tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife and the Tradesman

My Wife and the Tradesman

byThe Big Bopper©

Red Alert Warning: The subject matter of this story tells of a husband condoning his wife having sex with another man, it's often referred to as cuckolding. This theme is popular among many who read my stories, and let's face it, this is an erotic stories site where many fantasies can be fulfilled. However, there is a moral minority who doesn't like this theme. If you think you might find it offensive, then be warned, don't read on.

Descriptions of sexual activity are, as always in my stories, quite detailed.

Chapter One

I drove up to my comfortable 4 bedroom, two-storey suburban cottage that I share with my second wife, Francine. As I approach the house, I can see that the tradesman's van is still parked in my driveway. Most tradesmen clock off around 4, having started about 7.30, so this guy currently working at our house, must have worked late, since it is now a quarter of six.

The builder, that we have engaged to do some renovation work in our house, appears to be beside his truck, and I assume is ready to leave. So I slow down and wait across the street, intending to get into my driveway when he leaves.

I am there about a minute or two, and while he appears to be packing up, he hasn't yet made a move. Then I notice that my beautiful wife is leaning on the driver's door, talking to Gary the builder. So now that I look more closely, I see that Gary is not actually packing his truck, he is just standing there chatting to my wife. Maybe he is giving her a progress report on how our renovation is going.

However, as I watch, I see my wife regularly touching her hair, twirling strands of it between her fingers, and she leans her head to one side, exposing more of her neck. Then I notice her occasionally reaching out and touching Gary's arm as she makes a comment and follows it up with a smile and a laugh. I see her slip her open hand inside her blouse, inside her bra, running it across the upper slope of her hidden breast. I've been trained a lot in body language and that latest gesture is a sign that says 'wouldn't you like to have your hand doing this.' But overall, all of it is a definite sign of a woman flirting. But why, is my very own wife openly flirting with the builder in front of all our neighbours ... and me.

I sit there in my car, fascinated by this teasing exercise that she is going through. Then I notice that he seems to be responding, he puffs up his chest, squares his shoulders. It is an interesting sexual ritual that I am privy to, enacted out by my own wife, and the builder, in front of my own home.

At last, the builder looks like he's leaving, but not before he reaches out and touches my wife on the shoulder. Did I see rightly, did my wife lean her head down toward the shoulder where he planted his hand? Gary climbs into his truck and she closes the door behind him, waves him off and he pulls out of my driveway. I don't believe that either of them have even noticed me there, waiting in my car across the street.

I turn my car into the driveway, get out, grab my attaché case from the back seat and proceed on into my home. I walk through the house, cannot see my wife anywhere. As I walk to the back of the house, I am able to check on the renovation progress made by Gary, and his two offsiders, an older man and a young apprentice.

I have by now put down my case and I call out my wife's name, "Francine, are you home?" knowing full well that she is.

"Yes darling, I am in here, I'll be right out," she calls back, the voice seems to be coming from behind the closed bathroom door.

When she emerges, her face appears flushed. "Are you okay?" I ask, "you look a bit flushed."

She touches her hand to her face, the same hand that I had just watched touching the builder's bare arm. "Am I really, I can't think why. It's been a busy day around here, the builder's only just left."

She obviously hadn't seen me waiting to get into the driveway, she had been too preoccupied in her flirtatious conversation with the tradesman. "Yes I saw him go," I said.

"Oh, did you. Have you looked around yet? The changes he is making are starting to take shape. I think we'll be very happy with his workmanship. Darling, we could even get him back to do some things upstairs."

"What ... like in our bedroom?" I asked.

"Oh yes, perhaps."

"Would you like to have him working in our bedroom?" I said it, but I wanted to take it back even as the words poured out of my mouth. I am not a jealous type of person, that was so out of character for me. If the truth be known, I would have to admit that watching her flirting with Gary out by his truck was almost a turn-on for me, watching how a woman uses signals to show she's interested. While it should horrify me to think that my loyal and faithful wife is interested in another man, I really find it fascinating.

Now her inevitable response to my stupid question, "What do you mean by that, Richard?"

