tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Wife and I Became Sluts Pt. 01

My Wife and I Became Sluts Pt. 01


My wife Carol was away for a week due to business conference. She was blonde 25 years old 5' 5" with very sexy body and 36C breasts and very sexy bum. We had been married for 3 years and had no children. I was called Tom and 28 years old and 5' 6" and thin. I was IT systems designer and worked from home. I was also a crossdresser that my wife and Mistress allowed me to dress. She was bi and enjoyed to use her 8" pink strap on to give me good workout. When I crossdressed I used the name Candy because I loved to get fucked and suck cock or pussy fully of cum.

The house we lived in was given to me when my uncle died. It was only when I was cleaning the house up that i came across secret room in basement. My uncle had also been a crossdresser his stuff was in that room. I kept most of his stuff to build up my collection.

I had my computers and work stuff in basement. The basement also had a hidden room were i kept my sissy clothing, makeup and wigs. I kept fit by swimming and bike riding and kept my body shaved from neck down and had long brown hair i kept in ponytail most of time.

The first day my wife was away a new person moved into house next door. He was 6' very black and fit guy. He came around to borrow some tools he introduced himself as Simon West. My 5" cut cock got hard in my pink satin panties under my track pants. I provided the tools and offer to help Simon.

Simon told me his stuff was coming in two loads and his tools were in second lot due tomorrow. After helping fix a few things up Simon offered me a drink out back by the pool. We had talked about jobs he was writer and worked from home. I had told him about my work and wife and shown his a few pictures of her. His house had a big pool with very high walls around the house.

After the drink he suggested a swim in nude I just wanted to see his sexy body so agreed forgetting i had panties on. He saw my pink panties when I got undressed but didn't say anything until after we had our swim. He told me he was bi sexual and dominant and he liked a sissy white boi! He loves making people into sluts especially married couples. By then his big hard cut 8" long and thick cock was hard!!

He told me to get down and worship his cock and tell time him I was his sissy slut! I said yes Sir Candy (me) would do so!! I had sucked a few cocks but his was the best I had sucked! When he finally did cum it filled my mouth and tasted so good i swallowed the lot before cleaning his cock and balls! Simon said he knew I was a sissy slut once he saw my panties and lack body hair. He told me to go home and get fully dressed as sissy slut and make sure my sissy pussy was clean and come back to be fucked! I could not get home fast enough to get changed!

Once home I went to bathroom to give myself enema to make sure I was clean to be fucked. i also made sure to shave my body again. Then I did my slutty makeup including red nail and toe polish and matching red lipstick, blue eye shadow and black mascara. I put on red satin bra after gluing on my 34c great forms and matching garter belt holding up black stocking pulled up my red satin panties after tucking my gear, put on my red mini dress and red 4" fuck me heals , gold hoop earring and perfume ( chanel no 5) and lastly my blonde page boy wig. I was sissy slut ready to go back to Simon and serve him!

Before i left to go back to Simon I put in butt plug with a pink diamond bottom to show off if i bent over without my panties on. I also put a pink bikini in my handbag since Simon wanted to develop tan lines on my body. I then picked up my red handbag with my keys makeup including red lipstick and spare pair panties. It was such a turn walking back to Simon's house dressed as a sissy slut. I knocked at his door and he let me in and told me to walk to kitchen. He then took a series of pictures of his slut dressed and partly dressed with my clit hard and on display.

Simon took me up to master bedroom and told me to strip to my stockings and garter belt and to take my heels off. He then had me such on his big cock after having to beg to suck it and take his cum in my slutty mouth. I was licking his dick and big balls for long time before he decided it was time to face fuck his slut. it was dream come true feeling his big cock take over my mouth and throat until I almost came but managed to stop myself since Simon had told his slut not to cum yet. His big deck finally let out a flood of yummy cum it was hard to suck it all down.

Simon than had me put on my bikini and go out by pool to work on my tan. He told me that after being in sun a while to come inside so he could fuck my sissy pussy after he fixed a pink plastic cock cage on me and locked it with only key. He told me he wanted reduce my slitty to 1-2" so it would be no use to use on anyone! So I then faced down on his king size bed with towel under my cage to catch any drips. He started by playing with my pussy with his fingers starting with one with lube on it until he had three in me. He told me to beg him to fuck his sissy slut with his big hard cock! I had to beg three times before he started to push his head into my hole.

He told me to go home back tomorrow at lunch time, dress as a sissy slut to go out with him but no great forms that were stuck to my body. He would get his series 5 black BMW delivered in morning with rest of his gear. So I went home had a bubble bath and then went to sleep after checking how my wife was going on her business trip. She told me that it was a good trip to the meeting and that she likely busy for rest of trip. That meeting would last another day due to female CEO lesbian dominant deciding there was more stuff to cover. She said CEO had a new sissy personal assistant Mandy who had show off her clit cage and butt plug.

Next day I got ready to go out with Simon at noon so made sure my body was shaved put in 34c breast forms into yellow satin bra before putting it on matching yellow garter belt holding up nude stockings, yellow satin panties ,yellow sundress mini with zip down the front matching yellow 4" heels, yellow handbag and black page boy wig with just a bit of makeup and red lipstick to match my nails.

Simon opened the door when I rang his bell. He was dressed in red silk t shirt and blue jeans and blue sneakers. Simons he told me to kiss his shoes before taking his cock out to worship. He left me suck him off after I had to beg to do so. Once I took his load I licked my lips before re doing my lipstick. he told me we were going to lunch then to a Doctor friend who could make me more of girl.

Simon had me remove my panties while at lunch and put them in my handbag so he could enjoy my discomfort walking out without panties on and my slitty in pink plastic cage. He said it would save time at the Doctor's! When we arrived the doctor's surgery a very sexy receptionist welcomed us and told us doctor would see us soon. Doctor came out and talked to Simon before telling me to go into his room and strip to my garter belt.

His nurse who was a very sexy gurl with 36c breasts in tight white nurse uniform black stocking held by white satin corset and white satin panties. Simon told doctor he would me to develop breasts and look more like woman. He checked me over including removing my cock cage to measure how big i was. This was done by nurse giving me hand job to get me hard, before injecting into both my bums stuff to help develop my bums and transform me. He also did same with my breasts before writing prescription for pills to take daily to help in transformation. Doctor than took out his 9" big cock had his nurse suck him hard before fucking me in my sissy pussy his nurse took out her 7" cock for me to suck on .They before came at the same time and i got to clean up both their cocks. The doctor said I should look as good as nurse but for having smaller clitty that Simon wanted reduced down to 1" and my balls also reduced and put back in my body.

Simon told me on the way back to his place his friend the doctor only had sissy gurls at his practice. Simon would make sure I took my pills and made another appointment in month's time to check on my progress to becoming a full time gurl.

When we got to his place I had to undress him fold his clothes up. Then take him clothes back to master bedroom. Then I had to beg him to suck his cock it took me three goes to get approval to suck him off just loved being on my knees with his big hard cock in my mouth. He had me than gets drinks for us by pool then told me to strip and put on my pink bikini to work on my tan lines.

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