tagLoving WivesMy Wife Donna Letting Go

My Wife Donna Letting Go


I figured maybe the new wives or husbands dabbling with the idea of trying the lifestyle would like to hear about my early experiences in open marriage from my husband Scott's point of view.


My wife Donna and I had returned to our old Phoenix haunts for two weeks of fun and memories with our family and friends during leave from the Army. However the night of a get together with some of her old friends was not going well. I didn't know anyone and the music was not to my liking. I told Donna I wanted to leave and an argument developed when she wouldn't go. I stormed off to another room to get a drink and thought she would just follow, but when I returned, I saw she was chatting to a group of guys and had already been given a drink by one of them. I watched for a few minutes and then walked over to her and told her I wanted to leave. She called my bluff and said okay, and she would get one of her girlfriends to take her to my parent's place later. I had to leave or look like a real wimp. As I went out the door, I heard their laughter but knew my wife would follow soon. I watched them through a window and could see Donna laughing and flirting and having a good time.

I felt resentful, but strangely I was interested in watching my wife being flirty with the other guys. She had told me stories of her first marriage and her forced life as her husband's sex slave. So I came back in through the back door and got close enough to hear without being spotted. More drinks were being given to Donna and she was happy to drink with the men paying so much attention to her. I particularly was aroused at the men's intentional and obvious peeks down the cleavage of her blouse. My wife has great 36 DD tits and is not ashamed to show them off. When the primary admirer, Rick, said he wanted to chat to Donna but the music was too loud, I was surprised when she agreed to go off to a side room. Rick took her arm and guided her inside, and when I saw about six others go in also, I grabbed the chance to slip in before the door closed. My mind was reeling with her stories about her first husband forcing her to participate in gangbangs. This Rick guy was one of her former husband's old buddies.

The room was dark and I could see Donna and Rick at the other side of the room sitting on the edge of the bed laughing and drinking. All the other men in the room stood quietly in the dim light watching from the other end of the room, so I slipped behind them. When Rick asked for a kiss my heart jumped, but I knew Donna would say no and get up immediately. However, she simply said it was a pity her husband couldn't see her and laughed. Rick laughed back and said, "No he won't, as the door is locked and pulled Donna to him. To my horror, Donna let him kiss her as if she was rekindling old times. Then I watched as she was slowly reclined on the bed. Rick then said to the onlookers that she was ready, and I realized Donna's sex drive had kicked in. Although she was still a married woman, she could hardly refuse what was happening. I should have done something, but instead I just moved closer with the group. I watched as Rick pushed her black jumper up to expose her large and perfect breasts.

Then he bent down and bit her nipple, and I saw Donna push forward with pleasure. As Rick sucked on her nipple, his hand was working his way up under Donna's little black skirt. "Open her legs", he said, and someone rushed forward to pull Donna's legs wide apart exposing her thong clad pussy to Rick's fingers. Soon he had his fingers inside the string of her thong, and I could see him touch the pussy that up to now only belonged to me and a few select friends. Rick stood up and started to undo his belt. "Strip her clothes", he said, and next minute the whole group was pawing Donna's naked body as they pulled the clothes from her body, and everyone had a quick grope, squeeze or even finger penetration of my beloved wife. When they stepped back, I saw Donna lying totally naked on the bed and legs wide apart exposing her body for all to see. But worse, I could see that Rick had dropped his pants and his huge cock (in comparison to me) was dripping in anticipation and hovered above Donna's shaved snatch.

Without any delay, I watched as Rick lay on top of my wife and penetrated her. Donna groaned as he slid inside her. This was the only penis, apart from my close friends, that she had ever had in our first two years of marriage. Rick started to ride my wife, and I knew he was penetrating her right up to her cervix. "Get her legs for me!" he said, and two of the others rushed forward and lifted Donnas legs up and back to her shoulders almost. It was a fantastic yet horrifying sight to see my wife in this position, and know she was fully filled with Rick's engorged member. Now I am not small by any means, and in fact above average at 9 ½ inches, but Rick was built like a horse. He must have been eleven inches long an thick, but my wife took his cock in her pussy like they were old acquaintances. I watched, ashamed as I heard Rick groan and knew he had filled my wife with his sperm, and when he pulled out and I watched it ooze out between her legs, I had no doubt.

