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My Wife and a Friend


A friend of mine, Kevin, recently separated from his wife. He found out that she had been cheating on him for some time. I offered to let him stay at my place for a few days until he made other arrangements. he was stunned by all that he had just found out and accepted my invitation.

I'm not even sure he had any clue what to do, so any direction sounded good. It's only me and my lady, Kim, and we have a guest bedroom, so it was really no inconvenience.

I went to pick him up, as he was in no condition to drive, and called Kim on the way to fill her in about what had happened and him staying. I had to drop him off and shortly after leave for work, and I didn't want her being surprised when she got home from her job.

I picked him up and he fills me in on the details. Some guy at her office, lying about working late, and so on. I offered a few words of comfort, but mostly left the talking to him. He eventually got around to admitting that it wasn't his wife screwing the guy that hurt so much, it was the lying. In fact he said, he was actually kind of aroused at the thought of her with another man.

I wasn't surprised by this; Kevin and I are a lot alike. Having another man in the bedroom was something that I had fantasized about for a long time, had a couple of talks with the misses about it, usually during foreplay. She never let on that she liked it, always made me feel like I was talking about it for myself, but it always seemed she'd get a little wetter when I talked about it.

I never thought I could actually go thru with it anyway, as I am somewhat jealous. However, it was a fun fantasy and pleasured my imagination.

I told Kevin the normal stuff- it'll get better, time heals all wounds. I then promised him a night at the strip club later in the week. I suggested maybe getting the shit fucked out of him by some hot stripper would take his mind off of things. I had a feeling this would work, it would've worked on me, and so we distracted ourselves with talks of past strip club visits and the one to come.

I could only stay at the house with him for a short time and there would be an hour or so before Kim got home. I was a little worried that he would get real down with that alone time. I gave him a porno and told him what time Kim would be home (wouldn't that have been a surprise) and was on my way.

I arrived home a few hours later and found them on the couch talking with the TV in the background. They said not much has been going on just having a few drinks and catching up. Now my wife and Kevin had known each other for a while, even before he met his wife. Then his wife came into the picture, Kim and I got to see him less and less cause she was very jealous, she always swore that Kim liked him and wanted to fuck him. It didn't matter how much he told her that Kim was always faithful to me; she would have nothing of it, so it was nice to all sit and relax and catch up. He seemed to be thinking about the situation less and enjoying the conversation. Soon it was time for bed though and goodnights where said and he thanked me for letting him stay. We all went to bed for the night.

The next morning Kim and I were in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking about the errands we had to run. I told her I was going to wake Kevin and ask if he wanted to join us. Well when I walked in his room there he was stark naked on his back, hard on sticking straight in the air. I laughed to myself and thought how funny it would have been had I sent Kim into wake him. As I moved to wake him it hit me how hot it would be to have Kim come in and see him like this. I froze for a second; was this cruel? How would the wife take it? I decided I might never again get the chance to show another man naked to her and know she saw his hard dick, so I left the room without waking Kevin.

I walked back into the kitchen, grabbed my coffee and started sipping. She watched and when I said nothing she asked if Kevin was going with us or not. Shit I said, I had forgot to wake him up. I asked if she could go do it since it was starting to get later and I wanted to get a shower and get going. Sure, she said. I went to the bathroom and listened at the door. Out of nowhere I heard a female voice exclaim "oh my god" and a moment later a man's voice say "holy shit". I knew she had walked in and caught him naked with his hard dick sticking straight up. I got in the shower and beat off thinking of my lady seeing another man's cock.

When I got back to the kitchen they were very quiet. Finally after I probed my lady, she related the story of what happened and couldn't stop laughing. She wasn't upset, which I was glad about. This broke the ice and a few jokes were made. Kevin opted not to join us and said he had a few things to take care of and would be here when we got back. I think he just wanted to jerk his dick thinking about my girl seeing his cock. The thought of him getting off on my wife started to turn me on, so, before we left I pulled him off to the side and told him where I had a stash of pictures of her in bathing suits, thongs, bras and such, if he wanted to look. There were also a lot of naked pictures, but they were in another spot and not knowing how she felt about the morning's events; if she found out about him looking I wanted it to be the lingerie photos and not the others.

