tagGay MaleMy Visit to the Dealer Shop Pt. 01

My Visit to the Dealer Shop Pt. 01


After a long last night at work I finally got home. I got a nice long shower and fell into bed. I woke up about 1 pm to a reminder text that I had to have my truck at the dealership for an oil change. I dressed, brushed my teeth and headed out. I checked in and went inside to kill some time. I wandered around the showroom and found a seat.

Shortly a technician came into the waiting room from the back and sat down introducing himself as Thomas. He explained that there was a pending recall and they could do the repair, but they would have to keep my truck overnight. They currently didn't have any loaners, but one would be back soon.

He told me he could take me home now. Thomas continued saying he could deliver the loaner later in the day, he lived very close to me, if I could take him home. I told Thomas that was fine. As Thomas went to stand up the papers slid out of his hands. He knelt on both knees placing a hand on my knee and gathering up the papers.

After he had got the paperwork he looked up at me and smiled saying, "Thank you sir, I'll be right back."

When he stood I checked him out, well built, not too thin, not too fat, nice smallish ass and a killer smile. He also had short cut hair and a long neatly trimmed beard like they are wearing them these days and maybe 30 years old.

Thomas shortly re-entered and asked if I was ready. We left, and I followed him out. He opened the passenger door for me and he went around to the driver's side. When we pulled out I told him he didn't have to go out of his way on his way home. Thomas said it wasn't a big deal, he was single and lived alone so he wasn't in a hurry to get home anyway.

As we neared my house I told him since he was being so nice the least I could do is cook him supper. He said I didn't have to but that sounded really nice and he'd go by his house and get a change of clothes when came back this afternoon. I asked if there was anything he wanted in particular, he said anything would be fine with him and smiled that sexy smile. Thomas handed me his phone and asked me to put my number in and he would text me when he left headed to my house with the loaner.

After Thomas let me out I went inside and started planning. I decided on Steak and Baked Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli. I texted Thomas, telling him, and told him to text me when he drove off the lot and I'd be waiting. Thomas texted back, "Sir, Yes Sir! Sounds good Sir!"

I got the potatoes ready since those would take the longest and I got me a nice hot shower. I was picking up, setting the table and making sure everything was in place. My phone finally went off, he was on his way and he wanted to get a shower before we ate if that was okay. I told him that was find, I'd wait until he got here to start.

Thomas finally drove up and I went to open the door. He entered still dressed in his work clothes with his overnight bag in hand saying he needed a shower bad. I told him to follow me as I led him to the bathroom taking his bag and tossing it on the bed. As he entered I told him to toss his clothes out and I'd put them in the washing machine. Thomas said, "You are being too nice Sir."

I heard the shower stop so I started the fire and walked back in the house. Thomas was coming out the of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, I pointed to the bedroom where his bag was as I headed to start the wash. Thomas emerged from the bedroom dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and loafers. Thomas's damp slightly tousled hair was really sexy.

Thomas walked into the kitchen asking what he could do to help. I started the Broccoli steaming, leaned over to the frig and got Thomas and I a beer. I also took the steaks out and as I headed outside I asked Thomas how he liked his meat, he smiled again and said, "Sir, pink with no blood Sir."

I said, "Same here."

We let the steaks cook as we sat and talked. He told me he was 28 years old. He was currently single and not dating by choice. He and his ex-girlfriend had just broken up recently. I told Thomas to get up and check the steaks, he said they were just right. He took the plate, removed the steaks and went into the kitchen placing one on each plate. I got the Potatoes from the oven, placed the Broccoli on the plates and poured the Cheese Sauce on.

Thomas looked at me and said with big smile, "More Sauce please, I love Sauce."

I turned off the stove top and oven and sat down across from Thomas telling him to eat up. Thomas took a big piece of steak chewing and swallowing, raving about how good it was. He continued until he had cleaned his plate. I just laughed, he said it had been a long time since he had a real home cooked meal.

Thomas said since I cooked he would wash. He was already up placing the dishes in the dishwasher. After loading he closed the door and was having problems starting it up. I walked up behind and sandwiched him between me and the washer. I reached around in front of him and pressed the button to start it running.

