tagLoving WivesMy Wife Denise: True Story

My Wife Denise: True Story


The following is a true story that happened in the month of May 2001

* * * * *

I've had fantasies about my wife fooling around on me long before I found out there were websites devoted to this kind of thing. Needless to say ever since I've been checking out hotwife sites I've gotten bolder and bolder with my bedtime suggestions. I've always told her it was a fantasy of mine, but by the time we're done fucking I stop talking about it till the next time.

Anyway, we were fucking a few weeks back and I told her that I'd really like to see her give a blowjob to another guy. I must have said the exact same thing a thousand times in the past, and she always says, "Fine with me if that's what you want." And that's always been a huge turn-on for me.

But this time she surprised me. She pulled her head off my dick and said, "You know, I can never tell if you’re serious when you say that." All of a sudden I got totally turned on because it seemed like she was really considering it. I managed to hold back my load and said to her, "Well, what do you think?". I said that because I wasn't even sure. She said "I think you're all talk.", so I said "I think you're all talk.

So she went down and started giving me some of the best head I ever had, then she pulled it out and said, "You really wouldn't have a problem if I did that to someone else?" I said no. Then she started licking my balls and the space between my balls and my ass and said, "I guess this wouldn't be a problem either.". I grunted no.

With that she came up along side me, continued stroking me, and said, "Then give me permission... before you cum." That was nearly impossible after hearing her talk like that. But I managed to say "fine". Then she wanted more details. The conversation went something like this.

"How far can I go?"

"How far would you like to go?"

"This was your idea you tell me."

"How about a blowjob?"

"Okay by me, anything else?"

"Like what?" I said.

"Is kissing allowed?"

When she asked me that, I came all over the two of us. But apparently she wasn't done talking. She told me that I had already given her permission and asked me if I was still okay with that. I started getting hard without ever getting limp. I told her I was okay. She said she was too, but wanted to know if there were limitations. I asked her to explain.

She said, "There's a lot of things to consider, can I kiss him? Can he touch me anywhere? Is he allowed to cum in my mouth? Can it be anyone in particular?". I responded," You've obviously put some thought into this, so everything is allowed that you feel comfortable with." She asked, "Everything?". I said "Yes, do you have anyone in mind?" She asked me if it would bother me if she did, I said no.

She started, "Well, there is someone I've had a crush on for a few years now, I've always wanted to bring him up during sex but I wasn't sure how you'd feel. You met him twice at my dad's store, he's one of our suppliers." I nodded because I knew who she was talking about. She continued, "He knows I'm married, but he always comes on to me when dad's not there. I don't want you to get upset with me, but I've been out with him before."

"Out with him?" I asked. "Just for dinner," she said, "But the last time he tried to kiss me. I told him that if he was a little more patient with me, I would do more than just kiss him." I was shocked but very excited. I said, "Is that why you made me give you permission before?" She nodded. I said, "Well, this is interesting, when should we do this?"

She said, "If it's okay with you, I don't think I would be comfortable with you there the first time. I think I should go out with him a few times alone first." I told her that was fine and asked her if she would fill me in afterwards. "Of course I'll fill you in," She said excitedly, "And I'll even tell you what we're planning ahead of time so you can think about me while I'm gone." I think I was more excited than she was so I asked what the plans were.

"Well, we had plans to go out Thursday for an early dinner, and I told him afterwards he was allowed to make another move on me. Depending on how I would respond, I'd be able to make it home by 7 - 7:30. But now that everything's out in the open, I have a better idea." I asked her what that was.

She snuggled up to me, threw her leg on mine and said very seductively, "After dinner, I'm going to give my 'date' the best blowjob he's ever had. But how about you let me stay out as long as I like, so I could do everything he wants, and I won't even wash up before I come home." I should point out that her not washing up after a date was a big part of my fantasy, which was why she was attemping to bribe me with it. I agreed and came all over her leg. She giggled when it hit her, and got up to go to the bathroom.

So I said to her, "You're serious, aren't you." She said, "Very much so." and went into the bathroom. I was extremely turned on hearing this and I could barely sleep.