The day was uneventful, except that I couldn't get the idea of what my lady had seen and Kevin beating off to her photos out of my head. I was so horny and couldn't wait to get home. It seems something had the misses riled up to; she even stopped in front of me in a store and grabbed my dick thru my jeans. On the car ride home I told her how I couldn't wait to be inside her. My wife has always loved sex and it didn't take much to get her going. As soon as we got home we rushed to the bedroom and started kissing and groping and were out of our clothes in no time and she did something out of the ordinary. She got on top. For whatever reasons she's not fond of being on top, and she only does it when she's really horny or tired of hearing me complain about it. She is a sexy five foot seven, huge ass and full b cup tits, nice full thighs, beautiful face. So here we are with her great body riding mine by her own choosing, really slamming her ass into me, thrusting my dick deep. I was enjoying it and started wondering what had got her so into this? Could it be she was so turned on from seeing Kevin's dick earlier? Maybe she was picturing herself on top of him right now.

After a great fuck we cleaned up and she went downstairs to see how Kevin's day had gone. I stayed upstairs and checked the pictures I had told him to look at. Sure enough he had looked thru them. I flipped thru them and envisioned him jacking off to them.

I wondered to myself again if she was so horny cause of seeing Kevin's hard cock. I was so excited but still not sure I could handle her being with someone else. I decided I would egg the situation on to see what would happen. I was enjoying it so far. I went downstairs and joined the conversation; we were drinking and laughing, all in pajamas. Kim had on silky ones, shorts and a button up shirt; Not revealing, but very hot. The more everyone drank, the more the conversation loosened up. We told Kim of our strip club plans and how to distract Kevin. She has no problem with the places and frequently goes with me, so I was surprised when she objected. She said that Kevin was going thru emotional turmoil and fucking a stranger wasn't the answer. She was never too fond of the idea of paying for sex anyway. She suggested he find someone he already knew and was comfortable with, that way it would be easier for him. He said that with how jealous his wife had been he didn't have any female friends like that anymore. The night went on and later the night was getting very loose. Kevin suggested that Kim owed him. She asked him what he meant; he said that since she saw him naked this morning, he should get to see her naked to level the playing field. She hesitated and then let out a laugh and we all joined in. I was really turned on by the idea of him seeing my lady's naked body though. I think she might have been too cause her nipples started to poke out her silky top more. This didn't go unnoticed by Kevin. Not long after that the night ended and we all went to out rooms again for bed.

That night Kim was very horny again, on top again too. That has never happened twice in one week, much less the same day. What was getting into her? After another great session of her not only slamming that bouncy ass onto my dick, but also riding reverse cowgirl, I decided to probe her as to how she felt about the days' events. I asked her if Kevin's dick was big, and she acted like it was no big deal. I kidded with her that it was only fair if he got to see her naked now too. I said shit, his wife had just cheated on him, it would be a nice distraction. She didn't respond much and we fell asleep.

The following morning I awoke to Kim getting out of bed. I waited till she was in the shower and went down the hall to wake Kevin. I told him she was in the shower and this was his chance to level the playing field. I told him that after she gets out she rubs lotion all over her body. I told him he should wait until the water stops for a minute and then go in. act like you just woke up and got to piss, walk in and act surprised. I stood down the hall and watched. He did what I told him and flung open the door.

