tagBDSMMy Whipping Ch. 04

My Whipping Ch. 04


[This is part of a series. It contains fetish play, including bodily functions, and a severe whipping. If any of this is not to your taste, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


I came to realize that although I was developing a need to be taken in hand by another woman and disciplined, my Aunt Kathy was not the person for this assignment. She was a dozen years older but was petite and naturally submissive. In this way she now regarded me as she had regarded her older sister, my late mother.

Kathy had confessed to me that my mother, who had whipped me cruelly between my legs and precipitated my departure from the house until my return as mistress of the domain upon her death, had disciplined her regularly. It did not surprise me but it made me accept the obvious fact that Kathy would probably not be the right one to put me through my paces.

Soon I had a better solution at hand but I decided there would need to be an intermediate stage. I had a college friend who now got together with me for lunch and shopping quite often. Vivian Hayes was dark-haired and had a nice figure; we got on well from the start in college when we met because we quickly saw that we shared traits of confidence and competence.

One day at a pleasant drinking spot where we had been meeting after work I mentioned to Viv that since she was paying through the nose for the small place she rented, perhaps she would like to come live in my spacious house. I told her she would have her own room and that my brother Dennis and my Aunt Kathryn, both of whom shared the house with me, would be perfectly fine with her moving in.

"Are you sure about that, Suze?" she asked, growing serious enough that I knew she was giving the proposition serious thought.

I assured her that I was, that I was in charge and owned the house outright. Then I mentioned another aspect of the idea that I thought she might like.

"My aunt is petite and in her mid-30s but she is quite submissive and needs regular supervision," I explained. "Without that, she will get into various kinds of trouble which I would truly like to avoid."

"What role do I have in this?" Vivian quite reasonably queried.

"I would like you to be in charge of her at home when you are there," I said rather plainly. "She also needs a firm hand," I added.

"Do you mean what I think you do?" Viv rejoined.

"If you are referring to discipline, the answer is yes," I replied. "You will in effect be her governess. That means that if at any time Kathy needs it, you will be entirely able to have her lift her skirt so you can pull down her panties and spank her or punish her in any way you decide is appropriate. I will not question your discretion in this regard," I smiled.

Vivian grinned back at me. "I think you understand me all too well, Susan, my dear," she responded coolly.

"Then it's set," I said, closing the deal.

Vivian moved in a few days later. It seemed like she immediately hit it off with both Dennis and Aunt Kathy. I had explained to Aunt Kathy that I intended to hand off my duties involved in supervising her to Viv.

Kathy looked distraught and asked me if this was a final decision.

"Why shouldn't it be?" I answered firmly.

"Susan," she responded, "I know I need what you have been giving me and you have been much more considerate than Nancy [my mother] ever was. I'm afraid of giving this power to someone I don't know."

I explained to her that with my work schedule, I needed to make this shift. I then assured my aunt that I would be in constant contact with Vivian to ensure that everything went smoothly.

That evening, I introduced Kathy to Vivian and sat in Viv's room while they got to know each other.

Eventually, after Viv had explained what she expected from Kathy in terms of behavior, I gave Vivian a nod and she quietly told Kathy to lift her skirt.

Kathy did seem embarrassed as she raised her short skirt and stood in front of her new mistress. Vivian still had her work clothes on and she carefully pulled Kathy's little panties down and gazed at my aunt's pubic thatch.

Then she just as carefully maneuvered Kathy across her skirted lap and reached into her purse for a tan kid glove that she put on her right hand. She then began to spank Kathy very deliberately and alternating cheeks. My aunt began to moan as well as cry.

Soon her little bottom began to turn darker red as the spanks piled on. Viv spanked very efficiently, as if she were quite accustomed to performing this task.

I quietly slipped away to allow them to reconcile themselves alone after the spanking.

Both spoke to me about it separately later. Viv said she tried to test how far Kathy would go so she asked her to get down between her legs and satisfy Viv's need to orgasm. Kathy turned out to be a good little licker, Viv reported, and I told her that that had been my experience with her as well.

Kathy confessed to me that she was quite attracted to Vivian.

"I need to apologize to you, Susan, for questioning your wisdom in having her take responsibility for supervising me," she said to me quietly. "Miss Vivian is a charming lady and I feel very privileged to have her to take charge of me here."