As the week rolled on I didn't know what to expect. I had always been excited by the idea and as Thursday was approaching I got more and more excited. I kept running home from work to lay on my bed and re-live the other night. I came so many times I thought my balls were going to turn inside out.

I could tell Denise was getting excited too. To her, she was finally going to live one of her fantasies, instead of just turning me on with talk. She seemed like a new woman. But I have to say, in most other first time hotwife experiences I've read about, I hardly ever hear of the time leading up to the first date. This was the most erotic time of my life.

On Wednesday night the phone rang so she picked it up. It was obviously him so she smiled at me. She said, "No, he's not here, I'm just sitting with my sister." Then she got up and motioned that she was going to pick it up in the bedroom. She covered up the phone and whispered, "When I yell 'Okay' I want you to hang up." I made a praying sign with my hands and mouthed the word, "Pleeeease". She said, "Not this time, it's still a little weird to me and I want to talk to him privately." I agreed.

So I made the TV louder for background noise and when she yelled "Okay" I hit the phone against the base and pressed the mute button. I figured that would sound like a hang up. Then, cock in hand, I listened to my wife talk to her new "boyfriend". She started.

"You can talk now my sister hung up. Is your girlfriend home?"

"No, where's your husband?"

"Out somewhere, who cares. Do you still want to meet me tomorrow?"

"That depends." he joked.

"On what?" she replied.

He said, "Denise, I like you a lot. But I can’t keep making out with you and have the brakes put on me, it's not fair."

This conversation was starting to go in a totally different direction than I had imagined. I thought I would catch my wife flirting and acting sexy with him, but instead I'm listening to him complain that she doesn't go far enough. I listened to my wife's response.

"Well the brakes are gone Peter. I even have my husbands permission."

"What?" he said, "Your husband knows about us?"

"Not everything, just that I like you. He has these weird fantasies about me being with other men, so the other night I called him on it."

"He wants you to be with other men? That's a little strange." They both started giggling a little. "Oh yeah," she replied, "That's not all. He wants to watch." Peter started laughing in a very startled way. "I can't believe this, I'm not going to be with you in front of your husband."

She said in a sort of baby talk, "You don't have to if you don't want to, I've arranged for us to be alone for the first few times, and if you don't feel comfortable we won't do anything in front of him, okay hun?" He agreed.

"So we're on for tomorrow, right?" she asked.

"Ohhh, I don't know." he joked. " I'll make it worth you're while." she said in the most seductive voice I've ever heard.

"What do you mean by that?" he probed.

"Put it this way," she said, "I can't get pregnant." There was a long pause and I don't know who was more surprised by that statement, him or me.

He asked, "So, I don't have to use a 'you know what'?"

"Nope." she said.

"We'll we're definitely on then, what do you want for dinner?"

"You." Now she was really getting into the conversation.

"Okay, okay, seriously." he joked, "How about room service?"

"Awesome, pick me up at work, I'll meet you around the side." she said.

"I'll be there at 5."

I hung up at that point because it seemed like they were wrapping it up, but it took her a few minutes to come out. When she came out I asked her, "So, are you good to go?" She smiled and nodded. I asked, "Are you excited?", she replied "I'm really excited." And then she plopped down on the couch like she had to catch her breath. "Aren't you?" she asked. "Yes I am, can I have a preview of what he's gonna get tomorrow?" I asked. She didn't say anything but went to turn out the light and came over and dropped to her knees.

This blowjob was beyond belief. It was like she was experimenting on me, using her hands to tickle my balls, going deeper than usual. "Do you think he'll like this?" she asked. That was the way we always talked but now it was an actual guy she was referring to. "Yes he'll definitely like that." I replied.

Then she started talking very dirty for her, she said, "I wonder what his cum tastes like." I asked her, "Do you plan on finding out?" She lifted her head and said, "Yes, but it's not just that. I noticed that when we have sex a few times in a night, your semen changes from the first time to the last. I'm just wondering if it's the same way with him."

I said with a lump in my throat, "Only one way to find out." She seemed happy with my response and said, "I guess you're right." Then the dirty talk continued.

"Where else should I let him cum?" she asked.

"That depends, do you plan on having sex with him?"

