My Wife & The Well Endowed Stranger


I had a quick shower and headed home. Alvin joined me in the shower and we went our separate ways and agreed to meet the same time next week. I hadn't got any knickers with me and hoped I wouldn't leak too much in the car.

As I pulled into the drive I was surprised to see Johns car there. I went inside and he said he fancied an early day. He asked how my day had been and I told him I had been into York for some shopping. I quickly went upstairs and put some knickers on. That evening John wanted sex. He hadn't had it properly since before my period. I couldn't refuse him but didn't really want to do it. He was amazed when he saw I had shaved my pussy and I told him I did because I knew he would like it. He wanted to read me a story from Literotica while I played with myself with a vibrator. I agreed to it knowing I could fake an orgasm. He started reading a story about a wife who had sex with a stranger. It sounded terribly realistic to me but I faked the orgasm which John seemed happy about. Normally I would wank him off now but he wanted to fuck me properly. He got on top of me and his meagre cock slipped inside so easily. Obviously I had still not closed up fully from this afternoons fucking. I could hardly feel Johns cock inside me but he managed to cum very quickly. Then he lay in between my legs and licked my shaved pussy. I didn't think I would cum again but he made me. I hoped he couldn't taste Alvin down there.

I met Alvin every week for the rest of his stay and I am now in love with massive cocks. I have got a dildo the same size as Alvin which John doesn't know about and ever so often I sit in front of the computer screen and look and Alvin's cock and fuck myself senseless.

Alvin adored my shaven pussy so much that I let him shave me every time we met. I would sit naked on the bed in front of the mirror and he would lather all round my pussy and then slowly and carefully shave me. Then the good part would start. I felt his long tongue licking from my arse all the way round to my clit. He would take it really slowly until I begged him, 'Oh Alvin, lick my clit, suck my clit, make me cum'. He did as I requested and his tongue would soon have me cumming. Then he would roll me over so I was face down on the bed but still standing on the floor. My pussy was already wet from my orgasm. He positioned his eleven inches of hard cock at the opening of my pussy and slowly inserted it at first and then after a few short strokes he was plunging it all the way in. Oh how I adored it as I would cum another 2 or 3 times. It would always finish with Alvin shooting his first load of hot spunk deep inside my willing pussy.

Even when I had my period we would still meet. Although I had a tampon inside me it didn't stop Alvin licking me to orgasm and I delighted in wanking his cock off into my mouth. He adored it when I wanked him with both hands and then stuck my tongue down his pee hole and made him cum all over my tongue. I loved wanking him off over my tits and he would then spend the next few minutes rubbing his spunk into my nipples while fingering my arse and making me cum that way. All in all the time I spent with Alvin was the most sexually satisfying of my life. There was absolutely nothing we didn't do together.

John's version

I've been married to Paula for many years. She's a very attractive 30 year old with blonde hair. She's only had sex with me (I think). Unfortunately I'm not particularly well endowed and don't really have the stamina for long sex sessions although I think that I do satisfy her sexually. When I mentioned getting a vibrator she was more than happy and I noticed she chose one that was larger than my cock. She likes playing with herself with the vibrator while I read stories from Literotica to her and I've noticed that the ones that turn her on most are the ones where the guy has a large cock, so secretly I think she wishes I was rather better endowed. When we bought our second vibrator she insisted it was larger than the first one.

She had begun spending a lot of time on the internet and I know its wrong but I decided to look at her e-mail. I was astonished when I saw she had been receiving mail from other men. What amazed me even more was when I read them. It was obvious that she was looking for sex with very well endowed men. Rather surprisingly I found that it didn't annoy me. It fact it turned me on so much thinking about her with another man that I masturbated there and then just imagining my Paula being fucked by a stranger with a big cock. I checked her e-mail regularly after that and when I found she had arranged to meet someone I was determined to watch her. I found which hotel it was and went round there. I told them my wife had booked a room as a surprise and I had found out about it and wanted to look at the room she had booked.

The receptionist gave me the key and I went to find the room. It was rather small and I knew I wouldn't be able to spy on Paula there. I went back to reception and asked if there were larger rooms available. She gave me another key. I let myself in. This was better. It was more like a suite with a separate sitting area. One side of the wall had built in wardrobes with louvre doors and full length mirrors. I stepped inside them and decided I could hide in there and watch Paula through the gaps in the doors as long as she didn't open them. I looked closely and realised I could wedge the doors shut from the inside. Anyway there was no reason for Paula to use the wardrobe. I went back to reception and told them I wanted my wife to be given that room but that she wasn't to know I had paid for the upgrade.

