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My Wife Became A Groupie


Warning - I like reconciliation stories. If you're looking for burning bitches, willing cuckolds, consensual swinging, wife-sharing or detailed sex scenes, you're wasting your time with this story. Like with my other stories. I'm a German and writing in a foreign language might cause some grammar errors in my story.


Finally, it's Saturday. My wife Ashley and I are at the rock concert we've been looking forward to for such a long time. Tickets were almost impossible to get. But by pulling in some favors I had finally managed to get some, to Ashley's great delight. I was extremely well rewarded for it, so who am I to complain? And whenever she really wants something, it's hard not to do everything to fulfill her wish.

The reason is - my wife is hot, really hot. At least I think so and the wide-eyed stares and open mouths of many other males tell me that they tend to agree. To make things worse - or better, depending on your point of view - she has a knockout body and is not reluctant to show it off. And currently she wears a short top, ultra short hot pants and shows off a bare, tight midriff. Talk about drop dead gorgeous. I have problems to follow the proceedings on stage without being too distracted by her. And I'm proud to see that other men and even some women seem to have the same problem. Tough luck, guys. She's mine.

How attractive a particular man appears in a woman's eyes has always been a complete mystery to me. Whenever I've tried to judge other men in that regard when talking to Ash, I've failed miserably. "Hey, that guy must be eye candy for women, right?" "Danny, seriously? Only with a towel on his face." So I'm not too sure about my own attractiveness as well. I tend to be cautious in such things, trying not to be overconfident. But I also believe that I can't be overly ugly if she's chosen me. And the behavior other women in my presence has helped to confirm this assumption. And I'm certain that Ash loves me. So I tend to feel quite relaxed and safe when other guys are hitting on her. Which happens most of the time. To be more precise, it happens all the time. It has to be very annpying for her and I admire how friendly she manages to be when elegantly brushing the twentieth guy off.

We're deeply in love with each other and we're both absolutely certain that we will grow old together. So we've decided that we're too young for children and we will have plenty of time for that later. As a result we enjoy our carefree life immensely right now. Ash has just lost her job because the company went bankrupt but it's no problem as I earn enough for both of us. And we're quite certain that she'll have a new job in no time. So it doesn't worry us at all.

Right now, we've finally made it to the front row. I don't like it here very much, there's too much pressure. Exchanging sweat with smelly, frantically moving people is not my idea of a good time. But Ash adores Jimmy - the lead singer - and wants to see him as closely as possible. I'm not jealous or concerned, as one of the world's most famous rock stars he's as accessible as the moon for her. And I think moving to the front row has at least one advantage. The nearer you come, the more you realize that he's actually rather unattractive and unremarkable. At least in my opinion. Which might be flawed, as I've explained earlier.

But I like their music and I'm trying my best to have a reasonably good time despite the circumstances, while Ash is really freaking out, dancing and cheering like mad. She's not even noticing the occasional weirdo using the situation to rub a little against her body. I have to shoot some - ususally successful - warning glances from time to time.

Jimmy is currently busy with one of their slow songs. He's standing quite close to us when he notices Ash and starts looking at her all the time. He even points at her and she waves back, smiling happily. Yeah, man. Dream on. She's mine.

Suddenly, two massive security guys appear and lift her over the barrier. Hey, wait. This is no fun any more. I'm suddenly quite alarmed. But Ash is delighted and blows me a kiss while she is led along the small open space in front of the stage.

"Hey, wait," I scream! But no one hears me, it's way too loud.

I try to follow her over the barrier, but two other security goons stop me roughly. I try to tell them that she's my wife but they don't even listen. I feel powerless and humiliated.

I try to leave the hall, which takes me an eternity. Getting through the crowd is like being in one of these underwater dreams where you're unable to move, except in some kind of slow motion. I finally reach an exit and run around outside, confused and trying to find some kind of backstage entrance. It takes me another eternity to find it and I see that there's already a big group of girls assembled, hoping to get a glimpse of Jimmy and his band. I knock on the door like a madman, but no one answers. The young groupies look at me like I'm completely nuts. Which is not too far from the truth.

I send her a text message. "Where are you? Are you okay?"

No response.

I try to phone her all the time. No one answers.

