tagLoving WivesMy Wife and Lisa

My Wife and Lisa

byRico Suave©

Author's note: This story is just that, a story. If it's not you cup of tea you shouldn't be visiting this site. It is a fantasy of my mind, and my mind alone, played out on paper (if not in my head). While the characters portrayed are based on actual persons, none of the events have, or likely ever will, take place no matter how much I may want it too. Of course all names have been changed to protect the privacy of the desired. And bear in mind, unsafe sex is only safe in a fantasy. Always use protection. Remember (as I always say), take it any way you can get it! Enjoy, Rico Suave

"I want to have sex with another woman." The words didn't seem real to me. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard my beautiful wife say. Certainly she's always known that I, like most men, would love to watch her in bed with another woman. However she's never shown any inkling of any desire to make my fantasy a reality. We never even talked about it. Not in a long time at least. But then all of a sudden, she spoke those eight magic words that changed everything.

"Excuse me lady, but what did you say?" I asked her knowing full well what it was that she said but wondering if my ears had deceived me or if she was just playing with me.

Marie looked me straight in the eye and told me in all seriousness, "I want to sleep with another woman while you watch us. I want to turn you on. I want you to see me go down on another woman and for you to watch her make me cum. Do you want to see that?"

I shook my head in disbelief and realized my jaw was hanging open. "You're serious aren't you? Do you really mean it? You really want to sleep with another woman? Is this for me or for your self? I mean...um, that is...look, what I'm saying is that I don't want you to do that unless it's for yourself. What I'm saying is don't do something like that just for me."

"It's not just for you, no. I mean I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to do it to turn you on, but I've been thinking about this for a while now. You know sometimes when we watch movies I get really turned on watching two girls with each other. I never thought that I'd really want to do that but lately I just can't stop thinking about it. Recently, every time you go down on me, I fantasize about a girl doing it to me. About me doing it to her. You always say that I taste so good and that you think I'd enjoy it if I tried it. I know you weren't trying to pressure me into it, but lately I just can't stop wondering if I would. Actually I can't stop wondering how much I would like it. I really want to do it. I want to eat another girls pussy."

This all seemed surreal to me. My wife, a virgin when we met, was now telling me that she wanted to lose her lesbian cherry. The idea of my wife with her tongue buried in another girl's pussy was making my dick throb like never before. As I'd just finished making her cum with my own tongue, I simply climbed on top of her and slid my rock hard cock deep inside her soaking wet labia.

We fucked with abandon for 20 minutes. As I pounded into her I begged her to tell me again that she meant it. She cried out loudly and repeatedly that she wanted to "eat pussy bad! I want it soo bad. God damn fuck me hard! Ung! Oh yeah, goddamn I want you to do that to me with my mouth full of another girl's pussy. Fuck it, god damn fuck me!!" With that she and I both lost it and came with tremendous force.

Afterwards we talked some more about it. That was a dog I couldn't let sleep. We talked for a while about it. She seemed genuinely serious that the idea was hers and that she didn't want to do it just to turn me on. She really wanted to experience another woman. I could certainly understand that. After all, women are absolutely delicious and sexier than anything else in the universe.

Convinced that she really did want to open this door, the discussion turned to whom she would want to do it with. She said she didn't really have anyone specific in mind. She didn't know any lesbians. Pressed however, she soon admitted that she had been fantasizing a lot about one girl in particular. Of course I had to ask who it was. The answer surprised me.

There was a girl where I used to work that I'd always suspected had a crush on me. It was totally harmless and nothing had ever happened. There was nothing going on between us but nonetheless, my wife still made the sarcastic remark about how she "better not try to take my man." I knew she wasn't serious but we joked about it all the same. I would never have suspected or guessed that she was the one that my wife was now telling me that she wanted to sleep with.

Her name is Lisa. And she is only 19. My wife is 25 years old and I'm 35. She is a big girl and not everybody's cup of tea, but she is nevertheless, very pretty. I've always liked big girls and my wife has always said that she finds bigger girls more attractive than small skinny little women. Though not fat in my opinion, my wife is not small either. She is, in my opinion, very, very beautiful. Both are brunettes, with my wife perhaps a little taller at 5' 5". Lisa does have very big breasts. Marie's tits are a perfect mouthful with perfect big hard nipples.