I went home very excited at what I might see. I found out that Paula was meeting a guy called Alvin on Tuesday. I took the day off work and travelled to the Station Hotel in York but parked my car in a side street. I was very nervous as I entered the hotel. I told them my wife had booked the room and wanted to use it now. Under no circumstances was she to be told I was there. I was given a key and I let myself in. I was half an hour before Paula was due there. I found myself getting an erection just thinking about what I was going to see. I opened the wardrobe door and stepped inside. I couldn't decide whether to stand or sit. As I was hoping to be there quite a time I decided to sit. I got a chair and put it in the wardrobe and tied the doors together so they couldn't be opened from the outside. I sat down and waited patiently.

Eventually I heard the door open and through the slits in the door I saw my wife Paula, about to meet her lover. Then what I saw next amazed me and turned me on even more. Paula sat on the edge of the bed facing me. She was looking at herself in the full-length mirror but didn't realise I was there. She took off her bra and threw it on a chair. Then amazingly she lifted her skirt and I could see she had shaved her pussy. Then she put a finger inside her and then licked her finger. In all the years we had been married she had never done that before. I was now bursting and new I was going to have to play with myself. Shortly afterwards there was a knock on the door. As Paula went to the door I took my trousers and pants off and sat down again with my erect cock sticking out in front of me. Paula and her lover came into the room and they started undressing each other. I couldn't believe the size of his black cock and I couldn't believe what my wife Paula was doing. Normally she is fairly reserved about sex and here she was with both hands round this huge black cock and licking the end and trying to get it into her mouth. This surely wasn't really my wife, was it? He bent down and sucked her nipples making them even harder. I saw him start fingering her pussy.

Then she lay down on the bed and Alvin got between her legs. I thought he was never going to get it inside her. Paula opened her legs as wide as they would go and he started easing his cock inside. Just a little at a time. After only a few seconds Paula was cumming. When I fucked her she never came that quickly. As he eased more inside her and started fucking her properly she came again and again. I was also very surprised to hear her using such filthy language. Pleading with him to fuck her cunt and make her cum. Paula was a different person. I found myself wanking myself faster and faster as I watched my wife being fucked senseless by a huge black cock that she absolutely adored. I loved it when she looked in the mirror to see his cock pounding in and out of her cunt. It was as if she was looking directly at me and I could see by the look on her face that she was in heaven. I wanked faster and shot my cum all over the floor of the wardrobe as my wife had yet another orgasm by her black lover.

After a while Alvin suggested she went on top and I marvelled at the sight of Paula lowering her wet cunt onto his huge cock. Even before she had managed to get it all inside she had cum again. The rest of the afternoon was spent with me watching Paula take this huge cock any and every way. Alvin fingered her arse and made her cum and she even managed to get part of his cock in her mouth and she sucked him off and made him cum in her mouth - something she has always been reluctant to do. I loved it when she got on all fours and Alvin fucked her doggie fashion. She looked at herself in the mirror and watched herself being fucked from behind. That triggered my second orgasm. I couldn't believe how much it was turning me on watching my wife being fucked and acting like a slut. Eventually they were exhausted and fell asleep. I thought about creeping out at that point but decided against it.

Shortly afterwards they woke and had a shower. At that point I dressed and left the room. I drove home and waited for Paula to arrive. She acted normal and later that night I wanted sex. I read her a story from Literotica about a wife being fucked by a stranger with a huge cock. I watched as she used her vibrator on herself and made herself cum. Then I fucked her cunt which was still stretched from Alvin's huge cock. Then I licked her shaved cunt and brought her off. I'm sure I tasted his cum.

Paula met Alvin every Tuesday and each time I spied on them. I was so turned on each time. Paula and Alvin did everything. Even when she had her period they still met and did everything except him fucking her cunt. Paula and my sex life got even better. I loved having a shaved cunt to lick and she started sucking me and making me cum in her mouth. I even managed to get my small cock in her arse and make her cum. Eventually Alvin had to leave and we started to get back to normal and Paula wanted us to buy some larger vibrators.

I kept an eye on Paula's e-mails and eventually I found the following:

A very sexy slut housewife desperately needs to meet a hugely endowed guy. Colour unimportant. Size more important than looks. Photographic evidence essential. MUST BE LARGER THAN 11 INCHES BY 2.5 INCHES.

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