tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife Cheats as I Watch by Webcam

My Wife Cheats as I Watch by Webcam


Several years ago, my wife, Brandie, and I, had been separated for eight months, but for a compassionate reason. Her Mother, who lived in another state, had been diagnosed with cancer and needed someone to care for her in her last several months of life. So, Brandie made the decision to move in with her Mom, take care of her to her passing, then dispose of her assets, and close out all of her affairs.

My wife and I were both in our fifties and had been married for over twenty years. We were passionately in love with each other and had a very active sex life. Brandie and I, used to work together, at a job that had us on the road, more than we were home. But when her Mother fell ill, my wife took an early retirement, spent several months at home, with frequent trips back and forth to see her Mom, and went to live with her, those last eight months. So, when I was home on the weekends, and the house was empty, except for me being in it, I missed my wife terribly!

During those eight months, I only had a couple of weekends when my work took me close to her Mother's home, that I was able to be there with her, and her Mom. Needless to say, with the stress my wife was under, and with her Mother in the house, terminally ill, my wife's sex drive on those few occasions, was nearly nonexistent. Same was true for the weekend I spent there for the funeral, about a month before my wife finally moved back home.

While Brandie was gone to live with her Mom, I hired a housekeeping service to keep the house clean and do my laundry, so that I didn't have to spend my weekends doing those chores. When I made the decision to get a housekeeper service, I set up a bunch of web linked spy cams, all over the house, so that every corner of every room was covered, including the bathroom and laundry room. These cameras were hidden in clocks, picture frames, mirrors, fake smoke detectors, and other devices that I could plant all over the house and no one would notice them. Then while I was out on the road on business, I could make sure that my housekeepers weren't ripping me off, using my house for illicit reasons, or snooping where they had no business snooping. I never caught them doing anything unsavory, and before anyone gets upset at me for even spying on them in the bathroom, I only had one spy cam in there, in a fake smoke detector on the ceiling, and that didn't reveal anything of a private nature, when all they did was pull their pants down, or dress up, to sit on the toilet. At least one of the cams, in each room of the house, had a microphone on it, so that I could also hear what was going on, as well as see it. With all of these cams, I had the limited ability to scan left/right/up/down, and to zoom in and out to a certain extent with each of them.

When my wife finally moved back home, I thought it would be fun to leave the cameras in place and not tell her about them. That way, while I was out on the road, I could see her, when she didn't know I could see her, and I could play little games with her head. I didn't do this because I suspected that my wife was cheating on me when I wasn't home, or for any other reason. It really was driven by just a playful desire to screw with her head a little, before I eventually told her about them. I thought the most I might ever catch her doing, was maybe using her vibrator on herself while I was away, and if I caught her at that, I intended to call her, choose that moment to talk dirty to her, and maybe have a little phone sex. Little did I know, that these cameras were going to become a treasure trove of sexual pleasure, way beyond my wildest dreams!

After Brandie was back home, and had finally released all of that pent up tension that she had been under for so many months, we started to get our lives back to normal. The first thing that we did, was to start fucking like rabbits! Whenever I was at home, we were almost constantly having sex. As long as we were in the home alone, and didn't have visitors, or family around, Brandie was wearing some of her sexiest and sleaziest lingerie, and we had sex all over the house! A few times, those first few weeks she was home and I was on the road working, I did catch her on those cams, using her vibrator. I did call her, and we did have phone sex, which is something that my wife had almost never done the entire time that I had known her. But since I "caught her", in the act, at a particularly horny moment, she was game. Of course she thought it was just coincidence, she had no idea that I could see her!

About a month after she was home, my wife and I, decided to throw a party with a few close friends and blow off some of the steam of the last year. So, on a Saturday night, about two dozen friends showed up at our home and we all proceeded to party. Of course we had plenty of booze, and our friends brought more. We had music playing through a system that I hooked up years ago in our home, that allowed us to hear it in any room of the house, and this caused spontaneous dancing between couples, and sometimes women dancing with each other, while the men watched, in various places throughout the house. The women were all in their mid 30's to mid 50's, none of them were bad looking, and all of them were dressed to kill! With a chance to party, and no doubt with a little female competition in mind as well, they had all dressed very sexy in short skirts, high heels, revealing blouses, etc.

