tagBDSMMy Weekend in Portland Ch. 11

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 11


"That was fun," Denise said, grinning back, then she turned to Ruth. "You should have seen the expression on your face when you were cumming. That was so HOT!"

"I got incredibly turned on, knowing it was you playing with me down there," Ruth said, blushing prettily. "You're sweet!"

"Once I got started, it was ... not like I thought," Denise smiled. "I got jazzed up when you started to get hot -- and curious. I wanted to see you cum."

"Now I want to do something for you," Ruth replied, leaning over to nuzzle Denise's ear.

"I'm willing," Denise smiled, and they both paused and looked at me.

"What am I, the quarterback of this team?" I laughed.

"Nooo," Ruth said, "but you're the one with the dirty mind." She turned to Denise, "You wouldn't believe some of the things he's done to me in the last 24 hours." Denise looked at me thoughtfully.

"I DO have some ideas you two might find ... interesting," I said.

"Mmmm," Ruth hummed with anticipation. "His interesting ideas usually end with me cumming until I'm limp."

"Okay," Denise said, looking from Ruth to me. "What's next?"

I took their hands and helped them to their feet. Heading down the short hallway, I found Denise's bedroom, with a queen-sized bed, dresser, television and a couple of comfortable chairs.

"Denise, I think it's time you got undressed," I said, "and Ruth should do the honors."

Ruth grinned as she turned toward Denise.

Denise hesitated. "Can't we at least turn off the lights," she blushed, "I really don't have a very good body."

"Nope, lights on," I said. "Ruth has been naked with the lights on for the last hour. Besides, WE think you have a beautiful body."

"She's better than beautiful," Ruth said, staring longingly at the suddenly bashful Denise. "She's perfect! I'll bet she looks just as good naked as she does in all those wonderful clothes."

"Huh!" Denise said mournfully. "I have to wear clothes that keep people from noticing my stringy body."

"Oh, baby," Ruth soothed, pulling the smaller woman into her arms. "You are NOT stringy, you are BEAUTIFUL!" She put a finger under Denise's chin and tilted her face up, softly, "You are SO beautiful!" She leaned down and kissed Denise briefly on the lips, withdrew for a moment, then kissed her again ... lingering much longer. Surprisingly, Denise did not resist or react in any visible way. She passively allowed herself to be kissed.

A few moments later Ruth's restraint failed. She lost control, moaning and forcing her open mouth harshly against Denise's lips. I knew her tongue was driving into Denise's mouth -- exploring, tasting. Denise's eyes were closed and she continued to allow Ruth's assault without protest. Their strained breathing was the only sound in the room. Ruth's hands began working eagerly at Denise's clothes, pulling up her top to reveal her small, firm breasts, pushing down her harem pants to expose tiny, bright red panties.

Then Ruth broke the kiss and dropped to her knees, pulling Denise's panties and loose pants to her ankles in one motion. Denise's sparse, black bush was visible for an instant before Ruth grabbed her buttocks with both hands and pressed her face urgently into smaller woman's crotch. It was clear from Ruth's panting and the twisting of her head that she was trying desperately to get her mouth on Denise's pussy, but without much success.

I stepped forward, scooped up Denise and laid her on the bed. While I was helping take off her top, Ruth was pulling Denise's pants and panties over her feet. As soon as they fell to the floor, Ruth pushed Denise's slender, muscled legs apart and descended open-mouthed on her pussy. Denise's first sharp cry of pleasure came only seconds later.

Watching Ruth make love to Denise made my heart pound, but that was nothing compared with Denise's reactions. The smaller woman was soon thrusting her hips steadily upward while she gripped the bedspread with both hands, gasping and grimacing with pleasure, her eyes squeezed shut. Ruth was equally enticing, her swelling breasts almost flat against the bed and her full buttocks raised and bobbing slightly as she changed positions. I took off my clothes, preparing to take Ruth from behind, but decided to watch for awhile.

It took surprisingly long. Ruth alternated several times between penetrating Denise's vagina with her tongue, and licking the top of her slit. Whatever inhibitions Denise felt were driven away by the hungry mouth on her sex, the eager tongue teasing her clit. Her sighs and gasps eventually changed to deep moans of pleasure. Minutes passed. Finally, Denise caught her breath, threw back her head and began to arch her whole body, lifting her hips off the bed.

"NooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she cried, then taking a deep breath. "Ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! OHMYGOD! FUCK YES! OH FUCK! OH FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!"

Now her hips dropped back to the bed and Denise's hands were buried in Ruth's hair, pulling her lover's face tightly into her 'V,' her head thrust back and her arms straining. Ruth's tongue was still at work in Denise's cleft, her arms wrapped tightly around her thighs.

"GggggaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHHHH!" Denise forced between her gritted teeth. "Oh, GOD! EAT ME! EAT MY ... Oh GOD! FUCK! YES! YES! Yes! Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSSSSSS!"

After several minutes her cries faded to whispers and Denise lay limp on the bed with Ruth still lying between her splayed thighs, gently licking her lover's swollen pussy. Once or twice Ruth prompted a fresh moan by pressing her tongue deep into the girl's opening, though she avoided the rosy little clit.

I laid down beside to them and stroked Denise's tousled hair. Ruth looked up, grinning, from Denise's crotch, her face wet from nose to chin.

"You don't know how long I've dreamed about doing that," she said.

"Since freshman year?" I teased.

"Maybe," she mused. "I've had fantasies for a long time, but they were just fantasies. I never thought I would actually DO anything."

I leaned over and kissed Ruth, tasting Denise's tart juices on her lips and tongue. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, collecting all I could, wrestling languidly with Ruth's tongue.

Then Ruth put her mouth to my ear and whispered eagerly, "Do me now. I'm sooo ready! I want Denise to see us fuck."

"NOW who has the dirty mind?" I chuckled, making no objection.

Denise still laid motionless on the bed, eyes closed, legs wide, hands limply covering her breasts. Ruth quickly laid down next to her and beckoned to me. She threw wide her legs and leaned forward, taking my dick in her hand. She fitted the head of my dick between her legs as I leaned over. I slipped inside her with two quick thrusts.

"I keep forgetting how good that feels!" Ruth gasped, panting rhythmically as I began thrusting. "Unh-unh-unh-unh-unh." I pulled her legs up and put them over my shoulders, careful that my pubic bone was in position to rub the top of her slit.

Denise opened her eyes languidly and turned to look at Ruth, lying inches away. Now it was Ruth who had her eyes closed, breathing quickly and deeply. Denise propped herself up on an elbow to watch more closely. After awhile she reached out to hold Ruth's breast, her thumb stroking slowly over the thick nipple. Ruth opened her eyes, turned to Denise and smiled. The smaller woman smiled back, then leaned over and took Ruth's nipple in her mouth. Ruth gave a low "Mmmm" of pleasure and arched her back, pressing her breast up against Denise's mouth.

"Suck me baby," she whispered. "That feels sooo good!" I saw Denise's eyes open to watch my glistening, wet dick sliding in and out of Ruth's pussy a few inches away. Ruth's arousal was building quickly and her breathing was becoming ragged. A deep flush spread down from her face to her neck and chest, and I began to thrust faster, my hips slapping against the backs of her upraised thighs. Then she gave a deep moan and began cumming.

"OoooooOOOOHHHGOD, ohmygod, ohmygod, DON'T! STOP! DON'T! STOP! GaaaaAAAAGGGHHH!

She began thrusting her hips up to meet my plunging dick, and both hands went to Denise's head, pulling her mouth down hard against her breast. Ruth was thrashing now, breathless, out of control, still cumming hard, her pussy gripping my dick in spasms. "AAAAH! AAAAH! AAAAH! AAAAH! OOOOooooooHHHHH SHIT!" And then she pulled Denise up and they were kissing deeply, tongues dueling, as Ruth's climax crested and finally began to subside.

Ruth had cum so quickly that I was nowhere near cumming myself, though incredibly aroused by her climax and the sight of two beautiful, naked women lying entwined below me. With a groan, Ruth pulled her legs off my shoulders and let them drop limply to the bed.

"My god that happened fast," Ruth said, smiling tiredly up at me. "I guess you were right about practice."

Denise was looking up at me, too, but there was nothing tired about HER fiery glance. Her arousal was obvious.

"My turn," she declared, rolling onto her back and pulling her knees up to her chest.

(End of Chapter 11 of 15)

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