tagGroup SexMy Wife, Cuckold and Friends

My Wife, Cuckold and Friends


My wife put the finishing touches to her attire. She was wearing a tight black skirt, cut above the knee, a black, long sleeved, low cut, figure hugging skirt, under which I knew her to be wearing black, flimsy lacy underwear and garter belt and sheer black, seemed stockings. At the moment she was bare-foot, but she would be slipping into black stilettos on later.

My wife is very pretty, with straight, glossy black, shoulder-length hair in a pageboy cut. Her eyes are dark with a naughty twinkle. Her skin is pale, and she has the most gorgeous smile, with the whitest, most even smile.

I was sitting naked on the bed watching her, erection stiff and hard between my legs, hands tied behind my back.

Jenny turned, and walked toward me, glass of ice in hand. She is petite, with a slim, curvy figure, and a sexy, naughty wiggle. Squatting down in front of me, she parted my knees. She looked up at me, she smiled. Leaning forward, she deliberately let her hair brush against my cock as she did so, she reached beneath the bed, and pulled out a shoe-box. Removing the lid, she pulled out a length of chain, attached to which were two small key rings, about 5 inches apart.

Tut-tutting at me, she took a handful of ice, wrapped it in a cloth, and held it against my cock. The cold contrasted with the heat of my penis.

She held it against me for a few minutes, holding perfectly still. I could feel the cool, melted ice running between my legs as it took the heat -- and stiffness -- out of me.

As I slackened, Jenny picked up the chain, and holding my penis in her cool hands, she slipped the larger of the two rings over the tip of my flaccid penis and down the length of my cock, nestling it snugly against my balls. The other, smaller ring she pushed over the head of my cock, pulling back my foreskin, so that it sat below its purple head. Jenny had to work hard to fit the ring because of its small size, and I was trying hard not to become erect.

Reaching back into the box, my wife now pulled out a small, hinged ring and padlock. Curling her index finger and thumb around the base of my balls, she gathered them together into a tight sack and pulled downwards. Slipping one half of the semi-circle around my now tight scrotum, she hinged it shut, pushing the padlock through the two eyeholes in the end of the ring to close it. Pulling the end of the chain attached to the lower ring tight, she fed one of the links through the shaft of the padlock, and snapped it shut.

Whilst she was empoisoning me, she gave me the most fantastic view down the top of her blouse, and her magnificent, creamy breasts, cupped and lifted in her fragile, undercut bra. This, and the sensation of being handled gently but firmly in this way made be begin to harden, tightening the chain between the head and base of my cock, and the padlock, and providing a delicious tug on my helmet. As blood flowed in, the rings kept it there, making it impossible to move -- or remove them.

Jenny stood me up and turned me around. She hadn't finished with me, and I felt her reach around between my legs. Taking the shorter end of the chain, the pulled it tight, pulling my balls backwards.

Running the chain up between my buttocks, she nestled a small knot in it against my anus. This she attached it to the padlock holding my hands together.

Turning me round -- I could feel the other end of the chain swinging from the end of my cock -- she gently ran the tip of her fingers along my shaft, and then up and around the helmet. Her caress was gentle and brief.

Sliding the length of chain through her fingers gave me a delicious feeling as the chain links trickled though them, she stood away. Wrapping the chain end around her hand, she gave it a tug, yanking my hips forward. It held firm.

Looking me in the eye, Jenny smiled. Giving the chain a few rhythmic tugs, she turned, slipped on her stilettos, and led me, naked, gently by the cock, down the stairs and into our hall, wiggling her gorgeous, tight bum in front of me.

Just outside the living room she stopped. Facing me toward the wall, and, she looped the length of chain to a ring in the wall, pulling it up so that I was forced to stand straight, and padlocked it. My erect, throbbing, hard and purple cock was now firmly held in place , and me with me to it.

Leaving me alone, she went into the kitchen to get herself a glass and a bottle of of wine. Passing me on the way back, she give my arse a quick squeeze, giggled and went into the front room, where I could hear her sit down and uncork it.

Then the doorbell rang.

