My Wife and Her Friend


She kept watching us. My hand continued to caress her breast and slowly her hand started to caress my thigh, moving towards my cock. It was tentative but I could feel that we were making good progress. I moaned as I felt her hand get closer, my hips moving towards her hand, giving her an unmistakable signal. Her hand tentatively moved to the base of my cock. I felt her grip the base and move her way upwards. Her touch was tentative and her grip unfamiliar. Finally, she moved towards the head and started to rub it gently. Jasmine must have seen what was happening and she gave Mali a little lesson on how I liked my cock to be rubbed. I liked a bit more force and a stronger grip. I moaned into her mouth as Mali mimicked the movements that I loved.

My wife finally let go of her hand and Mali didn't let go of my cock. Her hand squeezed it harder. It moved down to my balls and squeezed them.

After a while my wife moved away from kissing me and pushed Mali towards my mouth. Her movements were still hesitant as all this was new to her. Her lips quivered nervously as her gaze moved towards my lips. I waited for her to take her time not wanting to make sudden moves. She moved millimeter by millimeter, her gaze so open and honest, her face lovely in the dim light. My hand continued to rub her breast and her eyes half closed when she felt my hand. Her lips were so close but I didn't make a move towards them. Finally, they were touching mine. I started to kiss them lightly savoring each lip. She had full lips that were so soft. Her breath came faster and I started to suck one into my mouth. She shuddered and came closer and finally we were kissing. She was passionate in her kissing but I could feel a bit of resistance.

Even I was feeling a bit strange to be kissing someone other than my wife. Her tongue was warm and moist and shy. It kept darting into my mouth and going back out when I started to touch it with mine. Finally, I cornered her tongue and sucked it into my mouth. Her resistance faded as I started to kiss her harder getting more familiar with her mouth.

In the mean time, my wife took off the shorts and boxers and spread my legs. The movie was now totally forgotten.

Jasmine started caressing my balls while she started kissing my thighs.

Mali broke the kiss for a moment and looked at my face her face betrayed the emotions she was feeling now. She was torn between her lust and the thought of making love with a couple. Her eyes went down to Jasmine. She was licking around the base of my cock. Mali reached out and touched it.

My cock responded to her hand. Her hand became so tightly wrapped over my cock and her movements were intense. Jasmine pulled her down and started to kiss her hard. Jasmine left her friend stranded and started to lick the tip of my cock.

She kept looking at my cock and I was delighted to find some of her saliva dripping on it while they kissed over my cock earlier. She wiped her mouth, embarrassed. I smiled at her as if nothing happened.

Mali kept looking at Jasmine playing with the tip of my cock and her lips inadvertently puckered her tongue came out wetting them. I knew by instinct what she wanted to do. She wanted to suck my cock but was not willing to make the first move. Jasmine figured this out and she lovingly pulled Mali's head down to my cock.

Just for the record, Mali resisted. Her mouth remained closed as the tip of my cock rubbed against her soft lips. Jasmine kept her pressure and soon I felt Mali's reluctant tongue start to lick and play with my foreskin. My wife licked the underside of my cock and at one point both tongues came close to each other. Both ladies forgot my cock for a while and kissed each other while sucking part of my foreskin into their mouth.

This made me hotter than I have ever been in my life. Having my own wife share my cock with her best friend is a fantasy most guys have.

Mali continued nibbling on my foreskin and biting it while my wife watched excitedly. She pulled away and started to undress, her movements stealthy to avoid scaring her friend.

Mali looked up while she was biting my foreskin as she saw my wife get naked. My wife joined her and they started to nibble the top of my cock taking turns. The two ladies were unbelievably gentle and slow with the tip of my cock. This made me so hot. They kissed each other over my foreskin, sucking it into their mouth as if it were part of each other's lips.

It was the most erotic sight. Jasmine pulled my foreskin down and exposed my sensitive pink head. They started to lick it on either side sucking it at times. They seemed like two friends exploring a cock for the first time awed by its contours.

I saw Mali reach for Jasmines' breasts and start to squeeze them. Her other hand caressed her thigh. Jasmine kissed her harder as she felt a woman's touch on her breasts. I saw Jasmine lovingly run her fingers through Mali's hair and hold her head while pushing her gently onto my cock.

