tagErotic CouplingsMy Wife and I Ch. 05

My Wife and I Ch. 05


This story, like most that will be submitted by me , is a collaboration between my beautiful wife and myself. We have been writing stories for each other for some time, and have decided to share them. Some are true, some are fantasies, but I won't tell which... Enjoy.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, however, negative, anonymous feedback will be erased without discretion... Thank you.

* * * * *

Over the past couple months, my wife Naomi and I have been rather busy. It had been some time since our 4-day sexcapade, and we could really use some of that excitement now. Starting from Spring break, we've had countless birthdays, weekend gatherings, anniversaries, Summer break, family vacation, etc. Over the course of these events, our "personal development time," began to wane. With a seemingly endless supply of people at our house, we were either up all night, or trying to get any sleep we could for the work week. When given the chance, she'd usually turn in early, leaving me up to bullshit with the brothers. By the time I'd crawl into bed, I could hear her sleeping noiselessly, wrapped in her quilt.

I'd slide in beside her, lean over, and gently kiss her on her forehead. In times like these, I knew just how much I love my wife. She was everything I could have possibly wanted in a woman, and make me happy in nearly every way. The idea of not being able to devote more time to her as of late, was extremely shameful.

In the last week-and-a-half alone, we've had nothing but high heat, humidity, tornado producing thunderstorms, consecutive days without power, and enough extra family in our house to field a softball team. Having only been able to squeeze in a quickie in the last week-and-a-half, I decided enough was enough. Tonight, things were going to change. No matter what, it was my job to satisfy her needs.

As soon as she got home, we had dinner and spent the evening with the family. As the night went on, I could see that she was getting increasingly wore out by all the interaction. Finally, she announced she was going to take a shower, signaling her departure for the rest of the night. That's when I put my plan into action. The kids were put to bed, friends and family were sent on their way.

After the shower was done, I heard her turn on the fan and TV, then climb into bed. From the hallway, I could hear her turn the light off. A few minutes later, I slowly opened the door just enough to see her lightly illuminated body laying on the bed. She lay on her right side, her left leg pulled up over the quilt. Both hand were pulled under her chin, holding the quilt in place.

I removed my clothes down to my boxers, and stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at this beautiful woman sleeping peacefully. Dressed in only her panties and tank-top, I felt my cock begin to rise beneath my shorts. Love and lust became one and the same as I slowly examined her. Her reddish hair spread across her pillow while her deliciously small breasts rose and fell with the intake of steady breaths. The lightly tanned skin of her slender arms and shoulders contrasting beautifully with the smooth pale skin of her wonderfully shaped ass and legs, down to her smallish pink-toed feet.

I gently reached down resting my hand on the heal of her foot. Slowly, I ran my and over and up from her ankles to her calves, creating a slight tickle, causing her to roll to her back. Stealthily, I climbed on the bed at the end of her feet, being as smooth as I could, so as not to wake her. Once in place, I continued to run my hands up from her calves, across her delicious thighs, stopping just short of my ultimate goal. Again, looking her up and down gave me the chance to fully appreciate my Sleeping Beauty, furthering the growing bulge in my shorts.

With that, I placed my hands between the bed and her ass, slowly peeling the panties that stood between her treasure and me. Lightly, I spread her legs apart, eyes locked on the object of my desire, and lowered myself to her. With soft, light kisses I worked my way up her inner thigh, to the warm sex that awaited. Backing away just long enough to taste her from my lips, I moved in and ran my tongue up the entire length of her slit, stopping to plant a soft kiss on the bulb of her clit. I stopped momentarily as I caught motion out of the corner of my eye.

Looking to see that she was still asleep, I continued my conquest for her pleasure. Gently, I planted soft kisses and the occasional flick of my tongue over her war pussy. The dampness of her neatly trimmed pussy began its decent across my tongue, as it began to slowly push further into her waiting hole, It's hard to believe that I could forget how much I love the taste of her delicious nectar, furthering my resolve to dedicate more of my time to this precious commodity.