"Nothing honey, just a stupid flippant remark, you know me, always saying silly things."

"No, there was some thought behind that remark, why would you think that I would like to have him working in our bedroom?"

I placed my hand on her arm, not with quite the same meaning as her hand gesture on Gary's arm, "Tell you what, I will explain my comment after dinner, but right now I'm busting for a piss."

I darted into the bathroom that she had just come from, not really busting for a piss, but using the ploy to avoid immediately answering her question. I unzipped and took my penis out, then found myself standing there pointing it at the bowl, but with nothing much happening. I looked around our downstairs bathroom, I don't use this one very often since we have another upstairs, linked to the bedrooms.

On the floor beside the toilet bowl, I spotted a pair of Francine's panties. I managed to effect a dribble of pee into the bowl and flushed the toilet in case my wife was still nearby and had thought my quick exit had been a ploy to avoid answering her question. I shook my penis off and re-clothed it. Then I reached down and picked up her panties, possibly only recently discarded.

How recent was evident when I touched the soft crotch of her delicate garment, it was decidedly damp, wet even, no doubt from her secretions, not from peeing in her panties. I held them under my nose and sniffed to confirm my theory. There was certainly a sexual aroma. I felt a bit like a voyeur, standing in my bathroom, checking out my wife's panties. I examined them closely, definitely no cum stains, so whatever was there was from her own excitement. Was having the builder Gary around that much of a turn-on for her?

I threw them back on the floor and exited the bathroom, then went upstairs to shed my suit and tie and get into some more comfortable clothes for sitting around the house through the evening. When I eventually came back downstairs and found my wife cooking our dinner in the kitchen, I opened with a newsy conversation starter that was guaranteed to divert her mind from following up on grilling me about my flippant question earlier.

We enjoyed dinner, cleared up together, then adjourned to our living room and switched on the TV to see if there was anything worthwhile to watch. When we were both seated, Francine posed the inevitable question, "So Richard, are you going to tell me now what you meant by asking if I would like to have Gary working in our bedroom?"

I felt awkward about revealing the thought train that had been behind my comment. Francine and I had been together now for 6 years -- married for 4 -- she was 36 and I was 42. We had both come out of failed first marriages, mine had lasted 12 years and produced two fine kids that I saw regularly, hers was only 5 years with no offspring. Neither of us had wanted to have any kids ourselves. It was probably the hot sex that sustained through our first few years together, but now we had settled back into a more routine existence. We still enjoyed sex every few nights, but not at the same intensity of when we were first together.

"I was watching you two together this afternoon, it looked like there could be some chemistry there. My question to you was perhaps a bit flippant, certainly not called for ... I'm sorry honey."

"Watching us where, how did you see us together?" she asked, her face revealing her genuine curiosity, maybe even her apprehension, that I may have witnessed her flirting. It was obvious to me that she really didn't see me waiting in our car across the street.

"Outside Francine, when you were standing beside his truck, saying goodbye perhaps. Whatever it was, it took a long while."

"Were you there, Richard?"

"Yes of course I was, patiently sitting in the car across the street, waiting to get into my driveway."

"Why didn't you honk?" she asked.

"It was more fascinating watching your flirtation dance. Besides, I think you might have been more interested in his horn than hearing mine."

"Very funny, Richard ... but seriously, I didn't see you there."

"I know, you only had eyes for Gary. I wonder if he picked up the same signals that I got."

"I wasn't consciously giving off signals," she protested.

I gave her a look that indicated that I doubted that.

"No really darling, I wasn't. I must admit that I do find him a real hunk. These last two days, I have been watching him move around the house, checking out his abs. He's very firm, very muscular, he obviously works out a lot, although I suppose the type of heavy work that he does keeps him fit."

"So you would like to have sex with him?" There it was, I put it out there, being very direct.

"What, oh my goodness, no. I am married to you darling, I would never dream of cheating on you, we're a couple."

There was a long pause while I left her last comment to hang in the air for both of us to contemplate. Then, with studied timing, I said to her, "What if I told you it was okay, that I would release you from the commitment of our marriage vows for just one afternoon, so that you could fulfil your dream, your fantasy?"

