tagLoving WivesMy Wife & A Bottle Of Tequila

My Wife & A Bottle Of Tequila


My wife and I had been at dinner and probably had a little too much sake, she'd also had half a tab of E so she was feeling like kicking on all night. Miyako is Japanese 154cm tall about with the best looking tits and tiniest waste you've ever seen and a face like the famous Hakata Ningyo doll. She is the most beautiful woman I, and from the looks she gets, most men have ever seen. At 36 years of age she looks about 21-22 years old and when we go out, is constantly being approached by men half her age.

Tonight she was wearing a black leather mini-skirt, tight black leather jacket a lacey little top that looks to me like a brassiere, she assures me its not, and black leather knee high boots with heels that make her 170 cm tall and exaggerate the length of her legs which are long for a Japanese lady.

We were in Japan on vacation and it was coming to time to return home so we decided to leave the kids at mums get a hotel for the night and have a big night out. I had confided years ago that I had a fantasy about Miyako having sex with another man or maybe a threesome and although she had tried on 2 previous occasions had never succeeded. First time the guy was a young Danish quite handsome but unfortunately hopelessly drunk and cried cause he couldn't get up. The second time it was a 190cm African American, but this time it was my wife who chickened out.

Anyway I digress, back to what happened. Like I started my wife and I had been at dinner and probably had a little too much sake, she'd also had half a tab of E so she was feeling like kicking on all night. We found this little bar where a lot of non-Japanese drink and they play good music, Miyako loves dancing. So we sit at the bar and order drinks, I have Scotch and water and Miyako has a shot of tequila. I thought this could be interesting, every time she's had tequila in the past she explodes with sexual passion.

Before I even get to taste my scotch she has downed the first tequila and is being poured another. We take our drinks and sit at a corner table and sit, its still a little early so there aren't many people here yet. After a couple more drinks I go to the toilet and when I return there is this well dressed black guy sitting at the next table leaning over and talking to Miyako. She introduced me to this Jamaican guy and we started talking. After about five minutes my wife disappeared which I thought nothing of then later I spotted her at the bar drinking tequila shots with 2 other black guys, she gave me a little wave, and I kept talking to the Jamaican dude.

Next time I spotted her she was sandwiched between these 2 black guys on the dance floor, dancing fairly provocatively going down low between them and letting them rub their hands all over her body. I must admit I felt a pang of jealousy but also felt my cock surge. Next thing I know she's dragging me out the door explaining that these to guys want us to come to a different bar.

As we arrive I notice that there are about 7 men in this place and no other women. In the corner are Miyako's friends playing pool with 2 other black dudes. So we're all drinking and playing pool when the music starts so Miyako starts dancing and being the only lady there's no shortage of partners. In about half an hour there is about 20 people in the place and Miyako and her last partner sit on stools near the pool table. She was looking a little worst for wear so I asked her if she OK and she replies "Sure I've just had a bit too much to drink, but I'm OK."

Another two guys bring a bottle of tequila sliced lemons, salt and shot glasses to the table next to the stool she's sitting on so the four of them start drinking shots. I notice from where I'm standing the guy sitting on the stool to her left has his hand on her thigh and is slowly rubbing it up and down. Over the next ten minutes they do a few more shots and the guys hand is doing more ups than downs. His hand has now disappeared under her mini skirt and as its mini and she hasn't any knickers on he must nearly be at home base. Also the guy on the other side is also caressing her thigh but hasn't got that high yet. I think nearly everyone in the bar is watching the side show and it's getting more difficult to play pool. I'm just about to take my first shot on the black when I hear my wife have an orgasm. I turn around to see the guy on her left with 2 fingers buried to the hilt in my wife and the guy on her right kissing her cleavage.

I potted the black ball as she came down from her climax and stood up she then came over and said she wanted to play pool much to her companions' dismay. I broke, the black guy who was her playing partner shot and missed the other black guy who was my playing partner sank one and missed the next then Miyako miss-hit the white ball so we gentlemanly said she could have the shot again.

As she lent over the table to have her shot; her partner said "No girl, You doin' that all wrong, here let me show yas."

With that he walked around behind her and said "First of all you stand properly with you feet shoulder widths apart."

He used his foot to slide her legs shoulder width apart. "Then yous gotta keep your body down low over the cue girl."

Now her pert little arse was pointing skywards. Now standing behind her he bends right over the top of her with his hands on hers shows her the correct way to use the cue, as he is doing so they ever so slightly rock gently back and forth. As he stands back up he lets his hands slide from her hands up her arms to her shoulders then down her back so they finally come to rest on her hips. She is still slightly rocking back and forth. He then leans back undoes his fly and flops out this dick that is at least ten inches and as thick as a can of beer. When he lets it go its pointing straight at my wife's wet pussy, then he just leans forward until it's touching her outer lips.

At feeling this, my wife tries to stand up but he just puts his hands on the small of her back and thrusts his hips forward saying, "You didn't think you could tease us all night and not put out did ya."

With the first thrust he was in to the hilt and my wife gave a little squeal and grimaced for the pain of having something so big inside her for the first time. The grimace soon changed to a look of sheer bliss as he slowly picked up the tempo, it wasn't long before she was screaming at the top of her voice having a gut wrenching orgasm. My wife has unusually tight pussy and I don't think anyone could go through one of her orgasms and not cum, and this guy was no exception for no sooner had she cum when he let out a moan and unloaded deep inside her as he pulled out my pool partner jumped right in there and slammed his meat straight in, he wasn't as big but he was an action man and in no time at all my wife was having another orgasm. With that he let out a moan and unloaded inside her.

My wife couldn't move because her knees were to weak after the two very powerful orgasms she had just had. Her mini skirt had ridden up with all the action and left her cute little arse for all the world to see, but the whole world wasn't content with looking and as soon as he stepped out from behind her a replacement was in there. After about ten guys had enjoyed my wife I was about ready to put and end to it when her pool partner begged for one more fuck. As he had made a fantasy of mine come true I agreed.

He got up onto the pool table and lifted my wife on top of himself drew her legs up beside her and holding her legs entered her from underneath, Miyako who was very passive through all this squealed as he entered her with that monster again. As she started to come again she was screaming because he had her clamped so tightly to his body so that she could not even move her legs and was thrusting his ten inch beer can sized cock in and out to the hilt as fast as he could. Unbeknown to me the surprise was yet to come, as she was getting to the peak of yet another orgasm, my pool partner sprang up onto the table and with one clean thrust shoved his cock all the way up her arse, with this she lost her voice and just started shuddering uncontrollably for a good 2 minutes. With this both guys could not hold out any longer and simultaneously came and filled my wife with come. I decided it was probably time we left before someone put a sign out the front and started collecting a cover charge.

Out side I half carried my wife to waiting taxi told him which hotel to take us to. All this time I had been watching and thinking about cricket so I would cum in my pants but now I couldn't wait any longer so she sat on my lap in the back of the taxi. As I entered her I imagined it would be all loose and sloppy, after all 10 guys had just cum in her but to her body's credit it was just as tight as if I were the first and god knows where all that cum went. Well I'm afraid I couldn't hang on for long and I came after only a minute of her squeezing me and gyrating her pussy on me.

At the hotel I helped her bath and we made love and held each other all night. The next morning we discussed what had happened the previous evening she said it was fun and she was glad I had enjoyed it but she didn't think that she should do it again.

We'll see.

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