tagInterracial LoveMy Way Ch. 04

My Way Ch. 04

byDG Hear©

You may want to read the previous chapters first to better understand the story. DG

This chapter is mostly about sex. Moose explains how he enticed Jerome and Terri. The following is the dialogue that went on between Jeff, Jerome. Later it includes Terri and Mel. Remember this all happened a few years ago.


I just sat back and listened to what Moose had to say.

"No problem Jerome, your secret is safe with me. So, you said you would do anything to get into Mel's pants. Did you mean it?" asked Jeff.

"Hell yes! She has that firm white body that cries out 'Fuck Me!' whenever I see her. To bad she's friends with Terri."

"I can set it up so you can fuck Mel, but in return I want to fuck Terri."

"Damn man, she's my wife. I don't think I could let her fuck another man. We have two kids and it might fuck up my marriage. I can't believe I would even consider it. She'd kick my ass if she even knew I thought about it."

"Look Jerome, Mel is coming to my cabin Saturday. Why don't you bring Terri and we'll have a cookout and maybe get a little drunk. I have plenty of rooms and you and Terri can spend the night if you get wasted."

"Mel's married to Bill. Is he going to be there?"

"No, just Mel. In fact, you can say I'll have a friend there but don't tell Terri it's Mel. I want to see the shock on both of their faces."

"I'll see if Terri will come. No promises on the sex thing. Much as I would like to fuck Mel, I don't think Terri would agree. It's hard for me to believe Mel is cheating on Bill. She sure doesn't seem the type."

"For the record, Mel loves her husband. We just have a little agreement between us. I better never hear you have told anyone."

On Saturday I met Mel at the café. She hopped on my cycle and we headed to the cabin. I never told her I invited company. If I had, she probably wouldn't have come. She did tell me this would be our last time together. She was beginning to care for me, and didn't want it to happen. While she was in the bathroom putting on her bikini, Jerome rode up on his cycle with Terri on the back.

"Long time, no see, Jeff. I was surprised when Jerome said you invited us up for the night, but we needed a night out away from the kids. So, how have you been? I haven't seen you since the last reunion," asked Terri.

Jerome looked surprised when Terri hugged me. He didn't attend the last reunion with Terri because he didn't graduate from our old high school. I had danced with her a few times and loved holding that soft chocolate body close to me. I also knew it irritated my ex.

"I was surprised to learn you were Jerome's wife. He had been telling me his wife was a knockout. When he showed me your pictures, I was surprised to see it was you. I have to agree, you are one fine piece of chocolate." We both laughed.

"So, Jerome says you've invited a friend but wouldn't tell me who it is. Where is she?"

About that time I could hear Mel coming outside. "Jeff, did I hear a motor... 'Oh my god!' Terri . . ."

"Mel? What are you doing here? Are you . . . Jeff's girlfriend? I can't believe this. We've been best friends for years and I can't believe you haven't told me about you two," said Terri.

"Terri, it's not what it seems. Jeff and I have an agreement; we're not, oh Christ, how am I going to explain this to you?"

Jerome couldn't help staring at Mel in her skimpy bikini. She sure did look good.

"Tell her the truth, Mel. It's usually best to just tell the truth," I said.

Jerome stood back and listened. I went and got us all a beer while Mel did her best to explain why she was here with me.

"Remember when we went to Vegas and I lost all that money?" Mel asked Terri.

"Yes, you never explained how Bill reacted when he found out you ran up that debt," said Terri.

"He never found out. I went to Jeff for a loan and paid off the card before Bill found out," replied Mel.

"So now you have to find a way to pay Jeff back a little at a time?" asked Terri. "That doesn't explain why you're here dressed in a bikini," said Terri.

"The truth is Jeff said I wouldn't have to pay it back if I had sex with him. Please don't mention it to Bill. This is the last time I'll be here with Jeff."

"So you sold your ass for how much money?" asked Terri.

"Fifteen thousand dollars, with no other strings attached, and no long term commitments," replied Mel. "I know it was wrong, but I was desperate at the time."