"That's still okay right?"

"Of course, the reason I'm asking is, do you plan on using protection?"

She answered, "Believe it or not, I was just talking to him about that, and we decided against using protection. I'm on the pill and he just has sex with his girlfriend, so there's really no point to it."

I agreed with her and suggested that he cum inside her once. She appeared happy that I made the suggestion. She finished me off and I came a ton.

There was one thing I was starting to notice about my sex drive now, I'm never limp. I'm always a little excited. And knowing my wife is excited is a huge turn on.

I couldn't sleep at all Wednesday night, but despite that, Thursday arrived. All I could think about was the coming evening (Literally). I told my boss I had to meet a client and I left the office to go home and beat off.

I got home about 3:00 and my wife's car was in the driveway. When I got upstairs the shower was running. I called out to make some noise so she wouldn't be startled. She turned off the water and yelled "Barry, is that you?" I was right by the bathroom door so I said, "Yes, yes, no need to scream." She said, "I'll be out in a couple of minutes."

I waited on the bed for her, hard as a rock. She came out in her robe with a towel wrapped around her hair and said in a puzzled voice, "What are you doing home?" I told her point blank, "I came home to beat off, what about you." We both started laughing hysterically, it was a pretty funny moment. But she said, "I took a late lunch so I could come home and get ready."

I said to her, "Well, now that you're home I don't have to beat off anymore." She bent over and kissed me and said sarcastically, "Oh yes you do." I kind of had a feeling she'd say something like that, but I wanted to hear it anyway. It was a little bit of an odd feeling being rejected by my wife, but she did just get out of the shower.

"Do you mind if I jerk off while you get ready?" I asked.

"I don't care." she replied.

It was amazing watching her walk around in her best panties, choosing between bras, applying moisturizer to her legs. Then she said the most erotic thing I've ever heard. Not just because it was dirty, but because it hit home that this was really going to happen. She brought 2 bottles of perfume over to me and made me smell them both.

Then she said, "If you were going to be the next man I have sex with, which one of these would you like me to wear?" I pointed to the one on the right. She threw the one I had chosen on the bed next to me and sprayed the other one on her stomach. Then she smiled and gave me a quick raise of her eyebrows.

I was really starting to get into the way she was playing my fantasy, but it was a little overwhelming sometimes. In addition, I was trying to work up the courage to ask her something, I was practicing for an hour how I would. So I finally made my proposal.

I said, "I have something to ask you, and I feel that you owe it to me since I'm letting you go on a date. You know I want to watch, but I'm not. So, do you think you could possibly turn your cell phone on so I could hear a little of what you’re doing. Just to get me through the night."

She asked, "For how long?" I replied. "I don't know, if you get the chance, just hit the speed dial for a little while so I can listen, It's my fantasy too you know." I knew that line would get her.

"How would I do that?" she said

"Easy," I replied, "Just call me, and when I pick up tell him no one's answering, then leave the flap up in your purse. When you're done, reach in and close the flap."

"I suppose I could, for a while," she said, "What do you want to hear?"

"Everything." I told her.

"Well you can't." she said sternly.

I said, "Okay, surprise me." She agreed and got dressed and left around 4:00. I felt a little weird about the cell phone thing, but I really wanted in on this first date. Now all I could do is wait and hope for the phone call. I was beating off like it was a contest for an hour and a half. Then the phone rang at 5:30.

It was her, she said, "Hi, it's me. I'm walking to the hotel room, can you hear me okay?"

"Yes, you sound fine. Where's your 'boyfriend'?" I asked sarcastically.

"He's in the car, I told him to wait till I got the room, then I would call him with the number. So let me call him and I'll call you before I get to the room. Okay?" I told her that was fine.

About a minute later the phone rang again. She said, "He's coming up now, so I'm going to leave the phone on the side of my bag. Hopefully you'll be able to hear something, but I'm not doing this very long." I agreed and she put down the phone.

It seemed very quiet so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to hear. But when that knock on the door came, I realized I'd be able to hear quite a bit. "Coming," she said and I heard the door open. I heard a lot of flirting going on and she was obviously leading him near the phone because they were getting louder. Then I heard the squeak of them sitting on the bed. He started talking.

