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My Wife and Her Friend


They say to be careful of what you wish for, because it just might come true and to my delight I found this to be true in the naughtiest possible way. My name is Sam, short for my longer unpronounceable name. I live in a small country in the Indian Ocean famous for its spices and also its spicy lives as you will see in this story. I am 34, 5 feet 9 inches and compared to most Sri Lankan's I am slim and of fair complexion which is usually the envy of some of my friends. I look younger than my age due to my boyish appearance. I am a quiet person who doesn't hang out with friends. Until this event described here, my only indiscretions were porn and role plays online. By the title of the story, you will realize that I am married and furthermore, we don't have any kids. My wife looks much younger than her age of 32. She is 5 feet 4 inches and is fairly slim. Her body shape follows millions of South Asians with generous curves although stopping short of being too curvaceous due to her genetic mix. She has dark hair unto her shoulders and the most important feature of her body is her breasts. She is a 30C with her other statistics measuring 24 and 32 respectively. Needless to say, she looks hot. Her voice is sweet and her oval face gives her more of an oriental appearance than a south Asian. This is mainly due to her mom being of Chinese descent and the father being Sri Lankan. This exotic mix gives her an awesome appearance that combines the fair skin of her mom and her features along with the curves.

My wife, whose name was Jasmine, grew up mainly in China and I met her when she moved to Sri Lanka after her higher studies. We fell in love at first sight and started our life together a year after we met. After a few years of marriage, I saw the first signs of my wife being bi-curious. She would love to watch lesbian porn and movies featuring MFF threesomes. I thought nothing of this and was delighted to have her beside me watching movies I loved since my teens. The change in our lives started with the arrival of her friend Mali. She was a Sri Lankan who had spent time in China for her studies.

Mali was 28 and was much taller than my wife. Though her ancestry was Sri Lankan she was taller than the average Sri Lankan woman at 5ft 8 inches, she was almost as tall as me. She was brown skinned with long hair up to her waist and her breasts were as big as Jasmine's which I estimated to be a C cup. Her legs were the most striking feature. They were long and slender and the proportion of her hips to the rest of her body made her a little plump at the hips giving her a fuller look.

The first time I saw Mali, I took some time to register the fact that I was staring at her. She had a half smile on her face acknowledging my stare and I almost jumped when I felt my wife pinch me hard on my butt. I have never been so embarrassed in my life like this and besides she was my wife's childhood friend. However, Mali seemed quite comfortable with the attention she got from guys as I found out. She carried herself with the level of confidence of a woman who knew she was pretty but didn't let that affect her personality. She was a simple girl with a good sense of humor and gentleness about her that made me comfortable around her. I was of the type that really didn't feel comfortable around beautiful women but Mali was drastically different from some of the beautiful women I have interacted with. One more feature of Mali was the tops she wore. Most of the tops were low cut and she didn't seem to mind flaunting her cleavage. I got caught many times staring at her cleavage. She made no attempt to hide it and in some instances I wondered whether she did this purposely.

I learnt that she was getting over a divorce from a marriage of almost 8 years. I didn't want to dig into details but I could see that she had not gotten over him yet. There were tears in her eyes when she saw us hugging just before I left for work.

Jasmine invited her to stay with us for a while until she got back on her feet and I was happy to see two women in the house at all times wearing minimal clothing and being very comfortable in their attire even in front of me. Our two roomed apartment suddenly turned into a very cozy environment with loads of soft toys, teddy bears, bean bags and cushions.

I realized that the two ladies were very comfortable with each other and ended up going on shopping trips. At certain instances I felt left out. But I usually got Jasmine's full attention in bed. She can be quite noisy in bed and one night we were slightly drunk and the action in the bedroom started without any inhibitions. Jasmine started moaning as I started to lick her pussy. I felt someone's eyes on us and turned round to see a silhouette by our bedroom door. Before I could say anything, Jasmine pulled me back to her pussy and held me there. I realized that I could see the door from the mirror and saw Mali watching us. I was torn between wanting to close the door and let her see us. She moved a little into the light to get a better glimpse of us and I could see that she was wearing a camisole and a sexy pair of shorts. My wife's cries diverted my attention back to her wet pussy and in the ensuing passion I forgot all about that episode until I met Mali the following morning.

