tagLoving WivesMy Wife Goes Out with Her Friends

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends


"Hi babe, I'm home" is what woke me up from my sleep, I looked over at the clock on the nightstand and it read 1:23 AM. "Wow," I thought to myself, she must have had a great time tonight going out with her friends dancing.

The woman that I am referring to is my beautiful wife Yvonne. You see about every other month or so, my wife gets together with two of her friends and they go out, oh sometimes just to lunch, so they can talk and laugh, and other times, like tonight, to go out to dinner and maybe even some dancing. I admit I like when they go out dancing. The thought of my wife dancing with another man, or even other men, just, well it just makes me so proud and excited.

Like many married men, I love the thought of my wife being admired and touched by other men or even making love or having sex with another man that is very arousing for me!

She is fabulous to look at and she has such a wonderful personality. Being married to her for the past fifteen years has been wonderful. She and I both care about our appearance and wanting to look good has been an important part of our relationship. It just keeps the spark alive when we see each other nude, and looking at my wife nude, is a real treat!

Oh I know I must be biased in saying that, but she is very pretty and she has a very nice figure! She stands about 5' 1", so she's petite, with a body that was made for fucking! I am not exaggerating either; she wears a full 34 C cup bra and her tits have a wonderful natural hang to them. They are also very full and firm. In other words, my wife has nice tits! Her waist is 26" and her butt, oh her butt is magnificent! She has a round smooth brown ass. She is a Latina and her skin has a beautiful brown tone that literally makes her look like she is tanned all year long.

Well, as I woke up to her greeting, I looked up to notice her taking off the tight jeans that she had worn out that evening. She had already unbuttoned her turquoise top, so she was there, getting undressed in her dark blue push up bra and her pretty lace thong panties.

Oh I love looking at my wife in her bra and panties! She has so many too! Two drawers full of nothing but pretty bras and panties, and she looked beautiful!

She then said to me "oh I love you honey, you're the best husband in the world!"

"Hmmmm" I thought, "she must have been dancing with some attractive man and well it just made her come home hot and ready for me!"

As she climbed into our bed and snuggled up next to me, I could smell a hint of cologne on her along with the scent of the nightclub. Oh you know, the scent, sort of a mix of cigarette smoke, and alcohol. Well that mixed with her perfume made her even more attractive to me!

I was ready to hear about how she danced and had fun, and now was ready for me to make wild passionate love to her, when she moved in, and gave me a big kiss. I mean she was French kissing me, making our tongues dance. It made my penis so hard, as I lay there, nude in our bed kissing my beautiful wife.

I reached down to feel her beautiful boobs in her push bra, then I moved my hand down over her nice tummy and placed it right against the soft silky material of her blue panties. "Oh" I thought to myself, "for when I reached between my wife's legs, the crotch of her little panties was soaking wet!"

"Hmmmm, "I moaned

When she said to me, "honey, you know that fantasy that we talk about it bed?"

"Which one is that honey?" I said, fully knowing that the one that we talk about all the time, the one that makes my dick so hard and her pussy so wet!

"Well" she softly said, "the one about how much you really want for me to get naked with another man, and well just fuck get fucked really good?" she said softly.

"Oh that one, yes, I know that fantasy babe" I replied.

"Well, you know that I love you very much babe" she said,

"I know baby, and I love you too" I said

"Well, I sort of, well oh, I did it honey! I did it for you!"

"Oh did I just hear my sexy little wife, say to me that she got fucked for me?" I thought to myself, my head was sort of spinning hearing those words, but my dick was so hard! All 5" of my penis sticking straight up, at full mast!

"Oh sure you did" I replied, thinking this would be a great fantasy story for her to tell me while we made love.

She kissed me deeply and said again, "Oh honey, it was so different, so exciting, oh so amazing."

Then I knew, she might actually be telling me the truth, so I played along and said "Well then, my love, oh I must know every intimate detail of your encounter right now!"

Oh she smiled and said "Oh I knew you would, and I was hoping you would be so turned on!"

She reached down and placed her soft little hand around my rock hard shaft, "and you are! You are so hard honey! Oh I love you!" my wife whispered to me.

As we lay together in our marital bed, with her hand slowly moving up and down my hard dick, and my hand gently massaging her soaking wet panties that covered her snatch, she began telling me...

