My Virgin Sister


"I don't really want to suck you off again, Jack," she says quietly, as she keeps lightly stroking my cock. "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me, Jack.

I can't believe I'm hearing right. My twin sister, who I've been fantasizing about, as I spied on her through her window, is now asking me to fuck her delicious, young pussy. But I'm having second thoughts. If I fuck her, then there goes the reason for the blowjob lessons and her concern about letting Tony or other guys fuck her. I've been thinking that if she gave her boyfriends blowjobs, but didn't let them fuck her, she'd be coming home to me hot and horny after her dates. If I take her virginity now, there's less reason for her to put limits on what she'll do with other guys, and less opportunity for me.

"Lisa, what about keeping your virginity. What about waiting for 'THE ONE' like we've been talking? We're only doing this to give you blowjob practice to get Tony back from Barbara the slut, right?" Even as the words leave my mouth, I realize that we've already gone much farther than simple blowjob practice. I want her more than I've ever wanted anyone. I really don't want to share her with any boyfriends.

"Jack, I don't care about Tony. He can have Barbara, the slut. Right now, I'm aching for you to slide your hard cock up into my burning, wet pussy. Don't you see, Jack? You're THE ONE. I want you to take my cherry. Please, Jack," she pleads. "Do it for me. Please."

She moves her hand down from my cock shaft and is playing with my balls. I'm hard as a rock and I know her pussy is as ready as it is ever going to be for her to lose her virginity with as little pain as possible.

"It might hurt a little at first," I tell her. "It might be better if you're on top and lower yourself onto me, so you control how fast it goes."

"I trust you Jack, and besides it's like a swamp down there right now, after what you've been doing to me. I think you'll slip right in without much problem, don't you." I laugh at her description of herself and kiss her hard on her lips.

"I love you, Lisa," I whisper as I pull my mouth from hers and look her in the eyes. "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you." I slowly slide my cock head inside her pussy. I had positioned myself over her as we were kissing, and now I watch her face as I gently push my cock in a little farther.

"You are the most beautiful, sexy, delicious girl in the whole fucking world," I say, pushing very slowly inside her well-lubricated, little hole. She smiles at me and raises her knees off the bed, spreading her legs wider apart. She is extremely tight, but her juices help me slide about half way in.

She starts kissing me again, as my cockhead starts to meet resistance. I must be pushing against her hymen. I pull back, sliding my hard cock along the narrow channel of her velvety pussy.

"This is it," I say, locking eyes with her. "Are you sure?" Instead of answering me, she raises her feet off the bed, wrapping them tightly around my ass. Pushing down with her heels and thrusting her hips upward, she plunges my cock down into her pussy the rest of the way.

"Arrgghhhh!" Lisa cries, as my cock breaks through and my balls slap her ass. I gently rest her back down on the bed and just hold her without moving.

"You okay, Sis?" I ask, watching her face for signs of regret.

"Yeah," she smiles, although it's almost a grimace. "It surprised me mostly, but I'm getting used to it now," she says, wiggling around, trying to get comfortable. She is so tight, and the inside of her pussy is so hot against my cock, it feels like her juices are boiling.

"It feels pretty wonderful, Jack," she says, after a minute. "Your cock fills me up like your fingers never could." She relaxes her legs and moves her feet back onto the bed, keeping her knees up and her legs spread wide apart.

"Fuck me, Jack. I'm ready for you to really fuck me!"

I slowly pull the entire length of my cock out of her snug, little pussy until just the head is inside. Then, just as slowly I push it all the way back in. She is steaming hot and so tight that it feels like a thousand needles are massaging my cock. I repeat the slow sliding in and out until she is arching her back and raising her hips up to meet my strokes. It's like a dream. I'm actually fucking my sister! My cock is sliding in and out of my twin sister's tight, virgin pussy. No one will ever feel her pussy like I'm feeling it right now. I start pumping faster.

"Yeah, Jack, faster like that. I want you to fuck me faster." My sister is now raising up her ass and matching me stroke for stroke. Her hands are gripping my back, pulling me tightly against her. My face is buried in her neck and my arms are under her shoulders. With my hands holding her body from sliding up the bed, I slam my cock harder into her pussy. My balls are slapping her ass and she's grinding her clit against me as I plunge deeper and deeper into her hot, virgin hole.