After some discussion on the matter (while my fingers were doing their part to do some convincing), Marie agreed to let me talk to Lisa to see if she might be interested. I doubted it but knew I would be able to ask her without offending her. And with as much as my wife was getting horny about the idea, I had to try. The idea was going to drive me crazy for certain. If I could actually get Lisa and Marie in bed together, it would be incredible. The idea of Marie's lips pressed hard against another girl's pussy, her fingers sliding into another woman. It made me so hard that I had to fuck her again before we both collapsed in a heap on the bed.

The next day was Sunday and we slept late. We didn't talk about it at all. I was going nuts but I didn't want to press her on it and turn her off to the idea. She is generally kind of conservative sexually, which isn't to say she isn't very good in bed. In fact, she's really great in bed. She doesn't deny me anything reasonable. Having sex with another woman though, for instance, is not what I would expect.

The next week, I made an effort to make this happen. I knew that Lisa would be at my old work Wednesday morning so I decided I'd stop by. She was excited to see me. Since I had recently changed jobs and didn't get by to see the people I used to work with very often. Suspecting a possible crush, there had been, when we worked together, a nominal flirtation perhaps, though nothing serious. After all, I was happily married. But I cannot deny being a little bit of a flirt. Hell, flirting is fun and there is nothing wrong with it.

After a bit of small talk, and with not a lot of time before I had to go to work myself, I sprung it on her. I didn't suspect she'd say yes, or even that she'd ever even thought of having a sexual encounter with another girl. Which is why I was so shocked and thrilled when Lisa said she'd have to think about it but that she thought she might say yes.

She had seen my wife before and told me that she thought Marie was pretty. She told me she'd never slept with another girl before but had actually thought about it. I told her it would be just between the two of them of course, as I would be there simply to watch and enjoy. But I did tell her that I thought they would both enjoy it tremendously. We agreed to leave it open and let her think about it. She would call me in a couple of days and let me know if she was interested.

About two hours later at work, the phone rang. "Rich, its Lisa. I want to do it. I'll fuck your wife!"

I couldn't believe what was happening. My wife and Lisa were going to have sex. I was going to watch my wife eat another woman's pussy. My cock was throbbing in my pants. It was a good thing my desk faces away from everyone else.

We decided we'd get together on Friday night. She would come to our place for dinner and watch a movie. Then later, once everyone was more comfortable, hopefully, sparks would fly.

Oh, and fly they did!

Lisa arrived around 7:30. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I'd cooked up an absolutely delicious lasagna. My heart was pounding as I listened to my wife and Lisa giggling in the living room as they small talked. From the sounds of it, they were getting along well.

Both were dressed conservatively attractive. Which is to say they both looked good, but neither dressed like a slut. Lisa wore a hot pink blouse and an ankle length skirt. It was black with a flower print pattern. Her hair was made up nicely and she wore only a hint of makeup. Of course, having worked with me, she knew that I loved vanilla perfume, and she used to smell delicious all the time. Tonight was no exception. Only, this time both Lisa and my wife both smelled literally good enough to eat. I sat between them during dinner and it made the lasagna a whole lot better.

Marie wore this beautiful dress that she bought to wear on a cruise we took a couple of years previously. It was pink with a flowery print as well. It was very soft and very thin. Underneath she wore a very sheer, almost totally see through, bra and a matching pair of panties. Or so I thought. I would find out later that Marie did not actually put the pair of panties on. And that wasn't the only surprise.

She wore no makeup, just the way I like it, and had her hair back in a ponytail. She knew how much I like to watch and knew that later she'd want to keep the hair out of her face. She is the most amazing woman in the world. I'd find out tonight just how unbelievably amazing she was. After dinner, Lisa and Marie got comfortable on the couch as we turned the lights down and prepared to watch a movie. It was a romantic chick flick. I sat in the chair next to the couch.

Wine was served with dinner, and screwdrivers were the drink of choice for the film. By the end of the film, the girls were snuggling closely and playing with each other's hair. As the credits rolled, I was feeling sure it would actually happen. I got up to go to the restroom. I decided to take my time in the bathroom in hopes that I would return to find things had gotten started. I got my wish.

