tagLoving WivesMy Wife Exposed in Reno Ch. 01

My Wife Exposed in Reno Ch. 01


1. Nancy's Misgivings

For over a month Nancy and I had a really great time watching and re-watching the video I'd made of her having sex with several guys one September night in San Francisco. We also talked about it a lot. I especially liked her telling me, as we watched her in action in the video, how she'd felt and what she'd been thinking as the guys did various things to her.

Recently (it was in late October), she surprised me, however, by telling me that she'd been slightly put off by the San Francisco experience. Actually, she almost blurted it out, as though she'd been keeping her feelings to herself for some time. Sure, she admitted, all that fucking and oral sex had been really exciting, even if Carlo's cock was so large that she was sore afterwards. And she admitted that she hadn't faked the several orgasms she'd had.

But she'd made a decision. While she knew how much I liked watching her in sexual situations, she didn't want to return to a full-on fuck session with one or more guys anytime soon.

Having sex with someone besides me was OK with her, she continued. She'd experienced only a slight feeling of guilt, left over from her conventional upbringing, while being "disloyal" to me. A more practical problem for her was that having sex with several men was somehow too confusing, too out of control, for her to enjoy completely.

"I hope I'm not disappointing you," she said. "I'd still like to do some sort of sex theater for you. And, the truth is I enjoy it too. But, for a while at least, I'd like to go back to something more controlled. I like "accidentally" showing myself off, and you've seen how I get off on letting guys fool around with my body. Could you settle for watching me in that sort of scene again?"

It was clear to me that Nancy was uneasy, at some level, about what had gone in San Francisco. Her explanation of this uneasiness, however, was far from coherent. The experience had been "exciting" and even orgasmic for her. But she claimed that having sex with more than one man at a time was "confusing" to her. Based on this feeling, she was suddenly insistent that full-on intercourse, even with one man, needed to be suspended for a while.

I decided not to argue with her, though. I suspected that this reservation of hers was something that would pass, especially if a sex theater situation got interesting enough. I just needed to be patient.

And how could I forget the excitement I'd felt back in Colorado five years earlier spying on my wife through a peephole as several of her male classmates felt her up, finger-fucked her, and ate her cunt until she came. That was when we had definite rules: there was to be no intercourse and she wouldn't take their cocks in her mouth. Only recently, since moving to the West Coast, had we changed the rules (at her suggestion!) so that she would suck guys' cocks and let them fuck her.

I kissed her reassuringly and said, "Sure, Nancy. I don't want you doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And you know how much I loved those horny situations you got into back in Golden."

She smiled at me teasingly. "And maybe, if you're really good, Cal, I might get really, really carried away and go a little bit beyond the rules. But only with one guy at a time, and I want to be pretty selective, OK?" So, even now her resolve was slipping away.

"I'll be good," I said, "whatever that means."

She kissed me deeply and said: "Let's make a plan right now. Then let's go into the bedroom and fuck."

We brainstormed for about an hour before getting so turned on by the ideas we were considering that we played the dirty San Francisco video again and fucked on the floor. It actually took us two weeks to decide on a loosely organized scheme that satisfied both of us.

2. Driving to Reno

Implementing our plan, on a cool day in early November we drove over the mountains to Reno. Berkeley is large and pretty anonymous, but we wanted to lower the risk of running into people we knew. Besides, we enjoyed gambling.

Our plan was pretty outrageous in that it would involve my playing the part of a hypnotist. So I got together several props, including a little frog figurine and a black velvet sleeping mask. We weren't sure the plan would come to fruition, but we were ready anyway.

As we drove east on I-80, a few miles west of Sacramento, Nancy surprised me by announcing that she felt like getting herself "in the mood" by exposing herself to some truck drivers. She'd never done this before but said she'd read about it somewhere. "I've always wondered how much those guys can see looking down into cars," she said. "And it might be fun."

No wonder she'd chosen to wear, despite a chill in the air, low-heeled sandals and a low-cut sun dress with absolutely nothing underneath. And with the dress's top button undone, as she was wearing it now, it became even more low-cut. I could see that this truck-driver flashing idea, though she hadn't mentioned it to me, was hardly spontaneous.

