tagLoving WivesMy Wife and Her Mom -- Mom Returns

My Wife and Her Mom -- Mom Returns


At the end of the last installment, Sophie, wife to Peter (that's me) and daughter of Esther, told me that her mother wished to visit next month. Not only that, but she wanted to visit the club Sophie belonged to and that she had just introduced me to, in order 'to meet men and get laid with no strings attached'. Sophie had joined that club together with her friend Rhonda, a.k.a. Ronnie, and Ronnie's husband Jack, to get over her fear of anal sex and to learn to appreciate taking a man's sperm into her mouth and swallowing it.

To recap:

Sophie and I have been married for almost 23 years. I was turning 58 and she's 55 years old and we love each other very much and have a good, if a tad predictable, sex life. We enjoy being nude at home and often sit out on our balcony sans clothes. We even have fairly frequent sex out there without concern that strangers might see. I very much wanted to do Sophie anally, but she was reluctant because when we'd done it in the past it hurt Sophie and for days afterward said she felt a burning sensation in her butt hole. As for cum, Sophie did allow me to deposit a load in her mouth every now and then, but she didn't like it and was afraid one day she'd spit out my sperm and hurt my feelings. I tried to understand and accepted Sophie's decisions, though I did periodically ask her to try again.

Ronnie has a lecherous boss who wants to get her into bed. She refuses but his persistence in going after her is slowly wearing away her resolve. She doesn't want to sleep with this guy and has to find a way shore up her defenses. She and Sophie talked about their situations and found a unique solution; they joined a club where members could act out fantasies or try new things of a sexual nature with others so inclined. Ronnie wanted to act out a role-reversal situation where she was the horny boss and Sophie was the subordinate. Ronnie dressed in a man's clothing and put on a thick strap-on dildo to fuck Sophie with. This allowed Ronnie to act out her frustrations and Sophie learned to enjoy a 'dick' probing her tush.

One day Sophie asked me to come to the club's location and watch her. I was scared and tried to decline, but found I couldn't. The address was a warehouse where I eventually witnessed what I thought was a man fucking Sophie from behind. After they both came I learned the 'man' was Sophie's friend Rhonda and the dick was a dildo. Just then Ronnie's husband, Jack, entered the room. He was very sweaty and a string of cum hung down from his cock. He and Ronnie had "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" sex right in front of us. He came in Ronnie's pussy and then to my amazement, Sophie lay down face-up below Ronnie's cunt and let Jack's sperm drip into her mouth. She took it all and swallowed.

Sophie assured me that since our wedding she's never allowed any other man inside her body, and this was the nearest to that she's ever done. It gave her the confidence to enjoy the feel and smell and taste of cum in her mouth and she did it completely for our mutual benefit.

After coming home, we had sex and as we were settling in for the night Sophie told me of her mom's wish to visit us again. Those of you who have read the earliest installment of these chronicles know what happened last time Esther came to visit. I could only smile and count the days until she returned!

Present day

Five weeks pass. On Monday Esther called and asked if Friday would be OK for her to arrive for her visit. Sophie and I agreed. That weekend we'd have an early 23rd wedding anniversary celebration and my 58th birthday. We then started talking about going to the club.

In the past I'd wondered aloud if Sophie might consider our having other partners to spice up our sex lives. She always refused and I accept completely that she's never done another man. I haven't fooled around with another woman (except for Esther, and that was at Sophie's urging!). But with her joining the club she was exposed (unintended pun, ha! ha!) to naked men and women and sooner or later she'd succumb. It was simple human nature! I asked again if she wanted to fuck anyone at that club. She admitted there were two men she was curious about. One was this young man Steve and the other was Will, a man our age. Steve was in his late 20s or early 30s. Sophie might not have given him a second look except that he attracted women like moths to a flame. The word was he had had sex multiple times with just about every female club member.

"What's so special about this guy?" I asked.

Sophie hesitated before answering, trying to find the right words

"Steve has a big cock. I've seen it and I'm curious to know what it feels like to have something like that in me!"

Quietly I asked

"How big a dick does he have?"

