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My Wife and My Boss


I was truly overwhelmed to receive so many positive responses to my first story of how I shared my wife with another man. Many of you asked me to write a follow up to our activities with Tom our old neighbour with whom my wife enjoyed several other heated and intense sexual encounters over the following 12 months. I don't know how I can describe these 'other' encounters other than she'd visit him at those times when the opportunity arose away from the prying eyes of others and the obvious suspicion of close family members. Tom preferred the comforts of his own bed when just 'he and my wife' would spend the occasional afternoon together. I never got the opportunity to witness them together though I often received descriptive accounts of her activities with him and it certainly raised my own sexual prowess. From her perspective I sensed she was extremely fulfilled with having two men 'service her growing sexual needs' I recall one particular time when we'd returned home from a family holiday where sexual activity between my wife and I was difficult with our children about the place. The following day (whilst I was at work and the children at school) she and Tom spent all day in bed together relieving all their sexual frustrations. To hear my wife recall later in bed that night that she was 'worn out from Tom' was highly erotic and resulted in my giving her pussy another severe pounding which I suspect she thoroughly enjoyed.

Her relationship with Tom ended when he decided to move closer to his daughter in the West Country (Cornwall) following a minor stroke.

As I am sure many other readers or couples will understand this is a very taboo lifestyle especially in the UK and suggestions that a husband allows his wife to see other men openly creates a social stigma that results in this behavior being deemed of a clandestine nature. I could sense in my wife that not long after Tom's departure she was missing that 'additional' piece of sexual relief from another man. I always knew that her sexual libido was probably above average and that it would soon be time to investigate other avenues of replacing Tom.

Over the following weeks we considered several options on how we might allow this activity to progress. Despite our burning need to indulge in this lifestyle we both knew we had to exercise restrain for the sake of our family and friends. To put things in context it was 1997 and the internet was just starting up but no real opportunities existed to meet others who my wife could see. I was against her seeing complete strangers on one night stands for safety and health reasons, and we both agreed to this. We needed someone whom we could trust and fully appreciate the joys of what my wife had to offer. She was as I've previously described a woman bordering on maturity with huge lust for sexual pleasures. We had a few interesting 'near misses' over time and we look back now on it as having done the right thing by not allowing anything to become of it. In one encounter she was dancing at a family gathering with my 25 years old nephew Chris who was on shore leave from the Royal Navy. He was according to my wife highly aroused, and adventurous as he started to gently fondle her buttocks over the material of her velvet dress. And when he traced the outline of her suspenders she could feel the strong bulge of what she described as a 'very healthy erection' was being pushed deliberately into her lower regions. Later that night in bed she confessed she was 'horny as hell' and 'sorely tempted' concluding that 'under any other circumstances I'd have let Chris have his end away with me - it was so awful leaving the poor boy in such a state'. However, the presence of other family members put paid to any sexual adventures -- he was after all my sister's son. I knew she hadn't any qualms despite their age differences. It was later on in our bed that judging by her wetness that I knew what she meant as I fucked her with great gusto shooting a huge load inside her.

This was probably a turning point in our relationship and I realized then that I was always going to have to share her with others if I wanted her to stay with me.

Wife sharing does have many emotional attachments and it's not just the sexual physical needs that are always met. Perhaps I should explain.

My financial situation was reasonable (we had a mortgage and usual household bills etc) though I had not progressed to any senior position within my company -- in fact I'd been knocked back for promotion on three separate occasions. My wife often commented on this telling me that I had potential but just needed to believe in myself more. As I was fast approaching the big four zero I knew that I was probably going to miss that boat of opportunity to give my family a better quality of life for the future. As you read this you are probably thinking 'I know where he's going with this' but I must be totally honest with you that this was something that self engineered itself and a situation that became quite extraordinary.

As we approached Christmas of 1997 my wife and I attended my company's end of year celebratory night at a very up market hotel in London. We couldn't afford to stay at this location so we booked into a cheaper hotel intending to have a weekend break away from the kids. Before the actual evening started I recall feeling very horny was I watched getting ready. The evening was a sit down dinner with all the usual trappings with individual awards being given out to for achievement in the company. On our seated table was a man I recognized as one of my old bosses called Colin. He had a reputation for being what is commonly described as 'a ladies man'. Colin was unaccompanied (all others had partners) as I later discovered he'd recently been divorced for a third time. Needless to say he soon had the attention of most ladies on the table (including my wife) and I must admit he was very good at chatting them up. A few other colleagues didn't care too much for him but everyone agreed we should 'toady up' a bit to him otherwise he could make life difficult at work. Considering he was only 10 years my senior he'd obviously progressed well up the ladder and knew it too.

At about 11.30pm one of the other ladies announced that it was her 40th birthday after the stroke of midnight so Colin immediately ordered some very expensive champagne to celebrate. It was a nice gesture and I could see all of us were getting quite tipsy. Colin was dancing with most of the ladies there but I noticed he was spending more time of the dance floor with my wife. There was a period of about 20 minutes when I was chatting at the bar with a colleague and my wife was enjoying the attention of Colin on the dance floor. By about 1am some people started departing from the table when the bar closed. The lady who was 40 was quite drunk and had to be escorted her upstairs by her husband. By now there was just Colin, my wife and I in the hotel lobby as I announced I was going to call a taxi to take us to our hotel about 2 miles away. I was told that the cab would be about 30 minutes as this was a busy time. Colin quickly seized the moment and invited us both up to his room for a 'night-cap'.