Jenny walked to the door and opened it, leaving me exposed to the couple that stood there. Inviting them in, she took their coats as they both stared at me, looking me up and down, with particular focus on my predicament. I had never met either of them before, but then I hadn't met many of Jenny's earlier friends though I did know that she had a pretty raunchy sex life before she met me.

Jenny's girl friend was beautiful, with an innocent look. She was of similar build to Jenny, but with blonde, flowing hair, and wearing a short, black, flimsy soft dress, again low-cut., emphasising her gorgeous cleavage. Between it dangled a chain necklace, with what looked like a pair of keys. Her partner, now divested of his coat, was similarly naked, but was encased in a chastity belt. From it hung a short length of chain, which I noticed was held tight by my wife's friend.

'May I'? I asked Jenny, and taking the length of chain, led Mark -- as I later found out he was called -- chained him up alongside me. Ellie handed Jenny a pair of hand cuffs, which she then used to secure Mark's hands behind his back.

I was hard as anything, and hugely aroused. My breath was coming in short gasps as Jenny's friend came over to us. 'I just want to make sure that these two are firm.. ...firmly secured I mean' -- she giggled, running her hands over my cock and balls. Jenny was similarly 'checking' my new partners bindings, giving his balls a rough working over, as his cock was enclosed in a hard plastic, and so unavailable to her.

The bell rang again, revealing another gorgeous lady and partner, neither of whom who I'd ever met. Her partner had a 'Prince Albert', similarly attached to a chain, with which he was attached to the ring on the other side of me.

Eventually five of us were chained together, and 5 girls stood watching, laughing and occasionally touching us. The ring was now a little crowded, with 4 hard cocks pointed towards the same small wall ring -- the plastic chastity belt preventing the 5th cock doing the same, with us huddled in a semi-circle, all naked, venerable, but excited

The girls migrated to the front room, to enjoying a drink and giggle -- most of which seemed to be at our expense.

After a period of time, the girls started to get conspiratorial. I heard a dice being thrown, and a little cheer went up. Jenny came out of the living room. She looked relaxed and ravishing, and very naughty, and all the men were eyeing her. In her hand, she was holding a key.

She slid her hand between the men, brushing each one of the exposed cocks with her hand, and pressing herself up against the men -- which made me intensely jealous -- but extremely horny, and desperate to touch her.

She wrapped her had around the chains where they gathered at the ring, and gave them a rug, polling them -- and us -- up onto our toes, holding it firm. I could hear her breathing hard, savouring her power. Then she relaxed, lowering us back.

Taking the key, she tried in all the locks until she found one that fitted. I noticed that she was making sure that she pressed herself into the men's hands, secure tightly behind us, letting herself be feel t.

Releasing a chain from the ring -- sadly it was not mine, she lead away one of the guys away, taking him next door. I heard huge girly giggling increase, and then quite. The four remaining men were very quiet, straining to hear what was going on. Then we heard the rustle of what must have been clothes coming off. This was followed by a certain amount of cheering, then quiet, heavy breathing, kissing and then sloppy, sloshing sounds, followed by low moaning. Our imaginations were running over-time, as we strained to hear, leaning as far as our bindings would allow, the chains staining against our cocks and balls. We were so engrossed that our cocks were pulled and rubbed together. I was rock hard, throbbing and hornier than I have ever been in my life.

The moaning got louder and louder, then subsided as each of the girls was brought to orgasm. Then I recognised the sound of Jenny being brought to orgasm. She was not very noisy when she came with me, but she was making more noise than normal. I was overwhelmed by jealousy -- but at the same time, I was close to bursting. I could only imagine what was happening, as we couldn't see - agony and ecstasy combined

Jenny emerged from the room ,naked and happy. She was beautiful, and I wanted to hug her and cover her up. I was very jealous of her, but also very proud. Behind her -- and being led by her, was the man that had been lucky enough to be selected. He was still in chains and still erect, so, I was relieved to feel, he could only have been allowed to give the girls oral.

