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My Wife Comes Home


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My wife came home after a night out with the girls. She did this at least once a week and I loved hearing all about what kind of sexy trouble she had gotten herself into. This night however was different. This night she crossed a line she had never crossed before. Her guilty conscience wouldn't let her hold it in and she told me every little detail of the fabulous fuck she received not an hour earlier. It was so hot I whipped out my cock and stroked while she told it.

Wife – Oh you are still up.

Husband – Of course I am you know I like to hear about your night.

W – Umm it was okay.

H – Just okay? Come on tell me all about it. You know how hot it makes me when you tell me about the men you have flirted with.

W – Well there was one guy.

H – Just one?

W – Ya, he was a very good looking black man.

H – Oh that's hot. You gotta tell me. I know how you love a handsome black guy. Did you dance with him?

W- Yes we danced.

H – You are keeping something from me. Tell me about it. Look at my cock baby I want to hear all about your night. Don't keep me hanging like this.

W – Are you sure you want to hear it all?

H – Oh god yes. Look how hard my cock is already. You tell me all about what you did tonight and I will keep stroking my cock.

W – Well me and the girls were at our regular hangout and we were all dancing. You know how we do.

H – Ya I bet you had all the guys drooling while you were grinding with your friends.

W – Some were yes. But when we took a break the waiter brought over a drink for me which I didn't order. He told me that it was from the guy at the end of the bar and then pointed him out to me.

H – Was he hot? Did he get your motor running? Come on tell me baby.

W – Oh ya he was very handsome, he kinda looked like DMX. Shaved head, tattoos real gansta looking. He was really sexy.

H – I bet your pussy was getting wet just looking at him. Huh?

W – Ya I was getting a little warm.

H – So what happened next?

W – Well he got up out of his seat. My god he had so many muscles. Anyway he came and sat beside me and asked me to dance.

H – Oh tell me you danced with him. You did, didn't you?

W – Ya I went out on the floor and we started to dance to a fast song. It ended quickly then the DJ played another fast one and we kept dancing. He was a real good dancer.

H – Did you get to dance any slow sexy songs with him?

W – I am getting there. God your cock is really hard. It looks good in your hand.

H – It feels good.

W – Well after the second song finished "Tell Me Do Ya Wanna" by Genuwine came on. And you know how that song gets me wet between my legs.

H – Mmmm yes keep talking baby!

W – Well Tony turned me around and grabbed my hips pulling my ass into his crotch.

H – Was he hard?

W- Oh god yes... He had the biggest cock I have ever felt. And he just kept rubbing my ass with it.

H – Baby that is so hot! What did you do?

W – You sure you want to hear this?

H – Look at my cock, fuck I am already starting to leak out my tip. Keep going.

W- Well he ground his hips then he took his mouth and started sucking my neck. I thought I was going to cum right on the dance floor.

H – Ooohhh god yessss!

W – Well then he grabbed my boobs and whispered in my ear how much he wanted to take his big cock and shove it in my pussy.

H – Oh shit what did you tell him? What did you do?

W – I told him he was making me extremely wet but also that I was married.

H – What did he say to that?

W – He then told me he didn't care if I didn't. He then asked if I had ever been fucked on the hood of a car.

H – He wanted to fuck you in the parking lot? Oh you must have really had him going.

W – More like he had me going. My cunt was practically dripping wet by then. I couldn't help but follow him outside.

H – Oh you are such a slut. I love it keep going. Oh god you make me so hot.

W – Well as soon as we got outside and to his car he pushed me roughly against the hood so my back was to him.

H – Oh shit he wanted you from behind; I can't blame him you always fuck so well when taken from behind.

W – I was so turned on my cum was dripping down my thighs then. He pulled my skirt up over my hips and jammed his cock deep in my pussy.

H – Fuck yes...you are such a dirty slut. God I love you so much.

W – His cock was so big I thought he would tear me in half. He touched me in places no one has ever been before. He was so hard and thick and was just driving it in and out of my cunt. It felt so good it only took me a few seconds to explode all over his hard cock.

H – Oh god yes baby. Show me; show me where he shoved his big cock. Oh god I am stroking so hard. Did he cum in you? Did his big hard cock shoot all his hot cream deep in your pussy? That's it baby rub with me. Oh I can see how wet your pussy is from here.

W – Oh fuck I am wet, and he did. He shot his huge hot load deep in my snatch. Oh god it is still juicy and full of his cum. Oh god baby you are really stroking your cock. Yes baby keep pulling it. I wanna see you cum...come on baby shoot that hard cock all over yourself. Ooohhh godddd I am cumming all over my fingers!


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