tagIllustratedMy Whispers to (an Orchid )

My Whispers to (an Orchid )


I first heard her footsteps in the crushed granite walkway of the greenhouse as she strolled among the orchids. I continued working, listening to her crunch her way from flower to flower, pausing at each plant. It was a few minutes before I caught my first glimpse of her, as I peeked between the blossoms. From the distance I first noticed her hair, so beautifully contrasting with the gentle orange petals that seemed to frame her. The deep auburn seemed to darken to brown as she passed into shadow, but as the sunlight opened on her, the rich redness shined.

I remained hidden, silently working with the plants, afraid I might startle her with my appearance. From my dark corner I could see her and as she got closer to me, her blouse open to just above her breasts was a light violet, the fabric was almost sheer barely hiding the nipples that cast tiny shadows outlining their form. The best I could tell, she wore no bra, the nipples were far too noticeable to be restrained in any way.

She leaned to each flower, almost touching it, hovering just centimeters from the colorful surfaces like a butterfly just tasting the elusive nectar. I could see her breathe in the fragrance, close her eyes and seem to drift away. Seemingly lost in the aroma, she closed her eyes and swayed slightly as her hands move up her sides, around the soft curve of her breasts to her nipples. Her palms gently circled as the small buds grew. She then dropped her hands back to her sides and moved to the next flower, where she again moved her hands to her nipples.

After moving through a number of flowers, caressing her aroused nipples at each one, she finally paused at a particularly beautiful orchid and breathing its fragrance, she again moved her hands to her nipples, but instead of just moving her palms over their impressions in the fabric of her blouse, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and ran her hands directly over her breasts.

I carefully moved to get a better view, stepping on the concrete curbing that lined the gravel walks to avoid being heard. Much closer to her, I could see her dainty fingers now circle the faint pink aureole of each breast, occasionally moving to and pinching each nipple.

She only caressed her breasts and nipples for a short time here, instead she moved her hands down to her thighs, drawing her fingernails along the white skin on her inner thighs. She hiked up her skirt and I noticed she didn't wear any panties. The beautiful auburn of her hair was even more enhanced by the sight of her tantalizing pussy lips beneath.

Unable to contain myself, I moved onto the pathway near her and though she initially gasped at the sight of me and let her skirt fall back covering her exquisite pussy. She nervously asked, "What are you…"

"I work here, I take care of the orchids and hibiscus," I answered, waving my hand over the plants surrounding us.

"They are all so beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as your blossom," I said, noticing her staring the hump on my shoulder. Feeling the intensity of her gaze I bowed my head and moved away a bit.

"My brother had one," she quickly said as I backed away.

"One what?"

"A hump, like yours. I forget what the doctors called it, but I remember how it affected him."

Feeling a bit more confident, I moved a bit closer to her. When she didn't back away, I moved even closer, reaching my hand out and resting it on her hip. She just smiled and reached her hand back to her skirt, raising it up for me. I moved my other hand to her and lifted her light body, sitting her up on the greenhouse table. She pulled her skirt up further and opened her legs to me.

In hot breath on moist petals
as touch, so delicate, arouses a blush
blossoming fragrance and a bloom

of color as lips brush lips
in breathless words, silent verse:
the probing question, arching "Yes."

I kneeled in front of her, oblivious to the gravel stabbing into my knees and moved my face to her graceful petals, dipping my tongue into her, tasting her tart nectar. Her fingers ran through my hair as I moved my tongue in and out of her glistening cunt.

Her hands coaxed my head upward, so I left the delicious hole and moved my tongue up her delightful slit. Plucking her clit from between the lips I lightly pinched it between my tongue and upper lip as she began to writhe against me.

Swaying rhythm as flowers in rain
the droplets in a quivering wet
pressing need, deep, deep taste

a moan, release and throbbing light
flowing in warm, sweet nectar
pulsing whispers from trembling lips.

Moaning, she reached and grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs wide as wide open as she could, giving herself completely to my tongue. I slipped my thumb into her wet cunt as I continued pressing her clit against my upper lip as I moved my tongue back and forth. Feeling her tremble as she tried to move her pussy even closer to me, I felt her climax as it blossomed inside her, squeezing and releasing my thumb in her tiny contractions.

I moved my mouth away from her sensitive bud and watched her face bloom in ecstasy. Simply watching her react was enough for me, but in a few moments she reached down and pulled me up to her. I stood up and she leaned forward and kissed me passionately. Reaching down and grasping my hard cock she moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, "I loved tasting myself on your lips."

In the distance a door opened as someone entered the greenhouse. I backed away from her and eased her back down off of the table. "Someone came in from the hibiscus garden."

"Is there somewhere we can go where they won't see us?"

"Over there I have a small workshop, there's some mirrored glass where we can see out, but no one can see in."

"Perfect," she said, moving her hand to my cock again. "I think need some of your nectar now."

Continued in My Whispers to (an Orchid Replies)

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