Sophie replied in a soft voice

"I think when it's hard about 10 or 11 inches. When he's limp it may be about as long as yours is."

Sophie must have realized how this affected me and said things to reassure me. But, being a man, it wasn't easy knowing my wife wanted to try a dick half again as long as my own! Sophie saw I was having trouble with the idea and said

"Please don't be angry with me! You know I could have already had sex with him and you'd might have never be the wiser. But I didn't. I love you too much! But don't forget, it was YOUR idea we might try other people!"

That last part came out like an accusation. She was right, I did make the suggestion, and more than once. Sophie had always rejected the notion, but now she wanted to take me up on it.

"What about this, ah, Will? Is he hung like a horse too?"

"No, I think Will is a bit shorter than you, maybe 6 inches on a very good day. But he's exceptionally thick, I guess another inch around compared to you."

My penis is 6 3/4 inches long and about 2 1/2inches in diameter. His had to be closer to 3 inches across.

"His cock is about the same around as that dildo Ronnie uses on me. That's the one that got me used to having you do my asshole. You know, a dildo's good, but I need to try a real dick that wide."

It was strange hearing her talk so matter-of-factly about these two men. Even though she had just denied it, I asked if she'd already had sex with either or both. Sophie repeated that she hadn't, but watched them more than once with other women and got very excited by it. She said that afterwards when Ronnie and she did the role-playing where Sophie pretended to the evil boss Ronnie was fucking, she imagined the dildo was really a long, thick flesh-and-blood cock, like Steve's and Will's put together. It made her cum extra hard.

I sat there absorbing it all. Sophie got closer and started to rub my crotch. Quickly my dick responded to her touch and was soon at maximum length and girth. She smiled and began to caress the head, giving it quick kisses and lightly rubbing it over her mouth. Within a minute there was a trace of pre-cum on her lips. She then slowly took my leaking dick into her mouth, farther and farther until it was fully in. She slowly moved her head back until just the head was still inside. Sophie repeated the in and out movement several more times, each with greater suction applied. By the sixth round I couldn't hold back and jets of sperm shot into her mouth. She took it all and kept my cock in her mouth as she swallowed.

Sophie only released my dick after it had gotten soft. She then lay face down on the bed and raised her bottom.

"Eat me!"

Her cunt lips were inflamed and she was leaking her own fluids. I got behind her and began by licking the slick juices from her thighs. Sophie was wiggling her ass begging me to do her hole. I licked the outside of her vagina, kind of in sweeping arcs. She liked it but wanted more. My tongue found her clit. It isn't big, but it was poking out from its hood. I spent a good amount of time lightly licking the very tip and sucking on it. I also spent time licking her anus and that bit of flesh between her pussy and asshole. She loved it all!

At last I found my way to her vaginal opening. It was open and inviting and the aromas were fantastic! I adjusted to a more comfortable position and with one hand on each butt cheek, I opened her wider. I stuck my tongue into her cunt and began to flutter it inside and outside her hole. She came almost immediately!

By then my cock was hard once more and I used it to fuck my wife's pussy. At the same time I smeared cunt juice and spit onto her asshole and inserted one finger, followed by another. It was wild! With my fingers I could feel my penis driving in and out of her cunt. I came inside her and she came immediately after. I asked if she liked the sensation of having both holes filled simultaneously. She said it was like nothing she could have imagined.

We went to sleep that night with me thinking that perhaps if she want Steve or Will to fuck her maybe I can join in, but I got first dibs on Sophie's ass!

On Friday afternoon I left work early and drove to the airport to pick up Esther. She was happy to see me, maybe a bit too happy in such a public place. The way she acted I half expected her to go down on me in baggage claim! It didn't happen, but she was quite frisky and touchy-feely during the drive home. Somehow we made it without incident.

Sophie greeted her mother and the two women got down to a session of girl-talk. I excused myself and went to the den, booted up my computer and watched a music video. About 20 minutes later Sophie popped in to ask me to join them in the living room so we could chat and discuss the weekend.

Sophie and Esther were sitting on the couch, each holding a glass of wine. I was offered a glass but decided on a beer instead. I returned with a cold bottle in hand and sat down facing them.