"Jeff gave you fifteen thousand dollars to fuck your little white ass. Hell, girlfriend! I don't blame you. I'd sell him my big black ass any time for that kind of money." Terry was smiling at her friend as she spoke, letting her know she would keep the secret.

Jerome looked pissed. "What the fuck do you mean you'd sell your ass for money? I can't believe you would say such a thing, especially in front of me."

"Jerome, shut your fucking pie hole. I know you fuck those white bitches behind my back, and it better stop pretty damn quick or your whole paycheck will be my child support."

"All I'm saying is if a guy like Jeff offered me fifteen thousand dollars for a fuck, I'd do it. It would pay for the kids' braces and maybe I could get a better vehicle. We also have that bike loan to pay off. I'm not a whore and neither is Mel but to get that kind of money for something I give you for nothing, it sure would be something to think about."

"But you're my wife," said Jerome.

"Let's be honest here, Jerome. If Mel offered you fifteen thousand dollars to fuck her, would you do it? Sorry Mel, but it's just to show him he would do it for nothing let alone for money. You can tell by the way he's always looking at your ass," Terri remarked.

Jerome just kept quiet. It didn't take a brain surgeon to know Terri wore the pants in the family. I could see that Mel was a bit embarrassed over the whole situation. I thought I'd lighten things up. I mentioned to Terri and Jerome to go put on their swimsuits while I took a case of booze down to the creek.

I had a built-in grill near the creek, where we could cook some steaks. I had gone to the store the day before and picked up some potato salad and munchies to go along with the steaks.

Everyone came down to the creek and we were having a great time. When we went into the water I had Mel on my shoulders and Terri was on Jerome's. It was fun to watch them try to knock the other off. Later we switched, and I had Terri on mine. I could feel her pussy against my neck, and by the look in Jerome's eyes, I knew he was equally aware of Mel's pussy against his.

We all had a lot to drink. Jerome smoked some weed. Neither the girls or I were interested in it, but we did our share of drinking. The steaks helped sober us up a little. It was getting toward evening when Terri asked if we could have a little fire.

Before long we were all lying on blankets keeping warm by the fire and were talking about our lives. It was then that Terri told Jerome that I was wealthy and that it was my brother's cycle business that we worked at.

Jerome was surprised I worked as a mechanic. "I assumed you were part owner the business."

"I just like working with my hands. The job gives me a reason to get up," I explained.

"When Mel told me you gave her the money, it was hard for me to believe it. But remembering how you always helped people out, whether it was to protect us girls by knocking some guy on his ass or giving us a few bucks when we forgot our lunch money, then it made more sense," said Terri.

Jerome spoke, "No wonder you could give Mel that kind of money. I wondered how you could give that kind of money away on our wages. Don't get me wrong, your brother pays us well but to give money away, I had to wonder where it came from."

"Jerome, just so you know, I don't do drugs or sell them. I despise people who sell them to kids. When they become an adult they choose their life."

"Sorry, Jeff, I didn't mean anything by it. I just wondered how you could afford a place like this and have a top line Harley. I'm sorry if I said something out of place."

"Ok, as long as we are straight on that issue. Anyone for another drink?" I asked.

"Terri, I don't want you to be offended but I'll make you the same offer I made Mel. Have sex here with me tonight and I'll give you fifteen thousand dollars to help you out."

Jerome glared at me but didn't say anything. Terri seemed to be in a state of shock. Mel looked as if she didn't know what to think either. Then I took her aside and asked her if she would be willing to fuck Jerome if Terri said yes.

"God, Jeff, this is just getting to be too much for me. I cheated on my husband with you, and now you're asking me to fuck a black man and my best friend's husband?"

"He wants in your pants, we all know that. I wouldn't mind getting a taste of Terri. I'll owe you a favor if you do this."

We walked over to where Jerome and Terri were talking and arguing too.

"Jeff, if I agree to have sex with you it can only be one time. I will never cheat on Jerome. Tonight he will be aware of it and knowing I'm doing it to help us with our debt," explained Terri.