"You mean, if they look," I answered. "Mostly they're paying attention to the road, I think. Or at least I hope they are." Perversely, while I found the idea of my wife exposing herself to a strange guys driving struck exciting, I felt like being a wet blanket.

"Well, it's a long drive, so let's give it a try, anyway" said Nancy. "First, you need to help me figure out a good pose. I'd like something that looks natural and innocent, if possible. I don't want to get arrested for solicitation or something."

She put on her sun-glasses and slid the passenger seat back as far as it would go to give herself maximum leg room. Then she reclined her seat and lay back as though napping. She pulled the hem of her dress up so high that her gorgeous naked thighs and little tuft of reddish-blonde pubic hair were on gorgeous display. From my angle, at least. I doubted a truck driver looking down through our passenger window could see what I could see.

"How does this look?" she asked.

"Well, it would be a great leg-and-pussy show if we were in a convertible." I reached over with my right hand and reached between her legs. She obliged me by spreading her legs wider apart so I could feel her moist, warm cunt.

"Mmm. That really feels good," she said. "Maybe some drivers would enjoy watching you masturbate me."

Just then, though, she decided that the safety belt was in her way. She quickly sat up, forcing my hand from between her legs, and unsnapped the belt. Then she slumped back in the seat again, this time with her left leg stretched out straight in front of her and her right leg crossed over it mid-thigh. She'd turned her body slightly away from me so that her right knee almost touched the inside of the passenger door. This caused the hem of her skirt to gather around her waist. She was virtually naked from the waist down.

And, of course, in this position her crotch was, potentially at least, on display to anyone sitting high enough (like a truck or bus driver) to look down on it.

"If you pass some trucks slowly, I'll peek up and check out how the drivers react. They can't see my eyes behind these shades, so they'll just think I'm asleep."

The traffic was fairly heavy, but since we were on a four-lane stretch it didn't take long, driving in the left-middle lane, to come up next to a large rig in the right-middle lane. It was some sort of moving van.

"Are you ready for this guy?" I asked. By way of an answer, she spread her thighs a little further apart and yawned, as though really about to take a nap. She rolled her head away from me so she could look up through her window. Nancy is something of a method actress.

As we slowly pulled up about fifteen feet to the left-rear of the cab, I looked up into the truck's side-view mirror but couldn't see the driver's face. He must have been sitting back and looking straight ahead. Then, noticing that we weren't blowing past him, I suppose, he leaned forward and suddenly a salt-and-pepper mustachioed face was framed in his side-view mirror. He was peering back and down at us.

"We've got his attention now," I said. "Hold that pose and I'll pull up right next to him." I was starting to get into this new game of Nancy's. Looking over at my wife pretending to be asleep while deliberately trying to expose her crotch to a complete stranger was making my cock twitch.

"What does he look like?" she whispered.

"The Frito Bandito, maybe. He's got that kind of mustache." Then something occurred to me. I'd put our video camera in the back seat. It might be possible to video truck drivers' reactions if I placed it on the console between our seats and aimed it up toward the cabs of the trucks. But I decided to forget it for now. Maybe driving back we could try it.

Anyway, I carefully brought our car up so that Nancy was stretched out almost directly below the truck driver's side window. We were only going around 60 miles per hour, but I knew this was no time to get careless. Safety required that I keep an eye on traffic while only risking brief glances at her beautifully obscene display.

"Is he looking down at you?" I asked.

Nancy answered without moving her lips, like a ventriloquist: "I'm not sure. I can just see his arm. Oops. Yes, I can see him now. And he's definitely looking down. He's sort of craning his neck to see more." Then she was silent for a few seconds. "Now he's sitting up straight again and I can't see him. Maybe he lost interest."

"I don't think he lost interest," I said. "It's just that he's moving up on a slower moving truck and has to slow down. I'm going to go ahead and pass the slow truck now. Let's see what the Bandito does then."

As we passed the truck, Nancy said, "I don't know if he could see anything or not. The way he was trying to sit taller in his seat makes me think he couldn't see all the way down between my legs. What do you think?"