I stayed in place, leaned over and told him he smelled so good. I took his hips in my hands, stepped back and turned him around, bending over and kissing him. I pulled back and asked he'd ever been with a man. Thomas said he had about 10 years ago but when he saw me today those feelings came back.

I lifted him up and sat him on the counter looking directly at him. I leaned in again and kissed him deeply as he sucked my tongue. I dropped my hands to his waist, lifted his shirt up as we broke our kiss and removed it. Thomas reached out and removed my shirt. He leaned in and went to work on my nipples with his hands and mouth alternating.

I leaned over to the refrigerator and got us another beer. I took it and run it up and down Thomas spine. I opened it, took a deep swig and pulled Thomas mouth to mine letting him drink the beer from my mouth. I lifted Thomas from the counter and led him to the bedroom. I stood in front of the bed and said, "On your knees now Thomas!"

Thomas quickly assumed the position. I ordered him to remove my shoes then open my jeans. He did as I ordered. My cock sprung up and slapped under his chin when he started pushing my jeans down. I lifted each foot as Thomas removed my jeans and folded them.

I ordered Thomas to lick from the inside of my foot up to my nuts, suck each one into his mouth individually and got down the other leg. He did as I ordered, moaning the whole time. While he was doing it, I told him I loved a submissive man and he fit the bill perfectly. After Thomas's third time I ordered him to kneel, back straight facing me.

I took my big black cock in my hand and ask him if he was worthy. He said, "Sir, I will do whatever you want to prove my worthiness Sir. I am ready Sir."

I took his beard in my hand and pulled his mouth to my cockhead. As I pulled his mouth to my cockhead I told him to open his mouth. Thomas said, "Sir yes Sir."

I stopped with just my cockhead in his mouth, ordering him, "Close your lips and swirl your tongue around my head and lick out my piss slit."

He did as I ordered, and I pulled my cockhead from his mouth. I grabbed his beard and lifted him from the floor and led him to my bedroom. I lay back on my bed and pulled him on top of me, kissing him deep. I pushed Thomas off and ordered him to get the lube from my table. He assumed the 69 position to suck my dick. I said, "You do as you like done to your cock."

I took the lube and lubed 4 fingers and started working one into his ass. When I was into the first knuckle I worked my finger around lubing the ring. Thomas moaned as I shoved his mouth down on my cock. As I felt his hole loosen I placed another finger in and rotated my fingers again, then placed the 3rd in and fucked that tight hole for a bit. As I fucked his hole I pushed his mouth down further on my big black cock. He had almost 7 inches of my cock in his mouth.

I told Thomas, "You are doing good Thomas. You have swallowed almost my whole big fat black cock."

Thomas moaned and gagged as I entered his throat. I pulled back and let him get a breath. I patted his head and told him he was doing good and next time he should get it. I removed my fingers from his ass, grabbed his head on each side and told him and the count of 4. I told him take a deep breath and relax, 1, breath, 2, relax, 3, breath and then I shoved my whole big black cock in his throat.

Thomas was thrashing as I patted his head trying to sooth him holding his head in place. I pulled him off my cock letting him breath deep. I patted his head and asked if he was ready for another try. He looked at me and nodded. He took my cock into his mouth again and slowly took it deeper and deeper until he got the head at the entrance to his throat.

Thomas stopped as I rubbed his head and told him he could do it all by himself. I placed my hand on the back of his head and gave a little push as Thomas started down. He worked down until he had all but about 2 inches and pulled up. I kept telling him he was doing great as he started down one more time. He took my whole cock without stopping. When he got all the way down I started praising him lightly holding his head in place.

Thomas started fucking his throat with my cock, up and down, massaging my cock with his throat muscles. As Thomas was doing better and better I told him I needed to stop, I wanted to save my cum for his ass. I pulled out and told Thomas to lay on his back. I gave him to lube as he started lubing my cock and gave me a gob of lube to lube his ass. I stepped up placing my elbows behind his knees and raising his ass up.