Esther first announced she had a little something for Sophie and me in celebration of our 23rd wedding anniversary. She regaled me with stories from Sophie's past before presenting us with two tickets to fly to south Florida for an all-expenses paid cruise to the Caribbean. Sophie and I were overwhelmed and thanked Esther for her generous gift. Esther then winked at me and said she'd give me my birthday present later. I looked at Sophie and she had a conspiratorial smile on her face.

We then got down to discussing going to the club. Esther said Sophie had told her all about it and how it had helped her daughter get over her fear of anal sex and to better appreciate oral sex, especially accepting sperm into her mouth. Esther was curious about the place and asked Sophie more details on what goes on there. Sophie told her people get together to live out sex fantasies or just fuck like rabbits, or anything in between, as long as no physical or emotional pain was involved. She then went on to tell her mother she wanted to try at least one other man besides me. I was utterly surprised at how open about this topic Sophie was toward her mom!

Esther said that her remaining time was short and she wanted to have "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" sex while she could. Sophie and I protested that Esther still had plenty of years left, but deep down we knew she was right. Esther told us that she got married young. She had one boyfriend who took her virginity shortly before she met her future husband George. He was the second man she'd had sex with, and she was faithful to him until he died. I was her third sex partner, but that was at Sophie's instigation because her mother was so listless and depressed following George's death and Sophie feared her mom might do a very rash and very permanent thing to herself.

Esther asked me how I felt about knowing my wife wanted to have sex with other men. I admitted I wasn't keen on the idea, but since I was the one who first suggested the possibilities of other partners I'd go along with her wish and hope she got it out of her system. Both Esther and Sophie chimed in that I was able to have experiences with other willing women and that there'd be no recriminations or hurt feelings. I then asked the question I should have considered from the beginning

"But what if Sophie wants to continue experimenting with other men, or if I find strange pussies too good to give up?"

"Good questions and you two will need to find answers that you're both comfortable with. In that sense I'm fortunate, because I have no spouse whose feeling I need to worry about."

Sophie agreed there was a risk, but she said she truly had to know, otherwise the unanswered 'What if?' would drive her mad. Like her mom, Sophie didn't have all that many sexual partners before me. She had a few boyfriends while growing up and gave most of them handjobs and blowjobs, but didn't have vaginal intercourse until she was 20. She'd fucked a few guys after that and got married at 25 to someone who ended up cheating on her. She divorced him after less than two years. After that she permitted herself very limited physical interactions with anyone. In fact when I met her, she was 30 years old and focused on her job to the exclusion of everything else. We began to date but it was nearly 5 months before we had any sexual contact. I took it slow and she appreciated that. Eventually I asked her to marry me and she agreed. We've been together ever since, and until that night with her mother, I've been faithful to her and I believe she has been with me. All that was now subject to change.

Apparently none of her lovers, including me, had a super long or obscenely thick cock which is what she now wanted to sample.

We spoke some more and time passed. It was past 11:00 pm and we decided to retire for the night. I left first and Sophie followed. Before I left the room Esther caught my arm and reminded me she had a gift for me. I thanked her and asked if tomorrow would be OK to accept it. Esther nodded yes and I bid her a good night.

I went to my bedroom and stripped naked. I almost always sleep in the nude, and so does Sophie. I then went to the master bathroom to wash up and take care of nightly business. When I returned Sophie was sitting before a mirror, totally nude, brushing her hair. I sat on the bed and asked what the plan was for the next day.

"I thought we'd have a nice breakfast, maybe relax a bit and then mom and I could go shopping. Then we'd have lunch and get ready for the club."

She looked at me and asked if I was OK with that. If I had serious trouble with the idea, they wouldn't go.

I thought about it and told her and Esther to go ahead and have fun.

"Aren't you coming with us?"

"I don't think I want to watch my wife get fucked by one or two or more other men. Call me conservative or short-sighted or unfair, but that's how I feel. I guess if I don't see it, it may not bother me as much."

"But Pete, you can do what you want with any woman who is willing! I won't stop you and I might actually like watching you! Remember when I walked in just after you'd fucked my mom? Damn, I wish I showed up a little earlier! I think watching your cock go in and out of her would have been sooooo hot!"

