tagLoving WivesMy Wife Doesn't "Do" Basketball

My Wife Doesn't "Do" Basketball

byparts guy©

She hated my job. As a photographer, I wasn't able to spend much time with her, and we drifted apart. I would spend hours hiding in my darkroom, the hours turning to weeks, then to years. But technology may have saved my marriage. I bought a digital camera and matching printer. Now, what used to take me four hours, I can do in five minutes. She was thrilled with the time I could now spend with her, until I started taking on more jobs with the extra time I now had.

I guess the only thing she hates more than my job, is sports. She refuses to watch them, and can't see the point behind them. This leads us to a very interesting situation.

This Saturday, our house is to be fumigated, meaning we will have to be out all day. And I have to cover a barbecue. A sports barbecue. We only have one vehicle, and being new to the neighborhood, she doesn't have many friends yet, meaning she will be stuck with me all day.

"Hey, you always complain that we don't spend enough time together!" I said, trying to lighten the situation.

"Yeah, but you'll be working, and I'll have to put up with those smelly jocks." I guess that could have been taken two ways, if my mind was in the gutter. Which it usually is.

"There will be booze." I added.

"OK, so maybe it won't be too bad."


When we arrived, the party was in full swing, and it was a challenge finding a place to sit. It seemed to be my lucky day, as the only seats available were at the same table as the new star forward. He was chatting with a couple of his team mates when we sat down. They all turned to acknowledge us, then politely turned back to their conversation.

"Gin and tonic?" I asked Donna as I stood to seek out the bar.

"That would be fine." she responded, flashing me a fake smile.

I returned with her drink and a club soda for myself, noticing she was engaged in small talk with one of the players at our table. I figured I would make the introductions so she would at least know who she was talking to.

"Oh Donna, this is-"

"Kungi, I know."

"Oh, you already introduced yourselves?"

"No, I know who he is. He's a first round pick, and the leading scorer."

Leaning over to her, I whispered in her ear, "I thought you didn't like sports."

"That doesn't mean I don't know anything about them." she flatly responded. I was impressed, but wanted to see if she really knew anything.

"OK, you know his name, but do you know what it means?"

"Sure, I think it means 'the long one'. When he was born, he was the longest baby ever delivered in his hometown. Now he stands seven foot six, and the name still holds true."

Soon, several journalists gathered around, to take pictures and write their stories. As norm with basketball players, they wanted pictures of them standing with an average height person to show the contrast in size. And of course they looked in my wife's direction, after all, she was beautiful, and very photogenic. I thought she would turn them down, but the gin was working overtime, and she agreed.

First Kungi stood, towering over the crowd in his uniform. Some of the players came dressed casually, but many wore their uniforms for crowd recognition. As he stood there looking around, smiling for the cameras, he reached his hand out to Donna. As she stood, the crowd gasped, I was intrigued by the contrast in the skin color, he was coal black, and she was alabaster white. But the crowd was taken by something else. Oh, I forgot to mention, my wife stands only four foot six. If it weren't for her thirty six inch bust, she could have been mistaken for a little kid. Her head barely cleared his waist, which sent erotic ideas throughout my body.

Well, after they all got their pictures, the crowd began to dwindle. I went around and took pictures of the rest of the team while my wife talked more and more to Kungi. I had an idea, and I approached them with it.

"I would like to take more pictures of you guys, but more as an art, rather than a sports thing." They thought it would be fun, so we headed outside. I found a somewhat secluded part of the park that I thought would be perfect. I had brought my "equalizer" with me- a plastic milk crate I use to adjust the height of "normal sized" people when I photograph them together with the taller players. Even with Donna standing on it, she appeared to be of normal height, not the image I was looking for, so I reversed the pose, with Kungi on the crate and Donna standing on the ground next to him. This was perfect, as he towered over her like a tree.

I had an inspiration; an artistic vision, and set up the pose. I had Donna wrap an arm around one of his muscular legs. Her lily white fingers undulated over his jet black skin, traveling dangerously close to the hem of his shorts.

Donna was overly relaxed, but Kungi seemed very tense, not the self confident player we usually see. After a short session, Donna wandered off to freshen up and grab another drink.