I shuddered as I saw her lips part engulfing my cock head. I groaned as I felt her tongue explore me. My wife was good at oral sex but it felt nice to have someone else sucking my cock for a change. The fact that she was unfamiliar with me made it more exciting. Her lips moved lower taking me into her mouth and I felt it hit the roof of her mouth. She kept squeezing my cock head against the roof of her mouth and pulled it out, licking the skin at the top. Jasmine sat on the couch and started to kiss me as her best friend continued to suck me. I reached down with one hand and caressed my wife's breast and Mali's with the other. I loved the feel of her hard nipple that stood out hard against my palm. I let my wife wet my palm with her saliva before my hand went to Mali's breast. I heard her moan as she felt my palm slick with Jasmine's saliva gliding over her breast. She bit my cock to show her pleasure and I moaned into my wife's mouth.

I felt my wife scoot over closer and understood that Mali was pulling her closer. I watched Mali caress my wife's breasts and move lower to her tummy. Jasmine pushed one of my hands to join Mali's hand. I started caressing Mali's hand as it moved lower and lower. With years of practice behind me, I was able to direct her hand towards her liquid core which was wet with her lovely juices. I urged her hand to rub my wife in the way she liked it while my hand moved to her buttocks.

My wife loved to have her anus rubbed while her pussy was being sucked or fingered. She derived extreme pleasure from anything rubbing against her anus, be it tongue, finger or a toy. Mali started rubbing my wife's pussy while sucking my cock and I moved down her crack. I reached her ass hole and rubbed it a little. Jasmine moaned as she felt what I was about to do. It was wet with her pussy juice that had trickled down to her ass. I started rubbing my wife's ass hole tracing her puckering rim. She moaned and moved against my finger and Mali's. I tugged at Mali's t-shirt indicating to her that it was time for her to take off her clothes.

She took off her clothes exposing her lithe body. Her cotton skirt came off and she brought it up to my face to show the wet patch. I started to lick the wet patch after breaking off from kissing my wife. She joined me in tasting her friends' pussy juice. Without thinking I pulled Mali up to stand on the couch asking her to put her legs on either side of my face and I started to lick her thighs. This drove Jasmine crazy and she started to lick the back of Mali's thighs paying generous attention to the back of her knee, moving up to the butt. I felt Mali's legs tremble as she experienced her best friend and my attention on her body. Her panties were drenched and we both reached the crotch at the same time.

Our tongues started to fight for her sweet nectar as we pushed each other away from the dripping material. Mali was holding onto the couch as she felt the delightful sensations of our fight for her pussy. Jasmine made me stop for a while and while she asked Mali about what we were doing.

"Do you want me to lick your sweet pussy baby?"

"Oh my god, please lick my pussy."

"Do you want my husband's tongue there too?"

Mali was silent and not willing to say it out loud.

"Say it doll, or we are not going to lick you there!"

"Oh Jas, I want you both. Oh gosh, I want you both there."

Jasmine reached under her thighs and started to lick her again. Her long tongue darted all over her creamy skin. I started doing the same and then we did something so erotic. We ended up kissing each other under Mali's spread legs. Mali groaned as she felt our mouths making wet sounds between her legs but her body yearned for our touch. She moaned in frustration as the the wet sounds didn't match with what she expected which was to feel our tongues.

Mali's panties were so wet that we could see the outline of her pussy lips. By this time the film was over and the bright light from the screen bathed Mali's body with a sexy glow.

My wife's lips left mine to explore Mali's nether lips. I watched her as she explored Mail's camel toe. The panties she wore were so thin that it stuck to the contours of her lips. I joined her tongue and tried to get some of the moisture that was oozing out of her pussy.

We pulled down her panties exposing a totally shaved pussy. I started to lick her pussy and my wife started to lick Mali's crack. At first she moved away but as my tongue started exploring her core she lost all of her inhibitions. I saw my wife start to part Mali's buttocks and start to explore her virgin ass. I watched for a while as her tongue lovingly explored the opening, tasting the most private part of her best friend.