As I returned from the bathroom, I went straight to the kitchen to refresh my drink, which I had been nursing. I wasn't a big drinker and I wanted to be able to fuck my wife when all was said and done. I asked the girls if they wanted anything and got no response. I put down the bottle and stepped to the bar that separates the kitchen and living room.

My dick began to pound and the sight of Marie and Lisa locked in a deep kiss. Lisa was laying back and Marie was on top of her with her left hand cupping Lisa's left breast. It wasn't long before she had Lisa's top few buttons undone. Lisa meanwhile had been working on the zipper at the back of Marie's dress. She had that down and Marie's bra was unsnapped before I knew what had happened. Marie straightened up and let the top of her dress fall to her waist, exposing her beautiful breasts to Lisa. Her nipples were big and hard like pebbles. I love sucking on her nipples. She lowered them down to Lisa's mouth and she began to suck on them. Oh, what a sight. Lisa greedily devoured my wife's breasts.

As Lisa ate my wife's nipples, Marie began to undo the rest of the buttons on her blouse. I stood in the kitchen frozen like a statue as my wife first removed Lisa's blouse, then her black lace bra. As Marie unhooked the lacy material and freed Lisa's large bosoms, she quickly leaned down to take a large nipple in her mouth.

It was then that I felt my rock hard cock straining against my jeans. I broke from the trance I'd been in and moved back into the living room. I sat in my chair opposite the couch and swiftly freed my aching member from its constraints and began slowly to stroke myself. The girls were both in another world, not even noticing me. I wanted to cum badly but self-restraint was in order for the moment.

Without any words Lisa leaned forward while Marie reached around behind her to unzip her skirt. She then lifted her butt as Marie helped to remove it. They were in perfect sync with each other. Underneath Lisa wore a sexy pair of black satin panties with lace trim. Not for long however as Marie soon had those off as well. Lisa now lay naked as Marie leaned down and began to kiss and lick her way downward. Lisa spread her legs wide in anticipation of what was to come.

Marie stopped short though and straightened up. She ran her hands over Lisa's thighs as she stared intently at another woman's pussy for the first time. Her labia was swollen and her mound neatly trimmed. Lisa threw her head back and moaned loudly as Marie's finger found Lisa's engorged clit. Marie was transfixed as she fingered Lisa's love hole. From several feet away I could hear how wet Lisa was.

It was Lisa who spoke first. "Please eat me now. Please! Please lick my pussy!" There was urgency in her voice. Marie licked her lips and moved down between Lisa' thighs. With both hands she spread the lips of Lisa's pussy and leaned forward. A loud gasp escaped Lisa's lips and Marie pressed her mouth into another woman's sweet honey for the very first time. I almost came right there.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My beautiful wife eating pussy! It was incredible. Alternating between sucking and licking her clit and sticking her tongue deep inside Lisa, she was really getting into it, as was Lisa. Her hips were grinding into Marie's face. "Yes, oh fuck yeah that feels so good. Yes, lick me. Eat me! God dammit that feels so good!!"

I had to get a closer look. I got up and removed my pants and shirt and moved closer, sitting on the edge of the coffee table just a couple of feet away. With cock in hand I watched closely as Marie manipulated Lisa's hard little bud. Lisa's pussy glistened with a combination of her juices and Marie's saliva.

Staring intently at my wife eating pussy, I didn't notice Lisa reaching towards me. Suddenly I felt Lisa's hand on my throbbing dick. It sent shock waves through me. Lisa was now stroking my cock as Marie was bringing her closer and closer to climax. I looked down at my wife, unsure of how she would react to Lisa touching me. To my surprise she not only was watching, but smiled when I looked at her.

Marie stopped what she was doing for a moment to ask Lisa a question. "Do you wanna to suck his cock?" My jaw dropped. The question shocked me. I heard Lisa answer that she would love to. I looked at Marie and asked her if she was sure. I hadn't expected this. Marie answered that she was, that she wanted to see her suck me off. "Give her your dick baby, please. Put it in her mouth and let her suck you off! I want to see you cum in her mouth!" She knew how much I enjoy the idea of cumming in a woman's mouth and it was almost enough to get me off right there just hearing her say that.

I stood up and moved closer. My cock found Lisa's eager, waiting mouth. It was warm and wet and once again, it was all I could do to avoid cumming immediately.