"Keep going faster, Jack! Yeah, harder like that. Don't stop, Jack. Don't stop. Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh God! Jack! Jack! Pleeeeeeeezz don't stop!! Ohhhhhhhh." She is clawing at my back and screaming as we keep up the pounding rhythm of our lovemaking. I'm getting close and I'm trying hard to keep up with her, as she arches up and down faster and faster, pushing my cock in and out of her incredibly tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Don't stop, Jack! I'm cumming!" She wraps her arms around me and holds me tightly to her. I pound into her as hard as I can. My balls are slapping against her ass and I can actually hear my cock moving in and out of her slushy, wet pussy. When her fiery pussy walls clamp down on my rigid cock, it puts me over the top and the first load of cum, to ever touch her virgin pussy, is squeezed out in spasmic bursts from my hard, throbbing cock. She bucks and shivers as our orgasms meet each other in a climatic push and she wraps her legs around me, holding me deep inside her.

We are both panting and I can feel her chest rise and fall against mine. I turn my head and kiss her gently on the lips. We stay tensely pushed up against each other, waiting for our orgasms to subside. My cock is fully spent inside her and I can feel her pussy pulsating around it. I relax a little as I lay there on top of her, catching my breath. Neither of us says anything for a long time. We just hold on to each other basking in the afterglow of her first time. Lisa is the first to speak.

"That was wonderful, Jack!" she says, turning her head to look at me. "It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. You were so gentle and so loving. And of course, you had gotten me so hot." She's smiling up at me with her head tilted to one side. "So, still think being with your sister is weird? Do you think what we're dong is wrong?"

"It isn't weird, Lisa. What's weird is that you're so incredibly sexy; you make me forget about any girl I've ever been with or even fantasized about," I say, kissing her on her lips. "I really love you Lisa, and I don't want to stop what we've started."

"Neither do I, Jack," she says, squeezing her pussy muscles around my spent cock. "You've made me into a woman today. I want you to keep making me feel like a woman."

"What will be wrong is if we let ourselves get caught," I say, looking at the clock. "Speaking of which, we better get ourselves and your bed cleaned up. We have about another hour before Mom gets home. I think we should take a shower."

"Together?" she asks, smiling up at me.

"Yes! And then we need to wash your bedding and air out your room. It smells like sex in here. Tomorrow we need to remember to pull back the covers and fuck on the sheets instead of the bedspread."

"Tomorrow? So you're already planning ahead, huh? What have you got in mind for tomorrow? Are you going to assign more homework for tonight?" Lisa asks, laughing.

"Yes. Tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that, and the day after that," I answer, kissing all over her face as I speak. "And since you're such a good student and you got extra credit for your additional research last night, I want you to do some more research tonight. I want you to look up all the different sexual positions you can find and make a list of the ones you want to try," I tell her, moving my mouth to her neck. "I already know of two that I want to try. I really want to do it with you on top, so I can watch your sexy tits bouncing up and down, and play with your nipples while we fuck. And you have such an incredibly beautiful ass, Lisa, that I can't wait to fuck you from behind and watch the curves of your ass, while my cock slides in and out of your pussy."

"Wow! I'm getting wet again just thinking about it. Or maybe I'm just still wet from everything you've already done to me. I can't wait, Jack. Let's take that shower now, then I can get started with my research." She pushes me over onto my side, swings her legs over the edge of the bed and stands up. "Come on!" she says, pulling me up off the bed.

I follow her down the hall into our bathroom. It feels weird for the two of us to be prancing around the house naked, but I love it. Our bathroom has a tub and shower combination with frosted glass doors. Lisa slides the door open and leans in to turn on the water. I playfully smack her bare ass while she adjusts the water temperature.

"Watch it!" she says smiling.

"I am watching it," I answer, staring at her ass. "It's beautiful."

She steps into the tub and I follow her. We're facing each other, with the shower spray hitting her back, when she picks up the soap and lathers up her hands. I love the feeling of her soapy hands, as she begins rubbing them over my shoulders and down my chest. After soaping my chest, she runs her hands down my stomach and soaps my cock and balls, rubbing her slippery hands up and down my shaft. When my front is slick with soap, she reaches her hands around my waist and begins soaping my back. Leaning into me and rubbing her firm, young tits against my slippery chest, she runs her hands down across my lower back. Her nipples are hard, and her tits feel great, slipping back and forth across my soapy chest. Her hands move lower, cupping my ass cheeks, as she grinds her pussy hard against my soapy cock.