"Well, as you know, I drove up to meet Marla and Cassie, and we went out and had a light dinner at Toni's Italian cuisine. Afterwards, Marla suggested that we all go out for a couple drinks, so we drove over to Tina's (which is a nightclub about an hour away from our house.)

"Ok, go on" I replied

"Well it was the same as always, you know men and women there, dancing, drinking, and having a good time"

"Uh huh," I replied

"So Marla and Cassie were dancing and I was sitting there just relaxing enjoying a light beer"

"And nobody asked you dance?" I inquired

"No there were a few men who did, but I wasn't really in the mood, when Jeff came over and asked me dance"

"Jeff" I asked, "Who is Jeff?"

"Oh well Jeff is name of the man that I was with tonight" Yvonne replied.

I gulped and said "really, ok go on" as I could feel my dick hard in my wife's soft little hand as she continued talking and jacking me off slowly.

"Well, he walked right over, and I thought he was handsome and polite as he put his hand out and plainly said

"Hi there, my name is Jeff; oh you seem a bit lonely here sitting all by yourself, please do me this honor and dance with me."

"Well, I sort of laughed and a said to him, "you know what, I will dance with you"

"Well what did he look like honey?" I asked my wife

She replied "oh he was just a bit taller than you, with brown and grey hair, I would say close to our age, and yes he was handsome."

I laughed and grinned knowing the type of man my wife likes to look at, and said to her, "ok go on please"

"So we danced a fast song, he asked my name, not talking much, and then a slow song came on. I thought that we would head back to my table, when Jeff grabbed my hand and smiled at me.

He said, "Not so fast there, let's keep dancing"

"Something in the way he said that, made me smile back and say to him, ok, let's do. As we were dancing slow, I could feel him pulling me close, oh he smelled nice, so I didn't mind and I thought, what the heck, I know Andy would like for me to get turned on, so I'll move close and push my boobs into his chest" she told me.

"Is that so?" I replied, and my dick hard as she spoke.

The thing is, my wife has really nice full tits, and I myself love it when she pushes them into me when we hug, so I know he was getting a real treat!

She continued, "oh I know he could feel me pushing my tits into his chest when all of sudden, I felt one of his hands move from the small of back, down to my ass.

I started breathing heavier hearing that, so I replied "your ass, he put his hand on your ass right there on the dance floor?"

"Yes, and well I didn't say anything; I just kept my arms around his neck dancing with him"

"Oh really, so you enjoyed that huh? Well no harm in that, I mean, well you do have a really nice ass honey!" I told my wife.

She smiled and kissed me again and said "well honey, actually it's then that I felt Jeff put his other hand right on my ass and he squeezed my butt"

I was so hard hearing this and I said "oh go on babe"

"I was a bit shocked, but I didn't stop him, I let this stranger grab my ass on the dance floor, soon the song finished and we headed back to our table where he told me I was a beautiful sexy wife and that my husband is a lucky man."

"He sort of took me by surprise saying that."

Then he said, "Yes, I noticed your wedding ring, and its ok, there's nothing wrong with sharing a nice dance with man and then going home to your husband, I bet you love him a great deal, don't you?"

"Yes I do, how do you know that?" I asked him

He said, "well I sat over there and watched as maybe five different men came over and asked you to dance, and you turned them all down, now I may not be an expert in a lot of things, but one thing I do know is when a pretty wife is out with her girlfriends, she must really love her husband is she does not to want to go dance with every Tom, Dick, or Harry, who ask her"

"Really, I told him, so what made you think that I would dance with you?" she asked him.

He replied, "well I admit I didn't know that you would, but with your pretty smile and well don't be offended, but your awesome body, I had to ask!"

I could tell that my wife, was excited now, as I kept my hand on her panties and felt her wetness all around the crotch, I started to try and pull her panties down, being so excited now.

She said "slow down tiger, there will be plenty of time for that" Oh she loves to tease me and I love it!

"Oh babe, fair enough, so what happened next?" I asked my sexy wife.

"Well that's when Jeff said to me, you know Yvonne, I'm not really much of a nightclub type of guy, I prefer a more personal setting and conversation, would you be offended if I asked you to come back to my place so we could sip a glass of wine together and talk some?"