My wife, Brandie, although she was in her mid 50's, at 5'7" tall, blond hair, pretty face, 38C tits, perfect ass, and long sexy legs that many women half her age would kill to have, was the sexiest women there. I'm not gonna tell that old tired lie, that my 50ish wife was so fucking hot that she made 20 year old "Barbie types" look like men. No, she's not that perfect. She carried a little more weight around her middle than she wanted, but other than that, she was one sexy, and fucking desirable 50ish woman, who easily passed for early 40's!

My wife has always had a great collection of sexy clothes, from normal street wear and business attire, that was respectable and sexy at the same time, to slutty club wear that made her look like a tramp, to lingerie that revealed ALL that she wanted to show, and everything in between!

For this party, she was wearing a very see through, dark red, nylon blouse that had a solid silk collar, sleeve cuffs, trim down the front where the buttons and button holes were, and two solid silk pockets, strategically placed over her tits. If she were wearing this blouse out anywhere, she would wear a camisole underneath it. Tonight she just wore a sexy lace, black, hook in the front bra under it. When she first put it on, I mentioned to her how sexy that was, but that some of the wives of the couples, who were coming to the party tonight, might not like her showing "that much" to their husbands.

Brandie responded with, "Fuck 'em! This is my house, my party, and if they don't like it, they can take their men and go home!"

She completed her outfit with a dark red thong that matched the color of the blouse, a pair of high quality, shear black, thigh high stockings with lacy tops, and a short black skirt that barely came down over the tops of her stockings while standing. Sitting on a bar stool, on a chair, or in a soft cushioned living room chair, she was going to be showing the tops of those stockings and bare thighs above them.

She capped off her outfit with a pair of dark red, velvet, high heeled pumps, that matched the color of her blouse and thong.

As the party got wound up and everyone started feeling the effects of the copious amounts of alcohol we were all consuming, the dancing became a little more sexual, and a few of the women even "flashed" a quick view of a bare ass cheek, a barely covered tit, or a G-string covered pussy! But no matter how much the men begged for more, we couldn't get any of the women naked. A couple of times during the night, a husband/wife, or boyfriend/girlfriend couple, would slip off into one of the other bedrooms, (other than our master bedroom), and have a quickie.

I am a voyeur, and I LOVE to watch real people having sex! I don't care much for professional porn flicks, but give me an amateur video, and I'm watching that start to finish and yanking my cock all the way through! So, each time one of the couples slipped off to have some sex, I slipped into the master bedroom, bathroom, with my laptop computer, closed and locked the door, and spent several minutes watching my friends having the kind of incredible, passionate, raw sex, that couples have usually, only when they're drunk! I tried not to watch too long, because I didn't want to raise my wife's suspicions and have her come find me in the bathroom with my laptop.

By midnight, some of the people had left, and the party had dwindled down to one other couple, Jeff and Sarah, one single guy, Tom, and a guy by himself, Dave, who's wife hadn't come to the party. We were ALL, stinking drunk and bound not to let the party end until we passed out, or the sun came up, whichever came first.

The six of us, sat at the dining room table and started playing poker, at first for one dollar ante. After a few hands, it was a five dollar ante.

Then my wife spoke up and said, "Fuck! For that kinda money, we might just as well be playing strip poker," as if a five dollar ante was more than she could afford!

We all laughed, but then Tom threw a shoe on the table and said, "OK! Strip poker. One item of clothing to ante up, one chance to draw cards, one item of clothing to raise, or you fold, then show the cards."

Suddenly, the other two guys and myself, threw more shoes on the table and Sarah looked at her husband, Jeff, as if to say, "Are you crazy?"

He just looked at her and said, "Oh, come on baby. We'll quit at the underwear!"

So Sarah, and my wife, Brandie, both put a high heeled shoe on the table.

