tagLoving WivesMy Wife & Her Supermarket Studs

My Wife & Her Supermarket Studs


I would defiantly be considered a virgin, when it comes to writing stories. This is my first attempt, so please be gentle with me and break me in gently (smiles).

I do hope you, the reader; find "this" first attempt of mine enjoyable. I welcome feedback, and any suggestions on improvement you may have to offer.

My wife Tammy was at the supermarket; it was just her normal weekly trip to get a supply of groceries and to stock up on some beer. She had been gone for about an hour when I heard her car pull into the driveway. I went out to give her a hand carrying the groceries in.

I had no sooner gotten to the car, when another car that I didn't recognize, pulled into the driveway behind my wife's car. I was wondering who the guy setting behind the wheel was, when another car pulled up in front of our house, I saw the guy get out of the car and start to walk towards us.

By this time, my wife had gotten out of her car and started telling me, that she had met these two guy's at the supermarket, and had invited them over for some fun. I was shocked to say the least; I just stood there with my mouth hanging open.

By this time the two guys were standing in front of us, they both had big smiles on their faces as they reached out to shake my hand and introduce themselves.

Brett had dark hair, a medium build and looked to be about six foot in height and Sam, who had sandy blond hair, more of a slender build than Brett and was a couple of inches shorter, they looked to be in their mid to late twenties.

Both Brett and Sam we're very good looking guy's, and I couldn't help but notice the bulges in their pants. Apparently, they were getting excited just thinking about what they were going to be doing to my wife.

As we were all walking into the house, Tammy started explaining to me that, Brett and Sam had started flirting with her at the supermarket and thinking about having two good-looking guys' to service her, she said, had gotten her all hot and wet.

She had told Brett and Sam, while she was talking to them at the supermarket, that she was married, but that her husband would not mind if she brought them home for a little fun and of course, they both had jumped at the chance, and so, here we all were.

My wife had left the supermarket without getting any groceries and had come straight home with the guy's following behind.

At this point, I will let my wife continue with what happed next.

Once I had explained everything to my husband Gary, I looked over at the guy's and I noticed them eyeing my tits. I was wearing cut off shorts, a thin tank top and no bra. My nipples were hardening and I was getting juicy noticing them, notice me. I told the guys to sit and make themselves comfortable while I slipped into the bathroom to clean up a bit.

Once I was in the bathroom, I took off my panties and ran a razor over my shaved pussy, just to make sure it was baby smooth. The shaving cream and the stroking turned me on even more than I already was.

I then went back into the living room and noticed my husband looking at me with a kind of evil grin. I smiled and give him a kiss, rubbing my tits into his chest.

I told him that we needed more beer and would he please run down to the store and get some. He looked at me with some doubt, but I reminded him that I had not gotten any at the supermarket; he then went ahead and agreed to go, once I started stroking his cock through his shorts, telling him that I would give him a nice blowjob as soon as the guys had left.

I then went into the living room and was wondering what to do next. I knew that I did not have much time before my husband would be back and I wanted to try and fuck both of them, before he did.

I can't help myself; I crave fucking and cum, and I had to have some from both Brett and Sam. A drop of my pussy juice was running down the inside of my thigh, from just thinking about it.

The thought of what I wanted must have been on my face or Brett may have noticed the wetness running down my leg, because he immediately motioned for me to come over to where he was sitting.

Sam was silent, not sure whether he should start with my husband gone or not, but I have a good-looking body and I was obviously wanting to be laid by the both of them.

I sat on Brett's knees, facing him, my legs spread and I started grinding my wet pussy into his crotch. My shorts rode up my ass and he started running his hands over my naked ass cheeks. I pushed my tits into his face and pulled my shirt off, Sam groaned and started rubbing his bulging crotch.

Brett had a big hard knot for me to sit on, while he ran his hands all over my body. I stood up, turned around and removed my shorts, bending at the waist to give the guy's a great view of my naked pussy. Brett unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock, while he finger fucked my wet pussy.

I was moaning and swaying my ass back and forth, when the door opened and in comes my husband. He just stands there holding the beer and for a moment, he seems to be speechless. He then walks over to me and calls me a slut (I just love it when he calls me a slut) and swats my ass hard.