"Well I was a bit shocked that he asked me that, but for some reason I didn't say no"

Then he continued, " I bet your husband is sitting at home waiting for you to come home and tell him all about how you danced with another man, an well how wet that made your panties, so that you two can make hot love, am I right?"

"I was floored that he said that to me, but I could also feel my panties becoming very moist, so I replied to him, well maybe, and he just smiled"

He told me, "it's ok Yvonne, oh if I had a wife as pretty as you; it would arouse me too to have other men admire you!"

"Oh I smiled and he said to me did you meet your friends here, or did you drive?"

"I drove," she replied"

So he said, "Great, I'll tell you what, let's leave here and you follow me back to my place. I will drive slow so you can follow me, if you decide on the way that it's not for you, just turn and head home. No harm, no foul, but if you follow me, we can share a drink and let's give you a great story to take home to your husband, what do you say, is that fair enough?"

"Wow," she said she thought to herself, how he knew how you would love hearing about such an adventure, so I told him, ok fair enough" Yvonne told me.

"As we walked out to the parking lot, he first took me to my car honey, and he said, to me"

"Well in case you decide not to follow me, at least let me get one good memory in and he pulled me close, looked me in the eyes, and then he leaned in and kissed me honey." She said.

"What he kissed my pretty wife?" Oh my head was a bit jealous, but my dick was throbbing at this point as my wife continued jacking me off.

"Oh kissed you, and what did you do babe?" I asked my wife.

"Oh honey don't be mad, please" she said, "but I kissed him back, I'm not sure why, maybe it was the two beers I had earlier, or just the moment, but I kissed him back right the in the parking lot!"

"Oh, well I can't be mad at you my love, I love you!" I told her

She smiled and said "Once he got to his car, I proceeded to follow him, I admit I thought about turning, but at this point, I decided, oh what harm can there be in going to his place, having a glass of wine, maybe kissing him and coming home so wet and ready for you babe!"

I smiled and said, "Oh that's a good girl, I like how you think! Please continue."

"So, we pulled up to his condo, and he slowed down, and rolled down his window and showed me where I could park. He then parked and walked over to greet me saying, so you decided to come over, that's wonderful, here let's go inside."

"As he did, he playfully grabbed my hand and he led the way honey." She said

"When we got to his door, he opened it and turned me towards him and he started to kiss me again honey, I mean a nice long French kiss, in his doorway, and well it felt nice, I admit. He put his hands on my butt and then he said to me, Yvonne, you have a really nice ass!"

"He showed me where to sit on his leather sofa, as he went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses of red wine, and he said, let's propose a toast, a toast to a new friendship!"

"I smiled and took a sip and he reached over and picked up a remote control and pointed it towards his stereo and turned on some music. At this point, I could feel that my panties were really wet and he said to me, you know, you dance so beautifully, would you do me a favor before you leave and do you think that maybe you could dance for me?"

"Dance for you, or with you? I asked, and he said please dance for me; I want to watch you dance, please?"

I said to her, "Well I know you love to dance babe and he's right, you do dance well, so did you honey, did you dance for Jeff?"

"First of all I couldn't believe that now I was using his first name, and now asking if she danced for him?" I thought to myself. Remember, my wife is a sexy Latina, and she dances very well, moving her hips and she looks so seductive when she dances, I love watching her dance too!

"Oh honey, don't be mad, but yes, I got up, and started to dance, move nicely, they way you like it honey, moving my hips and rotating, I thought it would be fun and it was" she said.

"I closed my eyes and when I opened them, Jeff was sitting there on the sofa watching me dance and he had his hand on his crotch, and well thru his tight jeans, it looked like a rope that he was massaging honey"

"Really" I said, "wow, go on babe" as she moving her soft hand faster on my shaft.

"Well babe, please don't be angry, but Jeff said, please do me the honor and can you take off your top and jeans, and dance for me in your bra and panties? Oh I know what type of husband you have, he is so proud of you and well I bet he would love to know that you danced for another man in just your pretty bra and tight little panties, right?"

"Honey, I could not believe that he just asked me that, but I couldn't lie honey right?"

"Well no lying is not good babe" I replied

"So I told him, yes, yes Jeff, I know my husband will get very hard when I tell him, so, well, ok, but that's it, nothing further ok?"

