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My Weekend with Claire


So I was laying there on the couch one night watching TV and sorta wallowing in my loneliness. I do that a lot, but sometimes I feel entitled; I'm 24 years old, not bad looking and still a virgin. Well, except for with my dildo. I'm physically not a virgin anymore, but it wasn't due to any guy getting in there and doing the honors!

So I was watching something about Brad and Angelina and, well, I've always had this thing for Brad anyhow. I mean, who doesn't? Okay, some of you do, but I really do. He's been in more of my fantasies than anyone else, and my dildo has frequently been a part of him, if you know what I mean.

So I was looking at him on the screen, and then switched channels because, well, it just made me feel that much more alone, and then there he was again in this movie; Meet Joe Black. And he was there and I was just all melted inside watching him! Melted inside, and then outside down 'there.' I was just wet for him!

And then this other actress was shown and I was thinking, just idly, how pretty she was. How totally beautiful! A beautiful face and eyes and smile and her hair and her body and...everything. Everything I'm not. So I watched it, and now I was looking more at her and not Brad, and really envying her, and wishing I were her, at least in the movie and not in real life - a fantasy, okay? - and then the movie ended and I was crying and stuff. It was late so I turned everything off and went up to bed.

So anyhow, there I was, wide awake, still wet, thinking about Brad, and so, like has become almost a Friday night ritual with me, I squirmed out of my panties and tee-shirt and started touching myself. I was focusing on Brad, thinking about him, visualizing him in bed with me (the long haired version of him, not the new short haired version), and I imagined my hands were his hands, and he was brushing my nipples and running his fingers down my sides and over my abdomen and thighs. I sat up at one point so I could (he could) caress my legs and ankles and the tops of my feet - which are real sensitive! I started to feel that familiar 'yawning' feeling inside where I wanted to just spread wide and take him all inside myself, and then I lay back and started to finger my pussy a little bit.

I came. Twice. It was so neat, but also really normal for me. It's like brushing my teeth or hair or having breakfast. Think of Brad, masturbate, orgasm, go to sleep. Actually sorta pathetic if you really think about it!

But then I just melted and fell into that trance and things started to well up and build and build and just on the very verge of falling over the cliff into complete orgasm, that girl's face popped into mind. Not Angelina, but that other one, the one from the movie I'd just seen! And the thing was, it wasn't like I was her and Brad was with me, touching me all over, fingering me so deep that my brains were just about to explode out my cunt or something - it was as if I were me (wow, unusual), and she was her, and we were both naked in bed together, and she was the one with her fingers all the way up my pussy!

I came so hard I squirted! Then again, Then I rolled on my side and curled in half, my hand just plunging, plunging away deeper and deeper. One finger then two, just jamming up and down and up and down. My whole body felt twisted and cramped and folded over. Orgasms just blasted through me over and over again and my hand - which was now 'her' hand - just went on making me come and come and come!

When it was over I was drained; more totally satisfied and drained and happy than I'd ever felt in my life! I mean, I'd never masturbated while thinking about another woman before, and now that I had, I didn't know if I could ever masturbate over a guy ever again!

My whole body kept trembling and twitching even after things quieted down. I was laying there flat on my back, panting, one arm over my eyes, trying to recover and more, trying to figure out what had just happened to me. I was also trying 'not' to think about her - that beautiful actress girl in the movie - but her face and her hands and her legs just kept coming back to mind over and over again, especially that cute way her lower eye lids arched up when she smiled. And she was smiling at me - not at Brad, or 'Joe' - and then my mind fluttered off and I was thinking about her, still in bed with me, still totally naked, and I started to get horny all over again!

Then I was imagining kissing her (on the mouth), and tasting her tongue and sucking it, and touching her pale, creamy shoulders and running my hands down her slim body and rubbing her hipbones with my thumbs and then...and then just turning the other way around and jamming my face between her thighs.

I was so wet I started masturbating again; not even using the dildo, but just touching my clit, fingering my hole - that kind of stuff. And as I did that, I imagined doing that to her - fingering her, tasting her, and it only made things worse. Then I was moaning and I realized that she'd be moaning too probably, and her voice would be a certain way, and her face would look a certain way, and then I was imagining myself laying flat on my front between her beautiful spread legs, licking her totally out, and she was undulating and gasping and covering her eyes and grunting, and then I knew that if she had really been there I would've spend like an hour on each part of her, probably starting with her legs. I thought of kissing her feet and toes and heels, and then just smothering each calf with kisses, and then her knee and thigh, and then dipping my tongue into her honey-pot, and then going downward on the other leg. I thought of my own legs, wondered if she'd actually make love to my legs the same way I was to hers - if it had all been real - and then decided that 'probably' and started to fantasize about the two of us just making love to each other's legs for hours and hours.

