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My Wife - Another Man


It's difficult to explain to some the excitement of watching another man's cock sink deeply into your wife's cunt. A man's fucking her for his first time is particularly thrilling, not just my the wife, but for me as well. When a guy is cumming inside her, the gift of his hot sperm drives both of us wild.

Our experiences didn't begin with a man's "size" in mind, but now she occasionally enjoys a longer one - or, as she says, "Well, you know, just for "something different."

Yet, the idea of my wife Marilyn, age 28, dating other guys originally was my idea, not hers. She had been with four different guys before we married. I'd only had sex with one woman before meeting her. My wife is slender, tall and long-legged with brown eyes and dark brown hair to her shoulders. She is the most attractive woman I'd met or dated. Her breasts aren't large but well formed. We have no children.

She attracts attention from men wherever we go. One night I dreamed graphically of my boss fucking her; that would qualify as a fantasy because I knew there was no way he would do it even, and of course, I'd never do that. But I think that was then the idea of sharing her first occurred to me.

We had then been married 7 years and the sex had become, well, less exciting. I told her how hot it could be for both of us if she dated other guys. She was adamantly resistant for a few months. But ultimately I noticed that she had stopped saying "no." A week or so later, I brought it up again. I was surprised when she replied, "Hmm, well, I'm thinking about it."

Marilyn had recently become friends with a married, 31 year-old man who closely worked with her at the office where she was a secretary. I traveled during the week and was home only on weekends. The guy's wife was a night nurse, so those two saw each other only on their mutual days off.

They began going to lunch together. Friendly touching turned to hand holding and ultimately one day to an intimate kiss at the restaurant's parking lot. I was then unaware of this developing affair.

I stayed at hotels when traveling and wasn't in my room the afternoon she called to tell me she agreed that Monday afternoon to go to dinner with him after work. I called home regularly evenings.

That night, I called without success until I fell asleep around 10 p.m. and once again when I awoke at 2 a.m. I suspected that perhaps she had fully accepted the idea but wasn't confident that was the case.

He had asked her earlier that day to meet him at the company's storage office a mile away where he needed to pick up a file. He would drive her from some hidden space away from that parking lot to the restaurant. They never made it to dinner. She walked into the storage office with him. He didn't turn on the lights.

Upon closing the door, he embraced and kissed her. My wife eagerly responded. She stroked his bulging manhood beneath his slacks as her coworker removed her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. He leaned forward and his tongue slid across a bare breast. She reached down and unzipped his slacks.

Pulling it from his fly, she shivered and stroked his rigid stalk.

She moaned, staring down at the member in her hand. She said, her voice quivering, "You're so huge. It's so long and thick. Much bigger than my husband!"

He responded, "I know I'm much larger than most men; I hope it won't hurt." She melted against him, their clothes falling away as each explored the other's fervent body. He lifted her, propping her bottom atop a desk. She had fully anticipated what might happen inside the dim office.

Spreading her legs, he found she had removed her panties in her car. His tongue lapped her shuddering, shaved pussy. My wife whimpered, "Please do me. I want you inside me so badly I can't stand it." He gripped his veined member and massaged it against her clitoris. She sobbed, begging him to fuck her. His large walnut-shaped dickhead separated the mouth of her creaming vagina. She squealed as his monster maneuvered its way deeply into her cuntal walls. Her heart thumped like a hammer as he rammed mightily into her. Her long legs enwrapped his hips. My wife locked her heels at his back and matched his every thrust.

The top of his massive staff manipulated her clitoris. She cried, "Oh my gosh, I'm a'gonna cummmm . . ."

Stars burst around her. His body shuddered in simultaneous climax. Her cunt sensed the hot lava rocketing through his throbbing rod. The heated sperm whirlpooled through my wife's steaming cunt.

For the rest of that week, she was sucking his dick during each lunch, and he was fucking her at our home every night. I phoned all but one evening but she didn't mention what was already an intense relationship.

