tagLoving WivesMy Wife Finally Agreed To Cuck Me

My Wife Finally Agreed To Cuck Me


"John called, he's coming over tonight."

It was Friday night, and my wife Diane just informed me that her lover John was coming over to fuck her.

"Ok hon, what do you want me to do?"

"Well, I think I'd like you to stick around tonight, I'm in the mood to let you watch and I wanna listen to John talk to you."

Diane I and I have been married now for 5 years. We are deeply in love and have wonderful respect and admiration for each other. Now in our 40's, the two of us are at a point in our lives where we both love sex, love each other, and are willing to try new things to keep the fire alive in our marriage.

So when I suggested Diane cuckold me, there was no hesitation.

"Actually sweetie, that sounds pretty damn hot." Was the reaction when I asked her what she thought about it.

Diane is not a timid woman, within a couple days, she had researched the concept and one morning, she had left me a note.


Honey I have thought long about this and I think it's a wonderful idea, but I'm not sure you really understand the commitment you'll have to give in order for this to be a true cuckold experience for both of us. I think we need some rules and they have to be agreed on before we can really try this.

1) I get to pick the guy I sleep with but you have input and you can veto my choice with a legitimate reason. Ultimately though honey, the choice will be mine.

2) You are not allowed to sleep with other women. I'm not interested in an open marriage, this is about satisfying my sexual needs and your need to be dominated and cuckolded, so don't ask. If you ask about another woman, the cuckolding ends. If you are found with another woman, it's possible our marriage ends.

3) I know it's a big thing to watch me with a man. That will be entirely and completely up to me. I don't imagine the man I decide to sleep with will easily agree to having you watch us, so it will be my call.

4) When I have picked the guy, and you are ok with him, I will sleep with him when I want, where I want, and how often I want. This is not open for discussion. Also, if I want you to watch, whether you are in the mood or not, you will do it.

5) I know you like a little humiliation and degradation with this and you know I can't do that to you. I love you too much, However, I will try to find a vocal man, one that will put you in your place from time to time

6) You need to be open and secure in your sexuality. There may be a time or two where you come in close contact with my lover....deal with it and do as you are told.

7) Finally, when I do find my lover, as we have talked about for sometime, I won't suck your dick. I want something to be exclusive between him and I. I can't deny you sex all the time, but I can den you blowjobs. So don't ask. If I decide in the heat of the moment to suck you, just think of yourself as lucky.

I read the note over my morning coffee. The rules seemed straight forward, although a little one sided.

"Morning hon, what do you think."

Di was standing there, wearing her sexy red pajamas, studying my reaction.

I stood up, went to my wife, kissed her passionately.

"Well I'm assuming that's a yes."

My hands went to her breasts as we kissed. Slowly I lifted her shirt over her head. Deliciously braless, my mouth made its way down to her left nipple. My wife let out an audible sigh. She put her coffee on the table and held my head snugly against her breast. My hands worked her out of her pajama bottoms while I fiddled with my shorts. I was rock hard and ready....I turned her around, bent her softly over our kitchen table, and took my wife in our kitchen. In very little time, we exploded together, both fueled by this fantasy and what was to come.

It didn't take long for Di to find a suitable candidate. My wife is a very attractive woman. About 5 7 with red hair and a great body, she always gets attention. She's easy to talk to as well, so men as a rule feel comfortable talking to her.

As mentioned earlier, his name was John. He was a pilot that occasionally laid over at our local airport.

They met through a mutual friend and hit it off right away. Di got us together and we had drinks one night. Right away, he made it clear that he was very interested in Diane. I could see the electricity between them immediately.

John went back to his hotel that night and my wife and I discussed him and the whole arrangement.

"I like him Mike, I think he's sexy and I want to fuck him. Are you sure you're OK hearing that from me? We can stop now, all you have to do is say so."

No way I was gonna stop. My wife was hot, horny and just told me she wanted to fuck another man. There was no way I could stop. I couldn't believe how hard I was hearing her say that.

"No Di, we both want this."

"Good. Then I'm going to his hotel. Don't wait up."

And with that, my cuckold lifestyle began.

Three months later, my wife was in our bathroom, getting ready for him to come over. Since that first encounter, the two of them had become regular lovers. And the situation was perfect. He would fly in, spend a night in the area, then have to leave the next morning. Little chance to get attached. This was pure sex and all three of us knew it.

I had only watched one time in the past, and that was from the couch as they quietly had sex on the living room floor. I got the impression, from my wife's tone, that this was more planned and was going to be more involved.

I watched Di get ready for him...sitting in a chair in the bathroom in front of the mirror, just a matching pink bra and thong. Staring at her, I began to get aroused.