"Terri, we're all supposed to be having a good time here, not making everyone nervous. Do you have a problem with Jerome being with Me? I promise it will only be this one time. It doesn't seem right that Jerome should have to watch you being fucked by Jeff. To be honest with you, I've wondered if black men were any different," said Mel.

Jerome seemed a little happier after he heard he could possibly have sex with Mel. Something he wanted for years and he could do it with his wife's permission.

"To tell the truth, I've never been with a white man either. I guess we'll both hit new territory. We need a pact that it will only ever be this one time, and no one outside this group will ever know," said Terri.

Mel got up and headed for the house. "Jerome, you better go with her unless you want to see me doing your wife." I laughed and Terri hit me on the arm.

"One more thing, Jerome. Mel is my friend, not just some slut bunny. You treat her good. Do you understand?" replied Terri.

"Yeah, no problem, Terri. You know I love you, babe, don't you? This is only a one time thing for both of us," replied Jerome.

Jerome ran to catch up with Mel. I moved over onto the blanket with Terri. She was staring at me. "I don't know why I'm doing this," said Terri.

"For the money," I replied.

"Not really. Don't get me wrong. We really can use the money, but I wouldn't fuck anyone else for that amount of money. Maybe it's because I know that Jerome fucks bimbos. Maybe there's just something about you that makes me wonder how you could convince Mel to have sex with you."

"She did it for the money, she really did."

"Yes, she did the first time but she's come back twice for more. She loves Bill, I know that. So there must be something about you that she would take the chance to come back for seconds and even thirds. I've known Mel my whole life and could count on one hand the men she's had sex with. You're the only one since she's been married."

"What about you, Terri. Any lovers besides Jerome?"

"Only before we were married none since we tied the knot. You're my first and last white man. I sure hope you're good," Terri said and laughed.

I leaned over and kissed her lightly at first. I started on her ears and worked my way down to her neck. By then, I had her tits loosed from her top. Her nipples were brown and hard. I started sucking on them, she was loving it. I went from one tit to the other.

I moved down to her flat tummy and began kissing and licking it. Damn, she tasted good. I sat up and slid off her bikini bottoms. She had a tuft of hair over her mound. I buried my face in it and began to finger fuck her at the same time.

She spread her legs farther apart as I fingered her harder. My fingers were getting wet, and her moans were getting louder.

"Are you going to fuck me now, Jeff?" she asked.

"Not yet, baby. Not till I've tasted this fine piece of chocolate."

I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue and mouth. I could taste her hot juices as I licked up and down her slit. I tongued her pussy as I rubbed her nub with my thumb. She kept moving her ass all over the place, pushing her pussy up against my face.

"Christ Jeff, I'm going to have to pee. Oh god, I don't know if I can hold it." I backed my face away but started fingering her again.

"Let it out, Terri. No one needs to know. Just let it all go."

She screamed out and started pissing. I didn't move my hand but fingered her all the faster. She was peeing and having an orgasm at the same time. When she came down from her orgasm I removed my fingers and grabbed a towel and wiped off my hand and started drying her pussy with it.

"I'm sorry Jeff, that has never happened to me before. I didn't mean to pee all over your hand."

"That was what I was hoping for. I want you to enjoy our fuck time together. Now I need you to do a little sucking on my cock. Do you have a problem giving head?"

"I'm not the best but I'm willing to try. Jerome never lasts long enough for prolonged foreplay."

After removing my shorts she took my cock in her mouth. "Just suck the head, Terri. Lick around the knob. That's it . . . suck it some more, baby!"

She was doing great licking and sucking my sac and cock. She was really into it.

"Am I doing good?"

"Fantastic, baby!" I replied.

I then had her lie back down as I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her pussy.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good! Fuck me, honey. Give me that big white cock!"

I couldn't believe how hot she was talking. Maybe it was because it was sex with her first white guy, or maybe because her husband knew about it and didn't stop it from happening. No matter what the reason, she was one hot woman.

I pulled my cock out and asked her to turn over. As I slipped my cock back into her pussy, I could hear her moaning. She was loving it. I slipped my finger into her ass and started finger fucking her.

