tagIllustratedMy Whispers to (an Orchid Replies)

My Whispers to (an Orchid Replies)


"Perfect," she said, moving her hand to my cock again. "I think need some of your nectar now."

I led her to the workshop, opening the door and letting her enter before me. There was mirrored double glass along one side and the back of the workshop, allowing me to look out onto the orchids in the greenhouse and the hibiscus outside the greenhouse. The table under the window looking out at the hibiscus was clear, so she moved to the back of the workshop, pulling my hand as she moved.

"Orchids for me and hibiscus for you," she said, nodding her head at the window.

Not really understanding what she was talking about I moved behind her until she turned me and leaned me against the table. Kneeling in front of me, she unfastened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants gently working my cock out from my jockeys. Looking up at my face, she began stroking my cock with both hands, letting the head brush against her breasts.

the perfect arch,
your voice
over me,
your fragrance
draws me into you,
a mild curve
becomes you
in a rhythmic moan

While still staring into to my eyes, she moved her head down and touched her tongue to the tip of my cock, tasting the precum that had welled there. Turning her head a bit, she moved her mouth over my cock and began to move her head up and down on me, sucking as she moved. I leaned back, pushing my hips forward, giving my cock to her mouth completely. Holding the head in her mouth, she began stroking my shaft with one hand while her other cupped my balls.

Closing my eyes I surrendered to the sensation of her mouth and hands on me, feeling the pressure building and building. Feeling the wave come over me, I tried to shove my cock deep into her mouth, wanting to spill my load down her throat, but she suddenly reached up and grabbed my balls, pulling them downward. She grasped them firmly, but only firm enough to interrupt my climax, not really enough to hurt… to much.

I looked at her face, wondering what was happening.

She smiled and said, "I wanted it to last a bit longer, I have somewhere else I want you to spill your nectar." She began unbuttoning her blouse again, exposing her beautiful breasts to me. Swinging her shoulders from side to side, her breasts and nipples brushed against my cock.

"Do you have any Vaseline?"

"I keep some in the cabinet, for chapped lips," I said, opening the cabinet door and pulling out the small jar.

"Well, this won't be for chapped lips," she replied, spreading the slippery spread over the length of my hard cock.

glissade, glissade
as hardness slides
press, press
between soft mounds
in arabesque
your arching back
as you lean to me

Once she had greased up my cock, she arched her back as she reached her hands to her breasts, pushing them together. Seeing what she wanted, I slid my hard cock between the soft, fleshy mounds and began moving my hips, grinding my cock up and down between her incredible breasts. Watching my cock appear and disappear in the cleft at her chest, she turned her head down, licking the tip of my cock as it slid up her breastbone.

She began talking to me, encouraging me as I continued sliding my shaft between her glistening orbs. I listened as she pressed her breasts against me, increasing the pressure on my aching rod.

"Come on, come on my tits, come on. I want your stick come all over me, I want to rub you all over me, over my nipples."

Listening to her, I moved faster and faster, grinding myself against her, feeling the pressure build inside me again. She continued talking, whispering in a guttural, almost feral growl.

"Yeah, come on, shoot it all over me. I want your hot cum all over my breasts, come on and give it to me."

I arched my back and pushed my hips forward as I came, splashing my white cum on her chest and breasts. I reached my hands around her shoulders and squeezed her against me, her breast compressing on my cock and balls in a warm, wet splash.

glissade... splashing
white hot light
I moan, moan

as small pearls of white
fall softly on your breast

She ran a finger over her breast, wetting it with my cum and moved it to her mouth, tasting it. She then dipped her finger into the cum again and move hit to my mouth making me taste myself. Standing up, she leaned to me and kissed me long and hard, as the wet pools on her breasts ran down her stomach.

Grabbing her blouse, she put it on, oblivious to the wet stains forming all over the front. Buttoning herself up she asked, "Do you work tomorrow?"

"Uh, yes, I get in about seven."

"Maybe I'll stop in before heading to work; will you have a few minutes for me?"

"Yes," I answered, "I'll look forward to it."

She moved her hands to my shoulders, one gently sliding over my hump as she pulled me close to her. "I look forward to it too," she whispered, kissing me again.

Opening the door and stepping out into the greenhouse she called back, "What's your name?"

"I'll B… Bud," I stammered.

"Bud, hmmm, I'll be Rose then, okay?"


I watched walk slowly down the gravel path, pausing at a few of the orchids to smell the fragrance. Just before going through the greenhouse door, she turned and waved.

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