"So Kungi, what's up? You don't seem to be yourself."

"Well, actually your wife was making me a little nervous."

"How's that?"

"Her...her hand was...was getting a little close, if you know what I mean."

"I would figure that you would be used to women crawling all over you, I guess my wife is too old for you, sorry I didn't have a young sexy thing here, but I didn't really plan this."

"Oh no, it's not your wife! She's stunning. Perhaps a bit too stunning, it gives me strange thoughts when she touches me. You see, contrary to rumor, I don't have a girlfriend. I haven't had time with practice, games, and legal stuff. And when I'm not involved in any of that, I'm flying home to visit my mother and father."

Donna came back with a drink in hand, and asked to see how the shoot was going so far. I cued up the last few images on the back of my digital camera, and they both gathered around to see. I didn't say anything, but Donna could see the strained look on Kungi's face.

"You don't look relaxed." she said. "Maybe it's the environment. Maybe if we moved to different location, things would be better." Kungi nodded in agreement, but I was not sure if that would help.

"How about if you come over to our house for dinner? Then afterwards we could continue this." I can't believe Donna would actually invite a jock to our house, but I think she knew he would be too busy.

"I would love that, what do you think?" he said, turning to me. I was caught off guard with his answer.

"Uh...yeah, sure, that would be great!" Suddenly new fantasies crept through my mind, even though I knew nothing would come of them.

"Um...Tuesday and Wednesday are the only free days I have this week."

"Tuesday would be perfect!" Donna blurted out.

"What should I wear?"

I told him anything comfortable, but the mischievous look on Donna's face told me that he could have shown up naked and she wouldn't have minded.

My mind reeled on the ride home, with so many thoughts and questions going through my mind.

"OK, so why the change in attitude?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, sports, jocks..."

"OK, well, here goes...you see, I used to love sports-"


"I was a cheerleader in high school." That explained why she was so limber. "And I had a crush on one of the star players. He happened to be a basketball player, but he and his friends would laugh at me because I was so short. I guess I loved him and hated him at the same time. The night before the prom, his date got sick, and he asked me to go. I was hesitant, especially being his second choice, but the chance to be with him swayed my decision. He told me he would have to meet me there, as he would be practicing all day and would change there in the locker room." Her tone was starting to change.

"Well, I arrived at the gym all dressed up looking for him, but I could sense people snickering behind my back. As the crowd parted, I saw him. He had cut off a pair of pants, and was kneeling in a pair of dress shoes, giving him the appearance of being a midget. On his knees, he was my height, and everyone was laughing, except me. Looking back, I guess it was kinda funny, but at the time, it really hurt my feelings. I hated all jocks and sports."

I could see the tears forming in her eyes, but I could also sense the relief she felt as she finally got this weight off her chest.

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea." I said as I clutched her hand. "I can cancel with Kungi if you don't feel comfortable." She didn't respond for a moment, then, taking my hand with both of hers, she turned to me.

"The high school jock I had a crush on...was black." She didn't have to say another word, as I now knew what it was. She had a thing for black guys. "Don't get me wrong, I would never cheat on you." she added, after thinking about what she had just said. "It's just that..."

"It's just that he turns you on." I said. She didn't admit to it, but she didn't deny it either.


Tuesday came quickly, and Kungi would be here in just a few hours.

"Honey, what should I wear?" Donna asked as she stepped out of the shower.

"Pick a few outfits, but make sure they are sexy." I heard her chuckle, as she probably thought I was kidding.

I was making notes on lighting and backdrops, when I heard the doorbell. It was Kungi, dressed in a nice button up shirt and slacks, and carrying a bag of clothes.

"Come in! Glad you could make it!" I shook his large hand, and was amused as he ducked slightly to clear the door.

"Donna will be down in a minute, can I get you something to drink?"

"Sure, but nothing with alcohol please."

As I handed him a club soda, I suggested we start with him in his uniform, as we still had an hour or so until dinner. I directed him to the guest room to change as I went up to check on Donna.

"Are you almost ready?" I asked, knocking on the bathroom door.

