tagLoving WivesMy Wife And The Stranger

My Wife And The Stranger


My wife had always fantasized about it, but never did I think it would fulfill her as much as it did when it happened.

The two of us were alone in the house when I told her that I was going for a run. I'd already changed into my joggers and a sports vest, had my iPod strapped to my arm and was ready to go. Being stressed out for a few days, I needed to run off some energy, so it was going to be good to feel the burn. When I put my head around the corner of the bedroom, I wished I hadn't. My wife was trimming her pussy, her legs spread, and shaver in one hand while she spread her moist pussy-lips with the other. She looked up and flicked off the buzz of the trimmer.

"You heading out?" she asked, coyly. She cocked her head a little, more than a bit suggestively.

"Yeah, I want to stay fit. Tempted to stay here, though. If only you were taking it all off..." I teased. She looked back down at her mound and put the trimmer down, pulling her lips apart with both of her hands until I could see her glistening entrance. I noticed that her clitoris was already engorged.

"Maybe it will be in five minutes."

"I'll be half an hour, tops. Stay warm for me, and I'll be hot when I get back."

"If I can wait that long." She said, and massaged her clitoris with two fingertips, slowly, but firm enough to illicit a moan from her other lips.

"Don't be late..." she said, picking up the trimmer again.

"I want to find you flicking that clit when I get back." I said. My wife loves it when I'm commanding, and I knew that would get her wet.

I left the house with the faint buzz of the trimmer doing its work still in the air. After running up a sweat for around five minutes, I couldn't get the image of her lying on the bed fingering herself out of my head, and did a u-turn. I span back around and picked up a sprint to the house. When I got there, I thought I'd surprise my wife, so I jumped out of my jogging bottoms, tore off my t-shirt and silently closed the front door, climbing the stairs. I teased myself when got to the bedroom, and peered into the room inch by inch to treat myself. My wife's left hand was gripping the headboard, her face a picture of ecstasy. Clearly, she'd started without me. I moved forward slowly, noticing her erect nipples, shining proudly in the sunlight. Her back arched and I pushed my head closer to the open door, seeing her right arm pointing down to her pussy. It was moving rapidly, and I stepped forward to see her fingers at work. True enough, she had shaven her pussy entirely, and her black fingernails were flicking across her engorged clitoris, but looking lower down, I could see that they were also spreading her opening for the helmet of a large black cock. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, her pale, white skin being so ferociously penetrated by a hard, black penis that was at least ten inches long. It was slipping in and out of her tight slit with growing speed. I looked up to her face again to see her biting her lip. Was she in pain?

I stepped back, pulling out of view, but still able to see what was happening in our marital bed. My wife, legs spread, was having the fucking of a lifetime by the biggest dick I'd ever seen. It opened her brutally with each stoke, and her face told the story. Her eyes were shut tight as she took it inside her while she masturbated. For a moment, I thought maybe she'd been discovered while naked on the bed and fucked blind, that she could think it was me inside her. I'm well hung and more than dominant in the bedroom, but those thoughts were rudely interrupted.

"Oh my God, fuck me with that dirty black cock! Fucking open me up, you bastard..." She begged. Her legs opened wider, and she stopped flicking her clit to finger her arsehole. She fingered it openly while he assaulted her vagina. I noticed that he was wearing nothing in the form of protection. The pre-cum on his helmet was being pushed further and further up inside her cunt with every stroke.

"I'm getting close..." said her lover, moaning as he neared orgasm. "You going to come, babe?"

"Nearly there, don't stop...oh, it's getting there..." my wife moaned, reaching her second hand down, all her fingers now pulling her cunt wide up to let the monster cock inside her, encouraging him to the deepest part of her. Suddenly, she arched her back even more and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy shook as she started to ejaculate, and he pulled out of her. A thick spurt of her juices coated his cock as it left her and she gasped as it covered his proud form. She opened her legs a little more.

"OK, so you want it?" she looked up at him. She got back on top of him and positioned his prick at her wet entrance.

"Don't forget – you can't come inside me. Now, screw me." She said, massaging her clitoris with one fingertip as he eased inside her again. Thrusting inside her, he held her arms down and plunged his cock right to the back of her pussy. She had her eyes closed as she bucked with every push.

"I'm still coming, you know." She said, looking up at him with such innocent eyes. I wouldn't have been able to resist that.

"I want you to spurt all over my belly. Just pull out and shoot it all over me." She commanded. He tightened his grip on her arms.

"I'm not pulling out of you." He said. She opened her eyes and locked on his.

"You can't...seriously." She said, but he continued to fuck her. Part of me really wanted to interrupt them and I was going to, but I saw my wife's determination to resist him falter.

"You really...oh..." she sighed, her arms letting go of his, but wrapping around his neck. He kissed her, his tongue snaking into her mouth. I remember thinking that he kissed her like he was eating her, like he was licking her cunt clean. Then he thrust in and out faster and faster, until she was begging him for what he was about to give her.

"Fucking give it to me!" she cried, digging her nails into his butt as he pounded her.

"I'm close..." he trailed off, starting to grunt a little with each dig into her fertile hole.

"I want your cum in me, you dirty fucker. Fucking spurt in me!" she asked, and he didn't let her down. As she returned to fingering her clit, her lover came over and over again, his cock twitching as he deposited his hot sperm inside her. She gasped as he did it, but never pulled back. Her eyes were fixed on his, her tiny hands clutching his behind, holding his body close to hers. She clearly wanted it all inside her. When he'd dumped his whole load, he pulled out of her and climbed up the bed, fucking her mouth with his cock, drips of cum being worked around her face by the weapon which had so viciously destroyed her cunt. When she'd cleaned him, he quickly dressed and looked back at her fingering herself as he walked out.

"You dirty little slut." He said at her. She smiled and went back to playing with her pussy. I darted into another room as he left, then returned to our bedroom naked when I knew the coast was clear.

When I got there, my wife still hadn't opened her eyes. Her fingers were pushing his come up inside her as they went in and out of her pussy. When I climbed on the bed, she opened her eyes, at first shocked, but she recognised the look in my face immediately, and saw my proud cock ready to fuck her.

"You saw, didn't you?" she asked, quietly.

I nodded.

"You could have tried to stop him," she said, pulling out one finger, and licking his sticky cum from it.

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up..." I replied, and opened her legs. I saw her smile, a wicked smile, one I'd never seen before.

"You dirty boy..." she laughed, pulling her pussy wide open as my helmet brushed against her clit.

"Why don't you fuck his hot cum up my filthy hole?" she asked, and I entered her warm, sticky cunt. I leant in to kiss her, and our tongues met. She pulled her mouth away from me and held me close as I started fucking her faster and faster. It was at the moment before I came that she chose to whisper to me, sending me over the edge like never before.

"Next time, I want him to know you're watching when he cums in me...now push his seed up me."

And I did...

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I love the thought of my wife taking a black cock and him leaving his seed in her then me fucking her slutty fucking pussy hole after , I'm slowly getting her round to the idea of it

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