My Wife Gets Serviced


I looked down and was surprised to see almost all of the thick sausage was gone. I let go of what was left but held Tommy still. My own penis was hard against his hip. Looking at Linda's face I could see that she was on the edge and I wanted to keep her there as long as possible. I took my thumb off her clit and you could see her genitalia splayed wide open, slick and wet and pink. And there was Tommy's huge tube, all but a couple of inches buried inside her. At last I urged Tommy gently to slowly pull out and press back in, and as he did Linda began to climax immediately, having been on the brink for so long, just from the pressure and force of that huge shaft of flesh tha was filling her. Billy grabbed her breasts and started twisting the nipples, and my wonderful wife grabbed a pillow and smothered her own screams, biting the pillow as she writhed in blissful agony under the raping of this huge phallus. As Linda came and came, Tommy continued to slowly pump her, with a look of amazement on his young face. It was as if all his wondering and guessing was finally being answered with a knowledge and bliss beyond belief.

After Linda was done coming I made sure Tommy withdrew nearly completely, and then slowly again inserted himself, a good 8 or 9 inches of flesh as thick as a beer bottle going into my wife's cunt. The slow pace seemed to keep Tommy from coming and before long Linda was again climaxing and this time it didn't seem she was going to stop. I finally moved over and took Billy's once-again-hard cock and pushed it into my wife's mouth to give her something to focus on. At this she seemed to calm down a little and started sucking with a voraciousness that took us all by surprise. I couldn't help myself and had to start jacking my own cock. Within minutes Billy was again crying out as he came in my wife's mouth. At this Tommy started yelling and thrusting as his huge hose convulsed and ejaculated into my wife. And Linda, after sucking Billy dry, came yet again as Tommy finished, rocking and quivering on the bed.

When everyone had at length relaxed and entered the afterglow period I spoke up. "Well guys, thank you for your services. I think we're all set for now." They were both so grateful and thankful they barely noticed the nice tip I gave each of them as they left.

I lay down next to Linda and asked her how she had enjoyed the experience.

"Oh god, you know that was fantastic. Thank you so much for letting me have that. You are so good to me." As she said that she rolled over and slid one leg over me. She kissed me deeply, he cum covered lips pushing against mine and her hot tongue sliding between my lips into my mouth. I could taste the semen of the two teenage boys in her mouth and on her tongue. I pushed back and began to rape her cum-filled mouth with my tongue. She moved completely on top of me and took my cock in one hand and slid it into her cunt. It went in easy as she was wide open after Tommy and she was still full of his and Billy's sperm. She broke off our kiss and pushed up until she was sitting upright, with my cock completely inside her. She looked down at me as she raised herself up until only the tip of my penis was still wet. The boy's cum was streaming out of her and down my cock, collecting in my pubic hair and running down my balls and into my crack.

I raised my my hips and plunged back inside. She matched my rhythm and rode me wildly as all my energy that I had kept pent up while she played with the boys was finally unleashed. Finally I started to sit up and grabbed her by the shoulder and rolled over, pinning her underneath me while my dick stayed inside. Now I really went to work, not thinking of anything but the pleasure my sex organ was giving me with each stroke, one after the other. I could feel her swollen lips against the bones my shaft was anchored in and I could feel them being stretched and compressed as I slid in and out and I could feel her soft flesh against my bush when I pushed in. As her clit was stimulated inside and out she started to come and I wanted to come with her so I let my load go and we shuddered together as we shared our orgasm.

"It's you and only you and always you," Linda said, as her eyes misted.

I smiled as I said, "I know baby. And you're mine and I'm yours, for ever and ever, no matter what or who comes along in our journey together."

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