tagIncest/TabooMy Voluptuous Sister

My Voluptuous Sister


I was 18 years old when I started increasing getting aware of my sexual needs. I started jerking off whenever I had the opportunity to do so.

My sister would come over for a few weeks during her college summer vacations. Both of us were very close since I can remember. One of our favorite Games was she would lift me up on her knees/legs while lying on her back & swing me up & down with my chest on her knees/legs. She would chat & sing songs while doing that. We really used to have fun while doing that.

But, this time when she came over for the vacations it was not the same as before. I started to view my 22-year old sister in a whole new way. Now I was simply too old for this game. But sometimes she would swing me just for old times sake. I guess she had not realized that I was no longer the small kid brother she knew I was before. I would be embarrassed when she would play this game while wearing a t-shirt & short skirt. But I was also secretly filled with a voyeuristic lust as I had direct view of her breasts when she would swing me. I could sometimes see her wearing no bra. I could see her nipples. She had medium sized breasts. I didn't know much about breast size, numbers like 36c,b or whatever at that time, but I just loved seeing her nipples peeking through her t-shirt. I would lust after those taut breasts of her with a sense of guilt. I would try to deliberately fall on her chest in order to feel her breasts against my chest. Also, I would sometimes touch her legs while she was swinging me.

I was terrified that she might sense something was wrong & might discover that I was doing that on purpose. I knew it was wrong to lust after my sister, but I was at that stage of my adolescent life when anyone in high heels & a skirt would turn me on.

She also loved playing tennis. I would frequently go with her to see her play. Seeing in her tennis skirt would send my cock bursting with pre-cum. I just lusted at her breasts bouncing through her white t-shirt. She seemed to wear a very thin silky kind of bra. I could sometimes see her nipples when she would sweat while playing. Sometimes her skirt would fly upwards when it was particularly windy or she returned a shot, and then I could see her white panties along with the smooth white thighs of hers. She would sweat a lot. I could see her whole body wet with sweat. I would sometimes see her licking those lips of her due to thirst. I would imagine what it would be like to kiss those lips, what it would feel like if my tongue explored that mouth, her neck, her nipples, her breasts, her thighs, her pussy. I would imagine her moaning with pleasure when my tongue would explore deep inside her pussy, her clitoris. I wanted to pleasure her. I wanted to make love to her right there on the tennis court. I fantasized groping her breasts from behind. I would twitch her nipples. I would kiss her behind the neck, behind her ears. I fantasized roaming my hands all over her body. I would lift her short white skirt and then caress her beautiful, soft ass, I would press my hand inside her panty, grasp her cunt, insert my fingers into her wet sweaty pussy.

I was rudely awakened from that fantasy with my sister's yelling that she was done with her playing tennis & that it was time to return home.

I would return home with her & would quickly go to my room & jerk off.

This was getting unbearable, as I had started masturbating whenever I would get the chance. I would jerk off while imagining every kind of sexual act with my sister. I had now started taking liberties with my sister whenever I got a whiff of a chance by hugging her, touching her, teasing her.

I had to find a way to screw my sister. I wanted to make love to that gorgeous body of hers. But, the question was how?

(To be continued...)

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