Everyone then just left the room, leaving Donna naked with legs wide open and semen flowing out in a puddle onto the bed. I dressed her and quickly took her home, and when she woke up the next morning from her drunken stupor, her only complaint was that she had a sore body and didn't remember how she got home. But the picture of my naked wife being used will always be something I will see clearly in my memory. A few days later, parts of what had occurred returned to her and she remembered me carrying her into the house and putting her to bed. She asked if I had witnessed what had happened and I told her the whole thing. She whimpered in my arms and asked me if I was mad or angry with her, and blamed it on the drink Rick had fixed her. I kissed her and told her that if I had known the party was going to focus on her, I would have encouraged her earlier on to get things started and gotten away from the bad music and rest of the crowd. She admitted that she was a nympho and addicted to cock, and said she just needed more than one cock to satisfy her.

1991 ½

It was a Friday night and three of my friends, Rick, Tom, and George are over at our house in Augusta playing poker with me. This was the first time that we had them over, since I'm not a very good card player and usually don't play poker. My wife, Donna, (21 years old, 5' 3," 120 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, perky 36DD tits, and lips made for sucking cock.) was watching television in the living room, but stopped in the kitchen from time to time to see how we're doing. She wasn't wearing anything special, cutoffs, sneakers, and a white T-shirt with white bra, but still looking pretty good. She looked like the basic "girl-next-door." I think she looked like Vanna White from the TV Show "Wheel of Fortune." Rick was my age, 24, 5' 11." Tom was 22, 5' 10." George was 26, 5' 8." I'm 6', 180 lbs. All three are lieutenants in the Army that I'm stationed with in the south and are well built and physically fit. The beer had been flowing all night and none of us was really feeling any pain. Surprisingly, I had been holding my own and not losing too much money.

About 1:00 am, I told the guys that we needed to be wrapping up the game. We all agreed on a final hand. I ended up with what I thought was a really good hand and bet all of my remaining cash, about $50. Rick and Tom fold, but George stayed in and raised the bet another $100. Figuring that I couldn't loose, I called Donna over and quietly told her what I wanted to do. She hesitantly agreed, so I told George that Donna would give him a blow job if I lost the hand. The guys went wild, while Donna turned beet-red and hung her head in embarrassment. You see, Rick and Tom had already fucked my wife, but George was a new guy stationed at our base. Also, George was a black good looking muscular stud. Donna had never had sex with a black guy before, not even with her prior husband. Naturally, George barely won the hand and the guys high-fived each other. Thinking fast, George offered me a chance to win back my money and wife. He offered me one final hand.

If I won, I got back my money, and Donna was off the hook. If he won though, Donna was his "slave" for the rest of the weekend, until Monday morning. Without even asking Donna, I agreed to his terms. Needless to say, I lost miserably. Once again the guys went crazy with excitement. Donna was just standing there, still blushing and looking at the floor, afraid to look George in the eyes. George pushed his chair back from the table, looked from me to Donna and back to me, and said, "A deal is a deal, Donna come here."

Donna then just walked over to George with her head down. He then reached up, and with both hands, grabbed both of Donna's tits and started massaging them. "Boy, these are nice and firm," he told the other two guys. He then stood up, lifted her head by the chin, and kissed her with a long, hard kiss with lots of tongue. Her breathing got heavy and her nipples got hard, poking out through her lace bra and T-shirt.

George then dropped his pants and boxers and out popped one of the larger cocks that I've ever seen in person. He's about 10 1/2 inches long (1 1/2 more than me) and a lot fatter than mine. He then grabbed Donna's hand, put it on his cock, and kissed her long and hard again. She was moaning and stroking his cock by the time he broke this kiss. George then pushed Donna onto her knees while he sat down, saying "I think that I'll have that blow job now."

Donna, without hesitation, started licking his cock up and down like a lollipop, and then took as much of it into her mouth as she could, which was only about half way. She started bobbing her head up and down while playing with George's balls with one hand and holding the bottom half of his cock with the other. She was really moaning, and making slurping noises. George was sitting there with his eyes closed, playing with her tits, and just enjoying her "damn good blow job" (like she and I called them). Rick and Tom were just sitting there in awe watching her suck off our new friend, both of them already knowing that she would go for something like this. It didn't take real long for Donna to get a hot load of cum out of George, and to swallow it down in a few gulps. Donna looked up and said, "I always wondered what it taste like!"