"I am sorry, Sam, about last night," she said, her voice in a whisper.

Suddenly the previous night's experience came to mind. I blushed as I looked down wondering what I should say.

"Its OK, Mali, we are adults after all," I recovered enough from my embarrassment to put her at ease. She said nothing but appeared relieved at my reaction. Her hand was inadvertently on my arm and my gaze went down to her gaping cleavage. She had just got up and she was leaning over in her embarrassment to explain things to me so that she forgot about her exposure. I was in my boxers and I felt a stirring in my loins.

"Jasmine is so lucky to have you," she said her hand still on my arm. I nodded not knowing what to say, my gaze being drawn to her deep cleavage. Her skin seemed so soft and unblemished. She was radiating a lot of body heat and I felt like hugging her and to my surprise, I pulled her to me and hugged her. I felt her stiffen but she returned my hug. I shuddered as I felt there was only a very thin material between our bodies. The seconds seemed like hours as I felt her arms tighten around my neck. My cock started to respond and I was sure she must have felt it. Abruptly, she pulled back, her eyes brimming with tears and without a word she turned back and went to her room. I was clueless as to what I should do.

I finished my breakfast and managed to leave for work in record time especially because I every time I looked at Mali I remembered the episode the previous night and the following morning and to my surprise, this led to a stirring in my crotch that made me a wee bit uncomfortable. I didn't want to start having thoughts about my wife's' best friend. But during work all I could think of was Mali and the way that she had watched us. I could still feel the heat of her body when we hugged. Before long I started imagining what it would be like if she had walked in and joined us. My hard on was becoming unbearable.

I came back to find the two ladies giggling away as I walked in. They gave each other strange looks. I tried my best not to meet Mali's eyes and rushed into the shower to get rid of the excess fluid in my balls. However, my attempts were interrupted when my wife called me for dinner. I reluctantly had to leave the task half done and with the greatest difficulty managed to find a t-shirt that would cover my apparent sexual interest in the two ladies: my erection.

I didn't think much of it at first and during dinner I realized that the ladies were quieter than usual. They avoided my questions on whether anything happened to make them upset. Jasmine suggested that we watch a movie. Usually, the girls sit together and I sit at the corner. I didn't realize it at first but I ended up being in the middle this time. Jasmine wore a short denim skirt and a short top that didn't do much to cover her cleavage. She avoided bra's at home. Mali, wore a tight short sleeved t-shirt that accentuated her breasts. The material was thin enough for me to see the outline of her bra which was deliciously orange. I realized she was wearing a padded bra making her breasts look even larger.

She wore a cotton skirt that barely ended a few inches above her knees. We usually end up watching the movie on a movie projector and the lights are turned off. During the movie there were a few erotic bits that got me excited. After a while I felt Jasmine reach over my lap to hold Mali's hand. I was surprised to find the two ladies holding hands over my lap. Mali started to caress Jasmine's hand during the emotional bits of the movie. She was sitting on my right and her left elbow rested on my tummy as she let Jasmine hold her hand. She would reach over and rub her hand with her right hand in the process, rubbing her breasts against my arm.

I didn't know if this was done purposely but my blood started to pump into all areas of my body. The girls' had a habit of giving each other a kiss on the cheek and they started doing it while watching the movie. Two hot ladies kissing even on the cheek made my blood boil especially after the episode the previous night.

Luckily I had my underwear on and unluckily they were a pair of boxers. A bulge was readily visible and I was saved by the lack of illumination. I was thanking my lucky stars for this when during one peck on the cheek, Jasmine's arm brushed against my hard-on that was refusing to go down. Immediately after the kiss I heard the girls exchanging words and there was a giggle. I was too engrossed in the movie and my erection to catch the words. However, I suddenly felt a hand start to caress my erection. I shuddered as I tried to figure out who it was.