I gently wrapped my arms under and around her silky thighs, propping them up ever so slightly, to better service her from hole to hole. From lightly running the tip of my tongue around her small asshole, to running it all the way back up her pink slit, her wetness continued to grow. What was once a trickle of sweetness, was becoming a flood. I loved every sweet drop. The heat and fragrance her honey pot produced, washed across my face, turning the rock now peaking from my shorts, to solid steel. Enjoying the effect my actions were having upon her, I doubled my efforts, and began working my tongue in and out of her love hole, slowly fucking her with it.

Her breathing began to quicken, and I could feel light movements on the bed and through her body, causing me to wonder if she was beginning to wake. A light moan, and a slight rise of her hips, confirmed my suspicions. The piston motion of my tongue, pulled more and more of her sweet juice over my lips, down my waiting throat. How heavenly, was all I could think. Using my fingers ,that were wrapped around the base of her thighs, I reached them out to part her dripping wet lips, giving me perfect view of her oozing hole and pulsing nub.

I replaced my fingers with my thumbs, further spreading her pussy open. Slowly, I eased my right thumb into her waiting hole. The flood was instantaneous. I quickly lapped up the current rush of fluids, before resting my lips around her pulsing clit. I lightly clamped down around her clit, flicking my tongue in a swirl, while slowly beginning to fuck her with my thumb. Carefully, I replaced my thumb with my pointer finger, never stopping the vacuum like pressure I was applying to her lovely nub. Working my finger in and out of her pussy, I reached my thumb down to her sweet puckered asshole. Using her own freely running juices, I circled my thumb around, and pushed into her asshole. Accompanying the push with a sharp moan and intake of breath, I knew she was almost fully awake.

My fingers worked their way deeper inside her causing her hips to buck slightly. I clamped my thumb and finger together and rubbed them back and forth, feeling her soft inner walls between them. In that moment I felt her hand pull my head deeper into her sweet folds, signaling near climax. I took my thumb from her sweet ass, and slid a second finger into her pussy, speeding up my thrusts for the coming explosion. Not once did I remove my mouth from her tastiness.

With an audible gasp, her hand pulled my head into her, with near suffocating results. Her body trembled and her ass bucked as I held on, continuing the pressure. I could see hear her moan in short gasps, while squeals began to escape her beautiful mouth. Her chest rose and fell as her breathing became more violent. With one final loud gasp, her body arched, and my mouth was flooded by with her sweet nectar. I didn't miss a drop. I continued swallowing her juice even as she slowly fell back to the bed, her breathing and shaking returning to normal.

As I began to rise, now more excited than ever, she pulled my fingers from her wellspring, and hungrily sucked them into her mouth, licking and sucking them clean. With my hands now free, I removed my boxers, the railroad spike held within springing to life. Lovingly, I picked her up ever so slightly, and moved her to the center of the bed. As I climbed back on, her legs spread wide, and arms reached out in anticipation. I lowered myself to her waiting body, our lips colliding in a hungry embrace. While we continued our passion starved embrace, the taste of her pussy swirled within the heat and wetness of our battling tongues. It was all I could take.

My solid-as-steel cock slid effortlessly into her love drenched hole, resulting in a moan to be shared between our kiss. Slowly, I began to piston in and out of her pussy, our moans and gasps mingling with one-another. As our kiss continued, the pace of my thrusts grew in speed and power, bringing with it low, animalistic growls of pure lust.

Within a few minutes, we were drenched with sweat and the liquid of our love. Increased breathing and moans were being accompanied by the shudders of impending orgasm. With one final thrust, I released my seed deep within her steamy womb, a grunt of pure pleasure breathed into her beautiful mouth. Her pussy tensed around the shaft of my exploding cock, shivers running through her spine, igniting her second orgasm. It was shared ecstasy.

I collapsed on top of her, burying my head in the crook of her neck, her hands running up and down my back. I slowly moved off of her, laying behind her with my arm draped across her, cupping her breast, while my other arm rested under her head. One of her hands reached up, grasping my forearm, bringing it to her lips, planting sweet kisses on it. As I nuzzled the back of her neck, I sweetly told her "I love you," to which she reciprocated.

I lay there, lightly caressing her, my hands roaming her lovely body. Before drifting off to sleep, my still hard cock slid back into her cum filled pussy, preparing for the sweet sleep, and the love making we would surely be experiencing the following morning..

To Be Continued..?

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