"No chance Mike, get off me." She said as I started to touch her

"Oh come on hon, just a little before he gets here?" I pleaded like a schoolboy.

"No chance, I want to be clean and fresh for him, you will wait, and don't EVEN think of jerking off. Sit there with your pants off and watch me get dressed for him. I wanna see how much it turns you on."

I watched my wife take her time for John, aroused the entire time.

"I hope you're ready for tonight honey. Remember, if it gets too much for you, you can leave. If you really really can't handle it, pull me aside and tell me and I will stop. Deal? I love you."

The bell rang at 8.

"Go open the door for him honey." Di instructed me.

I did as asked and opened the door. John was there, smug grin on his face.

"Hi Mike, are you ready to watch me fuck yoru wife tonight?"

I was slightly taken aback by his directness, but Diane immediately addressed that issue.

"Sorry Mike, John can be very forward when he wants to be but that's something I like about him."

John heard my wife's voice and he looked at her, I watched his eyes scan her body. He sidestepped me in the entryway and went to my wife. With absolutely no hesitation or thought to the fact that her husband was 10 feet away, John kissed my wife, deeply. She responded immediately. I stood there, transfixed as they made out in front of me. His hands began to roam over her body, touching places on my wife usually reserved for a husband. I watch my wife run her fingers over his back, down across his ass, stopping there to caress and squeeze him.

His hands cupped her breasts, ran down her back and her ass. I watched her push herself out a little in response to his gropes. The entire scene was erotic and passionate. I realized that, again, I was completely aroused watching this man handle my wife.

It was then that John started what would turn out to be a strongly dominant performance over me and my lovely wife.

"Turn and face your husband Diane." He said to her, loud enough so I could hear.

She did as asked, and John stood behind her.

"Mike, watch. I'm gonna strip your wife—watch how easily she let's me see her naked body. The parts only you are supposed to see."

John reached around the front of her and undid her blouse, taking it off her body. He unsnapped her jeans, pushed them to the floor, then held her steady as she stepped out of them. Diane looked so virginal, so appealing in her pink bra and thong. John, however, was not treating her as such. His hands roamed over her entire body, pausing one her erogenous zones, caressing, squeezing, touching. Diane was obviously aroused.

"Come here Mike." John told me.

As if in a trance, I obediently walked toward the two of them.

He took my hand, and brought it down to my wife's crotch


I felt how warm and soaked Diane was. It was obvious she was hugely aroused.

"See what I do to your wife, you can't make her feel as sexy as I do Mike. You need to accept that. Isn't that true Di?"

"Yes." Diane replied quietly

"Say it out loud Diane." John said quickly

"John gets me so aroused Mike, sometimes more than you can, that's why I sleep with him."

"Kneel and take her panties off Mike." John instructed.

I kneeled and slowly pulled my wife's thong down. It clung briefly to her sex, soaked with her arousal. I slid them down and off.

"Kiss it." I heard my wife utter. I moved closer to her and put my mouth against her. My tongue darting out, finding her button, tasting her. I could sense John looking down on me, I could feel his eyes. He viewed me not as a husband with his wife, but rather as a man he has allowed to touch HIS woman.


She tells me to stop and, again, obediently, I obey. Quickly, Di pushes me away, and I know the oral pleasure for her has ended. I watch as she takes her lover's hand and walks him to the bedroom.

If you have never seen it, it's quite a sight to watch your bottomless wife take another man' stand and walk him into your own bedroom.

Since I had already been told by Di I would watch, I followed them into the room.

I watched my wife sit John down on the bed and turn to me.

"Strip Mike." With no help from her, I took my clothes off and carefully placed them on the floor next to the chair.

"Now sit in the chair."

As I sat, John spoke up, again showing me and her who was going to run this show.

"Oh no honey, that's not enough."

He walked over to my wife's lingerie drawer, pulling out a pair of panties, and throwing them at me.

"I don't want to see your dick, put those on. I want you to know all night who is the man in this room and it isn't you."

As I pulled the panties up and over my straining hard on, John turned to face Diane. Pushing her to the bed, he removed her pink bra, leaving her now totally exposed to him.

"Look at your husband Diane and tell us who the man in this room is." He said

"You are baby."

"Say it again Di." He was teasing me now.

"You are the man in this room John."

"Goddamn right, and who would you rather have inside of you right now. Me or your husband?" He asked.

"You, definitely you."She replied

This was powerful. My wife telling another man she would rather fuck him than me. Could be humiliating to some men, it was arousing to me, and John too.

He reached down and undid his pants. Pulling them down and off quickly. His very hard cock was in front of my wife's face.

One thing my wife likes to do is suck cock. Since she started seeing John, as part of the rules, my dick has not been in her mouth since. And John knew it.