To my relief, I found my wife's hand on my erection while she caressed Mali's hand. Her eye's were gleaming in the semi-darkness and looked mischievous. I was wondering what I should do at this point. The safest bet would have been to get up and go but the decisions were made by a part of my brain that I had very little control over. I stayed on wondering what would happen next. I detected a slight tug-o-war between the girls. Jasmine was trying hard to pull Mali's hand towards her. After a few seconds I realised that this would bring Mali's hand into contact with my erection. My heart started to beat faster than it had done ever before. I started to break into a sweat. One of my dreams was coming true. Before Jasmine, I had never been with any other woman and I used to wonder what it would be like. Although I did get many opportunities, I decided not to complicate matters by sleeping with other women and remained faithful. After all that, my wife was pulling her best friends hand so that it would be on top of my hard-on. I found it hard to believe. Without thinking I lifted my hand and put it around my wife and Mali removing any obstacles to their little contest.

Jasmine proved to be stronger and Mali's hand was getting closer and closer to my erection. I realized that she was shy but was not resisting too much. Finally, her wrist was over my erection and the struggling between the two girls caused the hands to move more vigorously making Mali's hands rub against me more.

"Oh gosh Jasmine! What are you doing?" exclaimed Mali after a few minutes of struggling. She tried without much success to take her hand away. Jasmine was much too strong for her or was she pretending to take her hand away? I could not be sure. I decided to ignore most of it and concentrate on the movie or at least try to concentrate on it.

"Well we are seeing who is stronger. Isn't that right Sam?"

"Oh yeah," I said, not knowing what else to say.

"So who is stronger Sam?" Jasmine asked me.

"Still hard to say!"

"What will the winner get Sam?"

"I don't know. At the moment I win every time one of you wins!"

Both girls laughed at that.

"Well, it unfair that you are getting all of the benefits from our contest, isnt't it Mali?"

"Yeah, I guess," Mali seemed a bit wary of where this was going.

"Well, why don't I give each of you a nice rub when one of you pass the middle marker?" I said. We didn't really need to know what this middle marker was. The girls giggled again.

"Can we sample the quality of this rub you promised us?" asked Jasmine, her eyes glinting.

I put my hand on the side of Jasmine's breast, right under the armpit and caressed her. She moaned as she felt my hand there. I was less than ambitious with Mali. I started rubbing her shoulder blade my fingers lightly overlapping the softness underneath her armpit. She stiffened a bit and I continued to rub gently. I felt her relaxing. I didn't want to go as far as I did with Jasmine. I could feel the material of her bra under my hand, its silky softness making my fingers slide over the material. The material of her t-shirt was so thin so that I could feel the texture of her bra.

"So what do you think ladies?"

They both nodded in unison and I realized that I had relieved the tension a bit more. Mali was almost over the fence now and I knew that a bit more prompting would get her to do what I fantasized about. They started their little tug-o-war again.

"Do you mind Sam rubbing me too?" Mali asked Jasmine her voice barely above a whisper. My mind was racing. I kept rubbing Mali's shoulder blade and was wondering how to make my move towards the side of her breasts. Finally, she gave me the push I needed.

"Of course don't be silly."

"Your husband has a nice touch," she said leaning back a little and my hand conveniently slid under her arm pit and I was caressing the soft skin on the side of her breast. I felt her stiffen again and I was sure that I had blown it. I was about to retreat my fingers, slowly. She must have felt it because she pushed herself back imperceptibly and my fingers started their quest again.

I felt Mali relax a little more and lean back more. My hands went further towards the front of her breasts. I had cupped my hands on Jasmines' breast over the t-shirt. I could feel the nipple hard against my palm.

"Oh really, wait till you see what else he can do!" Mali turned to me and said something that made me shudder. "Well maybe I know already," she said and both girls laughed. I was blushing like a strawberry and was glad that the lights were off.

"What are you up to my dear hubby?"

"Nothing! I am just keeping my promise."

Jasmine, reached over and started exploring under Mali's armpit. She found my hand.

"That's totally unfair!" she said, pulling my hand further towards the front and making me cup Mali's breast. Mali squealed and tried to get away but Jasmine was firm. After a few minutes of struggling, Mali settled down to being cupped by my hand. I first let her get used to my hand there. My hand was trembling as I felt another woman's breast for the first time. After a while she started getting closer to my face, her cheek almost rubbing against mine. She purred like a kitten. I kept the gentle pressure with my hands on both ladies. I couldn't feel Mali's nipples since the bra was heavily padded.

