My Way


Although I am now in my fifties, almost forty years ago I realized that I had an ability that others do not. When I want something badly, I focus on an individual I want to influence, direct my mind to where they are presently located, and create messages that I put into their minds. As I'm sure you realize, this can be used many ways, and if the military knew about this ability, I'm sure they'd want me to use it on their enemies.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have always had a voracious sexual appetite. From the time I reached puberty, I always thought about sex and wanted sex. When I was younger, it made for some fun times, but nothing like the way I use it now.

When my wife or kids are hassling me, I put thoughts in their heads that they never would have on their own. My wife of over 25 years is a successful lawyer, who puts in lots of work hours and often returns home exhausted. While she was somewhat of a vixen when we first met, as time as gone by, she has adopted the attitude of only wanting sex when she wants it, and I had better cooperate and perform. While that can be fun, it's often frustrating because when she's ready is often at odd times, and I don't know about you, but four in the morning isn't the best time for me! But, since she supports me in the style I enjoy, and makes few demands, I don't say anything and do whatever makes her happy. She's basically a nice woman (but likes to control everything), fairly attractive (although she has put on some weight over the years-- she's not fat, but could lose some pounds). She likes sex when she participates, and while she is willing to try many genital and oral positions, has ruled out anything kinkier than that! Finally, I decided to test my skills one night, and at about midnight, I sent her a message to wake up at 1AM, and to attack my body. I also sent this mental message that she would use her K-Y ointment and beg me for anal sex, which she normally abhors. I was curious to see if I still had the skills!

At precisely one A.M., my wife rolled over, grabbed my balls gently through my underwear, then removed my underpants, and began to work on my cock both with her hands and her mouth. She stuck her pussy over my face and begged me to eat her (something she sometimes lets me do for brief periods, but generally stops me when it begins to get her going too much, because she wants the control!). This time I continued to eat her out, first her pussy both with my mouth, and then mouth and one finger, then two fingers, and then three. I move my fingers slowly and rythmically, then quicker and harder, and she never resists or tries to stop me. Finally, I figure since the rest of my plan seems to be working, I would lubricate her anus with the lotion, and put apply it generously all over my fingers. As I keep my thumb in her pussy, I stick my index finger in her anus. First gently, then deeper and harder. Rather than resisting, she begs for more. She starts speaking trash talking, in her imagination asking he schoolmate friend Lisa to join in. She imagines that she is eating out Lisa's pussy and fingering Lisa's butt, all the time I am continuing my genital and anal manipulation.

Suddenly, she shifts her position, jumps up, and I begin to fear that my mind control has worn off. Rather than that, however, much to my surprise, she begs me (and she never begs!) to lie on my back, and she proceeds to sit up and down on my hard shaft, letting my cock fully penetrate her asshole.

While I believe she has had orgasms before, I was never quite certain. But this night, I know she had not only one orgasm, but she came multiple times! She demanded that I come in her ass and I was glad to meet her demand, but not until, I had fully reamed it and fingered her cunt, and sucked her tits. When I was ready, I came inside her and she just kept riding me, over and over again.

This was the beginning of some amazing times, but we'll go over that another time! But, the ability to control a controller, and get your own way, while the other person not even remembering fully what happened (just remembered some happy thoughts!) was exciting to me! Since that time, we have done some amazing things, in some amazing positions and places, under amazing circumstances, and in some interesting situations and groups. Maybe we'll discuss that another time!

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