The poker game went on for about an hour, with clothing being swapped back and forth and all of us slowly getting more naked. Sarah gave up her skirt for one hand, but made sure her blouse was pulled down over her ass and pussy, even though she was wearing some of those "boy cut" type panties that covered more of her bottom than a swimsuit would have. She won that hand, and now having many more pieces of clothing that weren't her's to ante up with, she put her skirt back on. Brandie lost her skirt and was only wearing a thong under it that barely covered her cleanly shaved pussy in the front, and with the thong pulled into the crack of her ass, it covered nothing of her ass! The other three men all gazed approvingly upon my wife as she stripped off her short skirt and threw it on the table. Brandie's blouse wasn't quite as long as Sarah's was, and it was mostly shear, see through nylon anyway, so it barely gave my wife any cover below the waist, but in her inebriated condition, she didn't seem to care. And as we played, there were a couple of times that my wife got up from the table to step into the kitchen to freshen her own, or my drink, get ice, or a snack, and every time that she did, play nearly stopped, as all four of us men watched my wife's bare ass going into the kitchen, and her barely covered pussy, coming out!

This didn't set well with the very drunk Sarah and she started to bitch at her husband for looking at Brandie too much. They soon left and went home, with Sarah tugging on Jeff's leash all the way!

After they left, there were just the four of us, Tom, Dave, Brandie, and me.

We laughed our asses off about how pissed off Sarah was at Jeff, and Dave said he was glad that his wife wasn't here, or he might be gone by now too, but he continued on and said, "But I'm glad she isn't, so I can see more of Brandie's sexy ass!"

I was drunk, but not so drunk that I didn't realize, that he wouldn't have been that blunt, if we had all been sober. But then again, if we had all been sober, my wife wouldn't be running around in a thong in front of these other men! I took a bit of personal pride in the fact, that I knew these other two men enjoyed the sight of my wife's nearly naked bottom!

We continued to play the game until all the men were down to just our undershorts. Dave and me in white jockey's and Tom a pair of gray boxers. Brandie was down to just her bra, thong, and blouse. We all had a pile of clothing to work with, so no one was in danger of losing their underwear anytime soon. But, Brandie, only had a couple of pieces to work with, before she was going to have to start stripping more off. To her good fortune, she won the next hand. As she pulled the pot of clothing in to her, I got up from the table and went into the kitchen to mix myself another Jack and coke.

The pile she had won, included her two thigh high stockings, that she had previously lost. So my wife decided to put them back on, and do it in a "showmanship" manner, teasing these guys as she did it. I watched from the kitchen, as Brandie slipped one stocking over her right foot, then stretched her leg out and put the heel of her foot on the edge of Dave's chair, right between his legs, and then pressed her foot and toes down on the hard bulge in his undershorts, as she reached down and slowly slid the stocking up her leg and over her kneecap. Once it was over her knee, she lifted her foot high into the air, no doubt giving both men a great view of her pussy slit, barely covered by her thong between her legs, as she slid the stocking the rest of the way up her leg and stopped at mid-thigh.

Tom and Dave watched this show, intently, and I'm sure they enjoyed every minute of it. Brandie repeated the show, taking her time and slowly putting on her left stocking. As I watched, I started thinking to myself;

My wife, Brandie, and I, had been living a "HOT Wife" sexual lifestyle for many years, probably 15, or more, at that time. We had been sharing her with other men, (and a few women along the way), in mostly threesomes, but there had been a few small gang bangs, here and there. Since we had gotten married, I hadn't ever had sex with any other women, because, 1.) I wasn't interested in that, I got all the sex I wanted and needed off my wife, Brandie. 2.) I am a voyeur, I LOVE to watch "real people" having sex, and there's no one more REAL, than my own wife! 3.) I enjoyed sharing my wife with other men, so that I knew she was getting the total, and complete sexual satisfaction, that no one man could ever give her. Oh sure, when she had sex with me, or any other man, on a one to one basis, she got sexually fulfilled, and was satisfied. But I enjoyed seeing her getting so much sex, that she was actually completely spent and so sexually satisfied, that she literally couldn't continue, and no one man could do that to her! That took at least two men and sometimes more! Our adventures of sharing her with other men had happened at bars, nightclubs, the swingers club we were members of, and many times by happenstance, from a chance meeting somewhere of a man with whom we just clicked, and ended up having sex with. These sharing adventures, were rarely planned, and I found them to be more sexually stimulating, and fun, when they weren't planned.