Jasmine started to make the contest a bit more interesting. She intertwined her fingers with Mali's so that both palms started touching my cock from either side. Every time either girl started to pull towards her, my cock got caught in the middle making me moan. I started to give their breasts more attention in response to the delicious movements they were making. Their hands were in a sensual dance squeezing my cock between them.

"Well you have to treat both girls equally," Jasmine said as she moved closer to get more of my attention. She lifted her t-shirt and showed Mali, what I was doing to her. Mali shuddered as she licked her lips, her eyes going between my hand, Jasmines' breast and my face.

I was shocked. My wife was asking me to literally grope her best friend. I saw Mali leaning over and continue to look at what I was doing. Her mouth parted and I saw her tongue dart across her lips wetting them.

She turned to me in semi-darkness for what seemed like ages. I could see her expression. It was a mix between lust and caution. I felt her making a decision and her other hand reached mine and pushed it under her t-shirt.

That was all the prompting I needed. I moved under her t-shirt and cupped her breast over the bra cup. She didn't react at first but then I felt her hand starting to rub against my cock with more force pushing slightly against it. Her breath started to come fast as I squeezed her breast.

Jasmine must have felt it too and she started to reciprocate but still did not abandon the appearance of the contest. Mali was breathing like a steam engine and writhing against my body. Her hand was squeezing my cock along with Jasmine. I felt Jasmines' hand snake across my chest and pull Mali's face down.

I stared in wonder as they moved towards each other in their customary move to kiss but this time I was surprised to see their lips touch each other. Mali was self conscious at first but the gentle squeezing of my hand overcame her shyness. It started with a gentle kiss. I went nuts! I pushed up Mali's bra which seemed to be looser as she bent and I pushed my hand under the seam and I was holding her breast finally in my hand. Saliva was dripping from Jasmines' mouth onto their hands. I realized she was mimicking Japanese kissing videos we had watched so many times on the Internet.

It took Mali some time to realize that my hand was inside her bra. She tried to push my hand away but I was insistent. Her attempt was half hearted. Jasmine saw what she was trying to do and she started to nibble Mali's lips, sucking on them slowly as both hands started caressing my cock harder. Her attempt to distract Mali was successful. Mali lost interest in trying to take my hand away from her breast. Jasmine stopped kissing Mali for a few seconds and moved closer to my hand she pulled my palm towards her and made it wet with a generous coating of saliva. Before Mali knew what was happening my hand went back to caressing her breast. This time the sensation must have been better since Mali moaned as my palm slid all over her breast moistened by my wife's saliva.

I was excited to feel Mali's nipple get harder. It was much bigger than Jasmine's. It was so big that it stared poking out from between my fingers and I started to squeeze it between my forefinger and middle finger. Her breast felt heavy in my hand. Every time I squeezed her nipple between my fingers, she moaned into Jasmines mouth. I figured that she liked being pinched on her nipple.

The two girls started to kiss each other harder. Both had long tongues and I was fascinated to watch the little duel between them. Jasmine was trying to dominate Mali and Mali was doing the same to Jasmine. Both women seemed to want to conquer the other just like what they did with their hands earlier. I realized that Jasmine was pulling my shorts down while kissing and finally my cock was out in the open. I heard Mali protest a little as she suddenly felt my hard warm cock against her hand. She managed to take her hand away.

Mali turned away from the moist mouth of my wife and looked at me, her eyes questioning. I smiled at her gently urging her to touch my cock.

"If you want my reward, you will have to continue touching me Mali."

"Don't you guys mind? I haven't done something like this before."

"Neither have we," Jasmine said.

"But, is this right?" she asked.

"As long as you want it and as long as we want it to happen, its alright," I answered showing her the confidence I didn't feel. She hesitated. My wife moved closer to my mouth and started to kiss me hard, totally ignoring Mali. My hand started to caress Mali's breast again. While caressing her I pulled her towards me. At first she didn't move but after pinching her nipple a few times, she relented. Jasmine continued to kiss me hard. Her mouth was wet and there was saliva all over us. She had this ability to produce large quantities which sometimes looked a lot like semen. I felt Mali watching us. She was being ignored and her hand lay limp on my thigh.

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