Marie meanwhile resumed teasing Lisa's swollen clitty. It wouldn't be long before she erupted. With a woman eating her pussy and a cock in her mouth, Lisa was in a state of bliss. Moaning and whimpering, I could tell she was on the brink. So was I.

Marie had two fingers inside Lisa and was sucking hard on her clit when the first in a series of strong orgasms hit. Lisa hips began to buck wildly as she exploded in my wife's face. The sight of all this was too much for me and I shot my load into Lisa's mouth. She did her best to swallow as much as she could but thrashing wildly as she was, my cock slipped from her mouth and a couple of spurts of jism hit her on the cheek and chin.

My wife laughed at me as I struggled to control my wobbly legs. I couldn't believe she'd just encouraged me to blow my load in another woman's mouth. She smiled up at me from between Lisa's thighs and asked, "Did you enjoy that baby? Did you like her sucking your cock? Hum?"

"Almost as much as watching you lick her pussy" was my only reply.

"Well now it's your turn," said Lisa. "Let's get that dress off you."

With that my wife stood up and pulled her dress down and off, revealing to me that she was not wearing the panties I thought she had on. She was in fact, wearing no panties at all. More than that though she had, for the first time in our marriage, shaved her pussy. My jaw dropped as I gazed upon her bare skin. I'd asked her many times if she would shave, and while she would trim it very closely, she never relented. This truly was a special occasion.

Her naked pussy looked absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved a shaved pussy. It looks so sexy and, of course, you get no hair in your mouth when you're eating. She saw the delight on my face and said, "I knew you'd like it. I want you to see everything her tongue is doing to me."

She reached out her hand to Lisa and asked her if she'd like to go to the bedroom. Lisa took her hand and the two of them walked hand in hand, naked, to the bedroom. I quickly followed them.

They stopped at the foot of the bed and embraced, their lips locking in a passionate kiss. I lay down on my side of the bed and made myself comfortable. The two women climbed on to the bed, kissing all the while. My wife lay flat on the bed as Lisa began to kiss her all over. She spent plenty of time concentrating on my wife's incredible nipples. They were rock hard and so big.

Marie ran her fingers through Lisa's hair, her breathing getting deeper and harder. I knew her pussy must be soaked. The thought of it made my cock stir again. I took it in my hand and began to stroke it back to life. Lisa began to kiss and lick her way down Marie's belly until she found herself just inches from tasting another woman for the very first time. With her fingers, she spread Marie's vaginal lips apart, exposing my wife's hard little button. With no hair obstructing my view, I could see very clearly as Lisa's tongue touched Marie's clit.

"Oh My God!" Marie cried out in reaction to Lisa's tongue. Lisa quickly buried her tongue in Marie and hungrily licked every drop of her sweet sex. She appeared to eat pussy like she'd done it thousands of times before. Both were clearly enjoying themselves.

Marie moaned loudly and proclaimed over and over how much she was enjoying what Lisa was doing to her clit. Her right hand was at the back of Lisa's head, holding it in place.

There was no danger of her moving though. Lisa was very much enjoying what she was doing. She also moaned in delight, pausing only briefly once to declare how good Marie tasted.

It was then that I decided that I wanted to see my dick in my wife's mouth. I got up on my knees and placed my cock at my wife's lips. Her eyes were closed but she opened her mouth and quickly swallowed me. She was sucking like a woman possessed, all the while her hips thrusting and gyrating in sync with Lisa's mouth.

I couldn't believe this was all happening. I love the way sex looks. I love the way a woman looks sucking cock. I love the way a woman looks being eaten out, especially by another woman. Now here, before my eyes, both of those scenarios were being acted out at once. On top of that, my wife would pause periodically to say things like 'this feels so fucking good' and 'suck my pussy' and 'eat my clit', begging Lisa not to stop. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen.

Marie couldn't hold out very long with what Lisa was doing to her pussy. I love the way my wife looks when she cums, but this was simply amazing. As her climax built she lost the ability to concentrate on me and my cock plopped free from her mouth. Her back arched and her legs were clamed tightly around Lisa's head as she began to writhe and spasm uncontrollably for longer than I'd ever managed. Lisa was bringing her off with unbelievable force. I needed to fuck her badly now.

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