I stayed in the left-middle lane after passing the slow truck, keeping my speed at a little under sixty-five. Then two other cars passed the slow truck before zipping past us in the far left lane. I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed that Bandito had managed to pull into the left-middle lane so he could pass the slower truck, too.

I told Nancy what was happening. "He's behind us now, in our lane. Let's see if he wants to speed up enough to get next to us again. If he doesn't, I'll find another truck driver for you to cheer up."

El Bandito gradually increased his speed and soon had moved up right behind us. In fact, for almost a mile all I could see in the rear view mirror was the grill of his truck. With him riding our rear end, we quickly passed several more trucks. Finally, traffic thinned out enough for him to make the move we were hoping for. Yes, our mustachioed friend had moved back into the middle-right lane and was increasing his speed to catch up with us. Watching this in the rear-view mirror, I felt my cock begin to stiffen.

"He's coming up behind us just to our right," I announced. "You'll see him out your window in a few seconds. It's show time again."

Nancy giggled. "My pubic hair is all the way exposed now. If he can't see this, he's too blind to have a valid driver's license." She was trying a new position. Stretching both legs out straight in front of her and spreading them as far apart as possible, she had pulled the hem of her dress up so it was a full two inches above her pubic hair. Not being seat-belted, she was able to scoot her naked crotch a few inches forward and farther away from the passenger window than it had been the last time El Bandito looked in on us. This was bound to give him a better angle because the door wouldn't be blocking his view.

I slowed down slightly and soon the cab of the moving van was the only thing we could see to the right of us. Pacing the truck for several minutes, I glanced over at my wife's creamy thighs leading up to that gorgeous swatch of reddish-blonde cunt hair. Damn, I thought to myself mockingly, what kind of a pervert am I to let this total stranger see what only her doctor and I should be able to see?

Nancy, meanwhile, had again rolled her head to the right so she could look up through her sunglasses at her voyeur as our vehicles moved along next to one another. "Oh, God, I think he's getting a good look now, Cal." After about thirty seconds of watching him, she rolled her head toward me so she could whisper more easily while seeming to be asleep: "He's really enjoying the show, in fact. Just now he was smiling and gesturing like he was trying to wake me up." Still pretending to be asleep, she rolled her head back to the right to look up at him again.

"The nerve of the guy! He just blew me a kiss," she muttered without moving her lips. "Now he's sticking his tongue between two of his fingers. Oh, I get it. He wants to put his tongue in my vagina."

I tried staying next to Nancy's admirer for as long as I could, but traffic didn't allow side-by-side driving much longer. A minute or so later, El Bandito had to slow down behind a slow moving bus. As I passed the bus and moved on, he honked his horn twice. I guess it was his way of thanking some clueless nerd for letting his wife or girlfriend let him see what she looked like without panties.

Nancy laughed at the honking but remained reclined in her seat. As we slowly passed the bus, she looked up and laughed again. "Oh, my god! It's a lady bus driver! I'm glad she didn't look down. I would've been embarrassed if she had."

"What about the passengers in the bus?" I asked. "The windows were tinted and I couldn't see them."

"Neither could I," said Nancy.

"Well, they're probably senior citizens on a gambling junket," I suggested. "I hope you didn't give any of them a heart attack."

Then she sat up again, pulled her seat forward, reclined it in its normal position, and rebuckled her seat belt. "That's enough of that for now. Showing my hairy place to a truck driver was interesting but not as interesting as it would've been if he'd been younger and better looking. Besides, lying back like that was giving me a stiff neck. Did you enjoy it?"

I admitted that having another guy look at her sans panties had given me an erection.

She reached over and squeezed it playfully. "I promise I'll take care of that later," she said.

We drove the rest of the way to Reno without deliberately repeating the crotch flashing experiment. But she teased me the whole way there by repeatedly pulling her top down to display her gorgeous breasts with their light-pink nipples and by sitting as indecently as she could. I passed quite a few trucks, but I rarely slowed down enough for the drivers to get more than a brief look at her.

One of the drivers I passed honked at us, though. Looking back at him in my rear-view mirror, I saw him waving at me. I assume he got a pretty good look at Nancy's left tit, which she'd left fully exposed for almost a third of the trip.