Okay, just wait, I decide. Try to breathe normally. She will appear sooner or later. I try, rather unsuccessfully, to calm down a little.

I wait for endless hours at the backstage entrance, being worried shitless. The concert is long over. The place is silent and deserted by now, the wind blows garbage across the empty expanse of concrete. I'm completely alone and the concert hall lights are mostly turned off. Not a single person has come through the damn door. Obviously, it's just a bogus to distract the fans. Shit.

The morning finally dawns, still no message from Ash.

Finally, at about seven, I receive a text message. "im ok dont worry"

I immediately try to call her, but my call is blocked. I text her "Ash, please call me. I'm worried sick. I'm still outside the concert hall." No answer.

So, without seeing an alternative course of action, I finally go home. But I'm desperate and I can't sleep. I just wander around in the apartment restlessly, texting and calling her all the time. But her phone is obviously switched off.

At about eleven, my doorbell rings. I jump up. Ash! Finally. I'm overjoyed.

But to my dismay, two of the band's filthy security goons are standing there with a kind of list.

"Sorry, buddy. We're here to pick up her stuff. We have a list. Stay calm and you won't be harmed."

"Where is she?"

"Probably fucking somebody. She's a hot fuck. Everybody had their turn on her. The band, the staff, we security guys. She will be quite loose when she returns. If she returns." They both laugh.

I feel absolutely broken and humiliated, trying not to cry in front of these assholes. They are busy collecting everything on their list and feel right at home while they're doing it. After a few minutes they are finished and leave without another word. I'm still stunned.

My phone rings. It's Ash, finally.

"Ash. Where are you? When will you come home to me?"

"Danny, sorry, I will stay with the band until the tour ends."

"Ashley, you're leaving me?"

"No, dummy, of course not. I'll just accompany them for a while. Afterwards I'll be yours again."

"Ashley, these two guys that picked up your stuff told me that everybody has fucked you. Band, staff, security. They humiliated me. Are you cheating on me?"

"Oh, they did? They were instructed to be tactful. They will be in trouble. Jimmy won't accept that."

"Ashley, answer my question."

"Of course I have sex. I'm a groupie now. But only the band is fucking me."

"Ashley! You can't so that! We're married. How long will this go on?"

"The tour will and in December."

"Ashley, that's four months."


"Ashley, I can't accept that, we're married. You're cheating in the worst possible way."

"Sorry, honey. It's the chance of a lifetime for me. I'll make it up to you. Gotta run, see you."

And the line is dead. Shit. I've just lost my wife. In a cold way she has left me for a bunch of ugly rock stars. I start to cry a little, feeling lost and lonely. It has all been too quick and without warning. My perfect life has turned into a pile of horseshit within a few hours.

Shortly afterwards I receive a text message. "hon don't be mad. i'm still yours."

Again, I pace around in the apartment. I'm sad. I'm humiliated. I'm desperate. My wife has just been taken from me. Plucked like an apple from a tree. And there's nothing I can do about it.

And slowly, my hurt turns into anger. How can she do this to me? Does our marriage mean nothing? How can she hurt me that way? Obviously, she has never loved me. And that cold way in which she assumes she can just live her dream without me and have me back any time. That I will be the patient cuckold, waiting at home. That bitch.

I reply. "Don't bother to come home."

"dont be silly. i love you. you love me."


No answer.

The anger helps. I run a 10K lap and feel better. At least a little. Well, not really that much, to be honest.


On Monday my boss, who is a great guy, senses that I'm in trouble somehow. He asks me if I need help and I roughly explain the situation. He's a lot older than me and has a lot of life experience. But even he is stunned.

"Danny, we have an open position in Philadelphia. Maybe a complete new location will be good for you. I could help you getting it. I don't want to lose you, but if you stay here, in your old surroundings, you will be useless anyway. And you're due for a promotion that I can't give you here. Payment will be better too. About 120K, I think."

"Boss, you're great. I'll think about it."


And that's what I do. For several days I hardly do anything else. I just think about Ash. And about the new position. If I can do it. If I want to give up Ash by moving to Philly. But I realize that I've already lost her. She has taken this decision from me. If I accept such kind of behavior, I'll be the spineless wimp of the century and she'll feel free to fuck anyone that strikes her fancy.

