My Wife and Sister Ch. 01


The weekend started like any other with us lounging in bed for a while. We were not in the mood for sex and went out to the gym to work out. Amy joined us and from time to time I could not help but look at her firm butt and her jiggling breasts. My wife's breasts were even bigger and I was going back and forth between the two ladies and checking them out. That invariably led to a massive hard on. I was glad that we were the only people in the gym. I left before the girls had a chance to see my predicament. After a nice shower, I felt relaxed and we had a wonderful nap in the afternoon. We went out for dinner. The girls were dressed in a couple of t-shirts that knocked out my senses and most of the people in the restaurant. I couldn't help but stare at the two competing cleavages. My wife was sitting next to me and she reached under the table and gave me a wonderful rub. The restaurant was dimly lit and our play was not observed as we were sitting next to each other in the booth.

Shani's playing didn't escape her sisters' attention. She stared at us as she saw her sisters' hand move rhythmically. We let Amy drive and started to fool around in the back seat. The car had a heavy tint at the back so we had a lot of privacy. Shani had this habit of sucking me off in the car when she got horny while traveling. She would get horny in the strangest places. Once I almost made her cum in a cozy corner of a supermarket before we were disturbed by a shopper. Another time, I made her cum while driving back from a party and almost wrecked the car when she started sucking me while I drove.

So we started kissing in full view of Amy. I could see her watching us in the rear view mirror. I had my tongue halfway down Shani's throat and my hands were playing with her awesome breasts. We didn't get any further since we reached home. We got out of the car reluctantly and went to our apartment. Shani kept rubbing my cock in front of her sister. Amy didn't say much but her eyes took in what her sister was doing to me.

We reached our room and Shani pulled me inside. We got on the bed and started kissing each other. Shani was wearing a short tight skirt and Amy was wearing a pair of shorts. Both girls had tight t-shirts on with a generously cut low neck. We were kissing and I felt someone come into the room. I could not turn as my wife was sucking the life out of my tongue. I assumed it was Amy and I was surprised to find that she was in our room. I turned around for a moment to see that she had changed into a nightdress that didn't leave any part of her body to my imagination. Her hard nipples were pressing against her dress and I could see a black patch at her crotch indicating that she wore a pair of sexy panties. She smiled at me awkwardly.

She was half turned towards us and the lighting penetrated her dress relentlessly. I was struck by her profile and almost forgot where I was.

My wife got off the bed and walked over to her sister. I watched mesmerized as she walked closer and closer. The younger sister waited patiently for her sister, her face so innocent and as expectant as a lover. Her eyes were sparkling. My wife finally reached her and pulled her into her arms. I realized that it was a very practiced gesture and the two ladies seemed to be comfortable in each others arms. I decided to let them take this at their pace and lay back on the bed. The hardness in my shorts struggled to find the space in an enclosed area. I forgot all about my discomfort as my wife took her sister in her arms and started to caress her back. They embraced as the older sister played the role of the comforter and the younger sister hid her face in my wife's neck. This reminded me of my encounter with Amy.

Both bodies were touching and I was amazed at the way my wife gently caressed her back. Her hands caressed Amy's back and every time her pressure must have increased as I could see the night dress lifting further up exposing the legs and thighs of my sister in law. Amy hugged Shani tightly, her hands traveling under her sister's t-shirt rubbing her back.

The scene before me was so erotic I had trouble breathing. Shani was so gentle with her sister and when I heard kissing noises, I realized that Amy was kissing her sister's neck. The wet noises made me shiver. The back rubbing continued for a few minutes and Shani lifted her sister's face from the resting place on her neck and started to kiss her face lovingly. She left no area untouched. Her full lips kissed Amy's cheeks, eyes, forehead, nose and finally her ears. I saw her long tongue snake out of her lovely mouth to explore her sister's ear. I could also see lots of saliva dripping down Amy's neck drenching her night dress. Shan's attention came back to Amy's lips. Amy held them loosely closed as Shani started to suck each lip lovingly.