Jenny stood there, swivelled and rotated on the balls of her feet to show herself , and her black triangle moist between her thighs, her perfect, round, upturned breasts, and gorgeous, heart-shaped arse, off. The guys were drinking her up, starting at her lustfully, eyes on stalks as she again rubbed herself against them, pushing her naked body and tits against their backs, reaching round to rub each of the exposed cocks, and squeezing our balls , whilst they rubbed her sloppy clit behind their backs.

Jenny disappeared, and we again heard a dice being thrown. Another cheer went up and a clink as a key was selected, and a girl skipped out.

She was the girl who had arrived first. Naked, she was a heavenly sight, with pert breasts, fat, long, erect nipples, tight stomach and a tight triangle of blonde pubic hair. Approaching the group, she rubbed herself against me, rubbing her wet clit up against my leg, nibbling my ear. Sliding her hand up my cock, she gave it a little rub, running the key up and down the chain, then up towards the padlock that held me. She tried the key, sliding it into the lock, and turned. The lock stayed shut! Laughing, she slipped the key into the lock that secured the Prince Albert , freeing the attached cock.

Leading it off -- we had become sex objects, and not people, the remaining four of us were left to listen to the sex taking place next door...

This happened four times, each time a different girl came each time, naked, each time looking sated and happy. Each time we were left guessing which noise she would have made, which one was our partner, and recognising the girl by the look of ecstasy and agony on girl's partner's face. .

Finally, a pretty, buxom, curvy, dark haired and black eyed girl emerged. She was curvy and mischievous. This time I felt that this must be my turn. My heart was thumping and bursting in my chest.

In her hand she held five keys. She unlocked four of the men -- and with one key left, I thought my luck was at last in. We had been standing for several hours, and my cock was busting , and legs and feet ached, with little puddles of pre-cum on the floor in front of me. But the last key was not for me -- it was for the chastity belt.

My frustration was immense as the men were led off in a group, their chains wrapped in the hand of the angel who had just visited us.

Instead of pleasuring the girls, I was left on my own to listen to the men and women engaged in sex. I heard the chains coming off, and gasps as each of the women were each entered. I could pick the sound of Jenny moaning and screaming above the group as she was pleasured and came. I knew that there was one woman who would not have a man, but I knew that Jenny had bi tendencies, and she had told me about her adventures with friends in the past...

Waving good bye to her friend, Jenny smiled happily at me. She was the only one left undressed -- other than me, still chained and aching, and one of her friend's husbands, whom, I found out, she had been leant for the night, and whom had been left in the front room.

Unchaining me from the ring, my wife said that wanted to give me something for being so patient.

Kneeling me down, she chained my cock to her friend's husband cock ring -- she has borrowed 'the Albert', who she had also made to kneel. Placing her hands on our chests, she pushed us apart, stretching our cocks, and putting a painful strain on the head of our cocks. Then, moving us closer, she took a length of string, and bound the heads of our cocks very tightly together, the rim of our cocks resting under the head of the other. She wrapped the length of string under and around each helmet, pulling it tight.

Then she stood over us, pulling the other man's face into her arse. Then she made me lick her out. That is when I discovered that she had not been using protection, but was full of another man -- or men's cum. But at that stage I was too far gone to care, and lapped and licked her wet, sloppy cunt, as the pulled my head and hair, grinding herself into my face as she came.

Going limp, she stood away from us. Untying us, she led me over to the wall, laying me down, before securing me by my cock to the radiator. Then walking over to her new male friend, she removed his shackles. Standing him up, she kissed him passionately in front of me. I was chewed up with jealousy as he ran his hands around her gorgeous buttocks.

Turning round in front of him, she took his hands and placed them over her breasts. She was looking down at me, her hands behind her, caressing his cock. He was kneading her breasts, and running his hands up her body, between her legs and over her bum. Then, taking took his cock, she led him to the door. Flicking the light of she said, 'good night darling, sleep well'.

I heard the creak of the stairs, and the padding in the corridor as she lead him to our bedroom above the room she'd left me in.

That night I lay awake, naked and secure, on a hard, bare floor, cock taught and twitching in painful, frustrated erotic ecstasy as my wife was fucked senseless in my bed by a man I'd never met before that night.

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