My Wife


I always felt that something was wrong with me. I loved the thought of my wife fucking another man or even multiple men. I wasn't always that way though. I used to get extremely jealous to the point that I would drive off my girlfriends due to my possessiveness and jealousy.

As I got older, I started reading Penthouse Letters. I started off just enjoying any letter that involved fucking, but slowly gravitated towards the wife fucking letters. I guess it was the taboo of it all, seeing one's wife in the throes of passion with another man but knowing her heart belonged to you. Once I realized that as long as my wife's heart belonged to me I didn't have any jealousy then I was fine with the fantasy.

I married my childhood sweetheart, Susan. It wasn't like everyone else though, meeting as children and knowing you would be married. Her father was military and they moved away when she was 10 and I didn't meet up with her again for another 37 years, after I had started my divorce from my then current wife. Susan is very proper and conservative, but she does have a wild side to her. She loves sex and will engage in play with me, most of the times in public places.

Doesn't matter where it is, she will look around and grab me, or rub up against me. I know for a fact that I have her heart and she has mine.

With that in mind, I started thinking about what I would do if someone flirted with her. I thought about how I would react, how she would react, what would happen if things went further.

I started envisioning her rubbing up against another guy, letting him kiss her, letting his hands wander across her body. I then started fantasizing that he was stripping her slowly, all the while I would be there quietly watching the events unfold.

This fantasy slowly built in intensity to the point that I blurted it out during a late night romp with her. We had a bit to drink so I think she chalked it up to that. Still, she wasn't sure whether to be hurt or what concerning my revelation. She admitted that the thought was enticing but was adamant that she would never do anything like that as it would undoubtedly ruin our marriage. Still, I did notice a slight change in her. She would occasionally ask me during our love making sessions if I would be excited to watch her dance with another guy or let someone have their way with her.

This continued until one night we had a heart to heart talk about things. She just came right out and asked me why I had this fantasy and did it mean that I wanted other women. I assured her that she was the only one for me and that this would never be something to consider unless we were absolutely sure that our marriage was solid. I told her that it wasn't about her finding another love, but enjoying sex to the fullest. Seeing her in the height of passion was something I longed for. As we talked, I started caressing her breasts and her pussy. She was very responsive and wet. I told her I loved her with all of my heart but that I wanted to see her let loose and enjoy her body even if it meant with other men. We didn't talk any more after that, but enjoyed some frantic fucking.

This was the milestone in our marriage that I can look back on and see the change in her. She started dressing more revealing and more outgoing when we went out to clubs. She was more willing to dance with other men but would still not allow them to take any liberties with her.

All during this time, we continued to talk. I firmly believe that communication is the key to any marriage and I told her how exciting it would be to watch a man enter her for the first time, to watch her face as she had an orgasm and to watch him cum inside of her. She asked me if I was serious about another guy cumming in her and I assured her that I was. We talked about protection, using a condom which I am totally against. We didn't have any children but always wanted some and I told her that I would be fine if she didn't use any protection. She couldn't believe her ears. This was a major stumbling block to the progress we had made. Still, we continued to fantasize and go out.

Then one night, everything changed. We had gotten dressed up and went to a local pub for a few drinks. It was fairly busy, but we were lucky to sit at the bar. She sat next to this one good looking guy named Dave. We all started chatting a bit and it turned out he was single and got bored at his apartment and decided to go out. We were having a good time but the pub was getting ready to close and I wasn't ready to call it a night yet. I asked him if he wanted to join us at our place for more drinks. He readily accepted but Susan just shot me this look of shock! I just squeezed her knee and whispered that it was ok; we were just having more drinks. I could feel her relax a little but she still looked nervous.

We got to the house and I turned on some music and offered to get some drinks while they talked. I made a point to take my time and I would glance out every once in a while to see what was transpiring. Nothing much was going on except talking, so I brought the drinks out and I ensured that hers was stronger. I told Dave that we enjoyed dancing quite a bit and I asked Susan to dance. She was self-conscious but did; all the while slowly relaxing and enjoying it. I motioned Dave over with my finger and gestured that he should dance with her. He smiled and nodded and we exchanged places. I sat down and watched the events as they unfolded.

I changed the music to something slow and I saw Dave pull Susan into a tight embrace. She was stiff at first but slowly started dancing. He was a gentleman and kept his hands in a proper position for most of the dance but slowly started caressing her shoulders and lower back. I was getting excited watching this and decided to go and get more drinks. I stopped where I could watch unnoticed and saw Dave getting bolder with his advances. Susan wasn't objecting as much anymore. In fact, she looked flushed and excited.

Then it happened, I saw Dave move closer and turn her face with his hand and kissed her fully on the lips. She started to pull away but he kept her there with his other hand. She stopped resisting and started kissing him back. I saw his hand move down to her ass and he was rubbing it sensuously. Susan started moving against him like she would me.

I saw his had move to her breasts and start to caress each. Susan didn't object even when he moved his hand inside of her blouse and her bra. He was now pinching her nipples and she was kissing him deeply. My fantasy was being fulfilled right in front of me!

Susan caught my eye and she looked scared until she saw me smiling and I nodded that they should continue. I broke the tension by suggesting that we move this to the bedroom. Dave glanced at me and grabbed her hand as she led him into our marriage bed. He started to mumble something about not having a condom but I told him it was alright, that he didn't need to use any.

Susan, by now, had a wild look in her eyes. He undressed her and she stood there fully nude in front of the only other guy besides myself to have seen her naked! She then started to undress him and when his cock came into view, she grasped it and pumped it several times then bent forward to take it into her mouth. Up until this time, I had been the only man that she had ever had sex of any kind with. She took his cock and sucked it completely into her mouth and kept this up until he was fully erect which didn't take long at all. He guided her back on to the bed and lined his cock up with the opening of her pussy and slowly entered her. Her mouth gasped open as she started having an orgasm almost immediately. He started thrusting into her rapidly and after about 15 minutes, he gave a huge thrust and held her tightly as he came inside of her.

He fucked her at least 3 more times that night while I watched. The next morning, Susan was apprehensive and unsure of how she felt and wondered how I was feeling about it. My answer was to lay her on the bed and enter her myself. I had never come so intensely before. We talked about it and she confessed to how wonderful it had felt and we agreed that we would continue to do this on a regular basis. She ended up getting pregnant a couple of times over the next 5 years and we ended up with a boy and a girl. Even though they are not my own biological children, I love them as completely as if they were.

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