"Oh gosh! You guys are killing me! Oh Jas what are you doing?" moaned Mali as she felt the joy of the first contact with the thousands of nerve endings around her ass hole. She shuddered as she felt both our tongues explore her. She started bucking her hip towards my face and I reached up to pinch her nipples as I continued to lick her pussy. My wife got hold of one of my fingers and started to push it into Mali's pussy. Mali moaned as she felt my finger go in slowly through the folds of her pussy.

We were bringing her to an exquisite orgasm. I felt my wife slip my cock into her pussy but didn't feel her move. She loved to stay still and kiss me while having my cock in her. She never moved and that made me feel a bit frustrated but it was just enough to tease me and keep me going when we used to make love. She was doing the same thing now and I started to lick Mali's pussy harder. My wife tongued her friends' ass as we slowly drove her towards the edge. After a while, she made Mali turn. She was almost in a trance while Jasmine helped her turn facing her ass towards me. I started to kiss her firm buttocks and started rubbing the backs of her thighs while Jasmine started to lick her friend's pussy.

I watched in fascination to see her tongue disappear into her friends lips, exploring her core. I flexed my cock inside Jasmine just to let her know I was enjoying the view. I started to lick Mali's crack that was now drenched in her sweat and my wife's saliva. I loved her smell as I moved down lower. Her hands reached back and to my surprise, they parted her buttocks for me so that I could find her sensitive spot. I started licking her rim and tracing it lovingly as my wife continued to lick Mali's pussy. My tongue probed her gently and I felt the muscles relax and I was able to slip past her defenses. It was awesome to be caught by a group of muscles so powerful enough to push my tongue out. But this was a battle I relished. I kept pushing my tongue in and she tried her best to push it out. Her butt started moving harder against my face and I realized she was reaching her peak. I joined my wife's' tongue with a finger and I started to finger her pussy while my tongue was buried in her ass.

I felt the orgasm start but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Mali came so hard that she shook for almost a minute. She went berserk, pushing and pulling our heads and screaming while her body jerked with an orgasm which was literally earth shattering.

We slowly brought her down to sit on the couch. She seemed in a dream state. We started to kiss her lovingly nursing her back to reality. I was still inside Jasmine and every moment she made was exquisite. Jasmine slipped out of me and started to suck my cock again. I took a bold step and pushed Mali's head down as well. They started to lick me again. After a while, Jasmine climbed onto the couch in the same position as Mali was before. I needed no second invitation to lick her pussy. Mali surprisingly continued to suck my cock.

I moaned as I felt Mali's finger move down tentatively towards my ass hole. I scooted down a little to let her find it, spreading my legs and lifting my hips. Her first touch almost brought me to my long awaited climax. Mali, realizing my predicament pinched my thigh hard taking my concentration else where. She let me be for a little while kissing my thigh and fiddling with my balls until it was safe to lick me again. This time she started to lick my balls, sucking each one of them into her mouth while her finger massaged my anus. I keep this area shaved and hairless so that I could enjoy the attention. Her mouth kept sucking one ball in and out of her mouth making a wet noise. She knew how to apply the right amount of pressure on it. She repeated the treatment on the other ball. Her fingers gently rubbed the spot between the balls and the anus while her mouth explored my balls.

I felt her hand moving lower to my anus guided by my moans. She put a generous amount of saliva on her finger as she rubbed the opening. I moaned into Jasmine's pussy. I squeezed her buttocks and pulled her to me while starting to move my fingers down her crack. Jasmine kept rubbing my anus while she sucked on my cock head.

Jasmine had a fairly large clit and it felt like a small penis in my mouth as I sucked it in. Her movements became urgent as she moved closer towards her orgasm. I was not ready to make her cum so soon. I stopped my assault on her pussy and turned her around. She protested but not vigorously as I firmly made her virtually sit on my mouth. She let my tongue explore her sphincter probing the tough muscles and tantalizing the nerve endings.