I heard a squeal from Kim and apologies from Kevin as he backed out of the bathroom. Never once did he take his eyes off of her body, staring her up and down. He closed the door slowly to get a last peek and walked back down the hall to me. He thanked me and said how great she looked, then he went in the guest room and closed the door, probably to jerk off thinking about how he just saw my wife totally nude. My stomach felt a little funny. I was torn between being so turned on by him seeing my lady naked and jealousy. Not sure how much more I wanted to happen, but, man I was so fucking horny. This was amazing, this feeling. I couldn't wait to beat my dick thinking about her naked body being viewed by >another man. What a week I was having and it's just started I went to the bathroom and told Kim I'd heard her squeal and asked if everything was alright. She told me what had happened and blushed thru the whole story. I laughed and she joined in, but again we went into the bedroom, only this time she wanted me doggie style. While I was pounding into her, her ass jiggling off of me, I reached around and stuck a finger in her mouth. I wanted her to imagine sucking a dick while being fucked from behind. She got really into the sex then and started whimpering and almost sucked my finger off. It turned me on thinking of it being Kevin instead of my finger, and I came very quick and very hard. She did too, and I wondered if she was picturing the same thing.

We got ourselves ready as we had a wedding to go to that day. No one special, someone from my wife's work. She had called last minute and explained what was going on and got an invite for Kevin also. Very thoughtful of her. He didn't have much clothing, but my clothes fit him pretty well. He's slightly smaller than me, but they easily could have been his clothes. During the wedding my mind was wandering thinking about all that had occurred and what could come of it. possibly nothing more but the great fantasy that it had been already; maybe that was what was best. No chance for a fantasy to be more than I could handle but, man I was so into it, and besides a slight twinge in my stomach I was ok so far. Plus when might this kind of chance happen again?

I couldn't get the idea of her doggie with me in her pussy and Kevin in her mouth out of my head. I started to think that I could probably handle her blowing him. Not so sure about sex, but a blowjob never hurt anybody.

My mind was set. I would let things happen as they had been, and if it did go further I could deal with the blowjob. Nothing more though than that. I really love this woman and didn't want to chance ruining our lives. of course this was all still fantasy. She hadn't been with anyone since we got together and had always said she could never really do anything like that. She said we could fantasize since it turned me on so much, but that was it.

At the reception, Kim and Kevin were downing them, really trying to out do each other. They said it was rare to have free alcohol and they were going to take full advantage of it. Kevin commented how good she looked in her form-fitting red dress. A few more drinks for the both and Kim decided she wanted to dance. I opted out and Kevin said he would take her on the floor. She looked at me for approval- I know how she dances- and I nodded. I watched him stare at her ass as he followed her on the floor. They were out there a few songs and I watched intently.

I watched Kim shake her ass on him. I noticed that he was hard. I could see it from my seat so I knew she could feel it. She continued to rub her ass all over his crotch. I know alcohol makes her incredibly horny. She looked like she was getting really into this. He had his hands on her hips pulling her against him. I knew I was going to get some great sex tonight. I was so hot from watching these two I went to the bathroom and took care of my aching cock. When I got back they were at the table. They had a couple more drinks and things started winding down. We said our goodbyes and we were on our way home.

When we got there Kim and Kevin decided to keep drinking. They were already more than halfway gone and saw no point in stopping there. I again brought up the strip club and announced that Kevin and I were going to go the next night. Kim objected even harder this time, again restating her case. I said that Kevin had already stated that he didn't know anyone like that. He needed to see some titties bouncing and ass shaking to take his mind off of what was going on. Again she said it shouldn't be a stranger.

I was getting frustrated and said a little loudly "the man already said he doesn't know anybody like that and the only naked broad he's seen in years besides his wife is you this morning, so unless you're going to strip for us, we're going". I went to say something to Kevin and I heard a meek voice say simply "ok". Dead silence fell as Kevin and I both jerked our necks around to see her face. I expected to see a laugh on her face, but it was serious. Ok what I asked. Ok I'll strip for you she replied, better me than some stranger she said. Instantly I was horny and queasy. I couldn't believe she said that, still didn't think she would do it, but just crazy that she said it. A private strip show for me and my friend with my lady naked and dancing in front us, my friend seeing my wife totally nude and swaying her hips. I never thought I'd see this day after she had been so shy for years. Was I really ready for this?