"Now where were we, you little tease."

"I'm not teasing." she said. All the while I could hear kissing sounds between their words.

"Don’t tell me, show me" he said.

"I'll do anything you want." she said loudly for my benefit. Then I heard her say, "It unhooks in the front...there." She was talking and moaning but I still heard sucking so I could assume he was sucking her tits. That went on for a few minutes till I could hear him say, "You look unbelievable naked." so she responded with, "How about you?" Then she told him to sit, and I heard unzipping and ruffling. Then she started saying things that I was sure were just for me. She said,

"Boy, you are excited."

"I sure am, you're not gonna tease me now are you?" he asked.

"You be the judge." she replied.

All of a sudden Peter let out a huge moan, at the same time I heard sucking noises. I knew what was happening, and I was more turned on than I ever thought I would be. His moans and the accompanying sucking sounds went on for about ten minutes.

Then I heard him say, "I can't hold out anymore." When he said that the sucking got noticeably louder. Then he said, "I'm gonna cum..." and with a loud moan he did. At this point I heard lip smacking sounds, and my wife said, "Let me just grab my makeup, I'll be right back." Then the phone clapped shut.

So there I was. It wasn't even 6:00 yet, and I just listened to my wife give her boyfriend a complete blowjob, and hang up on me. This was absolutely the most turned on I had ever been in my life. I couldn't wait for her to get home.

In the meantime, I didn't know what to do with myself while I was waiting for her to get home. I jacked off a couple of times, but it was like I overdosed on Viagra, I just couldn't 'un-excite' myself. I started walking around the house. I picked up the bottle of the perfume she was wearing. Then I sniffed it and tried to imagine what was happening. It was driving me crazy. I decided to just wait in bed.

I heard the door unlock at 11:30 and my cock, which was hard as a rock, got even harder. She came into the room and threw her bag on the chair. She looked beat. She collapsed on the bed next to me and looking up at ceiling muttered, "Whoa....holy shit...whoa."

This was a bit different than what I had expected. In most of the experiences I've read about, the wife comes home nice and neat and the husband eats the other man's cum out of her pussy. But my wife was just fucking for 6 hours, and she looked like she was just fucking for 6 hours.

Her hair looked like she tried to fix it but just gave up. Her makeup was almost completely worn off, except for some smudging. But the part that was the biggest turn on for me, was that she smelled bad. I don't mean bad like locker room bad. She was sweaty, she had the remnant of her perfume and his cologne mixed together, and she clearly smelled like sex.

I asked her, "Did you have fun tonight?"

"Uh-huh." she said under heavy breaths.

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

She was still looking at the ceiling in disbelief and hadn't made eye contact with me yet. But she asked me, "Are you sure you want to hear it? You’re not going to get all jealous on me?"

"Why would I?" I responded.

"Pete said you would."

"Well Pete doesn't know me." I said firmly.

"If you insist, I'll tell you the truth." she continued, "That was the most unbelievable sex I've ever had. Did you hear us when I left the phone on?" I told her I did. "Well then you know how it started. Don't be offended, but I kind of rushed things because it was weird having you listen in on us, and I really wanted to get used to being with him in private for a while." I told her that was fine with me.

"Good, because I want to fill you in on the details. As you probably heard, I gave him a blowjob with you on the phone. This was more of a tension breaker, also to prove to him that I wasn't a tease. The lights were on, I was naked kneeling on the floor, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his shirt off and his pants around his ankles." I broke into the conversation so I could be involved and ask some questions. So I inquired, "What was he like down there?"

She let out a short giggle and said, "I knew you were going to ask me that!" Now she finally turned to look at me. The room was pretty dimly lit, but I could see the smile on her face. She said with a grin, "I'm happy to report that he is bigger than you. That is what you wanted to hear isn't it?"

"Yes," I said, "If it's true."

"Trust me it's true, what else do you want to ask me?" she said

I told her to just continue. So she did. "The length was just a little bigger than yours, but it was very fat, so it was tricky getting my mouth around it at first. But after a while I got into a rhythm. Soon after that he came."

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