"Yeah, is he here yet?"

"Yep, we'll start with him in uniform."

"Perfect! I'll be down in a minute."

What did she mean by "perfect"? Oh well, I headed back to the living room, and was joined by Kungi in full dress uniform, complete with Air force Ones. As I discussed the various poses, and what I had in mind, Donna walked in. Both our mouths fell open, as she stood there smiling from ear to ear. She had her cheer leading outfit on, and damn, she looked good.

I ushered everyone out onto the patio, and handed Donna a strong gin and tonic, which she promptly imbibed. I took a few of him sitting in a chair, with Donna hanging on him from various angles. The last picture in this set, I had her sitting on his lap, but she seemed to wriggle around a lot, and couldn't keep that smirk off her face. Kungi was hesitant to stand up afterwards, and to be honest, I was a bit hunched over myself. But I had the advantage of turning my back as I offered to freshen our drinks.

Donna's next drink was almost pure gin, with a touch of tonic, not that she would have noticed, the way she pugged it down. The booze obviously having done it's job, relaxed Donna, but Kungi was still a bit nervous. I could tell by the way she looked at him, that she wanted him, and for some reason, I wanted her to have him.

For the next set, I wanted her in something lighter in color for contrast, and she said she had the perfect outfit. I followed her to the bedroom, where she had several sets of clothes laid out on the bed. She pulled the tight sweater over her head, and grabbed a sheer blouse. Her lace bra was clearly visible through it, as well as her now hard nipples. She unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, as she reached for a short, tight, skirt. Her green thong bled through the thin material, and I walked over and hugged her.

"You look fantastic!" I whispered in her ear.

"Thanks!" she said as she rubbed herself against me. "But don't make this set as long, the last time I almost jumped him!"

"And the problem with that would be..." I smiled.

"The problem would be getting me to stop."

"Why stop?" I smirked. We raced back to the patio, where Kungi had recovered and was ready to continue.

I needed some major contrast, so I asked Kungi to remove his tank top for this set. I couldn't believe how ripped this guy was, his muscle definition was great, and Donna didn't miss any of it. I had him stand on the crate, and Donna needed no encouragement to wrap herself around one of his legs. But rather than just stand there, Donna rubbed her nipples ever so slightly over his thigh. She may not even have known she was doing it, but Kungi sure noticed, and it was having an effect on him. He started to stiffen. literally, as she moved her hand around the front of his leg, occasionally letting her fingers slip just under the hem of his shorts. The panic on his face was obvious through the camera lens, so I set it down on the table, to give him time to relax. Donna never removed her hand, even though she knew I wasn't shooting.

"You need to relax, Kungi." I said, knowing it would be difficult.

"I'm sorry, but..." Kungi looked down at Donna, as she continued to caress his thigh.

"Would you like me to help you relax?" Donna said with glazed over eyes. Of course she didn't wait for an answer, as her hand slowly drifted up under his shorts. Her hand was only wrist deep, when she turned to me.

"You know, Kungi isn't his real name. It's short for Mkunguni. It means long stick."

I looked to him for confirmation, but his eyes were closed. Dropping my attention, I could see her hand was still only wrist deep, but the movement told me she had a handful. Testing his response, she pushed the leg of his shorts up a couple of inches, revealing the head of his "long stick" firmly in her grasp. Then, looking at me, she leaned over and planted a kiss on the end of it. One little kiss caused two men to groan. Squeezing the big snake forced a large drop of pre cum to form, which she quickly removed with a swipe of her tongue. Since no one made an effort to stop her, she took it as a green light to carry on. Donna let go of him long enough to grab his shorts and pull them to his ankles, revealing a monster of a cock. I grabbed my camera and started clicking away as his ebony shaft disappeared into her white mouth. She was pumping furiously with both hands, as she slurped on the massive head. Her talents were overwhelming, as he tried in vain to warn her, then to stop her, but she would not heed his warnings and he soon pumped a gigantic load into her mouth. When she finally came up for air, she had swallowed most of it, wiping up the remains with her fingers, and sucking them clean.