"What, are you crazy? Are you telling me that you would let me have sex with Gary for one afternoon? You must be mad."

"Maybe I am, but maybe I see a hot woman that sees something she wants. Maybe I figure that it's better to let her have it now, just this once, then have her continually denying herself until there are other guys, and it becomes too big a temptation. Then it could get out of hand and screw up our marriage altogether."

She didn't seem to know what to say. She looked like she was thinking about it. Maybe she was thinking that Gary was some sinful temptation that she could never have. Now, I had put forward a proposal that could see her fulfil her daydream fantasy.

Eventually, she formed words from her thoughts, "So you are saying that you would be okay about me actually having sex with Gary, letting him inside my body ... where only you have been these last six years?"

"That's right, that's what I am saying."

"What if you changed your mind after I did it ... that's if I did it, I don't know if I want to yet. But what if you changed your mind, and hated me for it?"

"I could never hate you, Francine, I love you. I would only let this thing happen because I love you, and I trust you to go on loving me. I am just offering you a bonus, a chance to try the forbidden fruit, sample a strapping young 30 year old for a change."

"Twenty eight, Richard, he's 28!"

"Oh, so you've already checked out his age?"

"Yes, we've talked a bit these past few days, got to know each other quite well. He's really very nice, I am sure you'd like him."

"Not the way you would, honey."

Her eyes looked away wistfully, "Yes, I guess so." She turned her head back to look directly at me, "You know, there hasn't been any physical contact..."

"I saw you touch his arm, and he touched your shoulder."

"Oh yes, but that's just flirting stuff, as you say. No, I mean we haven't kissed or anything like that, but you know, I was so wet down in my panties after he left that I actually had to go and change them. Damn, but I soaked them through, just from looking at him and talking to him. What is that, Richard?"

"That is a sign that I am right to let you do this small thing, release that sexual tension that you're feeling."

I was convincing her, because next she said, "So how should I go about this? Am I going to have to seduce him. It's been a few years, I don't know if I still have the feminine wiles to achieve that."

"Come on, Francine, you are a hot looking woman, he is a horny 28-year-old stud who probably thinks he's God's gift to women. It shouldn't take much on your part to let him know it's okay."

"Umm, perhaps so. He's only got a couple more days left, I suppose I'm going to have to work fast. Oh my God, by this time tomorrow night, I might have had another man in me. Richard, are you really sure you're alright with this?"

"Yes I am, I'm fine." I paused, "But honey, there is just one other thing."

"Uh oh, I thought it was too good to be true. What, what is it?"

"I think I'd like to watch."

"What ... to watch! What do you mean, to actually be here, watching him do me?"

"Yes, you got it, I think I would like to see how you do it with another man, how you respond to his different technique."

"No way, you are crazy. No, the deal's off, I couldn't do that ... and besides, how can you even suggest it. You must be sick wanting to watch another man having sex with me."

"No, I don't consider it sick. Nor do the thousands of other men who get turned on by the thought of seeing their wife doing it with another guy. You would be surprised how popular a fantasy it is."

"No ... no, I just couldn't. I couldn't have you watching while another man slid his thing into me, while we both got hot and heavy. And then there's the embarrassment of me coming with him, what if I came more than I do with you. That could upset you. No, it's a stupid idea."

"Well, think about it, because it's the one condition that I am placing on you having Gary ... I get to see it happen."

"Never!" she screamed at me and jumped up from her chair and stormed out of the room.

I didn't see my wife for nearly an hour. I thought that she might have gone off to bed in a huff. But suddenly, she was there, back in the living room, silently sidling up to my chair where I was reading a magazine. She took the mag from my hands and straddled my lap. She was wearing a sheer short nightie, I could see her erect nipples through it. Her hands went down and fumbled with the draw cord on the sweatpants I had changed into earlier. She pushed my covering down, exposing my limp cock and grasping it, quickly stroking it into life. When she had it half-erect, she slid her body forward and lowered her mound onto my cock. She was not wearing panties and her vulva was open and wet. She slid it up and down my shaft and it quickly responded to full erection.