"What are you doing? You can't have my ass."

"Doesn't the finger fucking your ass feel good? I keep getting your hot juices off your pussy and rubbing it on your ass to keep it moist."

"Yes it does feel good but your cock is so much thicker and it would hurt. Besides, I like your cock in my pussy. Oh fuck! I'm going to come again. Oh Christ, it feels so fucking good. Fuck me harder!"

She was coming, and I pumped faster and faster. I was fingering her asshole just as fast. She started screaming out. I was hoping her husband didn't hear her from inside the cabin.

I hadn't come yet but I was very close. As she came down off her orgasm I pulled my finger out of her ass and my cock out of her pussy and started rubbing my cock against her ass crack.

"Oh god, please don't, it will hurt too much. If Jerome finds out I gave you my ass he'd get really pissed."

"No one is going to tell him. Do you trust me not to hurt you?"

"Yes, but I'm a bit scared."

"Just relax your ass muscles. Believe me, you'll like the feeling." I pushed my cock head into her ass.

"Oh god, I feel it. It feels so big. Please be gentle."

"Oh shit! Get ready. I'm about to shoot my load into your ass."

As I started to cum, I knew it was going to be a hell of a load. Terri started with the sounds again.

"Oh fuck, I feel it Jeff, I feel your hot cum hitting the walls of my ass. It feels so good. Push some more of your cock in me. I can take it, I want to feel more."

I buried half my cock in her ass until I finished coming. I pulled out of her ass and she rolled over onto her back. I gently rubbed her tits while we laid there. I then lowered my hand down to her pussy and gently finger fucked her.

"Jeff, no man has ever made me feel the way you did. You have got to be the best lover I've ever had. I wish I could fuck you every day. You make me feel like a real woman. Now I see why Mel came back for seconds. I can't ever be with you again. I know Jerome's an asshole sometimes, but he is my husband and I love him."

I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and sucked them. Then I slipped two of them into her mouth. She sucked them.

"Jeff, promise me you'll never tell Jerome how I was with you. I don't want to hurt him." It was easy to tell she was feeling a few regrets.

"No problem, Terri. It will always be our little secret. You are one fine fucking piece of hot chocolate. Now we better go in the creek so you can rinse my cum out of your beautiful black ass."

After returning to the cabin we all had our bathing suits on. I suggested a late night swim before we retired for the night. I thought it best if Terri and Jerome were together and Mel was with me.

In bed that night I made love to Mel. I really cared for her, and I wanted her to remember our last time together. The only thing she said about Jerome was that he was good but she would never sleep with him again. Mel was one of those special women to me so I took my time with her and sucked her tits, ate her pussy to orgasm, and then we enjoyed a long, slow fuck. She was one woman I would really miss.

The following morning we ate breakfast before getting ready to leave.

I was waiting for Jerome to ask about the fifteen thousand dollars. For some reason I don't think they expected it.

Terri, this is for you." I gave her a check for thirty thousand dollars.

"What? I don't believe this. Why are you doing this?"

"Jerome and you are my friends. Friends help friends. I would have given you the help sooner if I would have known you needed it. I believe Jerome is just too proud to ask for help. It's not a loan. It's a gift from one friend to another. Get the kids braces and get a reliable vehicle. I'm tired of Jerome asking to leave work to go start your car." I was smiling at Terri.

We all got a laugh from that. Jerome gave me a hug and thanked me. Terri added a kiss as well. They were good people trying to do their best. I just gave them a few bucks to help.

We all hopped on our bikes and left. Jerome and Terri went home and I took Mel back to her car at the café. "Anything I can do for you Mel?' I asked.

"No, you've done more than enough. I'll really miss you but we both know we can't go on like this. I'm beginning to fall for you and I can't allow that to happen." We kissed goodbye for the last time.

Truth be known, I think I could have falling for her as well. I knew I couldn't let that happen. I was bad news and I knew it.


End of Chapter 4, Chapter five The final chapter will hopefully be posted tomorrow.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear

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