As I watched my wife putting on this reverse striptease show of putting on her stockings to the delight of our two friends, I thought that it was very possible that my wife, Brandie, would soon fuck all three of us men, before those two left for the night. Then another devilish thought occurred to me; I remembered the cameras that I had all around the house and I wondered, if I left Brandie alone with these two guys, what would she do with them? She and I hadn't discussed her having sex with anyone at, or after this party tonight, and as a general rule, if she was going to have sex with anyone, without me around, I usually gave her my prior approval for her to do that. Even if there was no intended man in mind, and it was just a generic, "If the situation happens, go ahead and have a good time," she never had sex with anyone, without at least my general approval. Even though we practiced a "HOT Wife" lifestyle, that didn't mean a "fuck anyone you want, whenever you want", lifestyle. It was understood between the two of us, that fucking, without my prior approval was, "cheating". So, I wondered, if I left her alone with these two drunk, horny friends of ours, and she equally as drunk, would she "cheat"?

I decided to find out. I thought that after a few more hands of poker, I would pretend to go to sleep, (pass out drunk), and have them take me to bed. Then if they kept playing the strip poker game, I could watch on my cameras and see what happened.

When Brandie was done putting her stockings back on for our drunk, horny friends, I went back into the dining room and sat back down so the game could resume. After a few more hands had been played, Brandie didn't have any clothes left to ante up and bet with, other than the two stockings, bra, thong and blouse, that she was wearing. I figured this was a good time to "pass out", so as the cards were being shuffled to be dealt again, I hung my head on my chest and, "went to sleep".

Brandie tried to wake me by shaking me and calling my name several times, but I wouldn't respond. The three of them all laughed about me not being able to handle my liquor, and then Brandie asked the two guys to help get me into the bedroom. Tom and Dave literally carried me to the master bedroom and laid me down on the bed, closing the door quietly as they left.

As soon as they were out of the room, I sat up on the edge of the bed, and opened my laptop, which was on the nightstand next to my side of the bed. I quickly went to the camera that gave me the best view of the dining room, where the poker game was being played, and I saw Tom and Dave walk back into the room from having taken me to the bedroom. Brandie entered from the kitchen. She had brought both men a fresh beer each, and then she went back into the kitchen as the men sat back down. When Brandie returned from the kitchen, she was carrying a large ashtray, a bag of pre-rolled medicinal marijuana joints that she had brought back from her Mother's house, and a lighter.

Brandie had brought three baggies full of medicinal marijuana home from her Mother's house with the intent of selling it to some of our friends. But apparently, she was going to share some of it, with our two friends, as they all continued to play strip poker. I know why she hadn't gotten it out before hand, I'm subject to random drug screens on my job and so she didn't want me to be exposed to it.

Brandie handed each man their own joint and passed the lighter around for everyone to light up.

Tom and Dave asked where she got such a large amount of pot, and Brandie told them, adding, "So, smoke up and enjoy! Trust me, it's some good shit," and they all started laughing!

The three of them sat there, smoking their individual joints for several minutes and building a cloud of pot smoke in the room, until Dave finally said, "Come on Tom, deal the cards."

Tom shuffled the cards and dealt the next hand. Brandie anted up one of her stockings. I could see her cards, and she didn't have a thing to work with. She kept a King, and drew four cards. I could see that she still didn't even have a pair. I switched cameras and I could see that Tom had three Jacks, and I couldn't see Dave's hand. Tom raised the ante, Dave folded and my wife, to my amazement, threw in her other stocking! Tom showed his cards and of course won the pot. Brandie made the lame excuse that she was holding a King high, junk hand, and thought that Tom was just bluffing, so she stayed in. They all laughed at my wife's dumb assed poker move and then took more hits off their individual joints.

Dave started to shuffle the cards and then it hit him, that to ante up for this next hand, Brandie was going to have to remove her thong, bra, or blouse, (not that the blouse was hiding much anyway). That thought had already occurred to me, and I was wondering if she was going to do it? Dave stopped shuffling the cards and tossed a piece of clothing on the table, as did Tom.

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