Francine leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "I thought you might like to fuck me one last time before Gary puts his thing in there."

That was enough for me, her wetness told me how ready she was. I reached down and adjusted the position of my cock, pushing the head into her vaginal opening. I don't know if it was my pushing upward or her pushing down on me, but my cock slid easily into her wet passage. Our sex was mind-blowing, it was frantic and hard-driving and she came twice before I unleashed a hot blast of my cum into her waiting body. Then she collapsed against me as my cock pumped out the remains of my cum.

When she lifted her head, she stared into my eyes, "So how are you going to watch me when I do it with Gary tomorrow? I think the only place would be from inside the closet."

"That's where I'll be," I confirmed.

"I still think it's weird, but I am so excited about the prospect of having Gary, I will agree. Thank you so much, you are so observant ... I mean, to know how I felt about him. And don't worry, I promise you, it's just this once, I'll be satisfied with that."

We went to bed. About 5am, I woke and found I had a fabulous hard-on again, so we had a dawn-buster. As I pulled out of her after coming, I told her, "I will be back in here as soon as he's gone today, you can count on that."

"Goodie!" she said with a big broad grin.

Chapter Two

I drove to work at 7.30, but I couldn't concentrate. I kept thinking of how my gorgeous wife was going to have another man inside her ... and that I would see it all -- up close. Strangely, I found the thought of it to be a turn-on. But when the moment came to see another man putting his cock inside her, would I still feel the same?

I called Francine about midday, "How do you plan to get him interested?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm sure he's interested. I would say he's just unsure of how I will react if he tries something with me."

"Do you still want him?"

"More than ever," she mouthed huskily down the phone line.

"What time are you going to do it?"

"He normally finishes up about four, I thought I'd make it then. The old guy that works with him is a bit of a clock-watcher, he's normally away on the dot of four. The young apprentice could be a problem, he seems to get a lift home with Gary most afternoons. I don't what to do about him."

"You'll have to tell Gary to have the kid sit in his truck while you two are at it."

"Yes, that might work. So Richard, do you still want to be here and watch?"

"Of course I do," I told her emphatically.

"Well, you know the way I feel about that, but you said that's the only way you will approve of me doing this."

"That's right, I have to be there."

"So when are you coming home?"

"I thought I'd come in around 2.30. I will park down the street, then I'll call you from my mobile phone and get you to keep the guys distracted and away from the front door, so I can sneak in and go straight up to our bedroom."

Francine agreed to my plan and at exactly 2.30, I stepped out of my car a block from my house. I walked briskly toward my home, calling my wife as I walked. She had just made some coffee for the guys so she distracted them out the back of the house while I came in the front door.

I went up to our bedroom, quickly changed into some sweatpants and moved a chair into our walk-in closet. Then I went to the bathroom and peed, just to ensure that I could last the distance. I figured if this went well, I could be closeted in here for the next three hours.

I was inside the closet testing my secret location when my wife came up to see how I was doing. I asked her to sit on our bed and stare at the opening I had left in the sliding mirrored doors. She confirmed that she couldn't see me where I sat, back in the darkness of the closet, partially hidden by the hanging clothes, dresses and suits and shirts.

"So are you right now, Richard?" she asked, coming over to the door, "you're not coming out again?"

"No, this is it, Francine."

"So if I wanted to, I could bring the time forward?"

"Yeah sure, sooner the better."

"I still don't know how we get rid of the apprentice."

"You and Gary will think of something. So, have you worked out how you're going to lure him up here?"

"Yes, I already have. I asked him during the morning if he would come up to my bedroom at the end of the day. Darling, I actually said to him 'I have something I want you to look at' and I gave him such a seductive look, and then I added 'I want you to give me another quote because I like your work.'"

"Honey, you are just great, did he look like he twigged as to what you meant?"

"I think so, darling. We'll see what happens. Don't do anything I wouldn't do in there, enjoy the show."

She left and I was left alone in the closet of our bedroom, contemplating what I was about to witness. Who would ever have believed that I would be here doing this, waiting and watching for my beloved wife to have sex with another man -- in front of me.

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