My Wife


My Wife…

My wife is a beautiful woman of 37 years. She is a little short and maybe a little heavy. However, after 20 years of marriage she still drives me crazy. We will call her June for this story.

June has had a hard life, with me, and our three kids. We started out in life young and as poor as church house mice. We do have love and a lot of it. Now, June has never been on the adventurous exotic sexual side. She pretty much just tries to keep me happy and that’s it. However about a year ago something from down deep inside of her came to life. This is where my story begins.

June is about 5’ 4” tall and 135 pounds. Light brown hair, she has nice big breasts and an ass to die for, big round and firm, she has a small waist and a little belly. Her legs are thick and strong. She is a knockout and carries herself well.

I’m working on an old truck June had just bought me. I may need your help so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty, I tell her. Okay she replied and went into our bedroom to change. As I wait for her to return, I have to admit, June is a better mechanic than most men I knew. I yell out to her that I am going out to get started and for her to meat me out side.

June comes out wearing sweat paints and a large T-shirt. She sits beside the truck and waits until I need her. From under the truck I tell her I need a 9/16-end wrench. She digs around the toolbox and brings it to me. I slide out to get the wrench and she bends over to hand it to me, I can see through the neck of her T-shirt, she is not wearing a bra and her breasts are hanging down and look like two large melons about to drop off the vine. I can’t help myself I reach up and pinch her right nipple. She smiles and puts the wrench in my hand; she says you wont get much done doing that.

June says, lets break it in… I said, do what? I did not hear you. June replies, yes you did…Lets break it in. What are you talking about? I slide out from under the truck, wipe my hands off and ask her what do you mean break it in… June smiles big and says, lets do it in the truck and break it in right. Don’t tempt me like that I will do it, I said.

The truck is in the open and it’s about noon, the middle of the day. June walks up to me and rubs her big breasts to my chest. She moves me out of her way and opens the door of the truck. I liked to have lost my mind; she has never done anything at all even close to this. She pulled her sweat paints down and then her panties; Her beautiful full round ass is now in the wide open. She puts one leg up on the door edge and bends over the seat. I immediately position myself behind her. My tool has never been so hard and throbbing before. I unzip and take out my throbbing hard-on. I reach down between her legs until I find the wet spot. Her pussy was hot, wet and open for business.

This is the wildest thing we have ever done, cars driving by and my wife’s ass sticking out of my truck door in the middle of the day. I reach down and slide my fingers into her hot little pussy. She starts to move her hips and moan.

June reaches down and grabs my cock; she guides it to the moist opening between her legs. I push slowly and as my hard throbbing cock penetrates her hot little pussy she cries out in excitement. I shove my dick all the way into her until my balls slap against her wet mound of pubic hair. June’s legs start to shake and she begs me to fuck her hard. I grab her by the hips and start pounding and shoving my cock into her hot little love hole as hard and fast as I possible could. June spreads her legs even wider and starts to push her ass back at me trying to stay in rhythm with the pounding I am giving her.

I cannot hold it, I say, I’m going to cum. My body gets tight and ridged and I start slamming my hard cock even harder into her hot juicy pussy. I bust a huge load of hot cum deep in side of my wife’s sweet little pussy. I pull my shrinking member out of her wide-open cum sloppy cunt and my wife gets dressed, and then goes to the house.

I just stand there in a daze. June has never even let me make love to her with the lights on before and now she asks me…no, tells me to fuck her brains out in the middle of the day in the middle of public. This was not like her at all. However I loved every minute of it. This was not making love to my wife; it was hot uncontrolled raw sex, with a beautiful woman.

About a week later June and I go out for the evening. June starts to drink more than usual so I ease up and let her have a good time. She gets a little tipsy and is ready to go home. We get out of the car and she says, Lets do it now, here in the front yard. My yard does not have a fence or enclosure its wide open to the street. And in our neighborhood all of the homes are built fairly close to one another. However, this was a chance I did not want to lose out on.

June had on a white blouse and jeans. She did not wait for an answer from me, she kicked off her boots and started unbuttoning her blouse, her bra opened from the front and her big round tits spring out, her nipples get hard at once from the cool night air. She pulls her jeans and panties down at the same time. From the light of a full moon I can see her full figure glowing in the dark. This was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The soft moon light made the pale white skin of her breasts shine with the pink puff of her nipples standing straight out, as I look down at her I see the moon light shine and the moist glisten of pubic ready and willing.

I strip all of my clothes off this time…Buck ass nude in the middle of the front yard… It gives me a sensation of lust and power all at the same time. I gently lay her down on her back and as I position myself between her legs I fill the wet night grass all around our bodies. I lower my mouth to her breasts and start kissing and sucking her wonderful nipples. I slide my tong down her stomach to the mound of hot moist womanhood.

I kiss and tong all around the outer lips of her quivering pussy. She spreads her legs wide to give me total and complete access to her love spot. June starts to moan and cry out as I penetrate her hot juicy inner pussy. She moves her hips, arches her back and raises her ass; June is out of control with the lust of sex. I slide my tong down to her little red puckered ass hole and she grabs my head and pushes it hard and deep between her legs, she tightens up her legs around my face and has a powerful orgasm.

June goes limp on the ground for just a few minutes and says, my turn, you lie on your back and let me take care of you this time.

I rolled over to my back; June swings her leg over my waist and positioned herself on top of me. She reaches down and takes my hard cock in her hand and guides it to the hot moist opening between her legs. June lowers herself on my throbbing hard cock slow and easy until her ass rests on my lap. She starts to rise and fall slow and steady, lowering her large round breasts to my face. I take her beautiful breasts into my mouth and grab her by the hips. I start to raise my ass to meat her slow pumping motion. I hold her tight and start pushing hard up at her as she falls to me. The pace is now hard and fast her breasts are flopping back and forth and her ass is slamming down to take all of my hard cock into her hot pussy.

June rolls off of me and gets on her hands and knees. I get behind her and rub my aching cock the full leanth from her wet pussy to her hot little ass. I push my cock into her willing pussy with one hard thrust. Holding on to her waist and hips, I slam and pound my hard cock into her pussy as hard as I can. Her tits are bouncing, her ass is shaking, and she sways her back and pushes her hot wet pussy back at me. I explode with a huge load of hot cum deep inside of her pussy, she moans and falls to the ground.

I can see my cum oozing out of her open pussy and down her inner thigh. It looks like honey dripping from a pot. I reach down and start rubbing my hot sticky cum all over her ass and pussy. June shakes, moans and lets go of one last orgasm.

I help June up from the ground, we gather our clothes and go into the house. As I lie in bed next to June, I cannot believe what has taken place in the past few days. She has never done anything like this and I find myself fantasizing of what next. Will June keep it up or will it stop as fast as it started.

My Wife, Part two, Coming Soon…

By: ERF.

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