My tongue slipped into her anus with ease and I started to lick the inside of her ass. My fingers found her pussy and started to push in. I managed to put 2 of my fingers in her and she groaned as she felt my full attention. Mali left my cock for a bit and started to suck on Jasmine's exposed clit. My wife was getting closer to heaven. I felt the tell tale signs and moved my fingers faster. Her moans increased in volume as we gently coaxed her over the edge. She came so hard that I thought we were going to topple over the couch. She shuddered and pushed Mali away as her body became too sensitive to touch, pulling her up so that they were standing on the couch kissing each other.

Finally, Jasmine settled down and we kissed her and Mali went back to her task of licking me while I kissed my wife.

"To be fair, we should let Sam have the same treatment." she said to Mali and before I knew it, I was standing on the couch with my ass pointed at my wife's face as she proceeded to lick me there. Mali had her mouth full with my cock. Both ladies entered the contest again and I felt Jasmine penetrate my defenses. I moaned as Mali sucked my cock hard making it wet with her saliva. I moved back and forth letting the ladies take full control. Jasmine rubbed the area between my balls and anus which was extremely sensitive and I was not going to last longer. I warned Mali that I was about to cum and tried to move out of her mouth but she wouldn't let go.

When I was just about to cum hard, Mali pushed her hand to the base of my cock and squeezed her hand around my cock, restricting the flow of cum. My body shuddered as I tried to ejaculate in spasms, but the outlet was effectively blocked. My cock continued to tray and push the cum out and Mali kept blocking it. Finally, the spasms subsided and I was still hard. This was the first time someone had done this to me even though I had read about it. My thighs started to hurt and I got down on the carpet. Both ladies joined me. They brought my cock back to its previous hardness. Mali and Jasmine shared my cock. They sucked it, bit the skin. One would hold the lower part between her teeth like a bone while the other sucked on the head. Then they would reverse the position. It was a dream come true for me to see two ladies sucking my cock. Sometimes they would stop their sucking and kiss each other over my cock till my moans reminded them.

Jasmine let me fuck Mali's breasts while holding my cock between her. I realized that her breasts were bigger than my wife's' as I pumped my cock between her breasts. I saw my wife whisper something in Mali's ear and saw her blush furiously. She shook her head but my wife insisted and she disappeared into our room leaving Mali and me staring at each other. She looked as if she wanted to run away from us. I gently pulled her to me and started to kiss her lips, my hands moving along her long body. She settled down after a while. I realized that my wife was back and she made me wear a condom. She then joined the embrace kissing each of us and slowly pushing Mali lower so that her pussy would be so close to my cock. All of a sudden I realized what Jasmine was trying to do. Mali seemed reluctant, but my wife kept rubbing her pussy and pushing her down.

After what seemed like ages, she managed to get her pussy close to my cock head and she started to rub my cock against Mali's pussy. Mali moaned as she felt the tip of my cock against her wet pussy lips. The insistent rubbing of my cock against her pussy made her lose control. I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy. I realized that Jasmine was enjoying the sight of my cock entering another woman's' pussy. It felt strange and sexy at the same time as I held Mali tight as she let me in her pussy. She refused to look into my eyes. Her pussy was tighter and I let her get used to my size. I started to kiss her and she started to relax. Her eyes were half closed while I flexed my cock inside. Every time I flexed my cock, she gasped.

I slowly started to move letting Mali set the pace. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed. Her breasts were squashed against my sweaty chest, her hard nipples pushing into the skin. I felt my wife moving and then she lay on top of Mali, feeling her move against her body. She hugged her and licked her ear while I continued my movement. We got into a nice rhythm and Mali started to move faster. My wife moved down lower and started to lick Mali's ass while I pumped my cock into her. It didn't take me long to cum and I shuddered and bit into Mali's shoulder as I pumped so much cum into the condom. She continued to move and I felt her clit rub against the base of my cock and she continued to do so until she had another orgasm.

I felt so tired after the action and I felt my wife pull out my cock from Mali. She removed the condom and started to lick the cum off my cock. Mali must have realized what Jasmine was doing and to my surprise, she joined my wife. They both started licking the cum off my cock and kissing each other. I felt my erection subside as I watched the two girls kiss. I must have dozed off for a while and I was awakened by 2 fresh smelling beauties. I rushed off to the shower feeling shy after remembering the stuff we had done a few minutes before.


Please send me your comments if you think I should continue this story.

To be continued...

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