"I can not believe how wonderful that was!" he said between breaths.

"Was that your first blow job?" Donna asked, still sucking on her fingers.

"That was my first time period."

"You mean you've never had sex before?" Donna asked as she looked to me. I just nodded, and Donna knew. She stood and slipped off her panties, taking his flaccid snake and rubbing it over her clit. It quickly hardened up, and Donna guided it to the moist entrance between her legs.

Even with Kungi seated, Donna had to stand on her tip toes to straddle him. It was difficult getting that huge thing inside of her, but she was determined. After a couple of minutes, she succeeded in getting about six inches of his massive black meat inside. She bounced up and down, having mini orgasms with each stroke. The visual aspect was incredible as I snapped shot after shot. They were both nearing a major climax, and I was amazed they could stay on that chair, the way they were thrashing about. Kungi was squeezing her breasts, his paws completely covering her tits, as she bounced wildly on the six inches she had stretching her out. Her tightness finally took it's toll on Kungi, as he started to spasm into his next orgasm. But the orgasm was so intense it caused him to kick his legs, which in turn kicked Donna's legs out from under her. It seemed to be in slow motion, as Donna became impaled on his cock, taking over twelve inches to the hilt. She screamed, but it was more in pleasure than in pain, as they continued to hump.

Even though she was still pumping, and he was still groaning, I could see his cum leaking out on each up stroke, knowing he filled her with another huge load. As she removed her sweat soaked body from his, a glop of cum dropped from her pussy and landed on the head of his glistening cock, covering it like a hot fudge sundae. She studied it for a moment, then proceeded to lick it off, as she cleaned his entire shaft and balls with her tongue.

"I'm going to change." she slurred as she staggered off towards the bedroom. Kungi sat there with a permagrin on, and I finally went to see what was taking Donna so long. It looked like she had passed out on the bed, with her butt up in the air, and her head laying next to her pillow. I could see a thick trail of cum oozing out of her pussy, making it's way down her thigh. Now remember, I'm not gay, or bi, but something pulled me closer and closer, until I found myself running my tongue up her leg, scooping up his cum as I went. My cock was throbbing as I buried my tongue in her gaping pussy, seeking out the salty cream that filled her.

I dropped my pants, and plunged my cock deep into her, but she was still stretched out from Kungi, and my little weenie wasn't being squeezed tight enough. I pulled it out and flipped her over so I could feed her my cum covered cock. She relished it, taking it completely, flicking her tongue all around it, and tickling my balls with her fingernails. I didn't last very long, and grunted as I spurted several times into her warm mouth. She swallowed it with ease, then smiled at me.

"Is Kungi still here?" she asked. Oh crap! I forgot all about him. Throwing my pants back on, I rushed downstairs to find him on the couch watching TV.

"Sorry, I forgot you were still here!" I said apologetically.

"No sweat! I don't blame you with a firecracker like Donna." he laughed.

Donna came down a few minutes later, and we had a late dinner. Afterwards, we looked at some of the pics I took, and some of them caused us to blush, but they were all pretty good.

"We'll have to continue this again sometime." I said as we walked Kungi to the door, knowing with his busy schedule, it would be a long time before we saw him again. As soon as we shut the door, Donna and I raced for the bedroom. Her pussy had returned to its usual tightness, and we fucked like never before, realizing that adding a large black man to our love life made a huge difference.


It was about a month later, while I was editing some golfing highlights, when the phone rang. It was Kungi calling.

"Hey Kungi, how have you been?"

"Pretty busy! but the team has a break coming up this weekend. Did you want to continue the...er...photo shoot?"

"That would be terrific! I'm sure Donna would look forward to it!"

"Uh..a couple of my teammates wouldn't mind being in some of the pictures, if that's OK."

"I'm sure Donna wouldn't mind." I said as I readjusted my hard cock.

"Should we wear anything special?" Just big black cocks I thought to myself.

"I was thinking maybe a set in and around the pool this time." I said.

"Great, I guess we'll see you Saturday!"

"OK, Kungi, see you then!"

Saturday is Donna's birthday, boy do I have a surprise planned for her.


End of adventure one.

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