I told Thomas take my cockhead in his hand and place it at his sweet hole. He did as ordered and I pushed, slowly entering his hole with my head. He groaned loudly when I got my cockhead in, I leaned down and told him to push like he was taking a shit. I slowly started pushing as he got louder and louder. I bent over and placed my mouth over his to muffle his sounds.

I pushed further in and kissed him deep as he tried to yell. When I finally entered his ass completely I moved my mouth from his, he smiled and said, "Sir, I cannot believe I got your whole big black cock in my ass Sir."

I looked at him and said, "I am fixing to fill your ass with a load of my hot cum."

I started fucking his tight ass, pulling out and pushing in, hitting his prostate slow, then fast, short strokes and long until I felt the cum building. When I started to cum Thomas moaned loud as my hot load filled his ass. I long stroked his ass until I was done shooting my load. I collapsed on him pinning him to the bed as he stroked my back and the cheeks of my ass while kissing and sucking on my neck and shoulders thanking me for the pleasure my big fat black cock gave his sweet tight white hole.

I rolled to the side with my cock still buried in Thomas's ass. Thomas was raving about my awesome black cock and how great it had been. I pulled my cock from Thomas ass and he moaned saying his ass felt so empty. I got up from the bed and told Thomas I had another surprise for him and led him to the bathroom.

I entered, adjusted the water temp, and called him in with me. He stepped in front of me and I leaned down to kiss him. I turned him around and took a nozzle down. As we kissed I placed the head at his hole and inserted it. Thomas gasped as I inserted it. I reached up and turned on the water filling his ass to overflow, and it was running out.

I kissed Thomas deep and pushed him to his knees. Thomas looked up at me and opened his mouth as I placed my cockhead in his mouth on his tongue. Thomas closed his lips around my head and I started pushing my cock in further and further until his lips were at the base of my cock. I caressed his head and told him I needed to piss. I told him if he could have it inside or outside, it was his choice and removed my hands from his head.

Thomas stayed down, he looked up and smiled as much as he could with a fat black piss filled cock in his mouth. I told Thomas to stay down and just let my piss run down his throat. My flow started, I placed a hand on the back of Thomas's head as encouragement and a reminder he was mine. My piss was really flowing now, running down Thomas throat into his belly.

I looked down at Thomas and said, "You have really done well. Now you remain on your knees, get my black cock hard and suck my dick till I cum!"

I held Thomas by his hair and pulled my cock out if his mouth almost. Thomas was sucking my cock and moaning as I started pushing back into his mouth. My cock started to harden as Thomas swallowed it. I used his hair to push him off my cock and pull him back down, fucking his throat. I used both hands full of hair to fuck his throat.

I pulled out and told him, "I can feel my cum building and you will swallow it all."

Thomas looked at me and said, "Yes Sir, as you say Sir."

I pulled Thomas to my cock as he took a deep breath, I pushed my cock to the back of his throat and stopped. I held him in place asking if he could taste my precum. He moaned around my lip stretching fat black cock. I started pushing, feeling Thomas nice tight throat working my fat black cockhead until I was all the way in, wedged in his throat.

Thomas started pulling off until my cockhead was just out of his throat and I slapped his head. He took a breath and took my cock all the way again, staying down longer. I was stroking his head telling him what a wonderful job he was doing. He pulled up again, taking another breath. I grabbed his hair in both hands and pulled him to me hard and held him tight as I felt my cum shooting in his mouth.

I held him down and told him to relax and let my black cum run down his throat into his belly with my piss. Thomas pulled up some, groaned, took another breath and took my cock into his throat all alone. As my cock softened it pulled from Thomas's throat and he sucked it cleaning it off as it pulled from his throat.

As Thomas pulled off my cock he sucked my cockhead licking and sucking. He held my cock up licking the underside down to my nuts, taking one then the other into his mouth, sucking and licking. He finally was able to fit both of my big hairy black balls in his mouth sucking and rolling them around. Thomas pulled off my balls and licked up to my cockhead again, kissing it.

I lifted Thomas from his knees, turned him around, bent him forward and removed the nozzle. The water had been flushing his ass the whole time. Thomas expelled all the water. I stood Thomas up and told him to get the soap and rag to clean us up. He started with me first, shampooing my hair first, then washing me with the soap and rag. He didn't miss a spot, paying close attention to me dick, balls and ass. He even brushed our teeth.

