My Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 02


"Alice, if you don't relax, this is going to hurt. I don't want it to hurt, really, so take a couple of deep breaths and I'll go real slow, but you have to relax!"

She tried. She breathed about three good deep breaths and I saw some of the tension disappear. I started to slowly and gently apply pressure. She tensed again, but not as much.

"Relax." I kept pushing steadily but gently and started to rub her ass with my other hand at the same time. It seemed to work, she was relaxing a bit. It took awhile, but finally the fattest part was almost inside.

"Relax some more, deep breath." Since this was a first for her I knew that when the fat part passed her sphincter and the whole thing popped into place it would shock her. I wanted it to be as easy on her as possible; so I told her what was coming. "It's going to pop into place now, stay very relaxed." And with that I gave it a final, firm, shove.

"OOH!" she shivered, and started to get up from the bed.

I slid my hand from her nice, smooth, round ass cheek, up to her back between her shoulder blades and gently, but firmly pushed her face back to the bed. "Not just yet my pet. Hold still for a moment."

I started to speak to George as I slid my finger back and forth over the outer lips of her very wet pussy. "Oh Georgie, she is hot to trot. Does she get this way for you Georgie?"

I lightly tapped on the base of the butt plug, eliciting a couple of grunt/groans from Alice. I fingered her cunt a bit more and made a couple of brief contacts with her clit.

"Oh GOD!" came from her lips, and not nearly as quietly.

"I know you won't be able to see this very well Georgie; so I'll describe it for you," I said, as I stood close behind that gorgeous ass.

I did describe it in detail to George as my cock and Alice's cunt had first contact. I first laid my rock hard cock in the crack of her ass and worked it up and down a bit. She moaned loud enough that I didn't need to describe that to George. Then I took my cock and let the head slide back and forth between her labia, slowly, back and forth.

I could feel the flow of her juices increase, and her ass was starting to gyrate.

"Georgie, she wants me to fuck her already," I said as I let the head just barely slide inside her.

"OH YES, fuck me. Put that big hard cock deep inside my cunt. PLEASE FUCK ME!" she nearly screamed.

I could hardly believe it, this was a very horny woman who already was desperately begging me to fuck her. This was going to be better than I could have dreamed!

"Oh not just yet sweetheart, I have other plans first, but soon. Very, very soon!"

To be continued

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