George just sat there looking at Donna, me, and the other guys and said "GOD, she is probably the best cock sucker that I've ever had." Donna once again blushed and looked at the floor, acting like little miss innocent. He then reached down and pulled off Donna's T-shirt, and then removed her bra. He threw the bra to me and said that she wouldn't be needing it that weekend. He then started licking and sucking on her tits and big rosy-brown nipples. Her nipples, when hard, stick out around an inch, while her big brown areolas are the size of silver dollars. Her nipples were probably harder than I had ever seen them, and she was moaning in lust. About that time, Rick and Tom both started in with the "what about us" whine. George look at them, then at me and said, "Sure, why not?" George wasn't aware of our previous encounters.

George then had Donna suck off Rick. His cock was about the same size as mine, just a little longer, and maybe a little fatter. He didn't last too long, before his body gave a spasm, giving Donna some more hot cum to swallow. He also seemed to enjoy playing with her perky tits. Tom was also a nice meal for Donna. His cock wasn't quite as long or fat as Ricks, but still put a gleam in her eyes. As Donna was sucking him off, he sat there with his eyes closed and moaned something about her having a golden mouth. As with Rick, she was only able to take half of Tom's cock into her mouth because it was so long. It didn't take too long until he grunted and Donna started gulping yet another mouthful of cum. After drinking Tom's cum, Donna stood up and went back over to George's chair, licking her lips, while her tits bounced around with super-hard nipples. George reached up and tweaked her nipples and said, "Since you were nice enough to make us all cum, it's only fair that you make yourself come. Go ahead and get naked, then climb up onto the table and play with your clit for us."

I loved it! She had never even let me watch her masturbate, and now she was going to do it in front of my three friends! Donna was in shock and acted really shy, but she took off her sneakers, then her shorts. This left her standing there in only her little pale yellow thong that had a huge wet spot in the crotch. She then grabbed the waist band of her thong and pulled it down her legs. The thong stretched until the wet crotch pulled away from her labia. George then had her turn around so that we all could see her in her naked beauty. While she was taking her shoes off, I had cleaned off the kitchen table. Donna now climbed up onto it, rolled onto her back, brought her knees up and opened her legs so that the guys could see her bare pussy up close. It was all swollen from arousal, and pussy juice was oozing out all over. It looked great! The guys crowded around the end of the table to get a good look at her pussy. Donna had reached down and was running her fingers through her slit folds.

She kept it trimmed bare, that way one could eat her out easier. At George's request, Donna reached down with both hands and pulled open her pussy lips, giving the guys a good view of where they would be soon shooting their loads of cum. I had never even had the opportunity to see up that far inside of Donna's vagina before. It was great, all red and pink and juicy. George then said, "Go ahead and masturbate, we all want to watch you cum on your hands." With that, Donna started to rub her clit with the index and middle fingers of her right hand while rubbing her tits, and pulling on her nipples with her left. Every so often she would run her middle finger up inside of her pussy. This kept her fingers all wet. George had her lick the pussy juice off her fingers a few times. I loved watching my wife performing like this! While Donna was rubbing on her clit and playing with her nipples, the guys also alternated putting their fingers up inside of her pussy. They would usually lick them off when they pulled them out, but a couple of times George had Cathy lick his fingers for him. This was really driving me crazy. She had me hotter than I had ever been in my life!

While she was "fingering herself," Donna alternated keeping her eyes closed, and looking our three friends in the eyes, with this really sexy/horny look she gets. After about five minutes of playing with herself, Donna started to cum. Her breathing got really short, and she started groaning in short groans and grunts. She also closed her eyes real tight and pulled her head to her chest. At the top of her climax, George rammed four fingers up her pussy. With that, Donna let out a long, loud moan. George was amazed, and said, "My god, her pussy tried to pull my entire hand into it. You guys won't believe how tight her pussy got as she came. We're going to have a great time fucking her tonight."