"God, Jack," she sighs, "Is it always like this? I mean, you've been with other girls right? You've fucked other girls? Is it always like this, that you just can't get enough of each other?" She's rubbing her slick, sudsy body up and down against me as she squeezes my ass cheeks.

"It's never been like this, Lisa," I tell her. "Yes, I've fucked a couple of girls, but none have ever been like this. I never loved anyone like I love you and I've never had another girl who made me feel this good." I lean my face down and our lips meet in a long, passionate kiss.

Taking the soap, I begin soaping Lisa's back and shoulders. As I slide my hands up and down her back, I pull her tightly against me. Her slippery tits are crushed against my chest and my cock is sliding all over her pussy mound, as we grind our soapy bodies together. I grab her ass cheeks, massaging them as we rub up and down against each other. Pushing her arms down to her sides, I turn her around, sliding my soapy hands up over her tits. I pull her back against me, massaging her small tits, while I slide my cock up and down between her slick, soapy ass cheeks. My hard, slippery cock is cradled between her ass cheeks, as I run my hands over her nipples, pinching and squeezing her soapy tits.

"Mmmmm," she says, leaning forward and pushing her ass harder against my cock. She bends forward at the waist and puts her hands against the tile wall. My hands slide down her body, rubbing her stomach and then her thighs. She moves forward a little and my cock head slides down between her ass cheeks, until it's almost touching her pussy lips.

"Put it in me, Jack," she says, looking back over her shoulder at me. "Put your cock in me and fuck me here in the shower."

I slide my hand over her ass and push down my cock until just the head slips inside her pussy lips. Before I can move, Lisa pushes against the wall and thrusts her ass back against me, impaling herself completely on my rock hard cock. I'm pushed into her up to my balls and I can feel her round ass cheeks rubbing against me as I begin pumping in and out.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard!" she says, rocking back and forth against my cock. I grab her hips with both hands and start slamming my cock into her slippery, wet pussy like a battering ram. She braces herself against the wall with her hands, as I keep pounding and pounding my long, hard cock deep into her tight, teen pussy. This is my fantasy come true. I'm fucking her from behind, enjoying the view of her sexy ass curves.

"Ohhhh... God... Fuck... me... Jack... Fuck... me... Ohhh... Jack," Lisa shouts each word on every forward thrust of my cock. Her voice is shaky and she's panting, as I continue to hammer into her relentlessly. I can feel my climax building and I'm holding back as long as I can, hoping Lisa is getting close. I keep up the furious pace; driving my cock into her sopping, wet pussy. Finally, I can't hold it. I slam into her as hard as I can, pulling her hips against me and shooting my load deep into her snug little love canal. Lisa grinds her ass against me and is thrusting her horny pussy against her hand. I didn't notice that she had slipped one hand between her legs and was frantically rubbing her clit, while I had been pumping my cock into her.

"Ohhh, Jack! I'm cumming, too!" She pushes her ass back harder against me and I feel her pussy quivering around my cock, as her orgasm hits. I hold her against me as she rides out wave after wave of pulsating pleasure. When she stops moving, her knees buckle under her and I'm barely able to hold her up. I ease my cock out of her and lower her down into the tub, sliding down next to her, while the shower spray washes over us.

"It just keeps getting better doesn't it, Jack? I love you so much!" she says and starts kissing me again.

We finally make it out of the shower, clean up Lisa's bed and are watching TV by the time Mom gets home.

Lisa does her homework and, over the next few weeks, we fuck every day after school. Lisa's transition from an inexperienced, naive virgin to an adventurous, insatiable lover is amazing. We experiment with every position she can find on the Internet. Everyday we give each other head, fuck in a new, creative position and then take a shower together, or jump in the pool, before Mom comes home. Some of the positions take us to new heights, and some make us laugh, as we twist our bodies, trying to duplicate pictures or instructions she's printed out. I like positions where she's straddling me and riding my cock. Whether it's on a chair, the bed or the living room couch. I love watching her tits bounce up and down and seeing the expression on her face when she cums.

