he can continue.

"Wait," I assert, and he just sighs. "There has been some success with a process called Total Immersion Therapy," I suddenly realize what the acronym is but I decide not to share this with Jeremy. Of course, he's too fast for me.

"TIT?" he laughs. "You're putting me on." At least he's smiling.

"I just realized that myself," I smile and get back to the strategy. "Anyway, the idea is to build up your tolerance to the stimuli so it doesn't trigger the response." "Okaaaaaay," he drags it out, emphasizing his disbelief. "Which stimuli are we talking about here?" he asks skeptically.

"The sexual stimulus that causes your erection. Without the erection the stuttering should stop," I tell him as matter-of-factly as I can with my heart beating fast inside my chest. Why am I finding this so hard? Maybe because he looks just like his daddy and I'm talking about building up his sexual resistance!

"How do we do that?" he asks, seriously curious.

"Like this," I say, pulling my sweatshirt over my head and revealing the same bikini top I was wearing yesterday. "You're going to come up here everyday after school, until you can be around me in my bikini and not stutter," I announce proudly as I pull my jeans down and kick them off.

"Aunt S-S-Sara!" Jeremy stutters. "I c-c-can't!" He moves his hand under the table, obviously adjusting himself.

"Yes you c-c-can!" I laugh, mimicking him and hoping he doesn't take offense. He doesn't.

"Your girlfriend is in your calculus class, right. So get out your calculus book and start explaining to me what you're currently studying." He's just staring at my tits, which are now swelling over the top of my tiny bikini as I take a deep breath.

"You're k-k-kidding?" he stammers as beads of sweat form on his forehead.

"I've never been more serious," I say, leaning over to grab his backpack from the floor. Oops! Big mistake! The damn thing is heavy as hell! As I struggle to lift it, the triangles of my bikini top slide to the side revealing more of my tits to my awestruck nephew. When he reaches down to help me, his arm brushes against my barely covered nipple awakening it with his touch. By the time we get the backpack on the table my hardening nipples are visible through my top.

"I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry, Aunt S-S-Sara!" he says but his eyes never leave my chest. I'm surprised at how arousing it is to have him looking at me like this.

"No, it's my fault. What the hell have you got in there, bricks?" I ask, trying to change the subject for him and for me.

"J-J-Just my b-b-books," he says but he's not looking at my face.

"Come on, Jeremy," I say, unzipping the backpack. "Where's the calculus book?" According to the speech therapist, if I can get him talking about something he's comfortable with, that has nothing to do with the stimulus, he should stop stuttering. "Th-th-this is c-c-crazy!" he says, pulling out his book.

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