I was amazed at how comfortable the girls felt with each other. My wife, lovingly kissed her sisters' lips clearly playing a more dominating role. They seemed like kids judging from the gentleness and exploratory nature of their playing. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth as if tasting it for the first time. It pried open the lips going into the warm wondrous realm of her sisters' mouth. All this while Amy stood still and let her sister explore her mouth. She seemed the total opposite of her usual nature whilst my wife took her customary dominant role. She managed to coax Amy's tongue out of its hiding place and started sucking it. Both sisters were blessed with long tongues that could be rolled. I have enjoyed her exploratory tongue to many times. I fondly remembered the countless times when she explored parts of my body giving me pleasure. She was particularly fond of my arm pits and the region below my scrotum and of course much lower.

Shani started sucking Amy's tongue like a penis. She sucked its tip sucking as much as possible into her mouth. The tip of her tongue curved right under the tip of Amy's tongue, licking it like she did with my cock.

Saliva dribbled down their mouth drenching their necks and clothes. Shani then let her sister do the same to her tongue. The little sister seemed innocent but just as intense as her older sister. She sucked the long tongue with great passion while her hands rubbed the sides of my wife's breasts right under the armpits. She was very sensitive in that area. I could hear a soft whimper coming out of my wife's mouth. With the grace of two dancers who had years of understanding about each others moves and countermoves, I saw my wife extend her thigh towards her sister and Amy parted her legs and started rubbing her crotch against her sisters' thigh. her pussy was still covered by the night dress. My wife held her little sister against her while her body started to move gracefully.

The dominant role in the kiss was assumed again by my wife as she let her sister get maximum pleasure from their contact. The night dress clung tight to Amy's butt and I was mesmerized by its perfect shape. Her constant movement against her sister's thigh made it goes up exposing her butt. She was now almost sitting on Shani's thigh. I could see Amy's nether lips dripping with her nectar as it was exposed owing to her movements on her sister's firm thigh. Her panties were displaced enough to give me a good view.

Just when I wondered how long Shani could hold her thigh in this manner she withdrew her thigh. Our eyes met for a moment and she nodded at me, her gesture unmistakable. My legs shook under me as I got off the bed and approached the writhing bodies. One of Shani's hands beckoned me and I hesitated inches away from the body of my sexy sister in law. My wife helped me by pulling me towards her sister. I was not very comfortable doing this since I had a raging hard on. My wife stopped kissing her sister and made her lay her face on her shoulder as she leaned towards me, giving my lips the same treatment. I get teased about my full lips by most of the ladies I meet. Some of them can't take their eyes off my pink lips. I usually try not to purse them too much as it draws attention.

Shani loved sucking on my lips in the same fashion she did with her sister and now I realized how this had come about. It was obvious they had kissed and played with each other before. My mind was in a whirl as she pulled me towards them and finally I was resting fully against my sister in law's undulating body. I kissed my wife harder when I felt the delicious butt of my sister in law rubbing against my crotch. She seemed oblivious to my presence which I had to discard based on the intensity of her butt and the way it exaggerated its movement the moment I leaned against it. My wife pulled up her sisters' panties pushing it into her ass crack. Amy moaned as she felt the sensation.

I reached across her and started to lift my wife's t-shirt gaining access to the sides of her breasts. There was a tinge of jealousy in my mind which prompted me to show Amy that I knew how to make her sister happy. My hand rubbed the material of Shani's silky bra making her moan. As if in response to my display of affection towards Shani, Amy started licking her sister's cleavage pushing her long tongue into the deep crevice between her awesome D cups. I was totally unprepared for what happened next. Amy's hand reached back and started caressing my cock over the shorts.

Even though I had stuck my cock down her throat a few days ago, I still felt shy about being touched by her in front of Shani.

I pushed Amy aside and then joined the 2 girls. I started to kiss Shani and Amy joined in. We fought for Shani's tongue, rubbing our bodies against her. We gradually pushed Shani against the wall. I saw Amy lifting Shani's arm and attacking her arm pit. I did the same with her other hand. Shani was squirming under our assault.

