tagBDSMMy Weekend in Portland Ch. 08

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 08


I found a measuring cup in a cupboard and half-filled it with olive oil. I smiled at the "Extra Virgin" wording on the label. I heated it in the microwave for awhile, then stirred it with a finger to make sure it hadn't gotten too hot. I was headed for the stairs when I remembered seeing a Polaroid camera somewhere during my search of Ruth's townhouse. It took me a few minutes, but I found the camera and a couple packages of film and went upstairs whistling.

Ruth looked curiously at the items I brought from downstairs, but didn't say anything. She was on the bed, nude, towelling her hair. I stood looking at her for a few seconds, admiring the way her breasts swayed as she worked on her hair.

"You know, you're beautiful," I said.

She looked at me under one arm and smiled.

"And I'm going to see something beautiful in a little bit," she said, looking suggestively at the crotch of my sweatpants.

"Aha! Are we eager to find out what happens in the next episode?" I laughed.

"Yes," she nodded. "Get over here and make me feel wonderful again."

"Hey! Who's supposed to give the orders around here?"

"You are, my master, please command me," she smiled.

I shed my sweats and jumped under the covers where Ruth and I were soon kissing, deeply and slowly, savoring the taste of each other. Her skin was soft and damp against mine. Finally we broke the kiss and laid there holding each other, enjoying the feel of naked skin against naked skin.

"I'm glad you're in the mood to be commanded," I whispered. "Because in a few minutes I'm going to put my dick up your ass."

Ruth stiffened and pulled slowly away to look at my face.

"You're not serious!" she exclaimed. "That's disgusting! And you're too big! You'd tear me in half if you put your thing in my ass!"

"It might hurt if you weren't prepared," I said soothingly, "but I'm going to make sure you're ready."

"How can you do that?" she demanded.

"By putting something small in your ass, then something bigger, then something bigger still," I said, kissing her briefly. "And, I brought some oil to make sure everything goes smoothly."

Ruth looked doubtful.

"You enjoyed it when I stuck my finger in your ass before, didn't you?"

"Yeees," she admitted reluctantly. "That felt ... ," but her eyes dropped from mine and her voice trailed away.

"We can stop any time you say," I promised.

Ruth didn't answer, but after awhile she looked up and nodded slightly, and I put my plan in motion before she had time to change her mind.

I started by kneeling over Ruth and forcing powerful kisses on her, one after the other, until she was breathless and flushed. Her hands reached between us to stroke my stiff dick. I switched my attention to her nipples, eagerly sucking them until she moaned each time I tongued her stiff nubs. Still moving quickly, I lifted her knees and swooped down on her pussy with my mouth open. She was already damp and swollen, but a few minutes later she was literally dripping and when I pulled away, her hands tried fruitlessly to hold my head against her widespread crotch.

"Noooo, don't STOP!" she pleaded.

Roughly I grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her stomach, forced her legs apart with my knees and bent over her broad, beautiful ass. I pressed her firm buttocks apart and her dark, puckered asshole came into view. She smelled faintly of soap. I pushed my face into Ruth's split and eagerly licked her asshole. She jerked and I heard her gasp. I licked her again, and again, then stiffened my tongue and tried to push it into her ass. It barely penetrated, but I kept pressing and her asshole relaxed momentarily, allowing me to penetrate an inch, but no further. I could hear Ruth gulping desperately for air.

No matter how hard I pressed, my tongue never penetrated Ruth's asshole beyond the first inch. She was too tight. But I continued to tongue-fuck her tight ring, thrusting again and again. Reaching underneath I began lightly rubbing her pussy with my palm, slowly thrusting my thumb into her pussy. She gave a muffled moan.

Raising my head, I removed my tongue from Ruth's ass and replaced it with my longest finger, gently pushing until it was completely buried in her warm flesh. Her ass muscles gripped my finger fiercely, then relaxed and gripped again. I slowly withdrew my finger, then just as slowly pressed it back up her channel.

Stopping for a moment, I reached to the bedside table and dipped my first two fingers in the warm olive oil. I dripped the oil onto Ruth's ass and rubbed it up and down her ass-crack. Then my finger penetrated her again, sliding smoothly on a coating of oil. I slid my finger in and out, in and out, and continued lightly rubbing her pussy with my other hand. After finger-fucking her ass for awhile I withdrew and laid my first finger alongside my middle finger. Then I slowly pushed both into Ruth's asshole. She groaned deeply, and lifted her ass to meet the penetration.

I finger-fucked Ruth's ass with two fingers for a long time, stopping once for more oil. Then I added a third finger and, with difficulty, pressed all three into her ass. Wiggling around, she managed to spread her legs wider, making penetration slightly easier. It took considerable force to push three fingers in her to the second knuckle. I made my thrusts faster and harder, drawing more gasps.

"Oh god," she cried, lifting her head. "That feels ... "

Apparently she couldn't describe the feeling, and her head dropped back to the bed. I continued rubbing Ruth's pussy with my free hand, beginning to get slippery with her juices and dripping oil.

Abruptly I pulled out my fingers and stopped rubbing her crotch. "Hey!" Ruth protested briefly, looking over her shoulder. A puzzled look appeared on her face when I grabbed the camera from the bedside table. Framing the shot quickly, I took a photo of Ruth's ass, her legs spread wide. The flash lit up the room and the little square photo whirred from a slot in the front of the camera. It was still dark, the picture developing slowly. I plucked it out and tossed it onto the sheet next to Ruth's hand. She picked it up curiously, waiting for the picture to emerge. I took another photo, shifting position so my engorged prick laid in the crack of her ass. Again I tossed the photo where Ruth could reach it.