Gary then orders me to get the paddle. It's in the kitchen and made of rubber. It sounds loud and leaves wide red marks on my ass. Hubby keeps it, to keep me in line. Actually, I love being spanked, so I try to misbehave whenever I'm horny.

I took it to him and he ordered me to lie over his knees. He then swatted my ass several times, which got me really hot and wet. Then he told me to drop to my knees and give him a blowjob, and then, just maybe, he would forgive me.

I do as I'm told, so while I'm sucking my husband's cock to a rock hard erection, running my hungry hands over his balls, I am intensely aware, that my ass is spread and pointed right at both Brett and Sam.

Brett already had his cock out and was still stroking it. Sam followed suit and unzipped his pants, he pulled his cock out and started stroking it with excitement, as my hubby tells them that his wife is a slut and that he'll make me do anything they want, as often as they want, since I'm such a nasty little cumslut.

He reaches around and spanks my ass again, causing me to shake with excitement. He then tells me to lie across the coffee table. I want to badly, but I know that a bit of a struggle will get me more licks with the paddle, so I pull away.

Gary catches me around the waist and forces me onto the table face down. My ass is hanging over one end, my face over the other. Brett then grabs my head and shoves his hard cock right into my hungry mouth. I moan and suck greedily, as he strokes his big cock in and out of my throat.

My husband then turns and offers my tight pussy to Sam. Sam had stroked himself rock hard and his eyes were glazed with the idea of fucking someone else's wife. Sam not wasting any time grabbed each of my ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. He then put the head of his cock just inside my pussy, teasing me a little with it at first, he then rammed his cock all the way home, so hard that I'm shoved deeper onto Brett's big cock, which is now jammed all the way down my throat.

Oh, it was so fucking hot, my pussy was snapping and dripping with excitement, if only my hubby would spank me some more, I thought, I might loose my mind. So, I struggled some and cried out, trying to pull away from the cocks being forced into me.

My husband yells, "Hold still you little cumslut and take your punishment" as he pushes Sam back and gives me several more swats with the rubber paddle. My swollen pussy stings and screams for more.

Sam then rams himself into me again and fucks me hard with his wonderful cock, for several incredible minutes, until he finally pulls out and explodes his hot cum between my red, tender ass cheeks. Brett see this and shoots one of the biggest, tastiest loads of cum I have ever had, into my mouth, which I eagerly swallow, licking him clean, to get every last drop.

My husband takes Sam's place and begins to fuck my pussy, with long hard strokes and no ceremony. He squeezes my tender red ass, and pulls it apart to watch himself fucking me.

My pussy is snapping now and I'm loudly moaning. Sam sticks his cock in front of my face, teasing me, as I try to catch his big cock in my mouth. He keeps telling me that he knows what I want, but that sluts don't always get what they want. As I orgasm, my husband pulls out of my pussy and cums all over my face, neck and chin. I am beginning to drip cum and my own juices everywhere, I just fucking love it.

I see Brett stroking his big, thick cock getting it hard again, so he can fuck me. My husband pulls me to my knees and fingers my clit for a minute, to get me moaning. Then he spreads my poor little ass cheeks apart again, as he offers my ass to Brett this time and tells him if he wants to fuck my ass, the KY jelly is in a drawer of the end table.

Brett lathers himself up with the KY jelly and presses the head of his cock inside my tight ass, while my husband is holding me wide open for him. Once Brett's big cock is completely buried deep inside my ass and pumping slowly, Sam gets underneath me and slides his giant cock inside my little pussy. I moan loudly loving every minute of the fantastic double fucking I'm getting.

My hubby says he is going to put something in my mouth "to shut the little slut up".

My husband then holds his cock out to my mouth and I suck it in eagerly. My mind is blowing; I can feel both cocks rubbing against each other inside me, while I have my husband's delicious cock in my mouth. I orgasm repeatedly while the men take turns using my body any way they want.

Once they are all finally done with me, my hubby tells me to go clean up, which I do. I am exhausted, but the thought of the hot fuck that I'm going to give my husband later tonight, causes my pussy to tingle.

He tells me that, if I'm a good girl, then he'll cum in my mouth again! If I'm really good, then maybe he will let me invite some more guys' over another time.

Hubby is going to continue, filling in some parts of the fuck fest that I left out.

