tagLoving WivesMy Wife And I At The Adult Theater

My Wife And I At The Adult Theater


My wife and I decided to head to the adult bookstore and theater this past Saturday night. I ask her to dress up sexy so she could tease some of the guys there. She chose a short tight black skirt, red silk blouse, silky thigh high hose; garter, black lace panties, black bra, and 5 inch spike stiletto heels. She fixed her red hair and makeup so that she looked very sexy. She has a very sexy voluptuous body with big breasts and a nice plump rear end that you just want to squeeze. She is 42 but looks in her early 30's.

I was hoping for something more than just teasing to happen so I made sure she had lots of her favorite adult beverage. I was also enjoying the view of her legs and took the opportunity to rub them along the way.

We arrived and walked in and looked around a bit. I noticed several men looking at her.

We paid the admission and went into the theater. This theater has several couches and loveseats for seating; the only empty one was the largest couch in the very front. On the way up I noticed several male/female couples and a few single men also. We sat down and started watching the movie which was featured two men and one woman. I could tell she liked the movie because she did not object when I started rubbing her inner thigh.

We had been there about ten minutes when the door opened and another couple came in.

I heard a man get up and offer them his loveseat. He then walks up and asks us if we minded him sitting with us because it was a large couch. I looked at her and she just smiled so I knew she liked what she saw. I told we did not mind and he sat down on the other side of her which put her between the two of us men. I sat there just watching for a while till she became comfortable with him being there then I started gently rubbing her legs again. She kept shifting in her seat causing her skirt to ride up her thigh even higher giving him a great view of her stocking tops.

The longer we sat the bolder he became in watching her more than the movie. I also got bolder and started rubbing between her legs and spreading them more and more. I then moved to her crotch and before long she started breathing heavy then reached down and pulled her panties to the side. I knew then that it was about to get interesting. She kept looking toward him to see what he was doing. I also noticed he was rubbing his dick through his pants.

As I sat there playing with her tits and pussy letting he see everything I also noticed two other men had gotten out of their seats and were standing right behind us also playing with their dicks.

After a few more minutes she looked at me and smiled and I knew what she intended to do so I smiled back and nodded a yes at her. She then reached over to him and started rubbing him through his pants. She soon had his cock out and was leaning down sucking him. She then moved to her knees on the floor so that she could suck him better.

Shortly after getting on her knees the other men nearby became brave and one got on the floor behind her and started playing with her pussy and then he laid down and slid under her and started eating her. Another man took out his cock and was standing to her left masturbating.

After being on her knees on the hard cement floor a while her knees became sore and she said she had to move. She sat back down on the couch between us again and leaned over and said something to her new friend. ( I later found out she ask if he had a rubber and his answer was no) She then lay down with her head in my lap and one leg over the back of the couch and the other in the floor. He removed his pants and got between her legs and she reached down to move her panties out of the way and he slid into her. He started with a nice slow pace but became harder and faster. I could feel her body being shoved up against me with each thrust. I looked down at her face and saw she was near orgasm. His thrusts kept getting harder and harder as her body was shoved against me so much I thought the couch would break soon. He then grabbed her legs and put them up in the air giving everyone in the theater a view of her high heeled feet moving as she was getting fucked hard and fast.

I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see two other men standing right there with their dicks out so close that one almost hit me in the face when I turned around. I reached down and played with her tits and held her legs steady while he fucked her and she used my lap as a pillow. After about fifteen minutes his breathing and moans told me that he would soon cum. I expected him to pull out and her to finish him off in her mouth because he was doing her bareback but he did not. He slammed into her as deep as he could and filled her with his cum. When I realized what was happening I bent down and kissed her and whispered to her that I loved her at the same time a man whom we had never saw before and did not even know his name was Cumming in her.

When he finished he cleaned himself up a bit and put his pants on and she kissed him and thanked him. He told her "no, Thank You" and then moved to the back of the theater.

No sooner than he moved than another man sat down with hopes of being next but I could tell that she was worn out and was ready to go. She told him maybe next time as we got up and left. As we walked back toward the door I could see everyone that was sitting there smiling at us knowing what had just happened.

I took her home and had some nice sloppy seconds. I am sure we will be back at the theater very soon because she had as much fun doing it as I did watching.

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