Viv's arrival and assumption of her new role made life easier for me. My life was getting complicated, anyway. I spent plenty of time with Brad, sometimes we slept at his place and more often at mine because it was so comfortable. Dennis had his girlfriends but once in a while he and I spent the evening in bed as a way for us both to relax.

One night Vivian and I were home together and I decided to make dinner for the two of us, give the staff the night off, and invite her to join me for cocktails first. We both stayed in our day clothing—nice skirts and tops and hose and pumps.

I mixed us gin gimlets and we finally could relax for real after a few of those.

Vivian joined me on the couch and we soon were cuddling together. I asked Viv if she had been dating and she responded with a grin and then a slow response.

"I am bi, Susan, as I suspect you are," she managed to say carefully, "but I also imagine I'm somewhat less interested in men."

I had not been sure that she was really interested in women at all so I was overjoyed to hear that. I leaned into her, hugged her with total joy, and kissed her deeply on her lips.

Vivian responded by returning my kiss and holding me tight. Then she slowly unbuttoned my top and unzipped my skirt and let both fall off me, leaving me in my lime bra and panty set.

"You do have gorgeous underpinnings, Suze," she gleamed.

Then she reached back and unhooked my bra and began to nuzzle in my breasts. Her fingers stimulated my nipples, which soon became harder and pointy. The whole scene, especially her fondling my boobs, stirred up my system right down between my legs. I could feel myself getting wet.

Soon, Viv turned her attention to that very place as she slid my panties down and off and addressed my pussy with her tongue. I felt it on my labia and then it insinuated itself inside me and also teased my now very excited clit.

She also began touching my anal opening with her finger, soon pressing it inside me there. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this turned me on. Between her licking me in front and fingering me in the rear, I soon exploded with one of the most major orgasms I've ever experienced.

I drew Viv to me and hugged her and gave her a very deep kiss. She reciprocated and we held each other for some time. Then I began to complete her disrobing. She had nice pert breasts and I savored the smooth hair above and around her pussy. I pushed her rear up from the couch and fastened my mouth on her cute little anal rosette. I felt her respond when my tongue found its way into her back passage.

Then I began softly stroking her labia and teasingly let my finger invade her vagina, going in and out. When at last I grazed the very tip of her clit, which was now big and rosy, she began to move her hips in rhythm and I just kept doing all of it until she went into a cum.

This time she hugged me tightly and kissed me like she really did mean it.

"You've been so good to me, Suze," she gushed. "What can I do now for you?"

"Well, Viv," I answered with a smile, "you did bring me off, which was great, because I've found that I don't always respond like that."

"What else?" she added. "Tell me the secret thing you've been pining for."

I don't believe I really said this but I just blurted out a deep thought: "Viv, would you whip me?"

"Suze," she said in a measured tone, "I did think that you had been freaked by what your mother did. Are you sure this is what you want?"

I waited a second or three and with a straight face, told her that it was. Yes, my mother had freaked me but at some level, I wanted that kind of punishment from someone I loved.

I excused myself for a minute and went to my bedroom where I picked up a small martinet. Then I played it safe and went into the bathroom and peed. I returned with the martinet.

"Suze," Vivian asked, "is this the one your mother punished you with?"

I turned red but nodded in the affirmative.

"OK," she replied, "I think you'd better stand and go over to the desk there and bend over, holding on to the other side, and yes, we'll have your legs spread well apart."

Now Viv moved into playing a role she knew I would like.

"Susan," she intoned, "you know that we cannot tolerate girls doing what you were caught doing. I'm going to have to punish you severely and the next time you will be punished in front of all the girls."

I felt like I was back in school or in the room - the same room - with my mother.

"It seems that the spanking from your Aunt Kathryn and the whipping your mother gave you have not improved your behavior," she went on, "so I'll have to whip you in the only way that will get through to you."

She snapped the small martinet on my bottom and then began whipping me with it all over my bottom and upper thighs until I was really feeling each stroke. I knew my bottom was probably quite striped and as red as it would get from a solid spanking.

Without saying anything, Vivian began aiming the martinet lower, so the strands would snap on my bottom and curl under it. She aimed in my anal crack and then some strokes had strands snapping right in the middle so their tips would strike my tender flesh between my legs.

I began to let out screams when she managed to hit me on or even in my pussy. It did hurt and it was horribly humiliating but I needed it.

Now Viv asked me if I thought I had learned my lesson.