Brett and Sam then pulled their throbbing cocks out of my wife Tammy's ass and pussy. Sam sit down on the sofa and Tammy climbed on top of Sam, and eased just the tip of his fat cock head between her pussy lips, getting his cock nice and wet with her juices, before he entered her tight little pussy again.

While she was lubing up his thick cock with her pussy juice, Brett bent down and started licking her already wet asshole. He licked and fingered her asshole, getting it ready for his big cock again.

While he was doing this, Tammy arched her hips to give him complete access, while continuing to rub her pussy on Sam's fat cock. Tammy then gave them a nod, to let them know she was ready to be double fucked again and as Brett positioned himself behind her, Sam slid all of his big fat cock out of my wife's pussy, leaving just the head of his cock between her pussy lips.

A couple of seconds later, Brett probed her asshole with the tip of his cock, as Sam slowly sank his thick shaft in, inch by inch, back into my wife's wet dripping pussy. I could see her pussy lips being stretched out wider than ever, squeezing his big cock tight, while she was moaning loudly with sounds of joy.

Brett was busy sliding his shaft deeper and deeper into Tammy's ass and just as they both sank their cocks balls deep into my wife, she moaned out to me.

"Ohhh, mmmmm baby this feels so damn good, their cocks are stretching and filling me full"...

As they both started to slowly fuck her simultaneously in a good rhythm, she moaned out to Sam.

"Ohhh, my pussy has never been filled and stretched like this before, yes that's it Sam, fuck me... Oh yes, fuck me hard and deep, oh fuck yes, I feels so damn good...(then moaning to me) oh damn baby, I going to cum on both their cocks".

Then I saw both her openings spasm and clinch their cocks as she humped them hard and had another convulsing orgasm. As they both continued to fuck my wife faster and harder, her cries of pleasure increased and had my cock dripping with precum.

My cock was hard again, and as I stood up behind the sofa, placing my cock in front of her, Tammy eagerly started to suck my cock, while Sam continued to give her the fucking of her life. Brett then pulled out of her now stretched ass and shot off his thick load of cum onto her back, and she moaned yes, I love it, as she continued to suck my cock.

Shortly after that, my wife informed us that she wanted to change positions. Tammy got on her hands and knees and started sucking my throbbing hard cock again.

As she was sucking my cock, I told her that she was a hot and sexy woman and that she was acting like a complete slut.

Tammy arched her back with her ass high in the air, and told Brett and Sam, that they each should have a little more of her tight ass and pussy, while she sucked her husbands cock.

Sam quickly mounted Tammy and shoved his hard cock deep into her ass; he then began hard fucking her, slamming his big cock all the way in and then out of my wife's tight ass. Sam was now rapidly fucking Tammy, pounding her ass deep and hard... his balls pulled up tight and then he came, filling my wife's ass full of his hot cum.

Tammy continued to squeeze and lick my shaft like a woman possessed. As Brett who was now hard again, slid his thick cock into Tammy's wet pussy, she moaned around my throbbing cock and continued to suck and stroke it. After several minutes of pounding my sluttish wife's pussy with his big, thick cock, Brett shot his load, this time deep into Tammy's clenching pussy.

Sam had somehow in the mean time recuperated and positioned himself behind my wife. He started to slide his thick throbbing member in her sloppy, wet, cum filled pussy, as my wife continued to suck my cock, telling me, how good Sam's thick cock felt in her tight pussy.

My cock was throbbing and I was on the verge of shooting my load deep into her throat. Sam grabbed my wife's hips and started pounding her hard; his balls making a slapping sound as they collided against my wife's well-fucked body.

Tammy was moaning to me, telling me how it felt, sooooo damn good for Sam to stretch and fuck her pussy, like it had never been fucked before and how his cock was so fucking deep inside her.

By the sounds of her groans, I could tell Tammy was about to cum once again. As Sam rammed his cock deep into her, my cock would slide further down her throat. Tammy would push her hips back toward Sam meeting his thrusts.

She told me, that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, while she came on Sam's big cock. As her orgasm started, my wife's pussy gripped and began to spasm around his thick cock. I shot a huge load down Tammy's throat and she attempted to swallow it all, some of my cum ended up dripping down her chin.

With her clenching pussy milking his cock, Sam gave a deep groan and thrust his cock deep into my wife, filling her pussy and womb with so much cum, that some of it was running out of her pussy and dripping down her thighs and onto the carpet.

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