That was very surprising for me to hear. While I never considered Sophie to be prudish, her recent kinky streak just amazed me!

"What if another woman won't want sex with me? Then I'll feel completely left out and will resent you for getting laid. You know perfectly well women have it easier than men to find a fuck partner!"

"Oh that's not true! Besides, how do you know you won't get lucky? You're a good looking man and you know how to ring my chimes and I can't imagined you couldn't do that for another woman! But, in case you somehow can't find a partner, you'll have mom and me!"

"Sloppy second? I don't think so! Can you at least do me the favor of making sure whomever you're with wears a condom? And please, if you blow the guy, do it when he wears a rubber, and no eating his cum. I think I'll have a difficult enough time with this without wondering if your dick for the night might isn't in perfect health!"

That last comment shook up Sophie. I don't think she considered the possibility that who she would fuck might have an STD. She pondered on it for a while and agreed to not allow the man into her mouth, pussy or ass if he wasn't wearing a condom. I assured her if I got lucky I'd wear a rubber before any penetration.

With that settled, she put down her brush and sashayed to the bed. Her tits and thighs jiggled and she looked so good! She dropped to her knees between my legs and gave me a blowjob for the ages. I shot into her mouth and she smiled as she swallowed it. The sight of fresh cum on her lips and teeth made me chuckle. Then she climbed onto the bed, remained on hands and knees and asked me to take her doggy-style. I did and enjoyed felt her muscles milk my cock as I pistoned in-and-out of her vagina. Soon I grunted and ejaculated into her womb. She came as well. I fell onto the bed and she straddled my face, lowering herself so that I could easily lick her vaginal lips. I did so with relish and didn't mind tasting my own spunk as it flowed from her hole into my mouth. She came again then collapsed onto the bed next to me. She told me that I'd be the only one she'd permit to spill his seed into her. And with that we fell asleep.

I woke up sometime during the night. I felt very edgy and just couldn't calm down enough to fall back asleep. I got out of bed and looked at my wife's sleeping form. She looked so good to me naked like that. I noted a wet trail leading from her cunt to the sheets. I gently touched the wet area and brought it to my nose. It was my cum; I guess the remnants from my earlier creampie were slowing seeping out of her pussy.

I walked out of our bedroom and got a drink of water. Then I stepped onto the balcony and sat down to watch the lights of the city and think. At some point I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew there was a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw my mother-in-law standing over me.

"Pete, lately it seems when you and I are out here you're naked."

After a short pause she continued

"You must have been having a pretty good dream and maybe I shouldn't have wakened you."

"What, what are you saying?"

She just smiled and reached down to touch my very erect penis.

"Oh." was all I said.

She sat next to me and asked if I minded. Her hand remained on my cock.

"Feel free!"

The unintended play on words didn't register immediately with me, but it did with Esther. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and softly said how hot and hard it was. She then adjusted her position to have easier access to it. She used both hands to touch, squeeze, stroke and caress every bit of my cock.

"You know, you were the last man I had before this. I really liked what we did during my last visit and hope you're willing to do more of that this time!"

I was very willing! Esther continued playing with me and exclaimed when pre-cum began to flow from the tip. She ran her finger through the fluid and marvelled at it. She then bent down and licked the pre-cum from my cock.

"You realize that more will form, don't you?"

She replied that she was counting on it!

I was very excited and didn't want her to stop, but she did. I looked up with needy and pleading eyes.

"Be patient!"

Esther stripped off her nightgown. She was completely nude. I gave her the twice over and began to salivate at getting between her wide hips. She knew what I wanted and lowered herself onto my stiff cock. Slowly, slowly she accepted more of it into her vaginal canal. At last she got it completely in and began to gyrate her hips. I ran my hands over her soft breasts and pinched her nipples. She lifted her bottom a few inches and then lowered it again. Over and over until she was slowing raising up a few inches followed by a sudden drop. She squeezed my cock hard and began to thrash her head and moan. A loud wail signaled her climax. I followed seconds later, pumping sperm deep into her body.

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