"I'm not sure yet, Miss," I responded as if she were the severe schoolteacher whom I still craved deep inside my usually take-charge personality.

"Then we will have to employ some special features of punishment," Vivian declared.

She reached into her purse and extracted a small, reddish oval capsule that looked like a large cough drip. With much finesse, she came behind me and inserted it into my anus until it popped inside the ring. I knew that this was some kind of suppository and would soon have some embarrassing results especially if I was still being punished and needed to defecate without being made to wait.

Then she stepped back and issued the most shaming command, "Reach down and hold your naughty labia apart."

I did what I was ordered to do and then waited. She waited a good amount of time before snapping the martinet so that the strands, many of them, landed right between my spread labia, hitting my open cunt.

Even though I screamed, and was glad the house had very solid walls and double-hung windows, she delivered two more similar strokes that struck me in my most sensitive spot.

Then she came over and told me to come lie over her lap. I was actually afraid she would now spank me but instead she took some cream and began rubbing my labia and inside where the martinet had hit me. At first, it hurt but then I felt some relief from the continuing sting her punishment had caused.

When I seemed to have calmed down, Viv took me in her arms and cuddled me and made me feel so good being close to her.

"I'm sorry I was so naughty that you had to punish me down there," I said to her.

"Mommy loves you," she answered in the same tone, "and I hope you will be such a good girl now that Mommy won't have to use her little whip on your quimmy. But if you are a bad little girl, Susan, you will be spanked and put to bed early...and whipped."

I just loved how she was playing this with me. It was as if she had figured out exactly where I was coming from. Was it that I really craved what I had so hated when it came from my own mother? I don't think so. It was the excitement and that it was a lovely woman who was a friend.

I played along with the girly motif. "I think, Mommy, that I need to make a doody now," I said in a high voice.

"Mommy isn't ready to take you to the bathroom yet, Susan," Vivian responded in a firmer voice. "You just need to hold that poopoo in."

Now I really did need to go, and badly. I liked what we were doing but I didn't want to lose control and go on the carpet or the floor.

I winked at Viv and said, "I'm sorry, Mommy, but I think that little thing you put in my tushee made me need to go now. I don't want to make a mess and since I'm bare without panties, it will just go on the floor."

"I could make you lick it up if you dare to do that, Susan," Viv snapped back. "But come with me." She took me by the hand and led me to my bathroom.

I was told to step into the tub and squat a little, keeping my legs apart, while Vivian watched me carefully.

I was conscious of her staring at my bottom-hole and I played along: "Mommy, I feel it's coming down now. I'm going to make my doody here in the tub!"

"Yes, you go ahead and do it there," Viv said plainly.

As she watched and my face reddened, I felt a long, wide one push easily out of my anus and drop to the tub base after hanging out of my hole.

"Oh, Mommy," I cried, "I made my doody in the tub. It's so big!"

"It is indeed," Viv proclaimed. "Now take some toilet paper and carefully pick it up with that and put it in the toilet."

I stepped out of the toilet and did what she ordered. I smelled the shit and knew that she did too and I was embarrassed.

"Bend over, Susan," Viv added now, "so I can wipe you."

And now my bottom was wiped from front to rear as if I were a little girl needing Mommy's help and supervision in the toilet.

I had left a pair of small girly panties with animals on them in the bathroom and Viv picked them up and told me to put these on. I also had prepared for this possibility—although I was actually thinking we might use the shameful clothing on Kathy—and had found some little girls' socks and a white training bra, both of which Vivian had me put on.

The bra and panties were really tight and pressed painfully on my boobs and my groin. The crotch of the panties pushed deeply into my pussy and ass crack.

After we both washed our hands, we went to my bedroom, crawled beneath the covers, and Viv smilingly slipped the tight little undies down and off me and unhooked the bra, savoring my boobs as these now sprung out, my nipples excited and hard.

It was wonderful that no one else was home so we made love in bed for such a long time and then fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning we enjoyed each other some more—we both had plenty of toys but really didn't need them because we found each other so exciting.

When we both got out of bed to go and pee, we sat in the tub opposite each other and aimed our pee streams with our fingers so we got ourselves wet.

Then we showered together right there and I lent her a robe so she could go back to her own room and get dressed.

I told myself that having her move into our house was a fabulous decision and I found myself admitting to myself that for all my dominant tendencies, I really enjoyed being whipped by her.

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