"Watch this Mike, watch her suck my cock. I bet you wish she would suck you like this, but you can't. Your wife's mouth belongs to me. Isn't that right Di."

"God yes John. I love your cock."

I watched my wife suck his cock eagerly. Her hands on it, her mouth moving up and down. His shaft glistening from her saliva as she slowly worked over his manhood.

"Mike come here." John tells me

I get up and walk to where they are. John lays on the bed, his hardon making mine look almost comical in comparison.

"Diane, sit on this, Mike I want you to watch my dick enter your wife. You stand there and watch us."

I stood there and watched my wife take John's hard cock, line it up with her naked vagina, and put her weight on it. Now I was watching another man with his dick inside my wifes pussy. It was erotic. Diane reached out and grabbed my hand and put them on her tits.

"Play with me Mike."

Her nipples were hard. I played with them and her bare breasts as she worked herself up and down on this mans dick. She looked blissful, her breathing increasing, her hands on John's chest as she took his naked cock inside of her. They moved together well, it was clear immediately that they were comfortable with each other.

John said "That's right Diane, fuck me, right in front of your husband, fuck my naked cock in front of him and let me hear you moan."

Diane picked up the intensity, and she closed her eyes...you could see her focus was the feeling of his dick in her pussy. I took my hands off her tits, she didn't notice, she just had his dick in her.

John continued to talk the whole time, telling her how good she felt, how hot she was, how sexy it was that she would cuck her husband like this.

All of had an effect, Diane started to tense up, her knees squeezed John's hips, her hands dug into his chest. She arched her back and released a loud groan as the orgasm rocked through her,she bucked on his cock, drove it in as deep as she could and tightened her muscles around it as the next wave hit her.

As the waves of ecstasy slowed, my wife rolled off John's huge cock and went into the bathroom. I stood there, not sure what to say and John and I shared an awkward silence. He was still massively hard and it was clear that he had not orgasmed yet. I knew the night was not over.

Diane came out, naked, glass of water in her hand. John's turn for the bathroom.

"Jesus that was hot honey, you standing there, those cute panties on, watching a real man fuck me. You are such a wonderful husband sometimes."

"Diane I loved every second of it, you know that."

"I do baby, and I'm glad cause I don't want to stop. I want to push you. But know that I love you, I will always love you and this will not hurt our marriage right?"

"Agreed sweetie, I love you too."

"Good. Now go sit in your chair, don't you dare cum. And don't you dare interrupt us, I want to make you watch this."

I sat in my chair and I watched Diane go into the bathroom with John and close the door. They both came out a few seconds later, hand in hand. John still at least ¾ erect and both of them totally naked.

I watched her lay John down. She got up and went to the dimmer switch on the wall and dimmed the lights down to a low, almost romantic level. Sitting at the end of the bed, still in my panties...I had a perfect view of John's erection.

She returned to the bed and started kissing him. Although it was dim in the room I could see enough. Their tongues darted in and out...her hands caressed his chest, arms, legs..she cupped his balls, stroked his penis lightly..almost teasing him. His hands were eon her neck, back, breasts and ass. They were touching every part of each other. And not saying a word. In no time, I figured out what she was doing. She was going to make soft love to this man. My wife wanted me to watch her have sweet sex as well as hard sex with him. I loved her more for it.

As they continued, she got onto her back. John laid on top of her, blocking my view of her. I could see him rubbing his manhood on her mons, on her stomach. They kissed deeply, constantly. Their hips moved in unison; grinding, twisting, trying to match up his penis with her entrance. They rolled with each other for a few more minutes and it became clear that he had entered her. No hands required. His solid stare of arousal and her wet entrance made the penetration easy and welcome. I could see his ass tighten as he put every inch into her. Hitting places I never have. They continued to kiss. Her hands were on his ass, pulling him in, His thrusts were deliberate, but not forceful.

As far as they were concerned, I was not there.

My cock, however, was there. I was rock hard. This man was making sweet love to my wife. And I couldn't stand it. I had been told to not orgasm, but every minute of this made it more and more difficult to comply with that order.

They laid cheek to cheek, her hands around his back as he continued to work himself all the way in and out of her. Their pace quickened, my wife's breathing became audible, her hands went up to the back of John's head, fingers in his hair. His thrusts became more important, pausing at the apex, drawing out, back in. I could see the earnestly in their sex. Diane's knees raise, her thighs again tighten around her man. John responds, raising himself off her a little, focused on his thrusting.

Soon, John grunts loudly, he begins to pump his seed into my wife, Diane picks up his energy and her second orgasm, stronger than the first, hits her hard. She digs her nails into his back, screams in passion..I can see her thighs squeeze John HARD and her hips buck as the waves of orgasm rippled through my wife.

To be continued???

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