I came so much I nearly passed out!

And it just went on like that, in the total dark of my bedroom, this whole incredible orgy with my 'new' fantasy lover! I did everything to her, even licking her ass-hole and biting her pretty buns and all that! And in this incredible fantasy, she was just as anxious to do things to me too. At one point I curled myself up in a yoga sitting position and leaned down and brought my foot up and started licking it, pretending it was her doing it and it was so sexy and erotic it made me come! The I was sucking my own toes and imagining it was her doing it and I came more. And then more. It was like a never-ending thing with her!

Finally I got to a point where I could just lay there flat on my back and touch my boobs and I would orgasm, and I did that, pretending it was her boobs I was touching, and I came four times in a row and finally passed out cold. I woke up the next morning feeling so good inside I was actually smiling.

Which is a big thing for grumpy me!

I went downstairs to have my coffee and didn't even both getting dressed; just naked and barefoot and that was it. I live alone in a pretty big apartment (I make good money, but...some things you just can't buy!), and had my coffee and lounged luxuriously on my couch and thought about 'her' again. I just had to know more about her so I got on my computer and looked her up, found her name and other things about her, and then...pictures. There were several where she was posing with a bikini or nightgown or something on, and lots of bare-legged ones. She 'did' have nice legs - real nice, and staring at the pictures I started to drift off again, imagining kissing those luscious legs, and touching them and running my hands up and down all over them. All the way down to her pretty feet - which they were!

Before I knew it I was touching myself as I stared at her - Claire's - pictures. There weren't any totally nude pictures of her, but that didn't matter; I could imagine all the rest! Ten or fifteen minutes later, I had the first 'online orgasm' I'd ever had in my life, while fingering myself as I sat before my computer monitor. It was over a picture of Claire in her bare legs slightly drawn up at the knees, and her pretty feet pointed.

Then I came back to reality and thought 'what the heck am I doing?' and got up from the computer and went to get another cup of coffee.

But as I walked away, feeling the carpet under my bare feet and the room air bathing every inch of me, I felt like 'she' was sitting there where I'd been, watching me walk away; like her eyes on my backside! I turned and her picture was still on the screen and this instant, overwhelming horniness took over and I simply stood there on the cold kitchen tiles, one hand to my tits, the other down to my crotch, masturbating where I stood. It took me almost ten minutes to snap out of that one!

Then I had to get paper towels to wipe up my puddle because I'd squirted all down my legs and between my feet and everything!

The rest of that day was spent trying 'not' to think of Claire. I turned the computer off, left the television off, and went up and had a shower - a cold one. But there was just something about being naked and having water just raining down and making my nipples hard and I started to drift off again into sexy-land and I warmed the water up a bit and things started to happen. Soapy fingers just 'somehow' started pushing up and around my boobs, and then suds were everywhere, and then there was some hair-conditioner on fingers and the fingers 'somehow' got inserted up my butt-hole, and then I was kneeling in the shower just totally doing it to myself. I came out looking all pale and prune-like, just really staggering out because I was so wasted, and I flopped face down on my bed and passed out.

I woke up flat on my front, but up on my elbows with my head down and my rump muscles were all tense and squeezing and pushing my crotch into the mattress. I came and woke all the way up. I'd been daydreaming about being on top of Claire, her on her back with her legs spread wide, and me with my pussy-bone just massaging her pussy! She'd been so pretty looking and her eyes were shut and her brows were all raised in the middle and her mouth was open and she'd been orgasming over and over again! And I came again just remembering the dream, and another part of it faded into memory.

The same thing but with her on her front, legs together, and me doing the same thing but to her sexy buns! Just humping her buns. And she'd had her ankles crossed and her lower legs lifted behind me, between my legs, and I felt them all smooth and satiny and she'd been grunting into the pillow and the whole thing was so sexy, I reached down under me and started masturbating; just grinding my pussy against my hand more than working my hand against my pussy!

It was just weird and wonderful though. It wasn't like I was a guy, or Brad or even a chick with a dildo on; just my bare self pressing up against her bare body, and pushing and thrusting and stretching and slamming. I couldn't even decide if I liked humping her ass or her pussy more; they were both sexy. Then I imagined her turned over again on her back, and decided finally, that this was better. I could 'see' her face, and her expressions, and her shoulders and her sexy collarbones, and plus I could pretend I was pressing my tits against hers and feeling her nipples against mine and her boobs mashing down all firm and tender and warm, and well, I wound up humping my bed for nearly an hour without stopping and when I was through I was so wasted I wanted to just go to sleep again.