Only one way to find out... I went to find some good music. I found the perfect song, Aerosmith "crazy" seemed ideal. Great song to see a girl strip to and this was definitely crazy. I took a seat on the couch next to Kevin. Kim stood still for a minute looking at us; I could see the nervousness on her face and thought she was going to back out.

She then closed her eyes and started swaying to the music, slowly she started getting more into it and rubbed her hands slowly over her body. Sliding them over her hips and across her belly and over her tits really working her hips now, she turned around and bent over slightly, arching her back. I was hard already and she hadn't even taken anything off yet. She peeled the shoulder straps of the dress down and let it start to fall off. Her eyes were still closed and the alcohol was definitely affecting her. I knew not only because she was doing this outrageous thing, but as she swayed she would go a little too far here and there.

The dress was let down to reveal a black strapless bra with her b cup titties pushing out of it, this was hot. She let the dress down further and turned around while dancing. The dress hung low and her black thong and top half of her ass was exposed. She started caressing her ass. I was so fucking turned on; I stole a glance Kevin's way. He didn't take his eyes off of her. My wife was about to be naked in front of me and my friend dancing. I couldn't believe this, I kept expecting her to stop, but as this had gone this far and I'd never seen her do anything like this before, I didn't know what to expect.

Kevin was hard and poking out his trousers, the dress came completely off. Now it was Kim dancing for us in bra, thong, and heels. The car's "who's gonna drive you home" came on. She finally opened her eyes and looked us in the face while she danced. The alcohol was really taking over now. I thought that maybe I should stop her, not knowing how much control she really had at this point. Her hands were exploring her body. She grabbed the clasp on the front of the bra and undid it but held it in place. Teasing us with it, then she pulled back one side and then another. Showing us her tits, her nipples were so hard. The wet spot on her thong continued to grow. This was no longer helping a friend in a tough spot. She was enjoying this. She turned around and teased, pulling the thong halfway down her ass and letting it rest there while she shook it in front of us, she'd seen enough strippers in her time to do it perfectly. I'd swear she practiced this though. She looked like a natural. Back around to face us, sticking her fingers down her panties and bringing them up glistening to her mouth to taste herself. Finally pulling her thong off altogether, while showing Kevin her shaved pussy, he lips swollen. She ran her finger between her lips and you could see the wetness sticking to it as she pulled her hand away.

I almost came just thinking about Kevin seeing this. My cock was aching. She turned around one more time spreading her ass cheeks and showing it all to us, then faced us and took a bow.

Kevin and I both leapt to our feet and applauded. She walked over to me, somewhat unsteadily from all the drinks and hugged me. With Kevin watching, I grabbed her ass for a squeeze. Then she hugged Kevin and slurred some as she said "I hope I helped you some". He smiled and agreed she had. He must have been feeling the alcohol too, because he couldn't help himself and squeezed her ass. She jumped just slightly but didn't push him away. This was unbelievable, how much she was doing. I again questioned how much control she had over what was happening.

After the squeeze, she started to walk down the hall. I told Kevin I'd be right back and followed her to our room. I kissed her hard and put my hand between her legs, found her clit and started rubbing. She was so wet.

I was still thinking I could be ok with the blow job, but just unsure if she knew what she was doing. I pressed further anyway. I was too horny I couldn't help myself.

I told her she had only solved half the problem. I was taking Kevin to the strip club to get him off too, not just see stripping. I didn't know what to expect, before tonight I would have thought a slap, but now who knew.

She said that she couldn't solve that. I tried for the next best thing. I suggested we start kissing in front of him and just let him watch us have sex, she said she didn't know about that.

I started rubbing her pussy harder and sticking a couple of fingers in her. She said well let's just start kissing and see what happens. Her words were really slurred now, the alcohol was definitely in control.

As we walked down the hall I said that maybe she could give him a hand job, at least to get him off, all she said was maybe. We went back out to the room with Kevin. As we got back to the couch, Kevin was surprised to see her still nude. I said since I can't go buy sex for you Kevin, maybe we'll just put on a little show for you.

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