Lisa loves it when I'm dominating her, pounding into her when she can't move. She especially likes lying on her back, with me pushing her legs up over her head, while I hammer her from above. She likes getting fucked from behind too, with my cock ramming into her hot, little pussy, while I hold her hips with my hands. But nothing compares to the day she surprised the hell out of me by asking me to tie her up and tease her. She comes into my room with strips of scrap cloth from Mom's sewing room, wearing nothing but a shit-eating grin on her face.

"Jack, you won't believe what we're going to do today." She says, mischievously, shaking her tits in my face. She asks me to tie her legs to the corners of my bed and tie her hands over her head. Then, following her instructions, I tease and pinch her tits and lightly run one finger up and down her moist slit, without ever penetrating her, or touching her clit. I just play with her body, running my hands over her stomach, biting her tits, caressing her legs and fingering her pussy lips for over forty-five minutes. She is soaking wet and bucking her ass up from the bed, trying to suck my finger into her pussy. I'm really getting into the game and won't let her get any satisfaction, no matter what she says.

"Please, Jack. That's enough!" she pleads. "Just stick your finger in me or your tongue or your cock. Please! The teasing worked, Jack. I'm burning up. Feel my pussy. Feel it inside. It's on fire! Come on Jack, please!" she begs. "It wasn't supposed to go on this long."

I don't answer. I just keep teasing her. What an erotic sight she is, tied to the bed with her arms stretched over her head, and her legs spread wide apart. Pulling her arms up makes her small, white mounds look almost flat against her chest. Her normally pink nipples are bright red, little knots from being pinched and bitten. I get a comb and run it through her lovely blonde pubic hair, like I'm grooming a puppy. Her pussy lips are glistening and her syrupy juices are running down between her ass cheeks. My cock is as hard as a rock and throbbing for release. Finally, I move my head between her legs and lick one long stroke up her pussy lips, enjoying the taste of her thick creamy nectar.

"Yes, Jack! Thank you, Jack. Please eat my pussy!" she begs, relaxing her ass back on the bed as she tries to pull her knees up, but can't move them, with her legs tied to the bed.

"I will lick your pussy, Lisa, but you're going to have to earn it." I pinch her nipples again, as I straddle her body, sliding my cock between her tits. I sit there, enjoying the feel of her tits around my cock, and the look on her face, questioning what I'm talking about.

"You will suck my cock for exactly two minutes," I tell her, "that will earn you one long lick of your pussy. For every two minutes of cock sucking, I will lick you one time. If you suck especially good, I might consider sticking my tongue in your pussy." I slide up farther until the head of my cock is inches from her mouth.

"That's not fair, Jack!" she decries. "You should eat me for two minutes for two minutes of cock sucking!"

"Take it or leave it, Lisa," I say nonchalantly. "I can just keep doing what I'm doing, or I can get off rubbing my cock between your tits, and not touch your pussy at all. You're really in no position to negotiate," I tell her, sliding my cock back down between her tits.

"Wait, Jack! Okay, you win," she says, opening her mouth so I can slide my cock in. I know how much Lisa likes being teased and I'm confident this game will build her to a record-breaking orgasm. I check my watch and push my cock into her mouth. She sucks and licks my cock for two minutes and I reluctantly pull it out.

"Good Job, Lisa!" I commend her, moving down her body and positioning my face between her spread-eagled legs. Starting just above her asshole, I slowly lick one long stroke up between her lips, pushing my tongue deep insider her drenched pussy and up over her clit. I lap up as much juice as I can and want to go back for more, but decide to continue the teasing a little while longer.

"Oh God, Jack! Please lick me some more," she pleads fervently. "That felt so good! Please, Jack!"

Without saying anything, I move up her body and again push my cock in her mouth. She sucks harder than before, and I'm really getting off on her cock sucking, when the two minutes are up. My cock is throbbing when I pull it from her mouth, and move down to lick her pussy again. This is supposed to be teasing her, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep going. After I lick another deep, long stroke, I let my tongue linger inside her pussy and she lifts her ass off the bed, trying to push it in farther. I decide to change the game a little, hell; I'm making it up as I go along anyway. I move my body up over hers and slide my cock up inside her sopping, wet pussy. I just hold it there, putting my weight on her, so she can't move around. Her pussy muscles are contracting tightly around my cock, as I whisper in her ear.

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