Next he started on himself, same thing, head first, then working his way down. He turned off the shower and got a towel. He dried me first, then himself. As we headed into the bedroom I told Thomas to get us a beer. He looked at me and said, "Sir yes Sir!"

When Thomas got back to the bedroom with the beers I took both from him and seat them on the nightstand and pulled him to me kissing him hard letting him suck my tongue. I pulled away and we drank our beers. We both drained the beers and Thomas tossed the bottles in the trash. I pulled back the covers and we both climbed in, worn slap out. I lay on my back and Thomas on his side with his head on my upper arm.

I told him he was staying the night and I needed to rest. I pulled up the covers and went fast asleep with Thomas. We slept till early morning, Thomas had pushed my arm up and was licking my armpit, that's what woke me up. When I spoke, he started working down my side, down the side of my leg, across the bottom of my foot and up the inside of my leg to my balls.

He nuzzled each one licking and nibbling on each of them eventually taking my cockhead in his mouth. I grabbed his arms pulled him to me. I looked at him eye to eye and told him I wanted to fuck that fine white ass again. I reached for the lube and Thomas said, "Sir, let me do it. I want to feel that big black cock, so I am going to just lube your cock Sir."

Thomas lubed my cock and placed the head at his puckered sweet pink hole. I reached between us and took my cock in my hand. Thomas started lowering his ass down on my fat black cockhead, when my cockhead was in he started and moaned loudly. I looked at Thomas and said, "Boy, only 9 more to go."

Thomas moaned louder as he started pushing, taking inch by inch until he had all except 2 inches in his ass. Thomas was sweating profusely now as he rested. I told him, pretend like your taking a dump boy. Thomas started pushing down more until he had taken my whole black cock in his ass. I rotated my hips moving my cock around in Thomas's ass touching new places.

Thomas leaned over facing me, kissing my forehead as I slapped the cheeks of his fine ass. Thomas was really getting into it now, groaning and thrashing around. I placed my arms behind Thomas's knees and slide off the bed. I turned with Thomas back to the bed, sat him on the edge and let him fall back and I climbed on raising his ass off the mattress.

I slowly pulled my cock almost out and slammed in as Thomas yelled out. I placed a hand over his mouth and slammed in again and rotated my hips to dig really deep. I told Thomas my cum was cumming to fill his ass and I wanted him to clamp down and hold it all in, I didn't want him to lose any. I fucked his ass slow then fast as my cum built. I started cumming and Thomas tried to scream behind my hand.

I ordered Thomas to clamp down his stretched ring as I pulled out and grabbed a handy dildo to plug his hole. I grabbed a large spoon and held it at his ass as I removed the dildo and ordered him to loosen his ring. The spoon filled, and I ordered him to take it off the spoon. We did this again and again until Thomas had savored all my cum.

We lay in the bed resting. I asked Thomas when he had to be to work, he said he had texted his boss and told him he was going to be 4 hours late. I looked at him and said I think we need another shower. Thomas grabbed my hand, brushed his teeth and led me in to the shower. He turned on the water and get it just right and started washing me, then himself. I bent my head down to Thomas and kissed him deep as he rubbed his chest on mine.

We exited the shower, dried off and I told Thomas I was hungry. He hopped to making us some Eggs and Bacon. We ate quickly. I told Thomas I had some things for him. I handed him 2 pair of small, very powerful, magnetic balls for his nipples and a stainless-steel ball stretcher. Thomas said "Sir, thank you Sir."

I said, "I want you to wear them under your clothes today. I will place them on and I want a pic every hour on the hour."

I installed them, and Thomas thanked me again. I ordered Thomas to get dressed and get to work. He took the loaner, I had another vehicle in the garage. I ordered him to hand me his phone, I set an hourly alarm starting in 1 hour.

Thomas got to the dealership with 15 minutes to spare when I got the first hourly text. This is gonna be fun.

The End of Pt 1

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Love to get used this way, and become his sissy

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