I suddenly got a very kinky idea. I took a scissor from the nearby cupboard and proceeded to cut 2 holes on my wife's t-shirt exposing her bra cups. Then I pushed Amy to one of the holes, holding her by the base of the neck. Shani shivered as Amy started biting the bra cup. I reached behind Shani and unhooked her bra, pulling it up so that Amy could access the nipple and areola through the hole I just made. Amy started flicking her tongue against her sister's hard big nipple. She reached across and pushed my head roughly towards the other nipple prompting me to do the same. We teased Shani 's nipples for a while, holding her in place with our hands.

"Hey, guys, please suck my nipples!" She pleaded with us, but we continued to flick our tongues tentatively against them. Suddenly I saw Amy looking sideways at me and I looked at her. She made a sucking motion with her hand. Shani was too engrossed in her pleading to notice. With precision that would have put fighter pilots to shame we sucked each nipple so hard, pulling it all in and as much as the surrounding skin into our mouths. Shani screamed in ecstasy as she felt the sensation of two wet mouths.

We wriggled against us trying to get more of her enormous breasts into our mouths. I pushed my hand down to her panties and was pleasantly surprised to find Amy's hand already there. We fought for her sister's pussy. We managed to slips one finger each into her pussy. Shani was moaning and pleading with us to fuck her pussy. Amy kissed her mouth as I sucked on her nipple.

After a little while Amy moved to lie on the bed and she beckoned her sister to sit on her face. Shani started slipping out of her clothes and I rushed out of mine and managed to push my cock near Amy's face. She reached out her long tongue and started licking the tip, her hand reaching out to grab my balls.

I felt someone pushing me away and it was Shani. She got on the bed and straddled her sister's head giving her access to her wet pussy. I watched as the younger sister started eating her older sister out.

"Why don't you wet my ass hole for my sister darling?"

Shani shocked me with her words. I reached over and started licking her butt cheeks. My tongue moved to her crack and started to move lower towards her tight hole. She moaned as she felt me lick the rim of her anus. I felt Amy's finger reach Shani's anus. I licked and sucked Amy's finger and pushed it into her sister's anus. Shani moaned as Amy fingered her with practiced ease.

I moved lower to Amy's body. I lifted her short nightdress. She didn't have a bra on. I started to lick her cleavage while cupping her breasts. I moved to one breast and started licking her nipple. Her nipple was quite big although not as big as Shani. I sucked it into my mouth, biting it hard, hearing a corresponding moan from her. I reached over down to her panties, pushing my fingers under the waistband. She was dripping wet and my fingers slid easily into her pussy. She lifted her hips towards my hand making me go further in.

I stopped biting her nipples and moved down lower, licking her tummy and belly button. I left her panties on and pushed my head between her thighs. I licked the insides of her smooth thighs as I moved towards her wet panties. I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the wet material. My tongue sent shivers along her body as it made contact with the wet skin.

Without warning I bit most of her crotch. She screamed into her sister's pussy. That drove me wild and I pushed the panties down and started to suck her pussy. My fingers probed her tight pussy while another probed her hot little anus. She pushed her pussy against my face rubbing my nose against her clit while my tongue probed her slit. My 4th finger was buried in her anus while I licked her.

I badly wanted to push my cock into her pussy, but I wanted to wait for Shani to tell me that. I kept licking her pussy and then moved lower to her little anus. She was hairless down there and I had no trouble licking the rim. She squirmed as I pushed my tongue through the barrier, her muscles pushing me back with ever millimeter I gained. I started to use a bit more force and I was tongue fucking her ass. After a few strokes, I let my finger replace my tongue and went back to her pussy. Her clit was hard and peeking from under its hood. It was bigger than my wifes' and I started to lick it. I sucked it into my mouth making Amy squirm more.

"Hey, my naughty husband, what are you up to?"

"I am licking your sister."

"Oh, does she taste good?"

"Oh my gosh, yeah!"

"Do you want to fuck her Sam?"

"Uh, huh"

"Come let me make your cock wet for my sister first."

I moved to her mouth and she sucked me hard, making it wet. I went back to her sister's pussy. I started rubbing it against her slit, wetting my cock head with her juice.

