tagIncest/TabooMy White Sister

My White Sister


My father is white, but he didn't stick around, and I consider myself black even though I have fairly light skin and green eyes. My parents met in college, but it just didn't work out for them, so they went their separate ways. My mother raised me as a black girl, and then a black woman, and I learned very little about my white relations, even though I had a few trips to the zoo and dinners out with my father -- the usual thing. I knew that my father had married a white woman and had several children, but I never met any of them until I was twenty-three.

The name of the oldest girl was Alice, and she came over to my apartment out of the blue one Saturday afternoon. I had no idea who she was at first, but I could be pretty sure she wasn't a missionary or social worker because of her clothes: loose jeans falling down to the middle of her ass, and an oversized T-shirt too. Her hair was braided in tight cornrows that showed her pink scalp between them. Personally, I thought the style looked pretty silly on a girl who was that pale.

"Hi, I'm your half-sister Alice," she said. "I just wanted to know if you were as fucked-up as I am."

I laughed and welcomed her to my apartment. "I'm not fucked-up, but I always wanted to meet you." I figured she had to be only a year or two younger than I was. Quick work on my father's part, I guess.

"That's only because you don't know anything about me. I guess Dad never told you I have this thing about ..." She gestured towards her hair.

"Dressing black?"

"Well, yeah."

"You and half the white chicks in America, honey."

She blushed. That was something to see, the redness sweeping across her face. I went on: "No, he didn't tell me."

"Maybe I'm just jealous of you, because I'm supposed to be the oldest but you're really the oldest. Or maybe I'm just curious. He was always talking about you and your mother ..."

"He was? That can't have gone over big with your mother."

"Oh, she was used to the idea from day one, I guess. And you know what?"

Alice's baby-blue eyes suddenly turned steel blue, and I saw a flash of craziness in them. Don't ask me how I knew, but I had gotten used to looking for subtle clues in people since I was very young.


"Every time he talked about how great you were, all I wanted to do ..." She took a deep breath. "Was come over here, yank down your pants, and fuck your pussy till you screamed for more!"

I recoiled. This was crazy shit. The way my half-sister was talking made me squirm. But I wasn't really afraid. After all, what could she really do to me? I could tell she wasn't the type to carry, and she was a woman -- in fact, my sister. She couldn't really be dangerous.

Even as I calmed myself down, Alice went on ranting and raving, all about how she came here just so she could get in my pants, how it had started out as a fantasy but had become an obsession, and on and on. Then she went from words to action.

She didn't even need to unzip her jeans: one quick pull and they were around her ankles. I stared at her in shock. Instead of the panties I expected, she was wearing a strap-on. It was as black as midnight, and it had to be at least ten inches long, I thought. It was certainly realistically crafted, with a huge mushroom head and thick veins. I'd guess it was molded from some porn star's huge organ.

"There it is," my sister crooned to me. "Alice's big black dick. Would you like me to fuck you with my big black dick, sister?"

The girl was out of her tree. My father had certainly never mentioned that he'd raised a family of lunatics. And I was no size queen -- it's the motion, not the meat, that counts. But I'd been studying and working pretty hard in the last few months, and that left no time to get laid, so I was pretty horny. And I didn't see any real harm in playing along with her fantasy. No one ever caught a disease from a dildo, after all!

I shrugged and pulled off my sweatpants and sweater, and then wriggled out of my underwear. "I hope you're not just messing with my head, Alice," I told her. "I could do with a good fuck just now."

My white sister smiled as I knelt in front of her and pulled her jeans right over her sneakers. The oversized white shirt fell down too far, covering most of her trim ass, and I pulled it off over her head. I left her bra on, because I saw that her big tits would probably need the extra support when we got down and dirty.

Satisfied with the strip job, I saved up spit and went down on her dildo, taking it as far into my mouth as I could. In my close-up view, I could see that there was a short end to it that pressed down on her clit. I bobbed back and forth on the huge shaft, being extra careful not to gag. A couple of times I pulled my mouth off the toy and looked up at Alice with my best hot-bitch face, a line of spit running from the tip of the dildo to my lower lip. Alice looked down at me like she could hardly believe what she saw.

By this time my cunt was throbbing and clenching, and my juices were running down the side of my leg, and I decided it was time to get serious. The floor was carpeted, so I got down on all fours right there and challenged my sister. "Take my black ass from the rear," I growled. "That is, if you actually know anything about how to fuck a woman."

Alice didn't waste any time. She fumbled a little bit at first, and I could sense that she wasn't too experienced manipulating a strap-on that big. But she eventually got it into my sopping wet pussy at the right angle, and then she really went to town on me. I've always loved doggy style; it's so primeval, so animal. My whole body shook with passion as I slapped my big butt against Alice's pale belly. She took several deep breaths, and settled into a hard steady fucking rhythm that sent the huge dildo deeper and deeper into my neglected cunt.

The toy wasn't as flexible as the real thing. In fact, it was rock-hard, and I mean really as hard as a rock, not to mention pretty damn cold. But as my sister went on humping me relentlessly, it warmed up pretty nicely. I had never had anything that hard and long stretching out the muscles of my pussy. It hammered my nerve endings mercilessly, and naturally I didn't have to worry about it going soft on me at just the wrong moment.

Finally, I arched my back and let out a howl of triumph, squeezing relentlessly on the enormous wedge stuffed up my cunt. Neither of us even had to even touch my clit -- the angle that Alice was penetrating me stimulated my G-spot almost more than I could stand. I clawed uselessly at the carpet as I came and came and came some more. Alice was hanging on to my gyrating hips for dear life, trying to keep the dildo inside me, and screaming "Oh God! Oh God!" like she was coming herself. Finally, we both slipped to the floor, and the contractions of my cunt eased out the still-hard dildo, now completely covered with my thick juices.

I guess Alice hadn't come after all, because she was practically crying with frustrated lust now. "Fuck me, fuck me, I need it," she chanted. Well, I didn't happen to keep a strap-on in my dresser drawers, but I knew what to do. I pulled her over on her back and sat down between her wide-open thighs. I got the strap-on removed somehow and strummed her clit with the fingers of my right hand. My left hand dealt her weeping pussy one, then two, then three fingers, holding them stiff and close together to make a thick fuck-rod for her.

It wasn't more than a minute before Alice's overloaded body burst in a huge orgasm. She was thrashing around on the rug and humping my hand and rocking her head back and forth and calling on the Lord just like a black woman. I let her calm down just a little, then pushed her to another orgasm the same way, with the same results. Finally, I switched from my fingers to my tongue on her clit, sucked down hard on it, grabbed the dildo with one hand, and rammed that up her cunt as far as it would go. She exploded like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was awesome watching Alice being completely consumed by her pleasure, and knowing that I had done it to her gave me more power than I had ever had before.

Well, since that day Alice has been coming around at least once a week for a fast and furious lesbian sister fuck. I've bought a whole collection of toys to use on her, and she loves every one of them. Me? I love it best when she does me doggy with the good old strap-on, just like she did me the first time. Naturally, nobody in either of our families can ever find out about our affair. Especially not our Dad.

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