Of course, she sends meaningless text messages all the time. "love you." "think of you.". But I can never reach her on the phone to talk to her. She always refuses to take the call. I finally decide that I've had enough. I won't try to contact her again and I tell my boss that I accept. And I thank him again.

A week after the damn concert, I sign the new contract and start to pack my stuff. The company pays for the relocation.

I receive a text again. "we're going to south america, europe, asia. isnt that exciting?"

"Ashley, I'll file for divorce on Monday."

Immediately my phone rings.

"Danny, you're not serious, are you? I love you."

"No, you don't. And yes, I'm serious."

"Wait until I return. We'll talk about it."


"Danny, I'm in Toronto. I can't come home now."

"Would you want to if you could?"

She hesitates shortly. "No, this is the most exciting time of my life. I need this. Please be patient." She tries to speak as softly and lovingly as possible.

"I'll be gone when you return."

"No, you love me. And please remember that I love you. Please wait for me. I beg you."

I hang up.

A text pops up: "please..." and another "i'll explain later" "and i'll make it up. 1000 times. but please don't leave me!!!!"

I answer with "have a nice life"

She returns "Nooo. Please! Don't leave me! You won't regret it."


On Monday I visit a lawyer, explain the situation and show the text messages. I ask for 50% of our savings. The apartment is rented anyway. No problem, he says. Abandonment makes things easier. If she stays with the band, the divorce will be final in three months. Good.

While I'm in his office, another text from Ashley appears: "i love you".

"Yeah, fuck you, bitch," I loudly exclaim. I have to chuckle a little and think that it seems my opinion of her has suffered considerably recently. I also question how I could be able to overlook her obvious character flaws for so long. Has she just hidden them well enough or has her hot body totally blinded me? Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Philly and my new life are waiting for me. I try to be enthusiastic about it. Rather unsuccessfully.


I instruct the moving company to put her stuff and her furniture into storage. The storage will be paid from our former joint account, which is now hers alone. She will have access to the storage area. This is the easiest way to separate everything.

Text messages come in all the time. It gets a little annoying.

"we're in LA. luv u"

"arrived in rio. fantastic city. i'm yours. please always remember that"

"great concert in buenos aires. love you. only you."

I decide not to read them any more. It's the same stuff all the time, anyway. And it doesn't make me feel any better to read this stuff, it just freshens the pain. I need to move on.

Four weeks after the concert a strange text catches my eye though. "Exclusive for you again!" Whatever that means. I don't ask her because I feel that it doesn't really matter.

I settle into a nice routine in Philly. I like my new job. I have no shortage on female attention. The Ashley disaster still hurts. But at least my male self-confidence slowly returns.


By November I have a steady girlfriend again. I'm a one-woman man and I'm happy to be in a steady relationship again. Her name is Sue. We still have separate apartments, but we mainly stay in mine because it's nicer and bigger.

One day Ashley calls. For the first time in two months.

"Hey Danny."


"How are you doing? Sorry that I didn't call you. But I have sent messages to let you know that I'm okay."

"Yeah, you did. I haven't read them for a while, though."

"You haven't?"

"No. I'm over you. I've moved on." Which is not entirely true. But I'm working on it.

"Danny!" She sobs now. "I know, I've done something terrible to you. But please be patient. I need you."

I just hang up. She calls again but I ignore her. I think it's only fair after she has ignored all of my calls for months. I continue dressing up for my dinner with Sue. Ashley's call only slightly annoys me. I'm really mostly over her. And I'm looking forward to my evening with Sue.


In December Sue and I think about her moving into my big apartment. I really like her a lot. Maybe it's not true love, but she's very attractive and my feelings for her grow constantly.

I'm sitting in my favorite easy chair and have just come to the decision that it's a great day when Ashley calls again. I'll probably have to revise my opinion about the quality of the day, I think.

"Hi Danny. Honey."


"Danny, I'm at the airport. I'm yours now again. Only yours. Forever. Could you please pick me up here?"

"Ashley, do you know that we're not married any more?"

"What?" I hear that she starts to cry. "You're serious?"