She was tight, but I was patient. I pushed slowly, feeling the pussy open slowly. It was so tight as I pushed in bit by bit and finally I was in her. I got on top of her body, my face close to Shani's ass and started to kiss Amy's breasts as I started to move. I moved slowly wanting her to get used to me. Her pussy clutched me with all its might literally crushing my cock. I moved slowly making each movement with deliberation. I felt goose bumps on Amy's skin as she felt my cock. Her sister moved off her face and started to watch us make love. She ran her fingers through my hair as she watched us lovingly.

Her hand moved down lower. Her mouth met Amy and me as we kissed. Amy and I started kissing Shani as we moved together. After a while Shani moved lower and I felt her licking my butt, rubbing my balls as I moved inside Amy. I felt her tongue try to lick my ass hole and I stopped to let her do that. Amy moaned as she must have felt the same sensation I felt Shani fumbling around that area. Her hand pushed me making me move against her sister. We were sweating by now and I was moving at a slow pace. I didn't want this night to end.

"I want to suck it a little," Shani said, making me stop.

I took out my cock and she started to suck it. Her sister joined in and both ladies sucked my cock. Amy started sucking my balls as she let Shani take the lead. They made me lie on my back on the bed. Shani took my cock and Amy made me spread my legs and started licking my balls and moving down lower. Her eager tongue found my anus and I moaned as she explored the rim. Shani sucked me hard taking my cock inside her mouth and drenching it with her saliva.

With both sisters going hard at it, I was about to cum. Shani, knowing this held my cock at the base tight as she continued to suck. My moans told Amy that I was close and she did the same to my ass hole with one finger going in. I came hard, but Shani held my cock in such a way that no cum came out. This was how we would make love for a longer period of time. She waited until the spasms subsided and sucked off a little dribble of cum on the cock. She let me be for a few minutes and started to kiss her sister. Seeing the two girls kiss each other had me hard in no time. Shani made Amy sit on my cock and she sat on my face and both sisters kiss each other while one moved on my cock and the other on my face. I licked Shani's pussy while rubbing my finger against her anus. I tongue fucked her as she kissed Amy, pinching her breasts.

After a while, Amy's movements became more intense signaling her on coming climax. This position with her on top made it easier for her to rub her clit against my pubic bone and then without warning Amy came hard. She shuddered and shuddered as she kept moving. I realized that she needed more. Her movements didn't cease until another orgasm rocked her body. This time it was intense than the first and she quickly got off my cock and Shani lifted off and started licking her sisters' pussy. I could see 2 of her fingers in Amy's pussy and Amy came again. It was the best of the orgasms as the 2 sisters kissed each other moaning. I reached behind Shani and entered her as she was on her hands and knees while she kissed her sister. I entered her easily and started to fuck her hard. I reached forward and cupped her full breasts as I moved in and out of her. Amy moved under Shani and started to lick her pussy almost in the 69 position. Shani started licking Amy as her sister did the same.

I moved faster knowing that Shani would come soon under the stimulation of two people. I felt the onset of her orgasm as I felt her muscles tighten around my cock. I hastily pushed one of my fingers into her asshole as I moved faster. She moved wildly against me screaming at me to move faster and she came shortly afterwards moaning as her pussy squeezed my cock deliciously, her fingers reaching back and digging into my back. I felt Amy lick my balls and I pulled out of Shani right into Amy's waiting mouth. My cock started to fuck Amy's mouth hard. I kissed Shani as I felt Amy bite my cock gently.

"Do you want to cum in her mouth baby?"


"Do you want to cum in my baby sister's mouth darling?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Then do it!"

I felt Amy suck harder and felt the familiar sensations of an oncoming orgasm. I tried to take it out but it was impossible. Amy wouldn't let my cock out. I had no choice but to come inside her mouth. I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. I heard her moan as my cock pumped into her mouth. Finally, she let me come out of her. Shani was close to her sister's mouth and they started to kiss each other. I could see my cum dripping out of Amy's mouth. It was so erotic to see them kiss and exchange my cum. Shani came back up to suck my cock draining the rest of the cum from it. I stood there in disbelief, looking at the two sisters that made me cum so hard.

"Was that good my husband?" Shani asked mockingly.

I nodded.

"Want to do it again sometime later?" Amy asked.

I nodded again.

I couldn't wait until sometime later. I hope it will be soon.

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