My Wife as a Streetwalker

byttor 50©

When he finished spurting in her and pulled out she turned around and gave him her trademark cleaning. This was quite a challenge as he was very dirty plus the contents of her ass were all over his long dick and huge balls. This gave me an opportunity to examine the condition of her ass. I slowly pulled the dress from her gapping cunt, which let her artificially tightened ass relax. Her cunt was easily opened six inches in diameter and her asshole was as big around as a pop can. When she was satisfied the bum was completely clean she released his dick. He thanked me and congratulated me for picking a good whore. "These old whores are the best. They always try harder to out do the younger ones." He then slowly walked away. My wife then lost control and started violently vomiting on the pavement as her head hung out the door. This caused all of the cum in her ass and pussy to come streaming out and run down her legs. I quickly grabbed a towel from the back seat and wiped her off and had her sit on the towel so as not stain my seats on the way home.

We drove home and I helped her into the house. Luckily it was late and the neighbors didn't see the next door whore coming home naked from a night on the street. In the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed as she proudly displayed her body to me. Her breasts were all red and bruised. Her nipples looked like short pencils that wouldn't shrink back to their normal size. Her pussy lips once nice and tight now hung down four inches below her crotch. When she turned around Her ass showed bright red with some bruising. This gave me the most satisfaction, as it was mostly my doing. I love to leave my mark on my favorite whore for others to see. I told my wife I loved her and she never looked more beautiful.

She said "Happy anniversary. Now what would you like for your birthday."

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