She focused on the image appearing in the first photo, her ass glistening with oil, her asshole still slightly open from my fingers. She gave a low groan as the photo became clear. Then her attention was drawn to the second photo developing next to her hand, the one of my dick filling the cleft between her buttocks. She picked it up and stared. "Oooooh!" Another, deeper groan, escaped her throat. I pressed the bulbous head of my dick lightly against her asshole and took another picture. It joined the others in Ruth's hand. She made a funny choking sound as it developed. My penis DID look huge, probing her asshole, but I had no plans to relent.

I pulled Ruth up onto on all fours, the three photos side by side on the bed just below her face. Putting the camera down for a minute, I coated my dick with warm oil. Then I pulled her ass cheeks apart and pressed the head of my dick against her small hole. My first thrust slipped away from her asshole and I repositioned the head of my slick penis. I put some weight behind my second thrust, and after a moment the head of my dick popped abruptly inside. Ruth was panting softly, holding herself rigidly on all fours and staring down at the photos. I picked up the camera and took another shot, which joined the others.

I leaned forward and watched my thick penis slowly press its way into Ruth's asshole. She groaned, long and deep, "Uuuuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhhh," and then my hips were flat against her rounded butt, my dick hidden completely in her ass. She threw her head back. "Aaaaahhhh! Oh FUCK!" she cried, and I could feel her muscular ass squeeze my dick, then relax and squeeze again. I picked up the camera and took another photo.

We stayed like that for a minute, locked together, barely able to move, and then I felt her butt relax slightly. She was panting. I was able to slowly withdraw from Ruth's ass until I was halfway out. Then I pushed into her again, slowly. She braced herself. I could feel the tight ring of her anal opening sliding up my slippery shaft, the inner walls of her butt parting reluctantly to allow my swollen glans to pass. When I was completely inside her again, I rocked slightly from side to side and she gasped.

"Don't," she whispered breathlessly. "Too much." So I stopped briefly, then began pulling out again. This time I pulled out until only the head of my dick remained in her ass. I rubbed more oil on my shaft and pushed forward again.

After a few more repetitions, my swollen dick was sliding smoothly in and out of her ass, though it was still incredibly tight. Once I pulled out too far and the pressure of her anal muscles popped my dick out. Ruth braced herself, then gasped when I forced my oily shaft back inside her. Soon I established a rhythm of deep, even strokes, stopping once to take a photo of my dick half-buried in her butt.

Ruth's responses were hard to read at first, but eventually her reactions began to indicate a powerful arousal. Her gasps turned to moans, interspersed with occasional muttered encouragement. "Yes! ... unh ... unh ... unh ... don't ... unh ... unh ... stop!" Finally she dropped her head and shoulders flat on the bed and reached one hand underneath to rub her pussy.

I can usually fuck for quite a while before coming, but the sight of my glistening dick sliding between Ruth's sweet buttocks and the tight grip of her ass on my shaft soon had me speeding my strokes, approaching climax. My hips began a quick "slap ... slap ... slap" against her ass, accompanied by her rising moans as she urgently rubbed her crotch. Seconds later I felt my balls tighten and lost control, thrusting without coordination and groaning as cum spewed from my dickhole in one hot jet after another, filling her butt. Ruth was coming, too, her cries muffled against the sheet. Her ass was thrusting wildly back and forth and side to side, milking the cum from my dick. She came and came, giving one deep, hoarse moan after another.

"AAAHH! AAAHH! AAAHH! UUNHH! UUNHH!" she cried, answered by my own moans and gasps of passion.

Finally, my strength gone, legs rubbery, I fell slowly forward, flattening Ruth beneath me until my face rested in her sweet-smelling hair. Her ass held my dick like a vise, squeezing occasionally. Both of us were slick with sweat and panting like marathoners at the end of a race. I felt movement underneath. She was still slowly rubbing her pussy.

A long time later, my dick shrank enough to pop out of Ruth's ass and I levered myself with difficulty to a kneeling position. She looked wonderfully desirable, lying motionless on her front, face turned to one side, one arm still below her. I slid behind and wrapped myself around her, spooning, and pulled up the covers. We laid like that for a long time, her breathing deep and even. I thought she had fallen asleep, so I was surprised when she spoke.

"I could never have imagined how that would feel," Ruth said quietly. I made no reply.

"It DID hurt ... at first," she mused, as if talking to herself. "But it didn't hurt the way I thought it would." She paused again.

"It was a stinging sensation. The muscles stretching, maybe." She was quiet again for awhile, then she turned around in my arms, looking in my face.

"After awhile, it didn't hurt anymore. It started to feel good. Not the way it feels in my pussy. Different." She was silent again for a long time, her eyes drifted closed, face relaxed.

"Your thing feels pretty big in my pussy ... but in my ass it was more than big. It was huge! It felt like a baseball bat!" she paused. "There was such an incredible sensation of being stuffed full. My whole body felt it. That's when I really started to get turned on. I had to come. I wanted to come with your thing in my ass!

"I had SUCH a good cum," Ruth whispered. Then, after a long pause, "My butt is going to be sore for a week."

Then she was asleep, her breathing steady and her face soft and young-looking in the dim light filtering through the curtains. I wrapped my arms around her comfortably, and soon fell asleep myself.

(End of Chapter 8 of 15)

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