I looked at me wife and instantly got that feeling that she was more than happy with the idea of us going upstairs to his room with him. I didn't know it at that time but he'd started 'touching her up' whilst on the dance floor together. In the lift my wife put her arms through Colin's and mine and laughing in a tipsy sort of way "how she felt safe with two men in tow". She was really cuckolding me now and loving every minute of it. I for my part started to feel that uneasy sense creep upon me - yet it was a highly charged and erotic emotion. Little did I fully realize that very soon things were going to develop out of control. Colin was a complete letch and was very confident in the situation.

Once inside Colin's hotel room (it felt like a loin's lair) things fell silent for a few seconds. As crazy as this sounds we all three knew what was going to be the consequences of this episode. Colin moved closer towards my wife and they kissed deeply on the lips whilst standing. After this my wife started to peel off her evening gown then Colin helped her remove her black silk petticoat slip. I reached out and unhooked her bra and her beautiful size 36d breasts feel free under the lusty gaze of Colin's eyes. She turned to me so I could kiss her, while he went for her breasts. Soon we each were devouring one of her breasts, I reached down to make she was wet and into this. She is rarely so wet that you can feel it down her leg.

We guided her on her back on the bed. He worked his way down lower, and lower. He brought her nylon legs high, and nibbled her thigh, teasing her. She sighed and pulled me to kiss her and he devoured her pussy. I went after her nipples, as he sucked and teased her clit, and then would suddenly push his tongue deep inside her. She tried rocking her hips, but she was stuck at his rhythm when he licked and teased her clit.

This was so much different from our first exploits with Tom and yet it was so natural for me to be a part of this scene as we both stripped off our trousers and underwear. I glanced across towards Colin and was amazed at the sight before my eyes. He was so huge -- and hung like a donkey. At first I thought my wife could not accommodate such a tool that size as she looked quite intrigued at his sheer proportions.

I stepped back to watch, as she showed off her talents using both hands, her tongue, and mouth. He grabbed her hair and held it out of her face as she licked and sucked the helmet of his huge penis. His penis was rock hard and the circumcised head looked so fat against her face as her tongue traveled the length of its girth. I sensed by the rhythm and his breathing she had him close. However Colin was certainly no amateur nor slouch as he eased back from her, and helped her to her feet. She turned around on the bed and while on all fours peeled her knickers down her thighs and off completely. She looked back over her shoulder at him, looked back at me, then back at him. She was rocking her hips, waiting for him, as he fought with the condom. Reassuring him she said something like 'Its okay you don't need it I'm safe' He glanced back at her, and he looked her over, and breathed, "I love that pussy it looks so wet' He finally made his way on the bed toward her. Colin then gently opened her stocking thighs wider so that he could place himself in-between them. He was not a man of great build as his spindle like legs looked out proportion to his massive penis. The sight of my lovely wife's rear protruding upwards to fully accommodate his girth was simply mind blowing.

Colin then rubbed his stiff penis head around her pussy, then pushed the head in, and pulled out. It was an unbelievable experience watching my lovely wife behaving like a complete slut in front of me with this man. She was shaking, trying to move herself into position, to get him inside, but he would not hold still. She was moaning and groaning and I think it was a bit difficult at first for her pussy lips to take him inside her. He rubbed his cock around her some more. He asked "want this in your pussy?" "Yes" she said loudly. He placed the head back in, and then pulled her onto him. She gasped as he finally went in all the way. Its too difficult to assess but his penis was clearly far thicker and longer than mine or indeed old Tom's was, so I guessed this was a completely new experience for her too.

Colin's technique of taking my wife was completely different than mine. I hold her in one spot and thrust into body fast whereas he got her into a rocking motion, riding his full length. Slow and steady, in out, she rode it. After a few tries they had the rhythm down, though once in a while she would try to rock and get him going faster. He would cup her ass, and bring each other back into rhythm telling her "come on love you know how, ride my cock." After a few times of this she gave me a wide mouthed pleading look, she was being teased, when she loves being slammed and filled with cum. I just smiled back at her, devilishly.

After about 10 minutes of hectic fucking, he pulled out of her pussy and rolled her on her side, arching her high. I caught sight of one huge angry wild penis. He held her hips just as he would if still on their knees, and positioned himself. He pushed in hard, drawing another gasp from her, and finally gave her what she needed. He drove her fast grunting as he was building himself up inside her.

At this point I was standing close by (my trousers and underpants around my ankles) looking directly on her as Colin lunged himself deeper and deeper into her womb. She caught my eye and motioned me towards her. She grabbed my cock, and opened her mouth and drew my right in. She used his motion to help her work it. Colin's cries were getting louder, then a steady moan as I realized he was getting off in her. Mt wife's eyes remained closed, her breath was hot on my skin, and she was silent but deep in her own pleasure. She gripped the bed cover with all her might, experiencing the joys of being a woman.

She rolled back onto her knees, and arched her button up high again offering it to me this time. She had me close already with her mouth, the look she gave me was indescribable, and it was beyond "come hither." So I was not going to last long at all. Colin pinched and teased her nipples, and I held her hips, leaned back, and just let her have it. She was soaked and "gushy" inside but still tight enough to give plenty of friction. As I was driving away, enjoying my wife's body, he slide under her breasts and was teasing her nipples. She slapped the bed as these new sensations flew through her body, a sudden opposite of what she just experienced. She was releasing all of the tension her teasing Colin brought her to. It's difficult to tell but I certainly felt Colin's warm discharge inside her as it united itself with my own.

It was in the wee small hours of a rainy cold December morning that my wife and I made our way back to our own hotel sheepishly passing the reception desk before retiring to our own room. Too tired to replicate another session we fell fast asleep.

What I hadn't realized was the full impact this one heated sexual encounter between Colin, my wife and I would have for my own future within my organization. I knew from that night onwards that my wife had tasted 'blood' again and would want to go 'man hunting' for not only her sexual relief but one based upon a move towards an improved lifestyle. .

Thank you for reading our story.

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