So I did. But when I woke up a few hours later, again it was with Claire on my mind!

This time it was easy to imagine the two of us just lounging around naked in bed, cuddling, looking at each other; not really talking, but just looking and reaching out and caressing each other every now and then. That's the way I'd want it; just like that, just touching, and laughing and smiling, and then some kissing, and then me kissing her shoulders and sucking her nipples, or her just throwing me on my back and attacking! I mean, that part was hard to visualize at first because her onscreen character, at least in that one movie, was so laid back and gentle. But there I was after awhile, on my back, fingering myself mercilessly, and imagining Claire doing that to me. Just taking command and ramming her long, beautiful fingers in and out of me till my brains melted out my ears.

And her hands on my boobs, squishing them up, her fingers caressing my belly, my hips, my ass, and thighs. Everything. She took total control of me and did everything she wanted to me - which was a lot!

I finally stumbled out of bed - I did a lot of stumbling that weekend - went downstairs to have something to eat, realized that this sex thing was great for not eating breakfast and losing weight, and turned on the computer again. I just had to 'see her' again. So I did. I saw her, got horny, masturbated, then looked up her other movies and decided to go out and rent them all. I spent the rest of the day and night watching the movies, watching her, the way she talked and walked and laughed and everything, and would stop between DVDs to masturbate and then watch the next one. I was totally and completely in love with her and I didn't care that my first 'real' lover would have turned out to be another woman. It was just so incredibly wonderful!

Around one in the morning, Sunday, I finally turned off the DVD player, and started to fall asleep right there on the couch. I was thinking of her obviously (I hadn't been able to think of anything else!), but I was imagining snuggling with her naked; her warm, silky skin against mine, my arm over her side, her slow breathing making her back push back against my front; everything like that.

When I woke up Sunday morning though, it was like a sheet had been lifted. A sheet or a cloud. I wasn't horny (duh I wonder why!), but I also wasn't thinking about the actress. It was like it was over. Like a weekend fling, and now she'd gone and I was alone again. But the thing was, I was alone but didn't feel lonely. I had my coffee over in the living room and saw the stack of DVDs, and picked them up and looked at the covers, at her, and...it didn't really affect me somehow. I was thinking "Wow, I just fuck them and forget them, huh?" and it made me smile. Thing is, if I'd fucked Claire, I wouldn't be forgetting her too soon. It was just that, something had happened or gotten released or whatever, and I wasn't so totally zoned out on her. Like a breeze had swept in and taken all the dark, heavy stuff out of me. I had my coffee, had my breakfast, and went to return the DVDs.

The rest of the day went by like that, with this calm, happy, contented feeling woven through it. I did wind up masturbating again in the middle of the afternoon, but it wasn't over Claire, or even Brad. It was just me, my hands and my body, with no real fantasies anywhere. Now that felt really good! Like I wasn't dependent on anyone or even the thought of anyone; just me, by myself, making myself feel good!

So that was my 'weekend with Claire' and though it was wonderful and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, when I got back to work Monday, I felt 'beyond' all that! I really felt good about myself, and was really looking forward to going home after work and spending a few quality hours with myself, doing everything I wanted to do. The only hitch was, at one point during the day, I happened to turn and see Amanda, this really tall, really gorgeous co-worker of mine, looking at me. And it wasn't just a normal, everyday "Oh, that's her over there..." sort of look; it was this look of a woman spacing out on another woman. And that 'other woman' was me! So I stopped, turned to her across the room, and looked right into her eyes, and she instantly melted. You could tell by her expression and the way her eyes came back to life and softened, and then she smiled this really cute, timid, 'hopeful' smile, and I smiled back at her. I mean, after having had such an incredible weekend with 'another woman', I didn't feel at all intimidated by smiling back at another woman, real this time, who'd been eyeing me up!

I bumped into Amanda later on, and she was all flustered and nervous, but there was this strange calm that came over me. I actually asked her out to dinner! Just like that. And, just like that, she accepted.

So right now, I'm at home typing this out and Amanda's in the shower, and I still have her lipstick smeared all over my face and neck and even down around my boobs (which can clearly be seen since I'm not wearing anything!), and...it's going to be an interesting night. She's got such cute legs, and when we were on the couch a little while ago and I ran my hand down her shin and over the top of her bare foot she just shivered in my arms.

Yah, it's going to be a pretty interesting night!


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