"Yes. The divorce is final for about a month now. But nobody had your address to notice you."

"But Danny... yes, I know. I've put you through a terrible time. But I've hoped that you would endure that limited time of separation for me."

"Well, I haven't. I don't even live in Minneapolis any more. So I can't pick you up."

"What? Danny, where do you live?"

"In Philadelphia. I have a new job here. And I have a new girlfriend. I'm happy again after months of pure misery. I've moved on."

She's openly sobbing now.

"Bu.. but Danny. I'm yours now. Everything can be as it was before."

"No, nothing will be as it was before." I'm quite angry now. The bitch surely has a nerve. "You've abandoned me. You left me standing there, powerless. Unable to even talk to you. Worried shitless. You cheated on me, probably hundreds of times. No, what we've had is completely gone. I have quit the apartment, you'll have to find another one. You have half of our savings, so you should be able to start over. Maybe you even have some savings from your time as a prostitute for the band and the staff. This way you'll be ok, financially. Your stuff is in storage. Goodbye."

I hang up and send her the storage details in a text message. Of course, various texts and calls flood in. Which I ignore completely.


In January Sue moves in with me. I'm a little reluctant at first because I'm afraid that she might hurt me, like Ashley did. It seems that I'm a little gun-shy, but I finally agree. Practically, it's a rather small step as she mostly lives in my apartment anyway. She'll just give up hers, which has been mainly a storage unit for some of her stuff recently. But nonetheless it's some kind of commitment and it makes me a little nervous.

But we settle into a joint household easily. Living with her is easy. And through her I find new friends in Philly. We go to a lot of parties. She wants to show me off, she says. I'd prefer to spend more time alone with her, but I go along.


In May she starts to talk about a possible marriage. The hints are rather subtle, but hard to miss. I'm not really into another marriage after my disaster with Ashley though. And it seems too early for such a step anyway. I try to explain this in a gentle way, but she doesn't take it too well.

Thinking of my failed marriage, I notice that I haven't received messages from Ashley for quite a while. I had mostly ignored them anyway, but now they've completely stopped. I'm glad about getting rid of this distraction. I want to move on and prefer not be reminded of my old losses.


Today is the seventh of July. I'm at work but half an hour ago one of our machines broke down. I contact the service but they can't be here before tomorrow. Just great. I'm under pressure anyway and now my department is going to lose several production hours. Anyway, at least I can go home now, there's nothing for me to do here right now. I also send my workers home.

I open the door to our apartment and I'm surprised that Sue seems to be home. At least her keys are lying in their usual spot. I go towards the bedroom, wanting to get rid of my tie and suit.

"You horny bastard, fuck me." I freeze. That's Sues voice. Shit. It's happening again. My woman is cheating on me. Shit. Shit. I slowly and a little reluctantly approach the bedroom, fully knowing that what I'm about to see is going to hurt me.

I see a rather overweight guy fucking Sue from behind. I feel insulted, seeing how unattractive he is. Sue prefers such an ugly turd to me? Something is definitely looking wrong here. Sue is a beautiful woman, what is she doing with such a slob?

"Is this your boss, Sue?" That's the only possible explanation for what I'm seeing.

"Danny," she screams! "Don't overreact please. This is nothing. Yes, this is my boss."

The guy quickly extracts himself from her and hurriedly starts to dress. I don't pay attention to him. And - to my surprise - I notice that I'm not all that much interested in Sue's reaction either.

On a sudden whim, I grab the guy as he wants to leave the room.

"Hey, let me go. I've done nothing wrong. Every guy would bang her. Hell, everybody does."

"What does that mean?"

"Barry, shut up!"

"No, tell me."

"Ask her." And he manages to extract himself because I'm not interested in him any more. He seems to decide not to overstress our hospitality and leaves immediately.

"Danny, he's an idiot," she says, but only after he's gone. So she doesn't want to antagonize him. So she plans to continue this. "Don't believe him."

"It doesn't matter."

"Yes, it doesn't. I'm sorry that you had to see this. I didn't want to hurt you. You're a good man. But I think I'm just not made for a steady relationship. I feel confined in here anyway. I tried to force myself to be monogamous by marrying you. But luckily, you refused. And you still love your ex."

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