Donna just lay on the table catching her breath. Her face was all flushed; it always is after she comes, while her nipples were still hard. George let Donna rest for about ten minutes, then said "Come on girl, I need to fuck that hot, tight little pussy of yours." He then took her hand, helped her off of the table, and walked her to our bedroom. Rick, Tom, and I just followed along, like ducklings behind their mother, down the hallway. By the time I got into the bedroom, Donna was in the middle of the bed with her legs open, and knees bent, ready for action, while George was removing the last of his clothes. Rick and Tom were also starting to take off their clothes, waiting for their turns to fuck my wife. George wasted no time with preliminaries. He crawled up between Donna's spread legs, grabbed his "monster cock" and guided it to Donna's open snatch. With one massive shove, he plunged into her hot, tight pussy, all the way to the bottom. Donna let out a loud moan and grunt, and yelled out "Oh.. my.. GOD it's HUGE!!"

George then hooked her legs under his arms, and pushed her knees up to her shoulders. This maneuver brought her pussy into the perfect angle for a power fuck, which he gave her. He then started to drive in and out of her pussy at an incredible rate of speed. He looked like a jack rabbit going at it. All Donna had a chance to do was just grunt "ugh, ugh, ugh." After a few minutes of this, Donna started to cum again. I know that her second orgasms are even more intense for her. She really started moaning and groaning. At one point she even started to howl. George then yelled, "My GOD HER PUSSY IS TRYING TO PULL ME IN." With that he threw his head back, drove his cock into her as hard as he could and filled her full of his hot white jism. He then let go of her legs, and fell on top of her, kissed her, and said "Girl, you are one good fuck!" Donna just lay there with a "Chesire" grin on her face.

Now I had seen several of my friends penetrate my wife, pink skin to pink skin; however, George's massive dark black-purple member plunging in an out of my wife's pink swollen pussy was about as real as it gets. The contrast in their skin created no doubt that George's cock was sinking all the way into her deepest cavern and then being withdrawn, only to disappear again in my wife's vagina. Also, the contrast of the white sticky goo that shot from his dark slit, and my wife's cream that coating his long massive shaft, spoke volumes of the reality that my wife was really being reamed by this black stud, my friend. Donna apparently noticed this too as between her wailing and thrashing she would open her eyes and watch as George's jack-hammer plowed its way to his sac, his massive balls dangling with each withdrawal and thrust. This truly was better than a porn movie, and it was in original color. I think Rick, Tom and I were all amazed at the realism, as we just stood there and watched as George filled more of the pussy that we all had previously shared, farther and deeper than any of us had reached.

After a minute or so, George pulled his cock out of Donna, and while getting out of bed, he looked at Rick and said "next." Rick crawled onto Donna and fucked her with as much vigor as George, but because his cock isn't as large as George's, Donna didn't have the earth shattering climax that she had with George. She came, but not as violently. Tom was last. He wanted something different, so he had Donna get onto her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style. Donna put her ass in the air, and her head on her crossed arms, on the bed. It was great watching Tom holding her hips, and pile drove his cock into her sloppy wet pussy. As with George, Donna was able to have another huge climax. She was groaning and moaning "ooh.. ooh.. ooh.." until she came, then it turned into a load squeal of intense pleasure. I don't think that she had ever had so many orgasms in one night before. Tom then gave out a loud grunt, rammed his cock into her good and hard and added his cum to her collection.

When he pulled his cock out of her lips, I swear that it made a "popping" noise. After Tom pulled out of her, Donna rolled onto her back and collapsed in the middle of the bed. I pulled open her legs to see what her pussy looked like and was amazed at the mess it had become. It was all red, and puffy and literally hanging open with cum just rolling out of it like a river. All I could think to say was "My god, you guys ruined a perfectly good pussy!" George laughed at that and told me not to worry, that it might not ever be as good as new, it'll still be good. We all had a good laugh at that one. He then slapped me on the shoulder and said, "Once gone black, she'll never be back!" After Donna had fucked all of my friends, George said that he needed to call it a night. Donna put her T-shirt and thong back on and was reaching for her blue jean cutoffs when George told her to put on the denim skirt she has worn. Her skirt is fairly loose and comes down to about four inches above her knees. If she spins around fast enough, it'll fly up high enough to see her thong.

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