"Sure Yvonne, you do what is comfortable for you, no worries, but hmmm yes please strip and let me see you, oh I just know you are wearing a pretty bra and panties under your clothes!"

"So as the music played, I began to unbutton my top honey, and soon it was open, I looked at Jeff and he looked like a kid in a candy store, it made me even more excited, I took off my top and placed it on a chair, and danced in my bra, this bra honey" as she sort of sat up a bit letting me see her pretty blue push up bra.

"Then I started to unzip my jeans babe, I teased him for a while and then I turned away from Jeff and started to take them off slowly, oh so he could see my ass babe, oh I couldn't believe that I was actually doing that, showing another man my ass in my thong panties!"

My head was spinning with jealousy now, but I was leaking all over my cockhead as my wife spoke.

She proceeded, "then I took them off and I placed them on the chair next to my top, I put my heels back on and I danced, oh I danced for Jeff in just my bra, panties, and high heels babe! Oh it felt strangely arousing, I was so excited, I could feel my pussy getting all wet in my panties honey, I admit it!"

"I was moving and dancing, feeling so naughty, and Jeff said to me, you know what would make your husband even more proud and excited when you tell what you did for me?

"What would that be, I asked, she said"

"He replied, if you were able to tell him that you danced topless for me!"

"Again, I was shocked he would ask, but well oh honey, I was excited, dancing for him like I do for you, so without saying a word, I reached back and I unhooked my bra. I teased Jeff babe, letting the cups stay on my boobs, then I straightened my arms, and allowed my bra, this bra that I am wearing now, to drop to the floor, as I continued dancing, topless, with my tits on display to Jeff!" she said.

I was in disbelief myself, as I pictured him staring and lusting over my wife's nice tits! Her boobs are magnificent, so full and so beautiful!

He said to me, "Oh Yvonne, you really do have nice tits! Oh your husband must be so proud of your tits, he is, isn't he?"

"Yes Jeff, he is proud of my tits, as a matter of fact, oh I am proud of my big tits too!" She said she told him

"I reached up and I started massage my tits babe, I was openly playing with my tits, like this" my wife said.

As she reached back, unhooked her bra and allowed me to view her wonderful full boobs! She grabbed them with both of her hands and she started to feel and fondle her boobs.

Saying to me," like this honey, you know how much I love my tits" and it's true she often plays with her tits in bed and it stimulates her and I.

"Jeffrey was so hard looking at my tits, do you know how I know that babe?" she asked me.

Even though I could guess, I replied, "Tell me how you knew how hard he was sweetie?"

"Well" she exclaimed, "I had turned around so that he could get a good view of my butt in my thong panties babe, the butt that you say turns you on so much, and when I turned back around to face him, he had his zipper down and his cock was sticking straight up! He was masturbating while he watched me!"

"No way, he was jacking off as you danced in your sexy panties and heels?" I said while laughing.

"Well how could he not want to jack off?" I told my wife, playfully.

"Oh you are silly honey" she told me, as she kept her soft hand jacking off my dick.

Then she said, "and oh his cock babe (she emphasized the word COCK), it was, such a big beaut...oh I mean, such a large cock, too!"

"Say it, babe, you were going to say beautiful weren't you?" I asked her.

"Please don't be mad at me honey" she said

"Mad, no way, feel my dick it's so fucking hard!" I told her in a lustful voice

She said, "Oh I know, you are so hard and my hand is all wet from all of your pre-cum dick juices leaking all over, oh I love it!"

"Ok then, yes Oh YES; Jeff had the most beautiful Big Cock that I have ever seen!" It must have been about this long" she said

As she held out her hands like a man who shows the size of the fish that got away, and her hands must have been at least 8"or 9" apart.

"Was it like my cock babe?" I asked her, as I pulled the sheet back to expose my rock hard 5" dick.

"Well I mean he was hard like you" she said

"But?" I asked,

"Well honey, except that his cock was much longer and well really much thicker than your cock babe" my sexy wife told me.

"Well just how thick was his cock baby?" I asked her

"Oh honey it must have been about as thick as the fat part of a long neck beer bottle and it was magnificent to look at and to tas....I mean look at."

"Taste?" You were going to say taste weren't you?" I asked her

"Oh honey, I couldn't help it, oh I did, I tasted his big cock"

"How did that happen babe," please tell me

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