That Wednesday night while talking to me on the phone, Marilyn was riding atop him as he thrust into her from beneath.

The following night, she held the phone with one hand and gripped a bed post with another as her coworker fucked her from behind. Although her voice broke occasionally, she told me, "I guess I'm still out of breath from jogging." When she hung up the phone, she rolled to her back and invitingly spread her legs.

He mounted her and fucked her madly as he whispered to her, "I know we can't marry, but I love you."

She responded, as she would again and again during their affair, "I love you too, and I especially love your monster cock." I arrived home as expected the following evening and we went out to dinner. A half hour after being seated and talking about our work weeks, she told me everything. We went home immediately after dinner and fucked the night away.

I had a twinge of jealousy four months into their affair. I had taken several personal days and, ironically, the man's wife at the same time was away for a week at a nursing seminar. They had recently begun going to his home instead of ours about half the time. He and his wife had two children, 10 and 12, so they had to wait until he put the kids to bed. She usually parked a couple blocks away until he would call her cell phone that it was safe to come over for the night. She always left around 3 or 4 am.

I didn't like that idea of her being with him while I was home and we exchanged words over it.

You can imagine how that went; "But it was all your idea from the beginning," she said.

I suggested that perhaps it was time to call the affair off, and I wouldn't complain if she saw other guys for short terms. She plopped onto the couch and said, "Sorry, I can't do that. I'm not the kind of person who can just turn off my feelings like bath water." I said, "Are you, like, addicted?" She said, "Yeah. And I can't stop." I was pissed but she spent two nights with him during that week anyway. I learned to live with it.

At some point, she told him that I was aware of their affair and laid out the details that it had, to some degree, been my idea anyway. So one weekend's evening shortly thereafter, she invited to our home for the night.

They danced to slow music, in dim lighting, in our living room and their clothing fell away.

He urged her back to the floor as I unzipped my fly on our couch and watched. I masturbated as his big dick sank into her eager cunt. He groaned in pleasure and my wife shrieked as his cock slid through her pussy. I came simultaneously with them. She took him by the hand, led him to the shower and then to our bedroom.

The rest of the night, until the dark early morning, the two of them were fucking amid cries of delight in our marital bed. I slept on the couch and listened to their moans and murmurs. Just two months after I'd suggested she stop seeing him, the guy accepted a corporate transfer four states away. My wife cried and they were fucking every night the two weeks before he and his family moved away.

Marilyn didn't care see anyone for some three or so months. I was beginning to miss her exciting details of her adventures. I asked if she'd like to join me in searching some online personals ads for a guy that appealed to her.

We responded to a few ads that weekend, didn't get a satisfactory reply; some didn't want to include their photo and others were clearly lying about something or the other. But during the week, while I was on the road, she wrote to more personals. When I returned that weekend, she had collected a couple dozen emails. She told me she wanted me to help make the decision.

That was just over three years ago. Since then, we have become members of a nudist resort and often spend weekends there. I hadn't anticipated how many nudist couples and singles are also swingers, but we met several and swung with three.

I learned that many swingers like having other guys fuck their wives more than they do swinging or having threesomes with women. I, of course, fully understand this.

My wife has now dated several guys. Their ages have ranged from 19 to 42, but she isn't "age discriminative."It's just those are the ages that seem to write our occasional personals ad. One 52-year-old wrote that he wished to satisfy a secret daddy-daughter fantasy. She wrote to him that sounded rather exciting to her as well, but he didn't write back; we assumed that was more of a fantasy and he didn't really want to follow through. Most are single; all are short term hookups; she hasn't wanted to become as involved as she had the first time.

One guy, though, is something of a "regular." They get together mostly at our home on weekends while I watch, about once a month, and their "seven month anniversary" is coming up. She has had him over a few times while I'm traveling.

I know that I won't feel jealousy over this arrangement, although I'm envious of his size, looks and talent. Perhaps if my wife and I had been more experienced at the time, I wouldn't have been jealous over her former coworker either.

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