3. In Reno

At around 7:00 o'clock we arrived at the Peppermill Casino/Hotel and checked into our room.

After taking a quick shower, Nancy put her sun dress and sandals on again before we went down to dinner. This time she chose to wear a pair of barely-there white thong panties under the dress, which (as I mentioned) was pretty short, maybe seven inches above her knees. And in the right back-lighting, the dress was really diaphanous. As she paused in front of a large window on our way to the elevator, the perfection of her figure showed clearly through it.

As we rode down in the elevator, I slid my hand up her dress and gently stroked her gorgeous ass. "Careful how you sit or lean over, dear. If you're not careful, somebody might get to see what your mother told you to keep hidden. Those so-called panties of yours don't cover much."

"That's absolutely the point," she said, laughing.

We rushed through dinner and headed to the casino area. We split up and spent the next hour or so gambling at separate 21 tables. Then I watched her pick up her chips and take them over to a roulette wheel. For the most part, sitting at my table across the pit from her, I was able to keep an eye on my beautiful wife getting deeper and deeper into the role of a (very sexy) unattached woman out for some fun.

All the seats around the roulette table were taken, so as Nancy played she stood near the wheel end of the table, a total knock-out in her low-cut sun dress. Each time she placed her chips on numbers, she had to lean in over the shoulder of a little old lady seated in front of her. Even at some distance, I could tell that at least one of the other players (a tall guy standing to the left of her) and the Asian guy dealing the game were paying close attention each time she leaned forward and the top of her dress fell open.

Watching what was happening across the pit became so distracting to me that I soon abandoned the 21 table (slightly down) and cashed out at a cage. Then I went over to the roulette wheel and stood about ten feet behind Nancy so I could watch her play.

From my vantage point, I watched the roulette dealer and the tall guy standing next to her continuing to steal peeks down the top of my wife's dress each time she placed a bet or picked up her winning chips.

But, from where I stood behind Nancy, I was enjoying another horny sight -- the backs of her gorgeous thighs and the beginning swell of her ass cheeks -- one which I was soon obliged to share. For a young guy dressed in casino worker black-and- white and clutching a bottle of beer, was suddenly standing right next to me.

"Sweet!" he exclaimed. Then, getting control of his voice, he continued in a low voice, "Check it out, man. That hot chick over there doesn't know it, but she's showing everybody her ass!" He was fairly drunk.

I played dumb. "Really?"

He nudged me, excited like a little kid. "Yeh! Check it out, man. Watch what happens when she bends over again."

Sure enough, the next time Nancy leaned in to place her chips on various numbers the back of dress rode up and, for a full five seconds, her creamy upper thighs and the bottom of her naked ass cheeks came into view. "Holy shit!" the guy whispered. "Can you see that? I'd love to lick those legs of hers all the way up to her asshole."

There ensued a comedic moment as my drunken companion, crouching low in an effort to get a better look up my wife's dress, lost balance and his body lurched awkwardly forward. He recovered his balance, though, and somehow managed not to fall down.

When he was again standing next to me, I said, in a low confidential voice, "She's sure showing a lot of leg. And, you're right. I think I saw her ass, too. Do you think she's wearing panties? I can't tell from here."

"I can't tell, either," he said, slurring his words. Saying that, he grinned at me and crept forward so that he was only about five feet behind her.

Then, waiting until Nancy bent forward again to place her bet, he dropped a few coins on the carpet and, still clutching his beer in one hand, went down on his knees supposedly to retrieve them. On the floor performing a voyeur's ruse so blatantly obvious that only a very drunk person would attempt it, he stopped pretending to pick up the coins and leered up Nancy's dress. Leaning forward with her legs slightly spread, she had to be giving him a great view.

Oddly, since the casino was fairly crowded, no one but me and the tall guy standing beside her (who actually turned around and looked at the guy on the floor) seemed to notice what the young guy was doing. I was beginning to wonder how long he dared to stay on his knees ogling her crotch when, simultaneously, Nancy straightened up, allowing her skirt to fall to a borderline-decent length, and he struggled to his feet, leaving a few of the coins on the carpet where he'd dropped them.

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